Maury A. Bromsen Collection
of Confederate Etchings by Adalbert Volck

In 1863, Adalbert J. Volck, a Maryland dentist and Southern sympathizer, produced a series of copper-plate etchings that caricatured Lincoln and the Union cause. The prints were published as a set and were very popular in the South during and after the war.

The collection now at Brown was compiled by Boston book dealer Maury A. Bromsen and bequeathed to the John Hay Library. Though the prints are widely available in academic libraries today, the Bromsen collection of the Volck prints is unique as it includes the original copper plates from which the etchings were printed, as well as notes and reference material from Bromsen's research on Volck.

Format(s): Books, Museum Objects, Graphics, Documents
Library: John Hay

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Works illustrated by Adalbert John Volck

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Non-brown Web Page: Volck Etchings in the Library of Congress American Memory Project
Non-brown Web Page: Volck Photographs (Maryland Historical Society)
Non-brown Web Page: Volck Manuscripts (Maryland Historical Society)

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Typescript Inventory
Inventory from 2006 appraisal

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