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Account for outfitting of the brig Sally; August, 1764
This document is an account, apparently from August, 1764, from Esek Hopkins to Moses Brown listing all that he had paid for goods and services associated with fitting out the Sally for Africa.
Account for the sloop Four Brothers; ca. March 1764
Undated account, ca. March, 1764, for the sloop Four Brothers for a voyage from Providence to Virginia. The account details the amounts realized from the sale of various commodities, including 40 received for an enslaved man named Corodon, owned jointly by the Brown brothers.
Account for the sloop Four Brothers; March 14, 1764
Account, dated March 14, 1764, specifying the shares due to each of the four Brown brothers from a voyage of their sloop Four Brothers, just returned from Virginia. The account includes the 40 (here revalued in local currency) realized from the sale of an enslaved man named Corodon.
Account of goods lost; June 10, 1764
Account, dated June 10, 1764, submitted to the Brown brothers by Gideon Manchester, master of their brigantine Sally, detailing goods lost to leakage and spoilage in the course of his recently completed voyage to Jamaica. In the weeks that followed, the Browns began outfitting the Sally for a voyage to Africa.
Account of stores for brig Sally
This document is an account of stores for the Sally's upcoming voyage to Africa, ca. September, 1764
Account of the Speedwell
Account from the Speedwell, a Brown-owned ship, on a voyage to New Orleans, 1758-1759. The account includes proceeds from the sale of seven slaves. It also notes two other slaves who were given as "presents" to the Governor and Intendent of the colony - presumably a bribe paid for the right to trade in a French colony at a time when France and Britain were at war.