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Baudelaire & the Arts exhibit poster. Images (clockwise): “Cul de lampe” (1890) by Odilon Redon; photograph of Baudelaire (ca. 1863) by Étienne Carjat; “Sur le fond de nos nuits” (1890) by Odilon Redon; Place du Carrousel (ca. 1850) by M. F. Hoffbauer. Exhibit curated by Dominique Coulombe, Sharon Larson, Jennifer Phillips, and Pauline de Tholozany.

An Exhibition in Commemoration of the 150th Anniversary of the Publication of Les Fleurs du mal

October 8 – November 2, 2007
John Hay Library

Les Fleurs du mal is probably the most important book of poems published in modern times. The unparalleled impact of Baudelaire’s poems was felt both internationally and across an extraordinarily wide range of aesthetic media.

Exhibit held in conjunction with the Colloquium
The Flowering of Baudelaire
October 18–20, 2007