Patent Medicine Bottle Collection

Consists of over two hundred patent medicine bottles from the mid-nineteenth century to the early twentieth century, a collection assembled by Dr. David S. Greer, Dean of Medicine at Brown University from 1981-1992 and professor emeritus in the Community Health Department in the Division of Biology and Medicine.

Researchers are required to view the inventory and color slides of the bottles before requesting to see specific bottles. The binder of the inventory and color slides is located in the Manuscripts processing area.

Format(s): Museum Objects
Library: John Hay, Collections Annex
NOTE: This collection is housed off-site. Prior notice is needed for retrieval

Access to the collection:

Online Catalog (JOSIAH):

Other Online Access:
RIAMCO: Guide to the Patent medicine bottle collection

In-house Access to the Collection:
Typescript Inventory
Item inventory of the bottles as well as color slides of each bottle is available in the repository.

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