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Manchester, Gideon

Account of goods lost; June 10, 1764

Account, dated June 10, 1764, submitted to the Brown brothers by Gideon Manchester, master of their brigantine Sally, detailing goods lost to leakage and spoilage in the course of his recently completed voyage to Jamaica. In the weeks that followed, the Browns began outfitting the Sally for a voyage to Africa.

Manchester, Gideon to Nicholas Brown & Co.; April 22, 1764

The brigantine Sally, the ship that the Brown brothers dispatched to Africa in 1764, had previously been used on provisioning voyages to the plantation colonies of the West Indies, returning with cargos of sugar, molasses, cotton, and other local products. In this letter, dated April 22, 1764, the Sally's captain, Gideon Manchester, describes market conditions in Jamaica.