Funera Romana-Undergraduate Research Project


CDS sponsored Mary-Evelyn Farrior ’14 for her summer UTRA (Undergraduate Teaching and Research Award) project.


Funeral information encoded in XML

She worked with Prof. John Bodel in Classics on a digital, structured version of a project he had begun on paper, to collect and organize information about Roman funerals, as mentioned in Latin literature and historical writing of the Republic and Empire.

Mary-Evelyn used the Oxygen XML editing software, and, applying a TEI schema developed in conjunction with CDS, started to enter information about Roman Funerals. As she progressed, we worked together to refine the schema, and to create better sets of classifications for the characteristics she was capturing. We also provided a proofreading transform, so she could view a formatted version of her XML files.


Proofreading view

By the end of the summer, Mary-Evelyn had entered several hundred funerals. She add more funerals and more details over the course of this year. CDS is in the process of preparing the files for ingestion into the Brown Digital Repository, where they will become a digital corpus that will continue to grow.

Mary-Evelyn presented a poster [pdf] on her work at the Undergraduate Research Symposium at the end of the summer.