Rutgers Anti-Saloon League Collection of Temperance and Addiction Studies Periodicals

This collection of foreign-language temperance materials was originally amassed by the Anti-Saloon League. The collection was transferred by the League to the Westerville (Ohio) Public Library, and in 1982 was donated by the Westerville Public Library to the library of the Center for Alcohol Studies at Rutgers University. In 1999, Rutgers in turn transferred the collection to the John Hay Library.

The collection comprises approximately 15,000 items dating from the first half of the 20th century. The database linked below lists all cataloged titles and offers the ability to sort by author, title, imprint, call number and language. In addition, there is a link for the collection website on the Anti-Saloon League at the Westerville Public Library, which includes helpful background information on the League.

Format(s): Serials
Library: John Hay
NOTE: This collection is housed off-site. Prior notice is needed for retrieval

Access to the collection:

Online Catalog (JOSIAH):
Individual records for most printed materials available on JOSIAH

Other Online Access:
Exhibit: Of the Poisoned Brand
Digital Collection: Alcohol, Temperance and Prohibition
Research Guide: Alcohol and Addiction Studies: A Guide to Resources at Brown
Non-brown Web Page: Westerville Public Library: The Anti-Saloon League, 1893-1933
Other: Database of cataloged titles

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