Art Slide Library -- Projection Equipment

Two Kodak carousel projectors are permanently installed in each of the classrooms of List Art Center. The projectors in the lecture halls on the first floor are secured in projection booths. Digital projectors are mounted in the lecture halls 110 and 120. At this time, lecturers must provide their own laptop computers in the lecture halls.

Keys for the projection booths may be signed out in the Art Slide Library when it is open. Media Services should be contacted about using the projection equipment in List during evenings and weekends.

Training in the use of projection equipment in List classrooms may be arranged by appointment, 863-3218.

Media Services (14th floor, Sciences Library, 863-2197) provides equipment for projection at other sites on campus.

Carousel trays for slides may be borrowed from the Art Slide Library or Media Services. A Kodak universal tray should be used to accommodate the thickness of the glass mounts in which Art Slide Library slides are bound.

Remote control devices for use with projection equipment in List Art Center are available on request from the Art Slide Library.

Problems with projection equipment in List Art Center should be reported promptly to Lindsay Elgin in List room 424 (863-3218). The ASL attempts to provide basic support for equipment in List classrooms, but Media Services will be called to address problems beyond our expertise.