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  • C.A. Stephens Collection
    Approximately 550 items by and relating to Stephens (1844-1931), author of works for young people, long time contributor to and assistant editor of The Youth's Companion.
    In-process records; Filed by item number ...more information

  • Dr. Arlene Pillar Collection of Children's Literature
    The Dr. Arlene Pillar Collection of Children's Literature consists of over 3,000 volumes of children's literature primarily form the 1970s and 1980s, including many illustrated works and fiction for young adults. Dr. Pillar was a panelist for the Newbury and Caldecott awards for children's literature and illustration, and her collection reflects the range of work submitted for those awards over two decades. ...more information

  • Harris Collection of American Poetry and Plays
    The Harris Collection of American Poetry and Plays is composed of approximately 250,000 volumes of American and Canadian poetry, plays, and vocal music dating from 1609 to the present day. It is perhaps the largest and most comprehensive collection of its kind in any research library. The works of most well-known (and many thousands of little-known) American and Canadian poets and playwrights, from the 18th century to the present day, are held comprehensively. There are significant holdings of early American literature, hymnals, songsters, little magazines, contemporary fine printing, extensive collections on Walt Whitman and Edgar Allan Poe, women's writings, gay and lesbian literature, modern first editions, Yiddish-American literature, and French-Canadian literature. The Collection is fully cataloged, with records available in Josiah, the Library's online catalog.. Includes periodicals, broadsides, recordings, films, electronic resources, manuscripts, prints and photographs. ...more information

  • Lucy Truman Aldrich Collection of Rare Illustrated Children's Books
    Collection of American, British, and some European (primarily French) illustrated children's books, donated to Brown University in June 1990. The appraiser's catalog included with the collection lists: Chapbooks 1780-1840 (31 items); English 1840-1952 (213 items); Pre-1835 American (11 items); American gift and miniature (5 items); American primers and prayer books (6 items); American 1835-1954 (115 items); European 1850-1940 (35 items); Reference (6 items). The total, 423 items, reflects a slightly different way of counting sets of Kate Greenaway ephemera. The collection was donated to the Library by Aldrich's nephew, Mr. David Rockefeller. ...more information

  • Michael J. Ciaraldi Collection
    The collection, housed in the John Hay Library at Brown University, was amassed by the donor, Michael J. Ciaraldi, beginning in the early 1970s, and came to the Library beginning in 1996. The majority of the collection consists of comic books published since that time, up to 1995; there are also significant sections of magazine-format comics, graphic novels, fan and collector's journals, reissues of classic "golden age" comics and newspaper strips, translations of Japanese "manga" and "anime" comics and European comic art, and compilations of the work of comic artists, as well as advertising ephemera, role-playing game materials, and adult erotica. The Collection is particularly noteworthy for its holdings of comics by the small and independent publishers of the 1970s and 1980s. Imprints are very largely American, with some British satirical graphic magazines. The total number of items in the Collection is estimated at 60,000. ...more information

  • Wayne D. Poulin Collection
    The Wayne D. Poulin Collection includes over 10,000 comic books, primarily from the 1970s and 1980s. It consists primarily of "superhero" comics of the perio. Donated by Brown University Professor Barton St. Armand. ...more information

Image Source: Brunhoff, Jean de. The travels of Babar. Jean de Brunhoff ; translated from the French by Merle Haas. New York : Harrison Smith & Robert Haas, 1934. Lucy Truman Aldrich Collection. John Hay Library.

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