Art Slide Library -- Classification Scheme

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Cabinet No.  Located in Room 421 List Art Center
1 Ancient Theory.
PRH  Prehistoric. All media filed by site.
NE  Near Eastern (ancient only).
JEW  Jewish (ancient only).
EGY  Egyptian.
AEG  Aegean: Cycladic, Minoan, Helladic/Mycenaean.
CYP  Cypriote.
1-2  GRE  Greek. Sculpture subdivided Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic. Vase painting subdivided Archaic, Black-Figure, Red-Figure, White-Ground.
STC  Steppe Cultures.
THR  Thrace.
ETR  Etruscan.
ITL  Italic and Italiote.
P-N  Punic-Numidian.
2-3  ROM  Roman: Republican and Imperial. Includes provincial art and extends to 310 AD. Art under Constantine is filed as Early Christian.
2-3  ECH  Early Christian. Art of the West and the East from 310 AD through the 7th century, regardless of whether the subject matter is Christian. Also includes explicitly Christian art of the 2nd and 3rd centuries. Note that this category encompasses Early Byzantine.
BYZ  Middle and Late Byzantine (843-1453). Note that art in the Byzantine style executed in Italy and Russia is classified as Medieval.
3-5  MED  Medieval, 8th - 14th centuries.
MS  Manuscripts, filed by city, collection, and ms. no. Includes mss. of all periods except Islamic and Indian. Printed index by ms. name available.
ISL  Islamic. Includes mss.
Cabinet No.  Located in Room 423 List Art Center
6-11  R+B  Renaissance and Baroque interfiled, 1400-1800. (All American is considered Modern.)
12-22  MOD  Modern, 1800-present. Includes additional media categories of Photography, Film Stills, Computer Art, and Music. Sculpture includes Performance Art and Video. Artists are filed A-Z by name regardless of nationality. Architecture, however, is subdivided by nationality of architect. 
21  Bell Gallery Exhibitions.
22  PRE-C  Pre-Columbian.
22  BRAZ, etc.  Latin American Traditional Arts.
22  N-A  Native American
22  OCEANIC  Oceanic.
22  ABO  Aborigine.
22  AFR  African.
22  Bell Gallery Exhibitions.
22  THEORY  General Theory, applicable to all periods of time. Academies; Anatomy; Anthropology; Archaeology; Artists' Aids; Body Decoration; Cartography; Cartoons; Children's Art; Color; Cosmology; Genealogy; Instruments;Landscapes; Machines; Museum Interiors; People (types); Perspective; Physiognomy; Psychological Perception; Psychology of Art; Techniques; Urbanization; Misc.
23-24  CHI  Chinese. Tomb finds filed by site under Architecture. Neolithic art filed as Prehistoric.
24  CAM  Cambodian.
24  IND  Indian. Includes mss. except Islamic.
24  INDON  Indonesian.
24  JAP  Japanese.
24  KOR  Korean.
24  PAK  Pakistani.
24  MAP  Maps, filed by continent, then by country. Maps of cities are filed by site under Architecture in the appropriate period as subdivision CP (city plan). 

Classes above subdivided by media below as appropriate.

CA  Computer Art
Graphics (Printmaking)
MA  Miscellaneous Arts
MU  Music
PH  Photography
PS  Pastel
VP  Vase Painting