Two inscriptions found in Thubchen Du-khang
and Jampa Lha-khang of Lo Monthang

We believe that the inscriptions given here are not complete. In addition to those missing sentences or phrases, indicated below by ellipsis periods or dashes, some passages may have been incorrectly copied. Because of these reasons, it is impossible at this stage to provide a sound translation of the inscriptions.


Inscription found in the Thubchen Du-khang    Page 2

32. mi dbang mchog tu mi zad mthu ldan gang //
33. gang na bsod nams phul byung dar ba'i mchog //
34. mchog tu mngon sum gyi(s) mtshon dge ba'i dpal //
35. dpal 'di skye ba gzhan du nye ba nyid // //

32-35. This powerful lord of men will be reborn in the world
where abundant virtue prevails. He will live in happiness,
which he will enjoy as well in later lives.

36. lha dbang drun na nye dbang ltar gnas cing (shing) //
37. legs pa'i spyod la rjes su spyod byed pa //
38. ya rabs mchog 'dis ya rabs ji bzhin du //
39. chos nyid bzang pos nor bu 'di bsgrubs (-?) // //

36-39. He will stay in the presence of the God King (Indra), like his minister.
He will engage in kind deeds. Because according to nature,
kind deeds bear good fruit; thus, through his virtuous
nature, he has completed this jewel (the temple).

40. rig pa phul byung mkhas pa'i mdun sar mkhas pa yi //
41. yid kyi dga' ston ston par de la skal bzang can //
42. ri mo'i rnam 'phrul ---------------- //
43. bsod nams rgya mtshos rab bskrun pa'i //
44. ye shes chen po'i dpag bsam shing //
45. 'gro ba'i re skong nor bu che //
46. dge legs dpag med rtsol bar mdzad // //

40-46. How wonderful that the artist offered his excellent work,
Precious, a rare feast for scholars.
The manifestations of the drawing …
The wish-fulfilling tree of the great wisdom, generated by
means of limitless merits, is the great jewel that fulfills the wishes
of living beings. May it yield immeasurable comfort and prosperity.

47. rin chen sna bdun ra ba dang ldan rab gsal 'od kyi 'phren bas 'khyud //
48. sa snying ra ba'i skyes tshal do rar srid me pa la yun ma ldem //
49. bzhin bzang nu ma'i ge sar ngom shing yid bzhin nor bu'i dgos pas brtsan //
50. lha mi'i ---bde tshogs 'byor bas mngon dga' thos pa'i sgron 'di'o // //

47-50. The fence of seven jewels is embraced by garlands of clear light.
The entrance court and the garden are surrounded by a golden hedge (fence).
She boasts of her beauty and her breasts like blossoms. She is like the
wish-fulfilling jewel. How wonderful is the happiness of humans and gods!

51. de la snying rje yun ring 'bri ba bzhin //
52. de ni snying rje nam yang yongs ma btang //
53. las kyi dbang gis de ltar de gyur gtam //
54. de nyid mthu yi(s) de ni de ltar gyur // //

51-54. Although compassion has waned for a long time,
The king's compassion has never ceased. Hence, the work
of temple construction was done with the power of (the king).

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