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  • Anne S.K. Brown Military Collection
    The Anne S. K. Brown Military Collection is the foremost American collection of material devoted to the history and iconography of soldiers and soldiering, and is one of the world's largest collections devoted to the study of military and naval uniforms. It was formed over a period of forty years by the late Mrs. John Nicholas Brown (1906-1985) of Providence and is still growing. It contains approximately 12,000 printed books, 18,000 albums, sketchbooks, scrapbooks and portfolios, (containing thousands of prints and drawings), and over 13,000 individual prints, drawings and water-colors as well as a collection of 5,000 miniature lead soldiers.

    Formerly in the Brown family residence (the Nightingale-Brown House, 1791), the entire collection (which was probably the largest private military collection in the world), was presented to Brown University and transferred to Special Collections located in the John Hay Library in 1982. ...more information

  • Bing Ling's Gift Books & Chinese Writers' Signature Collection
    The Bing Ling's Gift Books & Chinese Writers' Signature Collection includes approx.1,000 volumes of Chinese books donated by Bing Ling (Mr. Weimin Jiang), Chairman of the Association for Chinese Writers in the US and other Chinese writers in China, United States and Europe. The collection contains books donated from Bing Ling's personal library and more than 100 other Chinese writers. These authors with their signatures on the books includes a number of most prominent Chinese writers. These gift books are a valuable special collection in Chinese literature for Brown's library resources. ...more information

  • Crawford, Jr. (John) Papers, 1940-1978
    The collection is comprised of manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, clippings relating to the history of writing, the art of calligraphy, Asian Art, and other lifelong interests of Mr. Crawford. Also included are ten calligraphy notebooks. ...more information

  • Daniel B. Schirmer papers
    Daniel Boone Schirmer was an activist author, scholar and historian who devoted his life to human rights, social justice, anti-fascism, anti-imperialism and Philippine solidarity work. This collection contains materials used during Schirmer's research on the history of the Philippines and the writing of his book "Republic or empire : American resistance to the Philippine war" which was published in 1972. The collection includes 3 reel-to-reel audio tapes; 4 posters; 1 broadside; 2 photographs; and copies of articles from books and periodicals. ...more information

  • Dealey (James Quayle) photographs taken on China trip and at Shanghai College, 1920-1921
    This collection consists of 110 photographs taken on Professor James Quayle Dealey's trip to China and Shanghai College in 1920-1921 as part of the "Brown-in-China" program. Also includes an index to the photographs and some background information on the trip. Dealey graduated from Brown University in 1890 and served as professor of social and political science from 1895-1928. ...more information

  • East Asian Collection
    The East Asian Collection was developed from the "Gardner Collection," a special collection of approx. 30,000 volumes of Chinese books donated by the noted Harvard Sinologist, Charles Sidney Gardner in the 1960s. As of June 30, 2010, the Collection holds 119,131 volumes in Chinese, 23,067 volumes in Japanese, and 6,200 volumes in Korean, in addition to 282 current serials, electronic resources and other formats. The total C-J-K book holdings are 148,398 volumes in East Asian languages. Besides, there are also a good number of Western language materials on East Asian studies. It has been one the most distinguished mid-sized East Asian collections in North America. ...more information

  • Gardner (Charles Sidney) Collection
    Brown Library's East Asian Collection grew out of the Gardner Collection when the noted Harvard Sinologist, Charles Sidney Gardner donated to Brown University approximately 30,000 volumes, the majority in Chinese in 1961. The original Gardner gift was especially rich in works on Chinese history and literature, especially Qing dynasty history which was Professor Gardner's specialty. Most of the works from his library were published in the 1880s, with some dating as early as the beginning eighteenth century and others as late as the 1930s. The holdings cover the areas of language, literature, history, philosophy, religion, art, archaeology, and social sciences. The essential part of the Gardner Collection is located on the third floor of the Rockefeller Library. There are Chinese traditional styled bookcases built in 1969 surrounding three sides of the wall of the Gardner Room. About 93 titles of Chinese rare books (mostly published between 17th and 19th centuries), are stored in eight Cabinets. These titles are all traditionally bound and in very good conditions. The bookcases are designed perfectly match the size and style of volumes inside, which becomes one of valuable treasures of Brown University Library. It is a unique book room with special bookcases in North America. ...more information

  • Jacques Leyninger papers
    These are the papers of Jacques Leyninger who served in the 4th Compagnie Saharienne Portée d'Infanterie Marine for France during 1947-1963. He was stationed in Morocco (1947-1949), Vietnam (1950-1952), and North Africa (1952-1963). It consists primarily of the letters written by him to his parents during 1947-1980. It also contains documentation of his military service, maps of countries in North Africa where he was stationed, photographs and photograph albums, and the insignia and medals for his uniform. ...more information

  • Palm Leaf Manuscripts

    The Rev. Dr. J.N. Cushing, Class of 1862, was a missionary to the Shan people of British-occupied Burma and a noted linguist who translated the Bible into the Shan dialect and compiled a Shan-English dictionary. In 1881 he presented a complete set of the Tipitaka, the canonical text of Buddhism and many manuscripts written on painted and lacquered palm leaves. ...more information

  • Robin Moore papers
    These are the personal papers and manuscripts of American writer Robert Lowell "Robin" Moore, Jr. best known for his books The Green Berets, The French Connection: A True Account of Cops, Narcotics, and International Conspiracy, and The Happy Hooker: My Own Story. The papers include correspondence, diaries, manuscripts for published and unpublished works, photographs, audio recordings, films, and documents relating to his lawsuit against Jonathan Keith "Jack" Idema. ...more information

  • Robinson (James J.) papers, 1930-1977 (bulk 1945-1950)
    The James J. Robinson papers consist of legal documents, manuscripts, notes on legal cases, speeches, and research and drafts of a published book. The bulk of the collection pertains to the International Military Tribunal for the Far East (IMTFE). ...more information

  • Schirmer Collection on Anti-Imperialism

    This collection, assembled by Daniel Boone Schirmer, currently numbers 964 titles dealing with the Anti-Imperialist movement of 1898 and its repercussions in United States, Cuban, Puerto Rican, and Filipino history. It deals with the debate within the United States during and after the Spanish-American War over the appropriate relationship between the English-speaking and Spanish speaking Americas.

    Searching for AUTHOR "Schirmer Collection" in JOSIAH pulls up a complete list of titles in the collection.

    ...more information

  • Selle (Earl Albert) papers
    The collection consists of correspondence, newspaper articles, photographs, scrapbooks and other memorabilia from the life and career of Earl Albert Selle, a journalist who covered the Pacific theatre during and after World War II, focusing particularly on China and Hawaii. A significant component of the collection consists of materials Selle obtained from fellow journalist William Henry Donald, a friend and advisor to Generalissimo and Mme. Chiang Kai-shek, that document Donald's own career in China. These contributed to the publication of Selle's book Donald in China in 1948, shortly after Donald's death. ...more information

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