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Edgar Allen Poe daguerreotype. Harris Collection of American Poetry and Plays

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  • American Television Scripts, [ca. 1953-1988]
    Unpublished scripts representing approximately 730 different television programs (sitcoms, cop shows, satires, soap operas, musical specials) documenting American popular culture from the Truman era to the Reagan era. The collection reflects changes in American attitudes towards family, sex, politics, history, etc ...more information

  • Archive of Burning Deck Press
    Burning Deck is the small press operated by Keith and Rosmarie Waldrop. Since 1961 it has published limited editions of the works of contemporary poets and fiction writers. The archive of Burning Deck consists of financial records, correspondence with contributors, galleys, typescripts, and art work representing forty years of literary publication. The Library also holds a complete collection of Burning Deck imprints, mostly in the Harris Collection. ...more information

  • Asa Cushman Collection of Plays in Parts and Prompt Copies
    Plays in manuscript parts and prompt copies, the working library of a mid-19th century actor-manager. Includes 24 American and 21 English plays in manuscript, and 385 English and American printed plays of the 18th and 19th century, with Cushman's notes. Notable for a copy in parts of Uncle Tom's Cabin; Cushman was the original Tom Loker in the 1852 production of George Aiken's version of the play. ...more information

  • Barker (Sarah Elizabeth Minchin) papers, 1844-1988
    Sarah Elizabeth Minchin Barker (also known as Sally Barker) was an actress and director whose career was highlighted by the work with The Players at the Talma Theatre and the Barker Playhouse Theatre. She was active in dramatic events at Pembroke, where she taught theatre. Her husband, Henry Ames Barker, 1861-1929 (Brown class of 1893) was a guiding influence and a director of the Players. He was the son of Mayor Harry Barker of Providence and active himself in the civic and cultural affairs of the city. ...more information

  • Barr (Morris Abner), 1939-1968
    Morris Abner Barr was an author, lyricist, and poet whose poems tended towards nature, love, God, friendship, and Barr's own life. A craftsman, Barr wrote about his experience creating stools, gavels, and letter openers from the wood of the Sentry Tree in "Immortalizing the Sentry Tree of George Washington." The collection contains his writings, a scrapbook related to the George Washington Sentry Tree, and correspondence with friends and mentors. ...more information

  • Blake (Howard Milton) papers, 1930-1950
    The Howard Milton Blake papers are comprised of multiple versions of verse and prose written by Blake. The collection was edited before it came to Brown University by Robert Kent and was published under the title "The Island of Self: Poems of Howard Blake" (Boston 1973). The book reproduces almost all of the verse in the collection, but none of the prose; there is, however, a reprint of Blake's preface to his only published book of verse "Prolegomena To Any Future Poetry" (Boston 1936). ...more information

  • Botta (Anne Charlotte Lynch) papers, 1835-1894
    Anne Charlotte Lynch Botta (1815-1891) was a teacher and poet of Providence, Rhode Island and New York City. The collection of ca. 200 items covers the years 1835-1894 and contains correspondence concerning literary and personal affairs, three manuscripts of her poems, two engraved portraits extracted from a book, and miscellaneous notes. ...more information

  • Brennan (Joseph Payne) Papers, 1936-1990
    The Brennan papers consist of manuscripts of short stories and poems, fan mail, correspondence with fellow writers both poets and horror story writers, some World War II orders and correspondence and memorabilia some of which is housed in scrapbooks, photographs, submissions to the self published magazines Macabre and Essence as well as personal legal, medical, and financial papers. Books in the collection are cataloged individually in Josiah under "Joseph Payne Brennan Collection". ...more information

  • Broadsides Collection
    The Broadsides Collection houses broadsides (single-sheet imprints), posters, bookplates, prints, valentines, greeting cards, postcards, and photographs. From a nucleus of 8,000 pieces in 1928, holdings have increased to over 40,000 items. Largely ephemeral by nature, broadsides are collected by only a few major libraries and historical societies in the United States. Originally issued primarily by governmental, religious, and political bodies, broadsides were later used for advertisements, programs, notices, ballad verses, elegies, and comments on contemporary events. More recently, they have become popular as exemplars of fine printing. Includes holdings of the Harris, Rider, Lincoln, Koopman, Military and general library collections. Notable areas within Harris include slip ballads and carriers' addresses. ...more information

  • Brownell (Henry Howard) papers, 1827-1871
    The Henry Howard Brownell papers, dating from 1827-1871, include short prose articles and stories in manuscript, poetry manuscripts, verse translations from Homer's Aeneid and a scrapbook of Brownell's poems. Brownell was a poet and lawyer from Connecticut. ...more information

  • Carriers' Addresses
    Carriers' addresses were published by newspapers, usually on January 1, and distributed in the United States for more than two centuries. The custom originated in England and was introduced here during colonial times. The newsboys delivered these greetings in verse each New Year's Day and the customers understood that a tip was expected. The poems, often anonymous, describe the events of the past year, locally, regionally, and nationally, and end with a request for a gratuity for the faithful carrier. Often the poem referred to the carrier's diligence and hardships during winter weather. Illustrated with wood-engravings and decorative borders, carriers' addresses are distinctive examples of popular publishing in nineteenth century America. Brown University Library holds one of the largest collections of these charming works, in the Broadsides Collection and the Harris Collection of American Poetry and Plays. ...more information

  • Church (Dave) papers, 1957-2008
    The Dave Church papers contain correspondence, notebooks, manuscripts, broadsides, poetry journals, artwork, audio- and videocassettes, representing all aspects of Church's poetry: creation, editing, submission, publication and performance. Also included is a collection of poetry books by other authors, inscribed to Church. Most of the material is from the years 1996-2008 (although some items date from as early as 1957) ...more information

  • Civil War Manuscripts Collection
    Comprises more than 26 collections (more than 2,000 letters in all) covering the period from 1858 through 1879. Includes correspondence, diaries, photographs, prints and graphics and other related materials pertaining to all aspects of the Civil War, from the lives of enlisted Union soldiers and their families back home, to camp life and battlefield medicine, and the political issues that gripped the nation. ...more information

  • Clark (John Laing) papers
    John Laing Clark of the law firm Edwards and Angell in Providence, R.I., collected this material on labor law, specifically wage and price stabilization, over the course of 32 years. Included are notes, pamphlets, newspaper clippings, reports, forms, government documents, law letters and manuals. ...more information

  • Corbett (Scott) papers, 1884-1984
    The Scott Corbett papers contain a variety of material related to his career as a writer as well as personal memorabilia from his childhood and service in the United States Army during World War II. These papers also include Elizabeth Corbett's personal and business papers and artwork by the illustrator and author Don Freeman. ...more information

  • Crosby (Harry) papers, ca. 1919-1955
    Harry Crosby (born 1898) was an American poet and publisher also known as Henry Sturgis Crosby or Henry Grew Crosby. An American expatriate in Paris in the 1920s, his work expresses his disapproval of Puritan hypocrisy and his fascination for the cult of the sun. His Black Sun Press published special editions of James Joyce, T.S. Eliot, and other contemporaries. Crosby committed suicide in New York on 10 December 1929.The collection includes 19 letters to Constance Atherton, Comtesse de Jumilhac; letters from Atherton and related correspondence; two notebooks with letter and unpublished aphorisms addressed to Atherton; book belonging to Harry and Caresse Crosby; ten manuscript notebooks; page proofs (bound) for Shadows of the Sun and for Chariot of the Sun; other writings; two albums of photographs; and Caresse Crosby's correspondence with several writers/editors/publishers. The collection also includes Crosby's last will and testament; typescript (carbon) of his The De Geetere Maldoror; and a biographical sketch of him written by his wife, Caresse Crosby. ...more information

  • Cutter (Bloodgood H.) papers, 1886
    The Bloodgood H. Cutter papers consist of 47 manuscripts of poetry which were published in the collection of poems, The Long Island farmer's poems, New York, 1886. ...more information

  • Damon (S. Foster) Festival papers, 1967-1968
    The S. Foster Damon Festival papers consists of approximately 50 items from 1967-1968 relating to the 75th birthday party of S. Foster Damon and the S. Foster Damon Festival at Brown University. S. Foster Damon was an American poet, William Blake scholar, Brown University professor of English (1927-1963), and curator of the Harris Collection, Brown University Library (1930-1963). ...more information

  • Davenport Collection
    The Davenport Collection, an endowed gift from Dr. James Henry Davenport, containing "books on medical history, medical biography and extra-curricular writings of physicians." It is these extra-curricular writings that give the collection its eclectic flavor. Included are books by physician authors in the fields of history, biography, travel narratives,fiction, poetry and drama, as well as many other works from The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (London, 1892) by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to Oliver Wendell Holmes's The Poet at the Breakfast-Table(Boston,1872). Part of the Rhode Island Medical Society Collection. ...more information

  • David Cornel De Jong papers
    David Cornel De Jong was the author of 13 novels, 5 children’s books, several books of poetry and numerous short stories. His poems and articles were published in publications such as Nation, Poetry, Southern Review, and Atlantic Monthly. He was born in 1905 in Blija, Friesland Province, The Netherlands. Soon after, his family moved to Groningen, and then to Wierum in the Netherlands. His family came to the United States in 1918 when he was thirteen. They settled in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He received a masters degree from Duke University in 1932 and then began his doctorate at Brown University in but shifted to writing full time before completing his Ph.D. He remained in Providence the remainder of his life. He died September, 1967. His papers include drafts of his writings, correspondence with friends and colleagues, diaries, photographs, scrapbooks, and personal papers. Of particular note is De Jong's card catalog, consisting of annotated card entries for his written works. The cards are arranged alphabetically by title and include the publication history for each one. His writings include novels and longer works, short stories, essays, and poems. ...more information

  • Dr. Arlene Pillar Collection of Children's Literature
    The Dr. Arlene Pillar Collection of Children's Literature consists of over 3,000 volumes of children's literature primarily form the 1970s and 1980s, including many illustrated works and fiction for young adults. Dr. Pillar was a panelist for the Newbury and Caldecott awards for children's literature and illustration, and her collection reflects the range of work submitted for those awards over two decades. ...more information

  • Eigner (Larry) papers, 1958-1978
    Larry Eigner was an American poet associated with the Black Mountain Poets of the 1950s, and his work was included under that heading in the landmark 1960 anthology The New American Poetry, edited by Donald M. Allen. Formally, Eigner's poetry marks an important development in the use of line and page introduced by the Modernists in the 1920s. The Eigner papers consist of over three hundred items including manuscripts, carbon copies and photocopies of typewritten manuscripts, carbon copies and photocopies of typewritten manuscripts. Eigner's correspondence illustrates his view of contemporary poetry and poets, his comments on the publication of, and about, his work, and his personal thoughts. Eigner died in 1996 from complications related to pneumonia. ...more information

  • Fisher (Rudolph) papers, 1919-1983
    Rudolph Fisher (Class of 1919) was a Providence native, a medical doctor specializing in radiology and a leading figure in the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s and 1930s. His papers primarily contain various drafts and published copies of twenty-six of his short stories and novels, as well as book reviews and essays. The collection also contains correspondence, publicity materials, personal papers, family papers and newsclippings. Materials cover Fisher�s life from 1919 to his death in 1934, as well as the work on behalf of Fisher done by his sister, Pearl, until 1983. ...more information

  • Fox (Mary Borland Thayer) papers, 1919-1973
    The Mary Borland Thayer Fox papers consist chiefly of Fox's own writings, written under the pseudonym, "Mary Borland." The collection includes poetry, short stories and essays, ballet libretti, and a diary detailing a visit in 1936 to the Soviet Union. In addition, the collection contains several scrapbooks; commonplace books; sheet music, written for her or simply given to her as a gift; news clippings and copies of literary journals in which her work appeared; and finally, correspondence, either addressed to her in response to some of her published writings, or written in regard to the publication of a posthumous volume of her work. ...more information

  • Frost (Edwin Collins) and William Henry Frost papers, 1890-1941 (bulk 1890-1910)
    This collection, dating from 1890 to 1941, consists of letters addressed to both Edwin Collins Frost (1867-1956) and William Henry Frost (1863-1902) and a small autograph collection. Edwin Collins Frost was an assistant and instructor of rhetoric at Brown University from 1895 to 1898 and the cataloguer of Marsden J. Perry's Shakespeare Collection from 1901 to 1907. William Henry Frost joined the New York Tribune in 1887 as a reporter and drama critic and was the author of four books for children. ...more information

  • Gay Pulp Fiction
    A growing collection of over 4,600 volumes of gay men's pulp fiction. A small number of lesbian-interest titles are included.The collection began with the acquisition of a large private collection and has been supplemented by works from two other collections of gay literature, the Scott O'Hara Papers, and the James Jackson bequest. See searchable database. Stored off-site. ...more information

  • Greene Memorial
    The name by which the collection of manuscripts by and relating to Albert Gorton Greene has been known. It is now more properly cited as Ms. Greene. The Greene Memorial is a collection of materials relating to Judge Albert Gorton Greene, 1802-1868, the founder of the Harris Collection of American Poetry and Plays. Included are fourteen watercolors of Italian and Roman ruins painted by Judge Greene; two paintings by Giovanni Thompson related to poems by Greene; a manuscript copybook of letters from John Quincy Adams to his son about the Bible; manuscripts and letters; certificates; daguerrotypes; scrapbooks of poems; autograph albums; deeds; and a sea-letter of the brig Clinton signed "G. Washington, 1795." ...more information

  • Greenough (Jenine Bates) correspondence
    Jenine Bates Greenough was a highly educated, literary woman who divided her life between two western Massachusetts river towns. This collection of correspondence reflects Greenough�s interests in education, poetry, and cultural and literary matters. ...more information

  • H.P. Lovecraft Collection
    Lovecraft, the eccentric Providence author of fantasy and horror tales for the pulp magazines of the 1920's, is now recognized as one of the seminal figures in the development of the science fiction genre. The collection includes extensive holdings of manuscripts, letters, editions of Lovecraft's works in all languages, periodicals, biographical and critical works, and many supportive collections of manuscript and printed materials of Lovecraft friends and associates. There are more than 1,000 books and magazines, in 20 languages, containing material by or about Lovecraft plus over 2,000 original letters and manuscripts of his essays, fiction and poetry. Many of the papers were deposited in the library a few months after Lovecraft's death in 1937; others have been added by gift and purchase over the years.

    Note: In the summer of 2013, students in Brown's Public Humanities program developed an augmented reality tour of Lovecraft's Providence for NecronomiCon Providence. Further information is available at: ...more information

  • Hanna (Muriel Marjorie Boos) papers, 1922-1989
    The Muriel Marjorie Boos Hanna papers consist primarily of poetry by Muriel Hanna (dating from 1976 to 1989), drafts, notes and a draft of a compilation of poems, as well as a printed collection. An active member of the Rhode Island State Poetry Society, Hanna wrote of nature, family, and personal experiences in her poems. Included in the papers are poems by Hanna's grandmother, Emma Doan (Evans) Nicholas, whose poems describe her life a farm in New Jersey, provide information about the Grange, and gender roles in rural life in the early twentieth century. ...more information

  • Harold L. Tinker Collection
    3,000 volumes of 19th and 20th century American prose fiction, donated by Harold L. Tinker, Class of 1921.It included numerous first editions by Sinclair Lewis, J. P. Marquand, Kenneth Roberts, Booth Tarkington, Frank Norris, Thornton Wilder, and Thomas Wolfe. Also included are early editions of Lardner, London, Melville, Mencken, Steinbeck, Dreiser, Dos Passos, and Wharton. The collection is particularly rich in works by women authors including, among others, Mary H. Catherwood, Sarah Orne Jewett, Laura E. Richards and Harriet Beecher Stowe.

    Card file in shelf list area in the John Hay Library; Books arranged alphabetically by author. ...more information

  • Harris Collection of American Poetry and Plays
    The Harris Collection of American Poetry and Plays is composed of approximately 250,000 volumes of American and Canadian poetry, plays, and vocal music dating from 1609 to the present day. It is perhaps the largest and most comprehensive collection of its kind in any research library. The works of most well-known (and many thousands of little-known) American and Canadian poets and playwrights, from the 18th century to the present day, are held comprehensively. There are significant holdings of early American literature, hymnals, songsters, little magazines, contemporary fine printing, extensive collections on Walt Whitman and Edgar Allan Poe, women's writings, gay and lesbian literature, modern first editions, Yiddish-American literature, and French-Canadian literature. The Collection is fully cataloged, with records available in Josiah, the Library's online catalog.. Includes periodicals, broadsides, recordings, films, electronic resources, manuscripts, prints and photographs. ...more information

  • Harry Lyman Koopman Collection
    Harry Lyman Koopman (1860-1937 ) was librarian from 1893 to 1930. In honor of Koopman at his retirement, Philip D. Sherman, class of 1902, who had been his student, presented his collection of literature, book arts, and the history of the book to the Library. "This collection contains over 5,000 first editions and rare books, manuscripts and association items, plus prints, drawings, and broadsides. It is a rich source for the study of English literature and the growth of fine printing from the works of Caxton and Chaucer in the 15th century to William Morris and William Butler Yeats in the 19th and 20th centuries." The Koopman Collection is notable its prose fiction by Cooper, Irving, Holmes, and Melville, and for the collection of the works of Thackeray and Dickens issued in parts. Intended as a laboratory collection for the study of the art and history of the book, it includes the production of many late 19th century private presses, books issued in parts, and literary relics. Prints, Photographs, Museum objects, Specimen leaves listed in Koopman Accession book (in Archives). ...more information

  • Harry Smith papers
    Harry Smith graduated from Brown in 1957, and by 1964 he had established his own literary magazine: The Smith. He went on to establish a second magazine, Pulpsmith, as well as a small press, Smith-Publishers, which published works of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and drama. This collection includes correspondence, book reviews, notebooks of prose and poetry, production files with galleys and page proofs, manuscripts, and photocopies. ...more information

  • Hay (John, 1915-2011) papers, 1939-2004
    The collection represents a portion of the letters, journals, manuscripts and research materials of the Burroughs medal winning naturalist, writer and poet John Hay (1915-2011). ...more information

  • Hyatt Howe Waggoner Collection
    The papers and personal library of Brown faculty member Hyatt Howe Waggoner, author of American Poets and American Visionary Poetry, among other works. Many of the works include Prof. Waggoner's annotations. The papers include manuscripts and correspondence relating to his study, teaching, and writing; includes personal correspondence with colleagues and friends The papers also document Waggoner's professional activities as a scholar and teacher. They include his correspondence with publishers, and his notes, manuscripts, and correspondence relating to books he wrote. Also included in the papers are notes and clippings removed from printed volumes in his personal library. List available. ...more information

  • Inman (Arthur Crew) papers, 1856-1963
    Correspondence, poems, fiction, drama, essays, galley proofs, and printed notices or reviews of the published work of an Atlanta-born 20th century American poet. Collection includes transcripts of correspondence of Gen. George Pickett and his wife, LaSalle Corbell Pickett, from which Inman prepared an edited volume. Correspondents include George P. Baker, Alice H. Bartlett, Gamaliel Bradford, Abbie F. Brown, Edgar Guest, DuBose Heyward, Walter Lippmann, Josephine Peabody, H. L. Mencken, Bliss Perry, and Edward A. Robinson. ...more information

  • James Laughlin Collection
    Bequest of James Laughlin, poet and publisher of New Directions Press, and the gifts of his widow. It is composed of approximately 5,000 volumes from his personal library, and focuses on editions of William Carlos Williams, Ezra Pound, Gertrude Stein, Thomas Merton, and other major 20th century literary figures. At Mr. Laughlin's invitation, Library staff specifically selected authors and titles from his extensive collection for the express purpose of adding complementary prose titles to the Harris Collection's holdings of 20th century poetry and plays. Uncataloged. Lists available ...more information

  • Jay Saunders Redding (1906-1988) papers
    Born in Wilmington, Delaware, Saunders Redding graduated from Brown in 1928. After two years of teaching he returned to Brown to earn an A.M. in 1932. A writer and specialist in African-American Literature, Redding spent the majority of his teaching career at the Hampton Institute in Hampton, Virginia, where he was Professor of English from 1943 to 1966. He subsequently taught at taught Duke, George Washington and Cornell Universities. In 1949, he returned to Brown for a brief stint as a visiting Professor, thus becoming the first African American to teach at an Ivy League school. He later served as Director of the National Endowment for the Humanities Division of Research and Publications from 1966 to 1969.

    The Redding papers cover his long career as a writer, academic and administrator, and document his involvement with numerous African American organizations and causes. ...more information

  • Jenckes (Thomas Allen) papers, 1834-1870
    One box, chiefly correspondence to Thomas Allen Jenckes, Congressional Representative from Rhode Island, about legal matters and legislative affairs for the period of 1837 to 1870. ...more information

  • John Ciardi letters
    The collection is made up of eleven typed letters signed and one autographed letter signed to Professor William J. Griffin at George Peabody College, Nashville, Tennessee. Most letters are about his writing, with one form letter to Rodger P. Kingston. ...more information

  • John Hawkes Papers
    Author's last poems and letters on love and creativity before he turned to writing fiction. Written mostly at Hastings-on-Hudson, New York, in the five months preceding his marriage to Sophie Tazewell. One of two photocopies made by the author. "No other photocopies will be made." ...more information

  • John Hay Personal Library
    In July of 1905, John Milton Hay (Class of 1858, perhaps the most famous Brown graduate of his day) died in office as U.S. Secretary of State. The following year his widow, Clara Stone Hay, presented 400 books and manuscripts from Hay's personal library to Brown. These books include many volumes which are inscribed to John Hay. ...more information

  • Jon Land papers, 1983-2009
    Brown University graduate and Rhode Island native Jon Land has written upwards of twenty political thrillers. This collection contains several drafts of fourteen of his novels, including final drafts and publisher edits. ...more information

  • Josiah Greene papers
    Josiah Greene (Brown class of 1933) wrote several novels and countless short stories over his long career, including Not in Our Stars, for which he won the MacMillan Centenary Award for the best manuscript by a member of the armed forces. This collection includes correspondence; royalty records and records of publicity programs; reviews; and drafts of short stories and novels. ...more information

  • Kinter (William L.) papers, 1958-1965
    Chiefly letters to William L. Kinter from William Everson, Allen Ginsberg, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Denise Levertov, and other modern poets; also photographs, play bills, postcards, and clippings. ...more information

  • Linton (William James) papers, ca. 1848-1896
    The William James Linton Papers of Brown University contains material reflecting the three major spheres of activity--literary, artistic, and political--to which Linton chiefly devoted himself during the course of his long life. The literary manuscripts, correspondence to and from Linton, sketchbooks, drawings, and photographs, which comprise the chief part of this collection, are materials which will serve the researcher in good stead in attempting to understand Linton's various achievements. When considered in conjunction with the large holdings of printed Linton materials in various collections elsewhere within the Brown University Library, the papers comprising the Linton Papers described here take on added significance, insofar as they serve well to complement those printed holdings. Special interest may attach to some of the literary manuscripts in this collection, "Love's Diary", "Mr. Joseph", and "Blue-Beard", which are as yet unpublished. The researcher may also be especially interested in the correspondence involving noteworthy personalities, such as Winslow Homer, Christina Rossetti, Algernon Charles Swinburne, et al. ...more information

  • Louis Cohen papers
    The Louis Cohen papers contain correspondence with salesmen and sales managers during his employment as a sales representative with Optimum Book Marketing and St. Martin’s Press/Holtzbrinck Publishers. There are also memoranda, notes, brochures, advertisements, reviews, invitations, stationery, photographs and 2 audiocassette tapes relating to his work and to his association with the Brotherhood of Book Travelers, later the Association of Book Travelers. ...more information

  • Louise Harris papers
    Hattie Louise Harris was born on September 28, 1903 in Warwick, Rhode Island. She was the daughter of Samuel P. Harris and Faustine Borden Harris. Miss Harris graduated from Pembroke College at Brown University in 1926, where she majored in economics. Miss Harris is best known for her historical research concerning the history and authorship of the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag and for her writing regarding C.A. Stephens, a medical doctor who wrote for the magazine The Youth’s Companion from 1871 until his death in 1931. She published several books regarding the American flag and the history and authorship of the Pledge of Allegiance, including The Flag over the Schoolhouse (1971), Old Glory: Long May She Wave (1981) and Time for Truth (1987). The Louise Harris papers include a variety of materials, chiefly correspondence, research materials and galley proofs, related to her writings concerning C.A. Stephens, The Youth's Companion, and the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag. The papers also include personal correspondence; certificates and plaques from various organizations; scrapbooks related to her book A Chuckle and a Laugh: A Tale of the C.A. Stephens Collection; printed material such as magazines, journals, and newspapers; photographs, microfilms, audiocassettes and items related to her interst in geneology. The material in these papers is dated from 1890 to 1990. Most is dated between 1960 and 1985. ...more information

  • Lownes (Albert Edgar) collection on Henry David Thoreau, 1837-1965
    The Albert E. Lownes Collection on Henry David Thoreau was received in 1967 as a gift from Albert E. Lownes, Class of 1920. It consists of over 1,000 items, and includes books by Thoreau, later editions of his writing, biographical and critical works, and books from his personal library. It contains first editions for each of Thoreau's separately published books and pamphlets as well as a virtually complete selection of his contrib utions to periodicals. Of particular note are a number of annotated volumes from Thoreau's personal library and original manuscript fragments from his Journals, The Maine Woods, and A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers.

    There are also periodicals, engravings, photographs, a striking original sketch of Thoreau, maps, broadsides, museum objects, and other memorabilia. The Collection includes a number of Thoreau letters, college papers and journal excerpts.

    Especially noteworthy is an album entitled "Concordia", a collection of autograph letters, portraits, and original sketches of Concord personalities, compiled by Rev. Moncure Daniel Conway. ...more information

  • Luce (Nancy) papers, 1725-1964 (bulk 1833-1889)
    The Nancy Luce Papers comprise manuscripts poems, accounts, journals, photographs, family papers and clippings that cover the period from 1725 to 1964. ...more information

  • Lucy Truman Aldrich Collection of Rare Illustrated Children's Books
    Collection of American, British, and some European (primarily French) illustrated children's books, donated to Brown University in June 1990. The appraiser's catalog included with the collection lists: Chapbooks 1780-1840 (31 items); English 1840-1952 (213 items); Pre-1835 American (11 items); American gift and miniature (5 items); American primers and prayer books (6 items); American 1835-1954 (115 items); European 1850-1940 (35 items); Reference (6 items). The total, 423 items, reflects a slightly different way of counting sets of Kate Greenaway ephemera. The collection was donated to the Library by Aldrich's nephew, Mr. David Rockefeller. ...more information

  • Maas (Willard) papers, 1931-1967
    The Maas Papers consist of approximately five hundred letters, manuscripts, page proofs, photographs, drawings, play scripts, and film scripts from the period 1931-1967. ...more information

  • Mallon (Thomas) papers, circa 1989-ongoing
    Thomas Mallon is a novelist and critic. He attended Brown University as an undergraduate and earned a Master of Arts and a Ph.D. from Harvard. The papers include manuscripts of the novels Henry and Clara, Dewey Defeats Truman, Aurora 7, Fellow Travelers, and most recently Watergate. ...more information

  • Martha Dickinson Bianchi Papers, [ca. 1834-1980]
    Consists of the papers of the family of Emily Dickinson, along with the 3,000 volume family library from "The Evergreens," the Dickinson home in Amherst Massachusetts. In addition to the personal papers of Martha Bianchi (including family and editorial correspondence, diaries, notes, worksheets, typescript poems, stories, plays, photographs, articles, books, and clippings) the collection includes the personal papers of Alfred Leete Hampson and his wife, Mary Landis Hampson, and includes much secondary material relating to Emily Dickinson. Supplemented by gifts from Barton St. Armand and George Monteiro, of additional items from the same source. ...more information

  • Martin (Kathryn) papers
    Kathryn Martin taught English literature and composition in public and private schools from 1941 through 1967. She also published one novel, The Departure, a nonfiction book about her teaching experiences, A Question of Age: The Dorm and I, and several works of poetry. This collection includes correspondence; manuscripts of Martin’s short stories, novels, and poems; research notes; and personal records. ...more information

  • Masters (Edgar Lee) papers, 1928-1946
    The Masters papers consist chiefly of letters to his son, Hilary T. Masters; along with poems, short stories, sketches, and two letters from H. L. Mencken to Hilary Masters. ...more information

  • Maud Howe Elliott Papers, 1882-1948

    Correspondence (mostly dating between 1890 and 1940), manuscripts, lectures and scrapbooks of a Newport-based literary figure who was the daughter of the poet Julia Ward Howe and activist Samuel Gridley Howe, and wife of the artist John Elliott. The collection includes unpublished manuscripts for Elliott's memoirs "Afternoon Tea" and "Memories of Eighty Years." ...more information

  • Metcalf (Edward De Forest) papers
    Edward De Forest Metcalf (1924-1968) was a Providence writer of poetry and short stories. Metcalf's papers contain numerous drafts and fragments as well as complete literary works. Included in the papers is a compilation Edward De Forest Metcalf's writings that was published after his death by his father, George T. Metcalf. ...more information

  • Miller Collection of Wit and Humor
    The Miller Collection, consisting of approximately 40,000 volumes, is the personal library of Bernard, Saul, and George Miller, amassed over a period of fifty years. The brothers assembled the best collection of American humor in private hands, unequalled in any American institution, which they donated it to Brown University Library in the early 1990s.
    The Collection consists primarily of 20th-century American imprints, but also includes significant sections of 19th-century joke books, British imprints, works in Russian, Hebrew, French, German, and Italian, and 19th-century editions of classic works of humor. The Collection includes much important early humor material, such as Joe Miller's Jests, or The Wit's Vade-Mecum (London, 1739), and Yankee Notions, or, The American Joe Miller, by Sam Slick (London, 1839).
    The Collection includes works by Fred Allen, George Allen, Gracie Allen, Steve Allen, Woody Allen, Alan King, Allan Sherman, and H. Allen Smith. There is topical humor of every conceivable kind, such as sex, medicine, the law, sex, politics, sports, sex, and plumbing. There are also sections of comic novels, familiar essays by humorists, political satire, light verse, theatrical memoirs of comedy performers, American and European folk humor, ethnic humor, vaudeville routines, collections of political cartoons, paperback joke and cartoon books, and playscripts; and a notable section of "Army joke books", pulp periodicals from the World War II era. ...more information

  • Murrary (Caroline D.) collection on Robert Hayden and his poetry, 1938-2006
    This collection consists chiefly of study guides to Robert Hayden's poetry. There is some correspondence, photographs, print outs, photocopies of Hayden's poems, extracts from interviews with Hayden, newspaper clippings and a bibliography of both primary and secondary sources. ...more information

  • Newton family papers, ca. 1780-1856
    Manuscript copies of 18th and 19th century broadside verse, made by members of the Newton family, chiefly Mrs. Miriam Newton and Miss Nancy Newton, with an occasional original piece; accounts, genealogies, verse and prose; copies of sermons; excerpts from religious books; biographies of famous people; accounts of local weather; newsworthy local events. Compiled mostly in Southboro, Massachusetts, and Marlboro, New Hampshire. ...more information

  • Old Man and the Sea Collection (Brown University)
    The Old Man and the Sea Collection consists of editions of Hemingway's novel, including translations into many languages, plus critical and biographical works on Hemingway. Notable is the first printing of the work in Life magazine in 1952.

    Gift of Lyman G. Bloomingdale, class of 1935, in 1978. ...more information

  • Paterson (William) papers, 1919-2003
    The William Paterson Papers, dating from 1919-2003, includes photographs, plays in manuscript, an autobiography in manuscript, a pen and ink drawing, clippings, military decorations, acting awards, pamphlets, and other documents. Paterson, a Brown University graduate (Class of 1941) and a World War II veteran, was an actor by profession. He joined the Cleveland Playhouse in 1947 and worked there for the next 20 years. In 1967 he joined the American Conservatory Theatre where he remained for over 30 years. He also occasionally performed in television and film productions. ...more information

  • Philbrick (Charles) correspondence with Hilary Masters and Elmer Blistein
    Charles Philbrick (class of 1947, 1953 PhD) was a poet who taught English at Brown University and won the Wallace Stevens Prize from the Academy of American Poets. The papers are personal correspondence, predominantly from Philbrick to Hilary Masters (class of 1952), a novelist, essayist, and short-story writer. ...more information

  • Poetry Mission papers, 1982-2004
    The records for the Poetry Mission include correspondence, minutes, financial records, publicity records, and original poetry sent as submissions from poets all around the northeastern region of the United States. Of note are the records and submissions collected and used for the 1994 publication of the poetry anthology called A Glass of Green Tea – With Honig in honor of Rhode Island poet Edwin Honig. ...more information

  • Powel (Harford W.H) collection on T.S. Eliot
    This material was collected by Powel for his master's thesis, Notes on the life of T. S. Eliot 1888-1910, Brown University, 1954. Autograph and typed letters to and from Eliot's classmates; miscellaneous manuscripts relating to T. S. Eliot and Harvard College ca. 1909; photostats of selected contributions by Eliot to Smith Academy Record and Harvard Advocate. ...more information

  • Rhode Island Writers' Guild records, 1949-1980
    This collection consists of administrative records, correspondence, newsletters, scrapbooks, photographs, clippings, and proclamations from the Rhode Island Writers' Guild, founded by Ruth Eddy in 1950 . The collection also includes original poetry, prose and music written by guild members. ...more information

  • Robin Moore papers
    These are the personal papers and manuscripts of American writer Robert Lowell "Robin" Moore, Jr. best known for his books The Green Berets, The French Connection: A True Account of Cops, Narcotics, and International Conspiracy, and The Happy Hooker: My Own Story. The papers include correspondence, diaries, manuscripts for published and unpublished works, photographs, audio recordings, films, and documents relating to his lawsuit against Jonathan Keith "Jack" Idema. ...more information

  • Rodney (Thomas) papers, ca. 1774-1810
    Personal papers and records of Thomas Rodney, including letters, essays, notes on court cases in Mississippi and Delaware (1791 to 1810), a journal about personal matters and Delaware politics (1792-1800), and manuscript poetry. ...more information

  • Romance Novels by Brown and Rhode Island Authors
    The romance novels included in this database, along with the working papers of their authors, were acquired in conjunction with the establishment of the Christine Dunlap Farnham Archive, which is "dedicated to preserving and the continued collection of materials documenting the history of women in Brown University and Pembroke College, the post-graduate lives of Brown University and Pembroke College alumnae, and the lives of Rhode Island women." The authors are Barbar Kieler, Jo Ann Ferguson, Patricia Coughlin, and Sylvia Baumgarten. In addition to works by the Brown and Rhode Island authors listed, works by over 30 other romance authors appear in the database in cases where they have been anthologized with these four authors. The novels include titles translated into many languages ...more information

  • Russell (John C.) papers, 1975-1999 (bulk 1987-1993)
    The John C. Russell papers are a collection of the late playwright's scripts, notebooks, journals, correspondence, photographs and personal documents, most of them produced during the six years before his death in 1994. ...more information

  • Sargent (Frances Herriott) papers, 1928-1942
    This collection of about 285 items traces the evolution and production of the play "Porgy" and its operatic expression, "Porgy and Bess". The collection is composed of the professional and personal papers of the assistant stage manager, Frances Herriott (later Frances Herriott Sargent), and provides insight into the major elements of production as well as the personal relationships of cast members and stage professionals. ...more information

  • Scribner (Edwin) papers, 1898-1944
    Edwin Scribner was born in Logansport, IN on 15 February 1879. On 27 July 1898, he quit his job in the Master Mechanics office of the Pan Handle Railroad in Logansport and, as he states in the first volume of his diary, "From that date the theater has been my interest and occupation in life.” He attended Edmund Mortimer's School of Dramatic Art and Elocution in Chicago, IL starting on 28 July 1898. He spent his life as an itinerant actor and a playwright, writing at least 50 plays many of which were published. He died in Waterville, ME on 23 Sep 1964. This collection contains unpublished typescripts for plays written by Edwin Scribner. The photographs include 5 portraits of Edwin and 5 scenes from a play in which he starred. The collection also contains a 2 volume diary written by Edwin from 1898-1921. The diary contains a running tally of all the plays in which he performed and the cities and towns he visited as part of various acting troupes. He also lists all the plays and movies he goes to see. It is an interesting and intimate record of the life of an actor who is constantly traveling. ...more information

  • St. Martin's Press archive, 1952-[ongoing]
    In 1997, St. Martin's Press agreed to transfer their archives - thousands of publications as well as their business files - to the Library. In addition to receiving the complete inventory of St. Martin's Press publications dating back to the founding of the press in 1952, the Library receives a copy of every new St. Martin's Press title as it is published. This gift brings to the Library the historical archive of one of the nation's most important trade publishing houses; additions to the archive take place regularly.

    The collection includes archival copies of books produced by St. Martin's Press, which are retained by the Press for purposes of producing reprints in the future. These books are individual catalogued in JOSIAH, but housed at the Annex as part of the Hay Library's collections. Because they have been kept primarily for archival purposes, they will be retrieved for use at the John Hay Library.
    ...more information

  • Starred Book Collection
    Hay Star is the general rare book collection of the Brown University Library, covering a wide range of topics. The Hay Star collection is particularly strong for 18th and 19th century materials, as well as for 20th century ephemera, and includes occasional transfers from the general collections. Travel literature and historical narratives are particular strengths.

    Researchers should note that many "named" collections of printed books are subsumed in Hay Star, including the following:

    H. P. Lovecraft collection
    Damon Collection of Fantasy and Imaginative Literature
    Ames Collection of Illustrated Books
    Brown-Ives Shakespeare Collection
    Dated Books
    Egyptology Collection
    Author collections of works by Grotius, Machiavelli, Wells and Orwell
    Kirk Collection on Alcoholism and Alcoholics Anonymous
    Pillar Collection of Children's Literature
    Schirmer Collection on Anti-Imperialism
    Swan Antarctica Collection
    ...more information

  • The Barton Levi St. Armand Collection of Dickinson Family Papers, [ca. 1851-1908]
    Includes the following material, some of which relates to Emily Dickinson: [1] 125 letters of Edward (Ned) Austin Dickinson to William Austin Dickinson and Susan Huntington Gilbert Dickinson; [2] scrapbook of Martha Gilbert Dickinson Bianchi; [3] scrapbook of Mary M. Warner (afterwards Mrs. Edward Payson Crowell) ...more information

  • The Fells Library (John Milton Hay and family)
    A collection of books compiled by the family and descendants of John Milton Hay (1838-1905) at the Hay family summer home on Lake Sunapee near Newport, New Hampshire. The collection represents the taste and reading habits primarily of John Hay and his son, ethnologist Clarence Leonard Hay (1884-1969), as well as John Hay's wife Clara and daughters Alice and Helen (a poet and children's book author), and Clarence Hay's wife Alice Appleton and son John (born 1915, a renowned nature writer). Many titles were author presentation copies to members of the Hay family, and a some contain personal inscriptions. A few volumes may have been added later by staff at the Fells as references on the Hay family and their social circle. ...more information

  • The Richard G. Katzoff Collection
    The collection, named in honor of Richard G. Katzoff and housed in the John Hay Library at Brown University, consists primarily of literary works relating to gays and lesbians, with a small component of history and sociology; most are U.S. publications. The core of the Collection is the gift of books, primarily novels dating from the 1970s and 1980s, received in 1991 from the estate of Richard Katzoff, supplemented by the library and personal writings of John Preston, journalist, author and editor of gay literature (the Library also houses Preston's papers). In addition, the Collection includes the publications of Larry Townsend (sadomasochistic fiction and pictorial erotica), many books from the library of Edmund White, an extensive collection of contemporary lesbian fiction, and many other smaller donations of gay and lesbian writings. Materials continue to be added to the Collection by gift and purchase; an endowment has been established for that purpose by the Katzoff family. The more recent acquisitions include a 30,000-item collection of gay pulp fiction dating primarily from the 1950s and 1960s. ...more information

  • Third & Elm Press
    The archive of Alexander and Ilse Nesbitt's private press in Newport, Rhode Island. The Library also owns an extensive collection of the publications of the Third & Elm Press. ...more information

  • Todd S. J. Lawson papers
    Todd S. J. Lawson was an accomplished mid-to-late twentieth century gay writer of both prose and poetry, a small press publisher and editor, and a journalist. This collection consists of a variety of materials, the bulk of which dates from the early 1970s to the mid-1980s, and includes manuscripts, correspondence, print materials, business records, and a small collection of photographs and ephemeral materials. In addition to a substantial collection of manuscripts mainly from Lawson's own writings, it includes a significant number of printing proofs, and an interesting collection of scattered issues, including a few historic titles, from a variety of small press periodicals. ...more information

  • Tyler (Parker) correspondence from Ezra Pound and William Carlos Williams, 1930-1959
    The Parker Tyler correspondence consists of forty-two letters from Ezra Pound (1885-1972) and William Carlos Williams (1883-1963), addressed to Parker Tyler, a young American poet and literary critic. This small but rich body of correspondence serves a dual function: it sheds light on Tyler's development and reputation as a writer; and, most importantly, it offers valuable insights into the personal lives and the poetic theories and techniques of two major figures in American literature. ...more information

  • Van Nostrand (A. D.) papers, 1945-1997
    Papers, 1945-1997, of Professor A. D. Van Nostrand, professor emeritus of English at Brown University, including information on the Center for Research in Writing, scripts from educational television shows, textbooks regarding the functional writing model, and personal papers. ...more information

  • Warren Austin papers
    Austin Warren (1899-1986) was an American literary critic and theorist. Warren was known for his writings on Alexander Pope, Henry James and Richard Cranshaw. He collaborated with Rene Wellek on Theory of Literature, one of the first works to systematize literary theory. His interests also included philosophy, music and theology. The Austin Warren papers include correspondence, manuscripts, lecture notes, journals, personal papers and photographs belonging to Austin Warren and his wife Antonia J. Warren. Most of the material is correspondence to and from Austin Warren and manuscripts written by both Austin and Antonia Warren. The papers are dated between circa 1915 and 2003. ...more information

  • Wegelin (Oscar) papers
    Oscar Wegelin, bookseller and author, was one of the leading bibliographers in the field of early American writings. The Oscar Wegelin papers (1899-1966) contain correspondence with important scholars, litterateurs, and bibliographers. In addition, the papers contain poems, plays, and prose written by Wegelin. ...more information

  • Weird Tales
    Science fiction and fantasy periodical, notable at Brown University Library for the many works by H. P. Lovecraft it published. Fragile; may not be photocopied. ...more information

  • Whitman (Sarah Helen) papers, 1816-1878
    Sarah Helen (Power) Whitman (1803-1878) was a Rhode Island poet and essayist best known for her brief engagement to Edgar Allan Poe in 1848. Whitman hosted a salon in Providence that attracted many (including George William Curtis, John Neal, and John Hay) and corresponded with a number of literary luminaries. While living in Boston, Whitman became interested in Transcendentalism and other movements of the period, including woman's rights, spiritualism, mesmerism, Fourierism, and the progressive educational methods of Bronson Alcott. The papers include correspondence, poetry, genealogical information, and legal documents. ...more information

  • Yoken (Mel B.) collection
    Personal collection of Mel B. Yoken assembled by the Brown University alumnus over a period of forty years. Receipt of the collection by the Brown University Library began in 1999 and is still in progress. It consists primarily of 20th century pieces of correspondence and literary works by American, British, French and Qubcois authors, artists and public figures. Numerous letters written by significant figures of the 18th and 19th century enhance the historical, literary and political interest of the collection. Notes, typescripts, photographs and personal papers complement the archive, as well as the many inscriptions, annotations and signatures in the book collection. ...more information

Image Source: Edgar Allan Poe. Daguerreotype photograph by Samuel W. Hartshorn. Providence, 14 November 1848. Gift of Hortense Webster. Harris Collection of American Poetry and PLays, John Hay Library.

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