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Nicholas Brown & Co. to Braxton, Carter; September 5, 1763
Letter, dated September 5, 1763, from Nicholas Brown and Company to Carter Braxton, a Virginia merchant, replying to Braxton's proposal that they join together to mount an African slaving voyage. "You Mention of being Concerned in the Guine Trade and that the Vessels Return with the negrows to your place," the Browns write. "[A]s we Shall be Largely Concerned in Navigation this Fall which will bring millo. [molasses] in the Spring and we Living in a place wair we Can procure a Large Quantity of Rum Distilled Amediately, its Very Likely if it's Agreeable to you to be Concerned that we May Fitt a proper Vessill for Guiney in the Spring..." In the event, the Browns did send the Sally to Africa in 1764, but they did so without Braxton.