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Attaque du Château d'Eau. Place du Palais Royal, le 24 Février 1848. Anne S.K. Brown Military Collection

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  • Andrew Carvely collection of books, journals and ephemera on T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia)
    Consists primarily of printed works by and about T.E. Lawrence, collected by Andrew Carvely, and acquired from his estate in 1998. The collection comprises four categories: books by Lawrence including forwards, introductions, and translations; books about Lawrence including compilations of his letters, association copies, and ephemera including journal articles, newspaper articles, programs, brochures, posters and an original oil painting by Glen Schomburg commissioned by Andrew Carvely. The collection is particularly strong in works in Arabic and Hebrew. Gifts and purchases continue to augment the original collection.
    This collection supplements holdings of T.E. Lawrence editions acquired earlier from the library of Francis H. Chafee, including the 1926 subscriber's edition of The Seven Pillars of Wisdom.
    Further information about the collection and the collector is available in a catalog produced for an exhibition at the John Hay Library, March 2 - April 30, 1998: T.E. Lawrence: A 20th century retrospective by Kathi Frances McGraw and Andrew Carvely. [May 2002] ...more information

  • Anne S.K. Brown Military Collection
    The Anne S. K. Brown Military Collection is the foremost American collection of material devoted to the history and iconography of soldiers and soldiering, and is one of the world's largest collections devoted to the study of military and naval uniforms. It was formed over a period of forty years by the late Mrs. John Nicholas Brown (1906-1985) of Providence and is still growing. It contains approximately 12,000 printed books, 18,000 albums, sketchbooks, scrapbooks and portfolios, (containing thousands of prints and drawings), and over 13,000 individual prints, drawings and water-colors as well as a collection of 5,000 miniature lead soldiers.

    Formerly in the Brown family residence (the Nightingale-Brown House, 1791), the entire collection (which was probably the largest private military collection in the world), was presented to Brown University and transferred to Special Collections located in the John Hay Library in 1982. ...more information

  • Anne Seddon Kinsolving Brown Papers
    Personal papers of the Baltimore-born wife of John Nicholas Brown (1900-1979) who was one of the world's foremost authorities on military iconography. The collection includes her professional, family and personal correspondence, along with household records and materials that document her professional activities as a journalist, writer, and collector of military books, prints and museum objects. ...more information

  • Brooks family papers, 1861-1865
    The Brooks family papers consist almost exclusively of correspondence from the period 1861-1865 of members of the Brooks family of Little Falls, New Jersey. While most of the letters are primarily concerned with family matters and relationships, some portion of the content relates the military activities of William H. Brooks and Jesse S. Comac, who enlisted in the Union Army at the rank of private early in the war. Camp life and battle scenes are described. ...more information

  • Bullard Collection of Napoleonic Caricatures
    This collection, given by Paul Revere Bullard (Brown Class of 1897), constitutes one of the largest collections of caricatures of Napoleon in the United States, and represents the work of English, French, German Russian, and Spanish artists; almost all the cartoons are hostile to their subject. The Bullard Collection complements similar holdings in the Anne S. K. Brown Collection, and is rivalled only by collections in the British Museum and the Bibliotheque Nationale. ...more information

  • Cameron (William H.) Civil War papers, 1862-1886
    The William H. Cameron papers consists of approximately 100 items, most of which pertain to Cameron's service in the Union Army during the Civil War. ...more information

  • Civil War Manuscripts Collection
    Comprises more than 26 collections (more than 2,000 letters in all) covering the period from 1858 through 1879. Includes correspondence, diaries, photographs, prints and graphics and other related materials pertaining to all aspects of the Civil War, from the lives of enlisted Union soldiers and their families back home, to camp life and battlefield medicine, and the political issues that gripped the nation. ...more information

  • Crost (Lyn) papers
    Eleanor Elizabeth (Lyn) Crost graduated from Pembroke College as part of the Class of 1938, and went on to a distinguished career in journalism. The Crost papers relate Lyn Crost's experiences as a war correspondent covering the 100th/442nd Regimental Combat Team (an all Japanese-American unit) in Europe during World War II. The collection includes correspondence, photographs, draft literary manuscripts, scrapbooks of news articles written by Crost during the war as a reporter for the Honolulu Star Bulletin, and later materials she compiled to use in writing Honor by Fire(1994). The collection also includes incomplete runs of the serials Go for Broke and Puka Puka Parade, videocassettes of various movies and documentaries about the Nisei, and personal artifacts such as her World War II theater campaign ribbon and her war correspondent's hat.
    ...more information

  • Downs family correspondence, 1861-1865
    The Downs family correspondence consists of letters written by four brothers (Albert, Edward, Frederick, and Willie Downs) to their family in Westville, Connecticut, while the four were serving in the Union Army during the Civil War. The letters, which date mainly from 1861-1865, cover topics such as camp life, military operations, family matters, and the Union naval blockade of the South. ...more information

  • Drowne family papers, 1636-1936 (bulk 1750-1885)
    In 1940, the personal library of botanist and physician Dr. Solomon Drowne, Class of 1773, plus over 1,000 documents and letters relating to members of the Drowne family (1770 through 1940) were moved from Mt. Hygeia, Dr. Drowne's home in Foster, Rhode Island, to Brown. This fine example of an 18th century American private library is preserved intact within Special Collections. ...more information

  • Ellsworth (Elmer Ephraim) papers, 1854-1861

    The Elmer Ephraim Ellsworth papers, covering the period 1854-1861, consist of correspondence, a journal fragment, drafts of his writings, and sketches concerning Ellsworth's involvement with the Illinois Militia, the United States Zouave Cadets, and the New York Fire Zouaves, along with memorabilia about Ellsworth and his military career that was produced some time after his death. ...more information

  • Emmons Dexter Guild Papers
    The Emmons Dexter Guild papers comprise some 100 items, the bulk of which are letters he wrote to his family in the course of his service in the 1st Rhode Island Cavalry during the Civil War. The collection includes financial papers of the Improved Order of Red Men, Pokanoket Tribe No. 38, a fraternal organization to which Guild belonged, along with items that relate to Guild's role as Aide-de-Camp in the Grand Army of the Republic. ...more information

  • Fenner (Edward) papers, 1724-1802
    The Edward Fenner papers consist of correspondence, family records, deeds, accounts, receipts, orders, invoices, and other documents relating to Fenner's family background, his life and his service on the Town Council of Johnston, Rhode Island during the latter half of the eighteenth century. ...more information

  • Goff family papers, 1842-1946
    The Goff family papers number seven items in all. The collection includes a letter from Daniel H. Goff, a Rhode Island native, sent from San Francisco, in 1849 to his family in Rhode Island. It includes military commissions of him and his son William M.Goff, in 1849 and 1865-1867 respectively. The collection also includes the wills of William's brother, Daniel. C. Goff, probated 1852, and the latter's wife, Martha Hall Goff, dated 1946. ...more information

  • Gurney (Warren S.) papers
    The Gurney papers consist of forty-three letters pertaining to the Civil War, written between December 1863 and July 1865 by Warren S. Gurney, a bandmember of the 56th Massachusetts Regiment to his family in Massachusetts. The letters describe military life, the regiment's campaign in Virginia, and family matters. ...more information

  • Hill (Walter Nickerson) papers, 1860-1905 (bulk 1870-1884)
    American chemist. Letters and manuscripts; letterpress books; scrapbook; notebooks; documents; pamphlets; photographs; and memorabilia. The bulk of the written material (to, from, and about Hill) dates from 1870 through 1884. It consists of personal letters between Hill and his wife; letters between Hill and leading scientists and ordinance specialists; letters to and from important political, scientific, and military figures regarding Hill's application for appointment of Professor of Mathematics in the Navy; business correspondence; Hill's patents and pamphlets regarding explosives, demagnetization, etc.; newspaper clippings of Hill's death in an explosion. ...more information

  • Hoffman (William Henry) collection on Napoleon I, 1651-1913
    The William Henry Hoffman collection on Napoleon I, donated in 1924 by Hoffman's widow, contains over 100 manuscripts pertaining to the First French Republic and the Napoleonic era, many of which are signed by the Emperor, and 400 rare books, prints, art objects and examples of fine bindings. It still occupies its own room on the John Hay Library's top floor.
    Annotated guide to collection in RS filing cabinet. ...more information

  • Jacques Leyninger papers
    These are the papers of Jacques Leyninger who served in the 4th Compagnie Saharienne Portée d'Infanterie Marine for France during 1947-1963. He was stationed in Morocco (1947-1949), Vietnam (1950-1952), and North Africa (1952-1963). It consists primarily of the letters written by him to his parents during 1947-1980. It also contains documentation of his military service, maps of countries in North Africa where he was stationed, photographs and photograph albums, and the insignia and medals for his uniform. ...more information

  • Martensen (Augustus) papers, 1822-1923
    The Martensen Papers are comprised of letters and documents; including fifty-five Civil War letters in German by Martensen and letters received by Martensen and members of Martensen's family. ...more information

  • Paul R. Dupee Jr. '65 Collection on Fireworks
    Through the generosity of Paul Dupee, the library acquiredthe premier collection of books and manuscripts devoted to the history of recreational fireworks. The collection was assembled by Chris A. Philip, one of Great Britain's foremost pyrotechnists and author of the standard reference work on the subject -- A Bibliography of Firework Books (Winchester, 1985).John Babington's Pyrotechnia, or a discourse of Artificiall Fire-works: In which the true Grounds of that Art are plainly and perspiciously laid downe (London, 1635) was chosen from among the wealth of material in the Dupee Collection to be the Brown University Library's ceremonial Three Millionth Volume. ...more information

  • Reynolds family correspondence, 1863-1871 (bulk 1864-1865)
    Collection consists almost entirely of personal letters written by Alfred C., Charles E., and James W. Reynolds to sisters and parents detailing Civil War experiences in the 128th Regiment, New York Volunteers and the 11th Light Artillery Regiment, New York. Of particular interest are accounts of the capture of Fort Morgan (1864, Aug.-Sept.), reflections on the Copperheads, Afro-American troops, General Lee, and slavery. ...more information

  • Robinson (James J.) papers, 1930-1977 (bulk 1945-1950)
    The James J. Robinson papers consist of legal documents, manuscripts, notes on legal cases, speeches, and research and drafts of a published book. The bulk of the collection pertains to the International Military Tribunal for the Far East (IMTFE). ...more information

  • Thatcher (Henry Knox) papers
    The Henry Knox Thatcher papers comprise three journals kept by Thatcher while he was on active duty as an officer of the U.S. Navy between 1839 and 1863, and cover his service on board the U.S.S. Brandywine (1839-1841), the U.S.S. Jamestown (1847-1849), the U.S.S. Shore Ship Relief (1851-1852) and the U.S.S. Constellation (1862-1863). The collection also includes Thatcher's naval commissions, a pamphlet that details his naval service, Thatcher's military insignia (including dress sword, admiral's hat and epaulets), and an 1862 painting of the Constellation by Italian artist Tomaso de Simone.
    ...more information

  • The Cyril and Harriet Mazansky British Sword Collection
    The Cyril and Harriet Mazansky British Sword Collection was given to Brown University in 1999. The Collection consists of approximately 100 British swords as well as a sizeable group of miniature military figures, a collection of books on arms and armor, and a series of watercolors by the Scottish-South African artist Andy May. ...more information

  • Toulouse Family correspondence
    This collection is one bound volume of letters written by brothers Eugene and Jean Toulouse to their brother Emile Toulouse regarding their experiences in the French military during World War I. There are also a few letters written to Emile by friends and cousins. Emile served as a Firefighter in Paris. Eugene served with the Infantry and Jean served with the Artillery and then trained as an Electrician. The volume contains about 1,000 items. The correspondence dates from January 3, 1916 to November 17, 1917. It also contains a sheet of dried flowers collected by Eugene in the trenches during March - July 1915. The volume is a homemade scrapbook style volume. Thin strips of paper are gathered into signatures. Each piece of correspondence was then pasted to the strip of paper along one edge. The covers are made of paperboard and cloth and covered with blue paper reminiscent of the color of the French uniforms called "bleu horizon." ...more information

  • Turner (William Mason) papers, 1857-1877
    Contains personal correspondence, legal documents, poetry, photographs, and sketches of William Mason Turner, a graduate of Brown University (1855), physician, Confederate surgeon, traveler and author. ...more information

Image Source: Jules Gaildrau. Attaque du Château d'Eau. Place du Palais Royal, le 24 Février 1848. Paris : Leclere éditeur, 29 Boulevard Poissonière, Imp. Lemercier, [1848?]. Anne S. K. Brown Military Collection.

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