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Cargo for Affrica
This undated memorandum, headed "Cargo for Affrica," lists goods that had been or were still to be loaded onto the Sally for its slaving voyage to Africa. The list includes foodstuffs, naval stores, and over two hundred hogsheads of rum. Rum, distilled from sugar produced by West Indian slaves, was the standard trade good carried on Rhode Island slave ships, which were known on the African coast as "rum men." The Sally's cargo included over 17,274 gallons of New England rum.
Inventory of the brig Sally; September 11, 1764
By early September, 1764, the Sally was finally ready to embark for Africa. This document, dated September 11, offers a complete, detailed inventory of every item carried on board the Sally, up to and including the precise number of gallons of rum held in each numbered barrel.
Inventory of the Speedwell; November 6, 1758
In November, 1758, the Brown brothers joined with Esek Hopkins and several other Rhode Island merchants to dispatch a ship, the Speedwell, to the French port of New Orleans. The cargo, described in this rough inventory, included ten slaves. The ship also carried one French prisoner, allowing it to travel under a flag of truce and to evade British restrictions on trading with the French, with whom Britain and its colonies were at war.
List of sundry stores
This undated document lists of "sundry stores" that have been or are to be loaded onto the Sally for its upcoming voyage to Africa. The list includes everything from iron kettles to coffee, as well as a collection of small arms to be used in controlling the captives to come.
Sundry stores wanting for brig Sally; September 3, 1764
This document, drafted on September 3, 1764 lists "sundry stores" still to be loaded onto the ship, including tools, foodstuffs, a medicine chest, and various pistols, cutlasses, and other small arms needed to control the captives to come.