Two inscriptions found in Thubchen Du-khang
and Jampa Lha-khang of Lo Monthang

We believe that the inscriptions given here are not complete. In addition to those missing sentences or phrases, indicated below by ellipsis periods or dashes, some passages may have been incorrectly copied. Because of these reasons, it is impossible at this stage to provide a sound translation of the inscriptions.


Inscription found in the Jampa Lha-khang    Page 2

98. rgyal ba kun gyi ye shes gcig bsdus nas //
99. 'khor lo bsgyur ba'i gzugs su legs ston pa //
100. rab dkar 'gying bag rdo rje bril bu bsnams //
101. phyag rdor rgya chen bzhis bskor phyag 'tshal lo // //

98-101. The embodiment of the wisdom of all the Buddhas is manifested in
the form of the Universal King, white in color, holding the vajra
and bell in his hands. Prostration to Vajrapani, surrounded
by the four guardian kings.

102. ser sna sbyong phyir nam mkha'i rgyal po'i sku //
103. mnyam nyid bya grub ye shes ngo bo nyid //
104. don yod grub pa'i las rigs phyag 'tshal lo // //

102-104. In order to eliminate meanness, he manifested as the king of the heavens,
In fact, he is the embodiment of the wisdom of equality and
accomplishment. Prostration to the Amoghasiddhi family.

105. gdul bya 'dul phyir 'od dpag med pa'i gsung //
106. kun khyab spyan ras gzigs kyi skur bstan pa //
107. so sor kun rtog ye shes ngo bo nyid //
108. 'gro ba 'dul ba'i las rigs phyag 'tshal lo // //

105-108. The speech of Amitabha is manifested in the form of
all-encompassing Avalokiteshvara in order to save followers.
Prostration to the Buddha entities and manifestations that save living
beings and which indeed embody the wisdom of discrimination.

109. rdo rje sems dpa' mi 'gyur rdo rje'i thugs //
110. gsal mdzad me long ye shes ngo bo nyid //
111. khams gsum rnam rgyal las rigs phyag 'tshal lo // //

109-111. Wisdom, like a mirror, illuminates the unchangeable Vajra-mind of
Vajrasattva. Prostration
to the lineage of Khamsum Namgyal [Trailokya-vijaya].

112. rnam par snang mdzad ye shes sgyu ma'i sku //
113. mig 'phrul lta bur gzugs kyi skur bstan nas //
114. chos kyi dbyings kyi ye shes ngo bo nyid //
115. de bzhin gshegs pa'i las rigs phyag 'tshal lo // //

112-115. The wisdom of Vairocana is manifested in
an illusionary form, an illusionary body.
Prostration to the Tathagata family, which is in essence the wisdom of reality.

116. mi zad nam mkha' mdzod kyi smon lam gyi //
117. gdul bya mtha' yas nam mkha' khyab pa rnams //
118. mtha' med 'khor ba'i 'jigs las skyob mdzad pa //
119. rtsa brgyud rtsa ba'i nam snying la phyag 'tshal // //

116-119. Prostration to the main Bodhisattva Akashagarbha, who protects
unlimited beings pervasive to the sky, from the fear of endless
samsara through the heavenly treasure of inexhaustible prayers.

120. gang gi khyod sku mthong bar gyur ba'am //
121. khyod gsung lan gcig thos pa tsam gyis kyang //
122. srid zhi'i -d (rgud) pa mtha' dag skyob byed pa //
123. rtsa brgyud rtsa ba'i 'gro 'dul la phyag 'tshal // //

120-123. Prostration to the great savior of living beings: you protect
beings from the snares and delusions of the world; [those who]
see your body or hear your speech just once, can attain Nirvana.

124. dbang po'i gzhu ltar bkra ba yis //
125. dkyil 'khor thabs shes zung 'jug 'di //
126. bal po dhe ba lha dga' yis //
127. yid lag -------nyi mas 'phrul // //

124-127. These mandalas, uniting wisdom and right method [means],
brilliant with multiple colors like Indra's bow, have
been created by the heart and hand of Deva Lhaga of Nepal,
their effect magical, like the sun.

128. OM SVASTI //


129. rnam dag chos sku'i nam mkha' yanga pa la //
130. tshogs gnyis rlung gi shugs kyis rab bskyod zhing (cing) //
131. mkhyen brtse cha shas ma lus yongs su rdzogs //
132. sa gsum gsal mdzad skye dgu'i gtsug na rgyal // //

129-132. In the pure, vast space of Dharmakaya, you were moved by the
force of the wind of the two accumulations [of merit and knowledge], and
have accomplished in full completion
every aspect of wisdom and compassion.
May you, the illuminator of the three worlds, be victorious among all beings!

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