Corthell Engineering Library

Elmer L Corthell, Hon., 1867, presented his extensive collection of books, drawings and pamphlets on river and harbor engineering to the University in 1911. Corthell, a prominent civil engineer, had gathered these materials during a successful career spanning more than 40 years. Corthell's collection, plus 6,000 more books donated later along with an endowment, was the genesis of the Corthell Engineering Library. Most of the books were later incorporated into the general collections of the Sciences Library. The original gift and the Corthell Papers are part of special collections. The Papers are primarily professional papers, correspondence, and blueprints and maps of his engineering projects, and include notes and lists describing his library and resumes tracing his career.

Format(s): Books, Pamphlets, Maps, Graphics, Letters, Documents
Library: John Hay

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