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Borrowing Options

Borrowing Books Not Available at the Brown Library

Use easyBorrow to locate an item not available at Brown. Start by searching in WorldCat. We'll get the item for you using BorrowDirect, InRhode or Interlibrary Loan.

1. Find an item in WorldCat
2. Click "Request this item" » see a screenshot
3. We'll get it for you using one of the services below.

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    easyArticle uses these services to place your requests:
  • BorrowDirect
    Expedited delivery of books from Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, MIT, Princeton, University of Pennsylvania, University of Chicago, and Yale. Delivery may take 2-5 days. more information
  • InRhode
    Expedited delivery of books from Rhode Island academic, hospital, and Dept. of Health libraries. Delivery may take 2-4 days. more information
  • ILLiad (Interlibrary Loan)
    Brown's Interlibrary Loan system. Delivery may take 10-14 days. Use ILLiad for requesting journal articles. more information

Other Borrowing Options

Requesting Journal Articles Not Available from the Brown Library
  • Be sure to check JOSIAH or the eJournals A-Z list to see if the Library owns the journal in which your article appears.
  • Citation Linker. If you have a citation in hand from a bibliography or reading list you can use the Citation Linker to find online full text or to pass the search to Interlibrary Loan.
  • ILLiad (Interlibrary Loan)
    Use Brown's Interlibrary Loan system to request copies of journal articles which are not available through the library's print or online subscriptions. Many libraries ship photocopies of articles in electronic format. These articles are delivered directly to your ILLiad account. more information

Borrowing Brown Library Material

Josiah is the Brown Library catalog. Circulation rules vary. For most material, see below.

Brown Faculty

One year loan.

Material checked out or renewed during one calendar year must be returned or renewed at the Library by Sept. 30 of the following year.

Renew online

Brown Graduate Students

Academic Year and Summer Loan.

There are two due dates per year: June 15 and October 15.

Renew online

All other borrowers

Four-to-eight week loan.

Materials borrowed in one month are due by the end of following month.

Renew online


Renewals, Recalls, Fines

Renew online

Some library material may be renewed online.


Borrowed material is subject to recall by other library patrons. Return the material before the new due date to avoid overdue fines ($1.00 per day) and suspension of Library privileges.


For most borrowed items, email courtesy notices are sent five days before an item is due and again after the item is due. After a lapse of 30 days a replacement charge will be issued.

Overdue Fines, Bills, & Penalties

  • Standard replacement charges: $150 per item
  • Overdue recall charge: $1 per day
  • Overdue course reserve item: $0.50 per hour

Library privileges may be suspended for those with overdue recalls, or with substantial outstanding bills. Extreme or repeated problems may be reported to the appropriate Dean or Department Chair.