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Power, Nicholas

Nicholas Brown & Co. to Whipple, Abraham, Hopkins, George, and Power, Nicholas; November 17, 1765

Letter from Nicholas Brown and Company to Abraham Whipple, George Hopkins, and Nicholas Power, three ship captains in the company's employ. The letter, dated November 15, 1765, relates the "Disagreeable account" the Browns had just received from Esek Hopkins, who had arrived in Antigua a month before. It includes details of the insurrection that the enslaved Africans had mounted during the return journey, after which the survivors were reportedly "so Despirited that Some Drowned them Selves Some Starved and others Sickened & Dyed."

Nicholas Brown & Co. to Power, Nicholas; November 9, 1765

Letter of instructions, dated November 9, 1765, from the Brown brothers to Nicholas Power, master of the brigantine George, bound for Surinam, a Dutch colony on the coast of South America. The letter instructs Power to rendezvous in Surinam with another Brown-owned ship, the sloop Four Brothers, under the command of Abraham Whipple, to assume command of the sloop, and to proceed to the West Indies in hopes of locating and assisting Esek Hopkins and the Sally, arriving from Africa with a cargo of slaves.