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  Friedman Study Center: Entertainment DVDs

Students, check out GREAT NEW FLICKS from the Friedman Study Center! This continuously updated collection of recent movies, for student use only, is being brought to you by the Library and the Office of Student Life.

How can I see what DVDs are available?
From Apocalypto to Zodiac, browse the Friedman DVD collection online. From Josiah, you can check for individual titles, or click on "Videos" at the bottom of the page, and select "Friedman Entertainment DVDs".

What kind of movies are we getting?
We're choosing the most popular movies on college campuses. We now have about a thousand titles.

Can I recommend a movie to be included?
Sure! Fill out the "Tell us what you think" form on the Friedman Study Center web page.

Where do I get these movies, and for how long can I keep them?
Ask for DVDs at the service desk at the Friedman Study Center (level A of the Sci Li). Friedman DVDs can be checked out for 3 days, first come, first served. Limit: Two DVDs per customer.

Where can I watch the DVDs?
The DVDs can be enjoyed on your laptop or in your room, or viewed at any of the Friedman Center computers. If you choose to view the movie in the library, headsets are available at the service desk. The movies are for private use only.