George Earl Church Collection

Church's 3,500-volume collection is largely composed of 18th and early 19th century monographs on Latin American politics, history, and geography -- with substantial attention to contemporary anthropological studies on the indians of South America. Materials on Amerindian languages are also well represented. The collection's most unique item is perhaps the 18th century manuscript history of Potosi, a Bolivian mining town. The collection contains a considerable number of items that pertain to other areas of the world, particularly in North America, Europe and Asia. Spain and Portugal are best represented for their connection to the New World. Through his association with geographic societies Church began to collect, in his later years, studies on Asia Minor and China. An appreciable number of volumes concern the United States and Canada, including subjects such as the U.S. Civil War, the New England Indian wars, and anthropological studies of Native Americans.

Format(s): Books, Manuscripts, Maps
Library: John Hay

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