The Garibaldi panorama, measuring 4.75 feet tall and 260 feet wide and illustrated on both side was created in 1860, and acquired by the Brown University Library in 2005. It is not on display due to its fragility and size, so it was digitized in 2007. The Garibaldi and Risorgimento web site contains the digitized images, as well as the materials that are relevant to the panorama, the figure of Garibaldi and the historical period.

U.S. Epigraphy Project

The goal of the U.S. Epigraphy Project (USEP) is to collect and share information about ancient Greek and Latin inscriptions preserved in the United States of America. Inscriptions in the U.S. Epigraphy corpus are encoded in XML using the Epidoc schema.

Mapping Colonial Americas Publishing

The Mapping Colonial Americas Publishing Project aims to visualize New World printing over geographic space and across literary genres from European contact to 1800. The project began as a teaching tool to allow students unfamiliar with the history of colonial British-American reading and printing practices to see the range of genres published in Europe's American colonies and to demonstrate the regional differences in reading and publishing habits.

Brown Digital Repository

The Brown Digital Repository (BDR) is a place to gather, index, store, preserve, and make available digital assets produced via the scholarly, instructional, research, and administrative activities at Brown.

How Can I Work With CDS?
Expert Assistance

Associate University Librarian for Digital Technologies

Andrew Ashton
Associate University Librarian for Digital Technologies

Andrew Ashton is the Director of Digital Technologies at Brown University Library. He leads a group of librarians, developers, and technologists devoted to supporting and exploring the intersection of digital library technologies with teaching and research at the university. He oversees the development of the Brown Digital Repository and advocates for its role as a locus for digital objects that impact the university’s mission. He has presented and published on numerous topics relating to text encoding, the Semantic Web, and the development of tools for enabling rich data resources to integrate with emerging web technologies. He holds a MA in American History, a MLS, and a BA in Music from Cornell University.

Andy’s research interests include exploring the intersection of emerging resource-oriented web standards and digital scholarly collections, particularly XML-based formats such as TEI. In addition to ongoing collaborations with Brown faculty, he is currently involved with several CDS research projects, including the creation of a suite of modular analysis tools for textual collections, the development of a Fedora-based framework for scholarly annotations using AtomPub, and an exploration of the use of OWL ontologies with TEI collections.

For more information see the Digital Scholarship Lab’s website.

Contact: andrew_ashton@brown.edu | (401)863-5120 | @andyashton | c.v.

Social Sciences Data Librarian

Bruce Boucek
Social Sciences Data Librarian

Bruce Boucek started at Brown in 2012 as a Social Sciences Data Librarian. Bruce is a professional geographer by training and temperament and provides expertise in spatial information science, data analysis, and cartographic production. He also has a life-long passion for maps and the visual presentation of information.

Prior to coming to Brown, Bruce worked in both the non-profit and academic research environments providing expertise in geographic information systems, data analysis and reporting, and cartographic production.

Bruce received his undergraduate and MA degrees in Geography and Urban Studies from Temple University and has a Certificate of Candidacy (all-but-dissertation status) from the Department of Geography at Indiana University.

Contact: bruce_boucek@brown.edu | (401) 863-7978

Manager, Imaging and Metadata Services

Ann Caldwell
Manager, Imaging and Metadata Services

Ann Caldwell is Head, Imaging and Metadata Services in the Digital Technologies Department. In this role, she coordinates all digitization and metadata production and provides expertise to members of the Center, library staff developing collections and the Brown community at large for anything related to digitization and metadata. Since metadata is one of the most valuable and expensive components of any digital project, Ann works with users from the beginning to define functional and technical requirements for their projects in order to maximize access, ensure sustainability, and foster interoperability. She has held a variety of positions in the Brown Libraries including Metadata Specialist, Head of Copy Cataloging, and Non-Print Catalog Librarian. She has taught classes on MODS and METS for NELINET, regularly teaches classes in the Graduate School for Library and Information Services at the University of Rhode Island and has spoken locally and nationally on MODS, workflow in digital projects, and other topics related to metadata. She represents Brown University on several national committees dealing with standards. Before coming to Brown in 1990 she held positions at the Eastman School of Music of the University of Rochester and Virginia Tech.

Science Data Specialist

Andrew Creamer
Science Data Specialist

Andrew Creamer is the Science Data Specialist at Brown University. The Science Data Specialist initiates outreach to science faculty and departmental staff to understand and facilitate data collection, data curation and data reuse as part of the research processes.

Andrew previously worked for the University of Massachusetts Medical School and National Network of Libraries of Medicine. He is also a contributing editor to the e-Science Portal for New England Librarians, sits on the planning board for the New England Science Boot Camp for Librarians, and is a co-instructor of the Scientific Data Management course offered by the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at Simmons College.

Andrew holds a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Capital University, a Masters in Education from Virginia Tech, and a MLS from Simmons College.

Contact: Andrew_Creamer@brown.edu | (401)863-9402 | @AndyDrewCreamer

Senior Digital Humanities Librarian

Elli Mylonas
Senior Digital Humanities Librarian

Elli Mylonas is a Senior Digital Humanities Librarian in the Data Curation subgroup of Research and Outreach Services. She came to Brown early in 1994 as Lead Project Analyst at the Scholarly Technology Group, where she was principally responsible for developing and managing STG research projects and also participated in them as an STG consultant. When STG moved to the library in 2009, she became part of the Center for Digital Scholarship, where she was principally concerned with developing and managing scholarly projects. In 2012, she joined the Data Curation Group, the librarians who specialize in digital tools and methods. Her areas of expertise lie in hypertext, XML, structured text, and digital rhetoric. She has published and spoken on hypertext and electronic text, as well as on project management and academic software projects. Before coming to Brown, Elli was Managing Editor of the Perseus Project at Harvard University, a multimedia database on classical Greek civilization. Elli received her undergraduate degree from Harvard University and studied at the École Pratique des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in Paris. She spent many years in doctoral program in the Department of Classics at Brown University.

Contact: elli_Mylonas@brown.edu | 401 863-7231 | @elli_m

Digital Repository Manager

Joseph Rhodes
Digital Repository Manager

Joseph Rhoads is the Digital Repository Manager at Brown University. He oversees the development of the Brown Digital Repository (BDR) and supports its mission as “..a place to gather, index, store, preserve, and make available digital assets produced via the scholarly, instructional, research, and administrative activities at Brown”.

Joseph was formerly the Digital Curator at the Antonio J. Waring Jr. Archaeology Lab at the University of West Georgia where he led the development of an online, searchable, digital archive of documents, reports, maps, photos, and 3D scans of archaeological artifacts. Joseph has also worked in visualization and GPU computing, as well as in endocrinology and neuroscience modeling labs at Florida State University.

Joseph holds a a MS in Mathematics (Biomedical Mathematics Program) from Florida State, a MS in Industrial and Applied Mathematics from RIT, and a BS in Computational Mathematics, also from RIT.

Contact: joseph_rhoads@brown.edu | (401)863-1583 | @josephrhoads

Associate University Librarian for Research and Outreach Services

Ned Quist
Associate University Librarian for Research and Outreach

Ned is the Associate University Librarian for Research and Outreach. He leads a group of librarians who provide support for the research and instructional needs of faculty and students throughout the university. His group includes the Digital Curation group a new configuration including librarians specializing in Digital Humanities, eScience and Social Sciences Data/GIS. Among his specialties are Scholarly Communication, Copyright and Digital Audio. Ned holds an MLS (Catholic U.), a Master in Music History (Johns Hopkins) and a bachelor’s in liberal Arts from Colgate University

Contact: Edwin_Quist@brown.edu | (401) 863-5083 | @nedquist

Data Visualization Coordinator

Patrick Rashleigh | Data Visualization Coordinator Patrick Rashleigh is the Library’s Data Visualization Coordinator. He is responsible for operation of the Patrick Ma Digital Scholarship Lab. He also provides instruction and outreach to faculty, students, and interdisciplinary campus groups, and support individual and course-based visualization projects.

Prior to coming to Brown, Patrick had a very successful career at Wheaton College as the Faculty Technology Liaison for the Humanities. His work consisted of interactions with faculty, integrating technology with teaching and research, and organizing subsequent outreach events to disseminate results to the campus community.

Before Wheaton, Patrick spent a significant amount of time living in Canada. In fact, he grew up in Vancouver and attended the University of British Columbia. He went on to get his MA in Ethnomusicology from York University in Toronto. From there he worked for the Attorney General of Ontario as the Senior Media Coordinator.

Contact: Edward_Rashleigh@brown.edu | 401-863-5076 | DSL