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  • Books from the Adolf Hitler Library
    Approximately 80 books retrieved from Hitler's bunker by Colonel Albert Aronson in May of 1945. Colonel Aronson bequeathed the books to his nephew, who donated them to Brown in 1979. The bulk of Hitler's library (approximately 1,200 titles) is in the Third Reich Collection at the Library of Congress. ...more information

  • Dreyfus Affair periodicals collection, 1891-1906
    The weekend supplements of these popular English, French, and Italian newspapers feature large, usually colored illustrations accompanied by short commentaries of the events surrounding the trials and imprisonment of Alfred Dreyfus and Émile Zola's involvement in his cause. ...more information

  • Muller (Otto) papers
    Otto Muller was a German political author and journalist, who produced over 25 books in his lifetime. He is best known for his novel Charlotte Ackermann, which was later made into a play. This collection includes manuscripts, reviews, correspondence, artwork, professional and personal documents, and articles from journals and newspapers both by and about Muller. ...more information

  • Toulouse Family correspondence
    This collection is one bound volume of letters written by brothers Eugene and Jean Toulouse to their brother Emile Toulouse regarding their experiences in the French military during World War I. There are also a few letters written to Emile by friends and cousins. Emile served as a Firefighter in Paris. Eugene served with the Infantry and Jean served with the Artillery and then trained as an Electrician. The volume contains about 1,000 items. The correspondence dates from January 3, 1916 to November 17, 1917. It also contains a sheet of dried flowers collected by Eugene in the trenches during March - July 1915. The volume is a homemade scrapbook style volume. Thin strips of paper are gathered into signatures. Each piece of correspondence was then pasted to the strip of paper along one edge. The covers are made of paperboard and cloth and covered with blue paper reminiscent of the color of the French uniforms called "bleu horizon." ...more information

  • Wandering Jew Collection

    The gift of W. Easton Louttit, Jr., Class of 1925, this collection includes plays, poems, novels, and stories, and prints, as well as critical, philosophical, and scholarly studies of the archetypical story of men shut out from the human community and doomed to wander eternally. Possibly the finest accumulation of books on this theme to be found outside the Bibliotheque Nationale. It contains over 1,500 volumes featuring works by Goethe, Schiller, Shelley, Feuchtwanger, Edwin Arlington Robinson and especially Eugene Sue. ...more information

  • Zola (Émile) and Henry Céard papers, 1864-1901
    Chiefly correspondence. Zola writes about contemporary writers and journalists, literary criticism, the stage, censorship, politics, and personal affairs, including his own novels and reviews. Seventy-eight letters (1879-1889) are to Henry Céard.

    Other correspondents include: Paul Adam, Jean Aicard, Georges Charpentier, Francois Coppée, Alphonse Daudet, Théodore Duret, Edmond de Goncourt, Francois Hebrard, Leon Hennique, Joris Karl Huysmans, Wilhelm Lilienthal, Georges Ricouard, Paul Robiquet, Jules Simon, Edouard Toulouse, Louis Ullbach, Ernest Vizetelly, Raoul Vost, and Ernst Ziegler. ...more information

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