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The report of the Brown University Steering Committee on Slavery and Justice draws on a wide array of historical documents, from the records of slaving voyages to personal correspondence to student commencement orations. Working in collaboration with Brown's Center for Digital Initiatives and the Scholarly Technology Group, the committee was able to create a digital archive of these materials, enabling students and interested members of the public to join it in its exploration of the early history of our university, state, and nation.

The repository contains high resolution images of over one hundred and fifty historical documents, some six hundred manuscript pages in all, as well as introductory headnotes, bibliographic information, and technical data. The collection can be browsed by date, name, or type of document. Many of the documents have been transcribed, as part of an ongoing project.

The original documents included in this repository can be found in the John Carter Brown Library at Brown University, the Rhode Island Historical Society Library, and the Brown University Archives. The committee is pleased to express its gratitude to these institutions for their generous cooperation and support.