Art Slide Library -- Policies on Access and Use of Slides/Photos

Access and Borrowing Eligibility

The Art Slide Library is administered by the University Library and is open to all faculty, staff, and students of Brown University. Slides and mounted photographs may be consulted on the premises or borrowed for the purposes described below. Books are for reference on site and do not circulate. New users of the slide collection will receive an orientation from a staff member and an explanation of borrowing procedure. Browsing and self-service are the norm, but those who are unfamiliar with the classification scheme may request staff assistance in locating specific slides. Individuals not affiliated with Brown University may not borrow, but may consult the collections on site by calling in advance for an appointment.

Purposes of Use

Borrowing from the slide and photo collections of the Art Slide Library is permitted for educational purposes only. Most of the holdings are copyrighted, and reproduction of them must meet the test of "fair use" under U. S. copyright law, or permission of the rights holders must be sought. Slides are loaned primarily for classroom teaching--lectures by faculty and reports by students. With permission of the curatorial staff, slides may be borrowed for special lectures to scholarly audiences on campus and elsewhere. The eleven light-tables in the Art Slide Library are reserved for preparation of lectures and reports. Browsing in the collections as a means of reviewing for exams is not permitted. Most but not all slides may be scanned for digital teaching; all must be screened by the ASL curators for rights issues before scanning. The ASL, in collaboration with the Center for Digital Initiatives, provides scanning service for faculty. Students may use a slide scanner (instruction provided) to convert ASL slides to digital images for class reports.

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