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easyBorrow: Search Once -- Let Us Find It!

1. Find an item in WorldCat
2. Click "Request this item" » see a screenshot
3. We'll get it for you!

Advanced Search
To refine your search use the advanced search in Open WorldCat or in our licensed version of WorldCat. When you find what you need click "Request this item".

How does easyBorrow work?
Start a search in WorldCat and we'll search Josiah, BorrowDirect, and InRhode. If we can't find a circulating copy at Brown or from one of our direct borrowing partners we'll place an Interlibrary Loan request for you.

Tracking Your Requests
After you place an easyBorrow request, you will receive a follow-up email with tracking and contact information. You may track and view all of your easyBorrow requests in a single interface.

If, instead of using easyBorrow, you prefer to make your own selection among our borrowing partners, use our borrowing options guide. You will have to re-key your search and re-authenticate for each service.

For questions about easyBorrow, contact or call 863-2165. Please send feedback to Technical information about this application is available on the Library's Software Development and Distribution page.