Stow Wengenroth Lithographs

The American lithographer, Stow Wengenroth (1906-1978), perfected the art of transferring a drawing to a smoothed limestone surface to convey both the texture of the natural world and subtleties of atmosphere and mood. The settings for Wengenroth's lithographs are drawn from natural and inhabited landscapes in Maine, Cape Ann, Massachusetts and other locations in the northeast.

Of the 369 lithographs produced by Wengenroth during his lifetime, 367 were collected and generously donated to the Brown University Library by Lyman G. Bloomingdale, Class of 1935, along with over 40 of Wengenroth's original dry-brush drawings.

Format(s): Graphics
Library: John Hay

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Online Catalog (JOSIAH):
Records for most or all of this collection are not available on JOSIAH
The Lithographs of Stow Wengenroth (illustrated catalog)
The Lithographs of Stow Wengenroth (supplement)

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Collection Web Site: Stow Wengenroth Materials at Brown University Library

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