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Bowen, Jabez

Invoice: Brown, Jabez Jr. to Nicholas Brown & Co.; September 8, 1764

Compared to the massive slave ships sailing from Liverpool, some of which carried more than fifty crewmen and as many as five or six hundred captives, Rhode Island slave ships tended to be fairly small, with capacities ranging from fifty to two hundred captives and crews as small as ten or fifteen men. Few carried ship's surgeons, leaving the care of both captives and crew to the captain or some designated crewman. The Sally did not carry a ship's surgeon on its voyage to Africa but it did carry a small medicine chest, the contents of which can be gleaned from this document, a receipt, dated September 8, 1764, for the purchase of various medicinal supplies purchased from Jabez Bowen, Jr. The list includes various ointments, elixirs, and emetics, as well as such items as "laudin" (presumably laudanum), lancets, and sulphur.