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Gordon Hall and Grace Hoag Collection of Dissenting and Extremist Printed Propaganda, 1926-1996

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  • ACT UP Rhode Island, 1978-1995
    The ACT UP Rhode Island (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power) records contain minutes of meetings, correspondence, financial records, reports, booklets, handbooks, pamphlets, clippings, mailings, newsletters, conference material, publications, lists of members and contacts, ACT UP/RI circulars and posters, photographs and clippings of ACT UP demonstrations, documentation of Rhode Island legislation, regulations, and policies concerning AIDS. Also included are AIDS-related materials from other ACT UP groups, especially New York, and various gay and lesbian groups, both in Rhode Island and nationally. Topical files document developments in AIDS treatment, public health issues, government policy, AIDS activism, and various gay/lesbian issues. There are also three painted plywood panels and one cloth banner in the collection. ...more information

  • Books from the Adolf Hitler Library
    Approximately 80 books retrieved from Hitler's bunker by Colonel Albert Aronson in May of 1945. Colonel Aronson bequeathed the books to his nephew, who donated them to Brown in 1979. The bulk of Hitler's library (approximately 1,200 titles) is in the Third Reich Collection at the Library of Congress. ...more information

  • Dexter (Robert Cloutman) and Elisabeth Anthony Dexter papers
    Records and personal papers of sociologist and Unitarian minister Robert Cloutman Dexter (Class of 1912) and his wife, the noted historian Elisabeth Anthony Dexter. An important focus within the collection is the significant role played by the Dexters -- co-founders of the Unitarian Service Committee with Rev. Waitstill and Martha Sharp in 1937 -- in working to expedite the release of war refugees from Nazi-occupied Europe between 1938 and 1944. The collection also includes personal writings by the Dexters, as well as much information on the history of the Anthony family. ...more information

  • Dorr (Thomas Wilson) papers, 1790-1897 (bulk 1826-1854)
    The Library holds the papers of Thomas Wilson Dorr, 1805-1854, lawyer, politician, reformer, and central figure in Rhode Island's "Dorr War" of 1842. The Dorr collection contains letters and speeches on suffrage, elections, banks, and state politics. They are supported by 60 scrapbooks of Dorr's personal and political correspondence, law practice and other items relating to the Suffrage Party and Providence history in the Rider Collection. The collection includes a box containing personal effects relating to Dorr's prison stay. ...more information

  • Dreyfus Affair periodicals collection, 1891-1906
    The weekend supplements of these popular English, French, and Italian newspapers feature large, usually colored illustrations accompanied by short commentaries of the events surrounding the trials and imprisonment of Alfred Dreyfus and Émile Zola's involvement in his cause. ...more information

  • Hall-Hoag collection of dissenting and extremist printed propaganda
    Contains documents representing a broad spectrum of militant political, social and religious dissent in the United States, from the post-World War II period to the present. The Collection currently exceeding 168,000 items emanating from over 5,000 organizations, constitutes the country's largest research collection of right and left wing U.S. extremist groups, from 1950 to 1999. The collection began when Gordon Hall, a young veteran of the Pacific Theatre during the war, first encountered the printed propaganda issued by domestic hate-your-neighbor organizations/groups in the late 1940's. He supported his investigations and research of these organizations by giving public lectures about them. Materials from all corners of the country were collected, enabling him to document statements made in lectures as well as in a growing number of expository articles written for newspapers and magazines. Grace Hoag, an alumna of Smith College, began collaboration with Hall during the 1960's, assisting the research and investigation and expanding the collection beyond its initial emphasis. Includes publications of Anti-Abortion organizations; Anti-Integrationist organizations; Anti-Semitic and Racist political parties; Christian Identity organizations; Communist organizations; Communist political parties; Communist publishers; Congressional investigating committees; Cults and Alternative religions; Extreme Left-Wing publishers; Ku Klux Klan organizations; LaRouche organizations; Marxist-Leninist organizations; Militant Anti-Communist organizations; Militant Populist organizations; Neo-Nazi organizations; Pacifist organizations; Racial and Ethnic Consciousness organizations; Right-Wing Christian religious organizations; and Right-Wing publishers. ...more information

  • Hay (John) Collection
    The John Hay collection documents the life of John Milton Hay (1838-1905), Brown Class of 1858, and consists of two major components: A collection of books, and Hay's personal papers.

    The John Hay book collection comprises approximately 2,000 books by or about Hay and his period. Much of this material was given by members of the Hay family.

    The John Hay Papers consists of over 9,100 items encompassing Hay's correspondence with his family and with literary, diplomatic, and political contemporaries; diaries kept by Hay as Lincoln's White House aide and as Secretary of the Legations in Paris, Vienna, and Madrid, 1866-1870; manuscript poems; galley proofs; personal letterpress copy books. Subjects include: Civil War; Lincoln and his administration; Reconstruction; court life in Paris; the bi-metal monetary standard; the Canadian boundary settlement; the fur seal question; Japanese naval activity; Chinese-American relations; the Spanish-American and Philippine-American Wars; British and American politics. A microform copy exists of this material. ...more information

  • Henry Wheaton Papers, 1786-1899
    Henry Wheaton, Class of 1802, jurist, served as United States Chargé d'Affaires to Denmark, and Minister to Prussia. This collection of 275 letters and manuscripts consists chiefly of the correspondence of Wheaton and his family in Europe and America and concerns personal, diplomatic, legal, and political affairs, especially during the War of 1812. Wheatons's diaries, 1827-1835, an 1835 diary kept by his daughter Abby, and biographical notes about Wheaton and his uncle, Dr. Levi Wheaton, Professor of Medicine at Brown, are also among these papers. ...more information

  • Hollis Mosher papers, 1917-2000
    The Mosher papers consist of correspondence, writings, research materials, and personal items related to the life and work of Hollis Malcolm Mosher. The majority of the materials in this collection are from the period of his life following his service in World War II. These materials reflect his undercover work in extremist organizations on behalf of various federal and state government agencies in the United States and his political and social activism. ...more information

  • Isabel Harris Metcalf Peaceana Collection, 1918-1941
    During WWI, Isabel Harris Metcalf, a Rhode Island pacifist, began compiling clippings as "an endeavor to find in the written word an answer to the heart-searching questions" evoked by the war "in the economic, cultural and emotional life of womankind." Over the course of more than two decades, she collected and indexed material relating to the international peace movement, resulting in 50 scrapbooks of newspaper clippings, along with loose clippings and correspondence relating to the League of Nations and the World Peace Movement. Her collection was deposited at the John Hay Library in 1935 and bequeathed to the Library at her death in 1943 as a tool for teaching about "the growth of the Spirit of Peace on Earth." ...more information

  • Jenckes (Thomas Allen) papers, 1834-1870
    One box, chiefly correspondence to Thomas Allen Jenckes, Congressional Representative from Rhode Island, about legal matters and legislative affairs for the period of 1837 to 1870. ...more information

  • John Birch Society pamphlets
    The John Birch Society pamphlets consist primarily of pamphlets and reprints of magazine articles that reflect right-wing political views on such issues as the Civil Rights movement, the protests against the war in Vietnam during the 1960's, communism, drug use, popular music and culture, pornography, race relations, and sex education in American schools. Most were published or reprinted by the John Birch Society. The pamphlets are dated from 1928 to 1990, but most are dated between 1960 and 1970. ...more information

  • John Birch Society Records, [ca. 1965-1989]
    Includes correspondence and manuscripts; memoranda; audio tapes, videotapes, phonograph records, and filmstrips. Also includes printed copies of The Review of the News, The John Birch Bulletin, and American Opinion. ...more information

  • Jonathan Russell papers, 1795-1832
    The papers of merchant, diplomat, and Massachusetts Congressman Jonathan Russell, Class of 1791, provide information on an early critical period of American politics and diplomacy. Included are records, notes, and correspondence for the period 1795-1830, during which Russell was a member of the United States Commission to draw up the Treaty of Ghent following the War of 1812, and later, Minister to Sweden and Norway. There are also several hundred letters from Russell to President James Monroe, and 22 from Monroe concerning commercial and diplomatic relations between the United States and Europe. Some 120 letters which Russell exchanged with John Quincy Adams span the years 1798 to 1823. ...more information

  • Korff (Rabbi Baruch) papers, 1914-1995
    Personal papers of Providence rabbi and Jewish communal activist who became known as "Nixon's Rabbi" for his defense of the President during the Watergate affair. The collection includes materials pertaining to Korff's efforts on behalf of European Jewry during World War II, through the creation of the Emergency Committee to Save the Jewish People of Europe, as well as his post-war advocacy for the State of Israel. ...more information

  • Lord (Augustus Mendon) collection, 1770s-1929 (bulk 1876-1908)
    The Augustus Mendon Lord collection includes correspondence, documents, and autographs of prominent figures from the period 1778 through 1908. The bulk of the correspondence pertains to American politicians, particularly members of Congress, and dates from 1876 through 1908. However, the collection also contains autographs and documents from American and European military, scientific, literary, and artistic figures. ...more information

  • Malcolm Read Lovell, Jr. papers
    The Malcolm Read Lovell, Jr., papers relate mainly to Lovell's public service in Michigan under Governor George Romney, and in Washington, under Presidents Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. Read was Undersecretary of Labor during the Reagan Administration, a former president of the National Planning Association, and Director of the Labor Management Institute at the George Washington University School of Business and Public Administration. The papers do include some personal papers related to his family and education (Brown University, Class of 1943). ...more information

  • Mann (Horace) family papers, 1819-1952
    These papers consist primarily of correspondence dating from 1829 to 1856. Letters discuss topics of teacher institutes, women�s issues, and Mann�s work in the House of Representatives. The majority of the letters were written by Horace Mann, Charlotte Messer Mann, Mary Tyler Peabody Mann, and James Stuart Holmes. ...more information

  • Martensen (Augustus) papers, 1822-1923
    The Martensen Papers are comprised of letters and documents; including fifty-five Civil War letters in German by Martensen and letters received by Martensen and members of Martensen's family. ...more information

  • Martha and Waitstill Sharp Collection
    Brown alumna Martha Dickie Sharp (Pembroke 1926) and her husband Rev. Waitstill Sharp were co-founders of the Unitarian Service Committee during World War II. The collection documents their strenuous efforts throughout the course of the war to provide relief and assistance to thousands of refugees in Czechoslovakia and France, under the most dangerous and difficult of circumstances. ...more information

  • Niccolo Machiavelli Collection
    The Niccolo Machiavelli Collection is a major collection of first and early editions, dating from 1523, with an emphasis upon his political and historical works. Acquired by purchase in 1990. Interfiled with LC Starred Books. ...more information

  • Paul R. Dupee Jr. '65 Collection on Fireworks
    Through the generosity of Paul Dupee, the library acquiredthe premier collection of books and manuscripts devoted to the history of recreational fireworks. The collection was assembled by Chris A. Philip, one of Great Britain's foremost pyrotechnists and author of the standard reference work on the subject -- A Bibliography of Firework Books (Winchester, 1985).John Babington's Pyrotechnia, or a discourse of Artificiall Fire-works: In which the true Grounds of that Art are plainly and perspiciously laid downe (London, 1635) was chosen from among the wealth of material in the Dupee Collection to be the Brown University Library's ceremonial Three Millionth Volume. ...more information

  • Paul R. Dupee Jr. '65 Mexican History Collection
    With but one exception, the Dupee Collection's more than 340 books, broadsides, pamphlets, and periodicals were published after the Mexican republic secured its independence in 1821. (The exception is the splendid Portolan atlas of New Spain, Portulano de la América Setentrional [Madrid: 1809].) Most are Spanish-language sources written by Mexican citizens and published in Mexico. The bulk of the materials falls into the period 1821-50, covering the first decades of Mexican independence and that nation's war with the United States.

    The collection was acquired as part of the Library's Three Millionth Volume celebration. ...more information

  • Robinson (James J.) papers, 1930-1977 (bulk 1945-1950)
    The James J. Robinson papers consist of legal documents, manuscripts, notes on legal cases, speeches, and research and drafts of a published book. The bulk of the collection pertains to the International Military Tribunal for the Far East (IMTFE). ...more information

  • Rodney (Thomas) papers, ca. 1774-1810
    Personal papers and records of Thomas Rodney, including letters, essays, notes on court cases in Mississippi and Delaware (1791 to 1810), a journal about personal matters and Delaware politics (1792-1800), and manuscript poetry. ...more information

  • Selle (Earl Albert) papers
    The collection consists of correspondence, newspaper articles, photographs, scrapbooks and other memorabilia from the life and career of Earl Albert Selle, a journalist who covered the Pacific theatre during and after World War II, focusing particularly on China and Hawaii. A significant component of the collection consists of materials Selle obtained from fellow journalist William Henry Donald, a friend and advisor to Generalissimo and Mme. Chiang Kai-shek, that document Donald's own career in China. These contributed to the publication of Selle's book Donald in China in 1948, shortly after Donald's death. ...more information

  • Sergei Khrushchev Papers
    Materials donated by Dr. Sergei Khrushchev, Senior Fellow at the Watson Institute for International Studies, relating to his father and himself. The Nikita Khrushchev materials include transcripts of dictated reminiscences, edited by Sergei Khrushchev and later published; photograph albums of official visits both within and outside the Soviet Union; and a pair of shoes similar to the one made famous at the United Nations. In addition there are various books, articles, clippings, taped interviews, and various documents pertaining to his role as author and public speaker, both about his father and also about his own circumstances in becoming a naturalized American citizen. ...more information

  • Theodore Francis Green Papers, [ca. 1907-1938]
    T.F. Green (class of 1887) was at different times a lawyer with Green, Hinckley and Allen and with Green, Curran, and Hart. He was an instructor in law at Brown University and served as Governor of Rhode Island. The collection consists of personal and professional correspondence; legal case files; financial files; family history; political files ...more information

  • Watson (Thomas J., Jr.) papers
    Thomas J. Watson, Jr., (Brown University class of 1937) was the President and CEO of International Business Machines (1952-1971). After his retirement from IBM, Watson began a career in government service, serving as chairman of the General Advisor Committee on Arms Control and Disarmament and as Ambassador to the Soviet Union (1978-1981). Watson's papers consist of correspondence, speeches, diaries, daybooks, manuscripts, ships' logs, military records, reports, printed material, photographs, and clippings dating from 1905 to 1994 that document the life of Thomas J. Watson, Jr. About twenty-five percent of the collection documents the period in which he was the Ambassador to the Soviet Union and fifteen percent of the collection consists of speeches. There is a dearth of material about the International Business Machines Corporation. The bulk of the IBM series consists of letters written to Watson in 1971 after he announced his retirement from the company. ...more information

  • Wheaton Collection on International Law
    The Wheaton Collection on International Law, established and developed by William V. Kellen, Class of 1872 and George Grafton Wilson, a faculty member at Brown.. The collection, named in honor of Henry Wheaton, Class of 1802, a major figure in the field of international law, and author of Elements of International law. The collection, now including over 4,000 volumes holds many important books, particularly early editions of Grotius and Pufendorf. It also includes an unusually complete collection of general treatises on international law in English and foreign languages; fairly complete documentations for international arbitrations, the League of Nations, and the Permanent Court of International Justice; complete files of the more important international law periodicals for the 19th and early 20th centuries; a large collection of diplomatic pamphlets, and manuy volumes of diplomatic law and diplomatic correspondence.
    List available ...more information

  • Woman's Christian Temperance Union records collected by Edna Maine Spooner
    Edna Maine Spooner was a third-generation temperance worker, and a devoted lifelong member of the Rhode Island chapter of the Women's Christian Temperance Union. This collection comprises WCTU materials, from the Rhode Island chapter and the national organization, carefully compiled by Spooner during her lifetime. It was donated to the Brown University Library by her daughter, Lucille S. Votta, in her memory. ...more information

Image Source: Gordon Hall and Grace Hoag Collection of Dissenting and Extremist Printed Propaganda, 1926-1996. Finding Aid

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