Robert J. Tierney Collection of Entertainment Memorabilia

Posters, scripts, tickets, photographs, and other ephemera related to theatrical and entertainment events in the local area over the past fifty years. The collection features over 350 radio and television scripts, representing musical variety, science fiction, drama, mystery, westerns, and comedies of the Fifties and the Sixties. In addition there are many scripts accompanied by correspondence related to their acquisition from producers, sponsors, etc.; numerous posters, programs, playbills, promotional brochures, handbills, photographs, and tickets to performances primarily in the Providence arena, gathered from local and regional theaters. Also included are itineraries for big bands, musicians, and other performers, as well as play lists for their performances

Format(s): Pamphlets, Manuscripts, Graphics, Letters, Documents
Library: Collections Annex
NOTE: Portions of this collection are housed off-site. Prior notice is needed for retrieval

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Online Catalog (JOSIAH):
General description of the collection available on JOSIAH

In-house Access to the Collection:
Typescript list available for the radio and television scripts (7 feet)

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