Epigraphy at Brown and across the US – Undergraduate Research Project

CDS assisted Tori Lee ’14 with her summer UTRA (Undergraduate Teaching and Research Award) project.

Tori Lee and John Bodel standing with poster

Tori Lee and John Bodel at the UTRA Symposium, August 2013

Tori continued work that she had begun in the summer of 2012, updating and adding inscriptions to Prof. John Bodel’s US Epigraphy project.  This consisted of sorting through   correspondence with museums and other collections that have holdings of ancient Greek and Roman inscriptions, researching the inscriptions in scholarly journals and corpora, and making a digital record for each inscriptions. The digital inscriptions are structured using an XML schema called Epidoc, which is used by many digital inscription projects all over the world. Tori had to become familiar with the Epidoc schema, and with XML editing tools like the the Oxygen Editor editor which allowed her to enter the inscriptions and also to proofread them.

Tori’s work on the US Epigraphy collection also served as preparation for her own project; to document all the inscriptions on the Brown campus, and to create a digital collection of them. She has been photographing inscriptions all over Brown and recording GPS coordinates for them. She is working with information from the Brown archives to create digital metadata for the Brown inscriptions, and encode that in Epidoc as well so that in the future there will be a searchable website of Brown inscriptions, with photos and locations.

Download Tori’s poster to read her full description (pdf): Lee-poster