Rome with a View – Undergraduate Research Projectd

CDS assisted Maddie High ’16 for her summer UTRA (Undergraduate Teaching and Research Award) project. Maddie worked with Prof. Lisa Mignone (Classics) to make a topically organized, digital collection of images from Roman archaeological sites, based on photographs taken by Prof. MIgnone.


Poster presented by Maddie High at the Summer UTRA Symposium, August 2013

Maddie began by working with Prof. Mignone to select images, and then digitized and processed any that were not born digital. She then imported them into Omeka, a web-publishing platform developed for the display of library, museum, archives, and scholarly collections and exhibitions. Once the images were in Omeka, she catalogued them, added keywords, and then organized them into exhibits, enriched by explanations and citations to ancient authors.

Photographs of ancient sites may preserve information that is lost over time, as ancient buildings and object become worn or damaged. Representations of ancient monuments made by archaeologists or travelers in the 19th century are already serving that purpose. This collection will preserve the views available in our time. It is also representative of the objects, locations and details that are of interest to a Roman historian. Prof. Mignone intends to use the images in these exhibits in her courses on Roman history.

Maddie is continuing her work on the Omeka site during this school year.

Read Maddie High’s poster (pdf): MaddieHigh-poster