Art Slide Library -- Borrowing Policy and Procedure

Borrowing for any purpose other than course-related use at Brown University requires special permission from the curatorial staff. Brown affiliates may not use slides to teach at any other institution or school. Slides and photographs are loaned for use in classrooms and studios, and may not be taken to patrons' homes or offices except, with permission, for very short durations.

The classified arrangement of the slide collection facilitates browsing and self-service. The user approaches the slides directly after learning the classification scheme from an orientation provided by staff and/or from the outlines of the scheme that are posted in the Art Slide Library. New users, especially students, are strongly encouraged to consult with staff to explain their needs and receive guidance in their searches. Professors of courses in which all students will need to use the Art Slide Library may schedule group orientations.

Anita, the online catalog of slides and photographs, has records representing one third of the holdings of the Art Slide Library. Please come in person or telephone if you do not find your desired results by searching the catalog. Searches mediated by staff may prove useful in some cases, and users of the collection are encouraged to request a search. A few other finding aids are also available.

Slides may be selected in advance, but they should be removed from the Art Slide Library only for the duration of the class. Same-day return is expected unless the class ends after the Art Slide Library closes; in that case, the slides should be returned early the next morning. Borrowers may keep slides on the reserve shelf before their presentations and afterwards if desired. At the end of each semester, all slides on reserve are re-filed.

Charge cards bearing the borrower's name must be inserted in place of each slide checked out, and a list of the slides taken must be prepared on a sign-out form by the borrower. Slides signed out must be returned personally to a member of the curatorial staff for check-in.

Projection equipment can damage slides, particularly when the bulb is too hot. In order to prevent irreversible damage, prior consultation with the curatorial staff is very important if projection equipment other than that maintained by Media Services is to be used.

Loss or severe damage of slides, if determined by the Curator to be due to the borrower's negligence, will be billed at $10.00 per item. Borrowing privileges may be revoked, at the Curator's discretion, if a user fails to return slides promptly upon request.