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Anti-abolition meeting
An account in the November 4, 1835 issue of the Providence Daily Journal of a meeting of a group of Providence citizens concerned with the growth of anti-slavery societies. Contains ten resolutions and the names of the officers: Richmond Bullock, president; James Fenner, Nicholas Brown, Edward Carrington, Elisha Dyer, Carlo Mauran, Benjamin Clifford, William Church, William Blodget, Benjamin Hoppin, Moses B. Ives, Orray Taft, Samuel Dexter, Luther Pearson, Joseph Manton, Wilbur Kelly, Nehemiah Dodge, Josiah Whitaker, Shubael Hutchins, Smith Bosworth, John Slater, vice-presidents; Wm. R. Danforth, Salma Manton, Jesse N. Olney, Horatio, Rogers, George S. Wardwell, Amos D. Smith, secretaries