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Account of stores for brig Sally
This document is an account of stores for the Sally's upcoming voyage to Africa, ca. September, 1764
Articles for the brig Sally; September, 1764
Sailors serving on a ship signed an "Articles," which listed their names, duties, and wages, as well as the dates on which they signed on, died, or were discharged. This document is the Articles of the Sally for its voyage to Africa in 1764. Note the inclusion of Edward Abby, described as a "Negro Boy." Abby was Hopkins's slave; his wages were paid to his owner's account. There were generally multiple copies of such documents, and two are included here. The first one is clearly the copy that Hopkins carried on board ship, since it includes the name of two sailors, Peter Franey and Richard Mugford, who joined the ship in Africa and Antigua, respectively, neither of whom appears on the second copy. The reverse of both documents includes details about payments and advances to different sailors.
List of expenses
This document, undated but ca. September, 1764, lists various expenses and purchases, many of them associated with the Sally's upcoming voyage to Africa, including a detailed inventory of rum purchases.
To get
This list, apparently produced in the days immediately preceding the Sally's departure for Africa, lists goods still to be loaded onto the ship. No date, but ca. September, 1764