CHUG talk: Lexicography in the Age of Digital Humanities

Lexicography Revisited: Dictionaries in the Age of Digital Humanities
Toma Tasovac
Center for Digital Humanities

2pm, Wednesday April 27, Bopp Seminar Room, John Hay Library

A dictionary is many things at once: a text, a tool, a model of
language and a cultural object deeply embedded into the historical
moment of its production. The advances in digital humanities, textual
studies, digital libraries and postmodern literary theory do not seem
to have had a profound effect on the way we theorize or produce
dictionaries. But the time is ripe to explore and exploit — both in
theoretical and practical terms — the ways in which the electronic
text has changed our notion of what a dictionary is (or ought to be)
and what it can (or should) do.

Toma Tasovac has degrees in Russian Literature from Harvard and
Comparative Literature from Princeton. Today, he is heading the Center
for Digital Humanities in Belgrade, Serbia and working on several DH
projects, including Transpoetika: A Digital Platform for Serbian
Language and Literature.