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11. Buddhist prayer wheel in Kagbeni. The culture is Tibetan.
12. "Spirit catchers" in Kagbeni -- Tibetan Buddhism incorporates elements of the religions that preceded it. These constructions are traditionally placed above the door of a dwelling to trap evil spirits that seek to enter.
13. An effigy in Kagbeni.
14. Marcia R. Lieberman and Sherpa guides. The trail continues from Kagbeni, skirting the Kali Gandaki river.
15. The village of Chele -- green irrigated fields and dry stark hills.
16. The path diverges from the river to reach the village of Ghemi.
17. Another view of the approach to Ghemi.
18. Chortens: Seen along the route, these are shrines in which a holy relic or Buddhist text has been placed. Travelers gain merit as they pass, keeping the chorten to their right.
19. A home in Ghemi. Brushwood, a precious source of kindling in this high-altitude desert, is stored on the flat roofs of the mud-brick homes.
20. Looms are in operation throughout Mustang. The traditional colorfully-striped woman's apron signifies that she is married.

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