Orwig Music Library -- Facilities & Staff

The Virginia Baldwin Orwig Music Library opened in January, 1988, bringing together for the first time at Brown University most of the music books, scores, periodicals, sound recordings, videotapes, and microforms previously dispersed throughout the campus. The collection supports the curriculum of the Music Department and provides material for general use as well.

The Orwig Music Library includes a reference/information center with computer access to the internet and two spacious reading rooms which provide seating for 80 users. The library has 6 stations equipped with video and audio playback equipment. The Music Library also has a piano room on the lower level which contains a fine Steinway upright.

Orwig Staff:

» Laura Stokes
Performing Arts Librarian, 863-3999, Box A

» Sheila Hogg
Senior Library Specialist, 863-3759, Box A

» Nancy Jakubowski
Senior Library Specialist, 863-3759 Box A