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  • Anne Fausto-Sterling Papers
    The Anne Fausto-Sterling papers contain a number of publications from the early Women's Liberation Movement and about revolutionary movements in Latin America. The collection also includes correspondence, syllabi, lecture notes, conference materials, and drafts of articles for publication. The materials date from 1960 to 2009, with the bulk of materials dating between 1970 and 1999. ...more information

  • Anne Seddon Kinsolving Brown Papers
    Personal papers of the Baltimore-born wife of John Nicholas Brown (1900-1979) who was one of the world's foremost authorities on military iconography. The collection includes her professional, family and personal correspondence, along with household records and materials that document her professional activities as a journalist, writer, and collector of military books, prints and museum objects. ...more information

  • Barbara Herrnstein Smith papers
    The Barbara Herrnstein Smith papers contain letters and news articles relating to the Women's Liberation and Feminist Movements of the early 1970s. ...more information

  • Barrett (Ellen M.) papers
    Ellen M. Barrett, a scholar specializing in medieval monastic history, was the first openly gay person, and one of the earliest women, to be ordained priest in the Episcopal Church. Beginning in 1975, when she was ordained deacon, through 1977 when she was ordained priest, the collection documents her path to ordination and the far reaching international reaction to her ordination. The collection covers her subsequent, nearly thirty-year career as priest in the Episcopal Church and her eventual postulancy in an Anglican women's monastic community. ...more information

  • Chace (Elizabeth Buffum), and family, papers [ca. 1801-1900]

    Quaker reformer Elizabeth Buffam Chace was a feminist, abolitionist, activist for prison reform, the rights of orphans, peace, and temperance and the author of "Anti-Slavery Reminiscences."

    The collection includes her commonplace book and diary; family albums, scrapbooks, photographs; miscellaneous clippings and other material relating to the Buffums, the Chaces, the Cheneys, and the Tolmans. The collection also includes some correspondence. ...more information

  • Christine Dunlap Farnham Archive
    The Farnham Archive constitutes a system for describing and accessing collections with materials pertaining to women within the special collections housed at the John Hay Library. Accessed through the printed Research Guide, the Farnham Archive pulls together substantial holdings of all varieties in the Hay Library that document women's history. ...more information

  • Curtis (Minerva G.) diaries, 1900-1941
    A collection of 34 leather-bound diaries, ranging from 1900 to 1941, recording the daily activities of Minerva Greenwood Curtis, a grade-school teacher in Providence, Rhode Island. The collection also includes an address book, a notebook, a loose, hand-written recipe and a newspaper clipping. ...more information

  • Diane Middlebrook
    The Diane Middlebrook papers contain a broad range of materials dating between 1958 and 2008. Letters, research notes, syllabi, lecture notes, manuscript drafts, photographs, and other such material comprise the largest component of this collection. The papers are arranged into six series, some with multiple subseries. ...more information

  • Dixon (Nathan Fellows) family papers, 1721-1938
    The Nathan Fellows Dixon family papers consist of letters, legal documents, personal and political memorabilia and photographs relating to a Westerly, Rhode Island, family of great prominence in state and federal politics during the 19th century. The majority of the collection represents the domestic and political lives of three generations of men named Nathan Fellows Dixon, all of whom graduated from Brown University and went on to serve in the United States Congress. ...more information

  • Doane (Mary Ann) papers, 1966-2009
    The Mary Ann Doane papers represent forty years of education, research, and professional activity. The collection emphasizes Doane's academic training as a feminist film scholar through notebooks and essays that date from high school through her doctoral studies. Another portion of the collection presents notes and drafts of publications, including the books The Desire to Desire (1987), Femmes Fatales (1991), and The Emergence of Cinematic Time (2002). In addition to the many notebooks and physical papers, this collection includes computer disks and several reels of film. ...more information

  • Elaine Ryan Hedges Quilting Collection
    Elaine Ryan Hedges (1927-1997) was a pioneer in the field of Women's Studies, and founder of the Women's Studies curriculum at Towson State University. A noted expert on women in literature, in the mid-1970s she turned her focus to women's domestic arts as a medium of intellectual expression. Comprising books (many with detailed annotations), papers, manuscripts, graphic images and correspondence, the collection documents her avid attention to the intimate details of women's lives.

    The critical focus of the collection was Hedges' long term research interest in women's quilts and quilt-making. The book collection represents a scholar's working library on this topic. Though it covers quilting world-wide, material on American quilts represents the bulk of the collection. It includes a range of historical surveys, state by state overviews, pattern books, exhibition catalogs and documentation on ethnic and political themes in quilting, particularly by African Americans and Native Americans.
    ...more information

  • Feminist Theory Archives
    The Feminist Theory Archives was established in 2003 to collect, arrange, describe, preserve, and make accessible the work of leading feminist theorists beginning in the 1960s. With these papers, the Pembroke Center seeks to preserve the past in order to enhance the future of feminist theory. ...more information

  • Gay Pulp Fiction
    A growing collection of over 4,600 volumes of gay men's pulp fiction. A small number of lesbian-interest titles are included.The collection began with the acquisition of a large private collection and has been supplemented by works from two other collections of gay literature, the Scott O'Hara Papers, and the James Jackson bequest. See searchable database. Stored off-site. ...more information

  • Glass (Jodi L.) papers, 1978-2002
    The Jodi Glass papers provide rich documentation of the inner workings of feminist organizations and movements in Rhode Island and beyond. Included in the collection are the correspondence, essays, news clippings, legislation, agendas, and minutes of a number of groups and movements, including the Rhode Island Feminist Chorus, Feminist Resources Unlimited and the anti-pornography movement. ...more information

  • Jacqueline Bhabha papers
    The Jacqueline Bhabha papers consist of writings by Bhabha and others, along with legal briefs, case decisions, and government policies on matters relating to child trafficking, refugees, and migrants. ...more information

  • James Jackson Bequest
    Approximately 1,900 titles in the area of gay/lesbian literature, much of it dating from the pre-Stonewall era. The Jackson Collection contains many titles not proviously owned by Brown and virtually all are in very good condition and retain their dust jackets. There are a quite a few lesbian-related titles which fills in a gap in our existing holdings and quite a few gay-related science fiction and fantasy titles which complement one of existing collection strengths. Quite a few of the books are signed or inscribed, this being particularly true of the post-Stonewall titles. ...more information

  • John Preston
    John Preston authored over 30 books, ranging from fiction and erotica to such important non-fiction titles as Personal Dispatches: Writers Confront AIDS and Hometowns: Gay Men Write About Where They Belong. The Preston archive is especially important in that it contains many thousands of letters between Preston and a vast array of authors that comment upon matters both literary and socio-historical. Among Preston's most prolific correspondents was Ann Rice, author of the Vampire Chronicles, whose papers provide insight into the link between straight/gay and erotic/mainstream fiction. ...more information

  • Karen Brodkin Papers
    The Karen Brodkin Papers consist of writings, photographs, audio and visual materials, correspondence, and ephemera from 1905-2006. The materials in the collection relate to her research and work in the field of Anthropology. ...more information

  • Linda Martin Alcoff papers
    The Linda Martin Alcoff papers primarily contain copies of Alcoff's published articles and books, syllabi from feminist philosophy courses, and versions of her Curriculum Vitae. ...more information

  • Louise A. Tilly Papers
    The Louise A. Tilly papers contain materials ranging from 1960 to 1998, with the bulk of materials dated between 1974 and 1995. This collection of drafts of scholarly papers, research notes and materials, academic department administrative materials, and professional correspondence is arranged into six series. ...more information

  • Marks (Elaine) papers, 1893-2001
    The Elaine Marks Papers consist of correspondence, photographs, research and teaching materials, and ephemera from the period 1949-2001. The collection includes manuscripts, course syllabi, promotional materials, and correspondence related to Elaine Marks' professorial work in the fields of French literature and Women's Studies. The collection also includes extensive materials from Marks' work with the Modern Language Association. ...more information

  • Nancy C.M. Hartsock papers
    The Nancy C. M. Hartsock papers are comprised of course material, publications by Hartsock and others, reading notes, conference materials, and correspondence. ...more information

  • Nancy Elizabeth Prophet Diary (1922-1934)

    Nancy Elizabeth Prophet (1890-1960) was an American sculptress and a 1918 graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design. Her work became well-known throughout Europe and the United States, and she later taught in various schools. Born in Warwick (Rhode Island) to a Narraganset Indian father and an Afro-American mother, she experienced and struggled against racial discrimination typical of the times in which she lived. Her diary, dating from a period when she was working in Paris, detail the deep anguish she felt during a time of misfortune and hardship. ...more information

  • Naomi Schor papers
    The Naomi Schor papers span the years from 1950-2002 and consist of personal and professional correspondence, literary manuscripts, research and teaching materials, and materials from her professional activities. The collection documents Schor's career as one of the foremost scholars of French literature and critical theory and a pioneer feminist theorist of her generation. ...more information

  • On Our Backs
    The archive of the lesbian periodical, On Our Backs. The library also holds a run of the periodical. See Josiah record. ...more information

  • Rhode Island Feminist Theatre Records, 1973-1984
    Theatre group founded in 1973 in Providence, Rhode Island. Members often collaborated on the writing of plays. Performances were given in Providence, Boston, and on national tour. The collection includes scripts, publicity, reviews, articles, promotional and touring material, posters, playbills, photographs, and other files. ...more information

  • Rhode Island Women's Health Collective
    The records of the RIWHC include financial, legal, funding, and donor records, mailing lists, newletters and publications relating to women's health issues. ...more information

  • Sandra Lee Bartky papers
    The Sandra Lee Bartky papers are comprised of correspondence, syllabi, vita material, and letters and newsclippings documenting a debate between Bartky and Christina Hoff Sommers in the early 1990s. The materials provide interesting insight into the development of feminist philosophy as an academic discipline and the debates within the field as it defines and identifies meanings of gender and feminism. ...more information

  • Seven Hills Garden Club records, 1937-1981
    The Seven Hills Garden Club of Providence, Rhode Island, was founded in 1937 to "stimulate an interest in horticulture for purposes of civic betterment, and to enable each member to enjoy her own garden more intelligently." These records were kept in two notebooks by the Seven Hills Garden Club librarian and include by-laws, programs, clippings, photographs, some minutes, membership lists, memorial tributes to past members, and reports. In addition to documenting a women's club and the horticultural activities of a number of Providence women over several decades of the twentieth century, this collection provides some information about individual members and about the Rhode Island Federation of Garden Clubs. ...more information

  • Seyla Benhabib papers
    The Seyla Benhabib papers are primarily comprised of correspondence, administrative records, course materials, and writings. Much of the material relates to committees at Harvard University concerned with the status of women faculty. ...more information

  • Sorrentino (Mary Ann) papers regarding her excommunication, 1974-1989
    The Mary Ann Sorrentino papers about her excommunication from the Catholic Church consist of correspondence, clippings, and other materials. These papers relate to the practice of abortion, the authority of the Catholic Church over its members, and general discussion of religion and morality with respect to abortion. The correspondence with Sorrentino (who was Executive Director of Planned Parenthood of Rhode Island from 1977 to 1987) includes responses from proponents of both the pro-choice and pro-life movements, Catholics, non-Catholics, public officials, and others. The collection also includes an oral history interview of Sorrentino recorded in 2012 and a Master of Arts in History thesis written by Rhonda J. Chadwick about Sorrentino's experiences. ...more information

  • Teresa Brennan papers
    The Teresa Brennan papers contain a broad range of materials dating between 1965 and 2002. Letters, research notes, institution building materials, syllabi, lecture notes, manuscript drafts, and other such material comprise the largest component of this collection. The papers are arranged into seven series, some with multiple subseries. ...more information

  • Wyllys (Samuel) papers, 1638-1757
    Annmary Brown Hawkins inherited from her father, Nicholas Brown, a collection of papers compiled by Samuel Wyllys (1631-1709), a Connecticut magistrate and public official who served from 1654 to 1684, along with papers of other members of the Wyllys family. The collection, covering the period from 1638 to 1757 (bulk 1663-1698), comprises half of the original collection; the other portion (covering 1694-1726) was acquired some time ago by the Connecticut State Library from the Estate of John Carter Brown. These early papers pertain to Indian affairs, colonial wars, civil and criminal cases. The witchcraft trials of 1692 to 1693, as revealed in the testimony of witnesses in the Oyer and Terminer Courts, are of particular interest. ...more information

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