Dard Hunter Collection

The Dard Hunter Collection was formed by W. Easton Louttit, Jr., Class of 1925, and came to Brown in 1969. It contains most of the works printed or written by papermaker, printer and paper historian, Dard Hunter, as well as works by his associates in the Roycroft shop of East Aurora, New York. The collection includes Hunter's greatest book, Papermaking by Hand in America, which traces the history of papermaking in this country from its beginnings at William Rittenhouse's paper mill outside Philadelphia in 1691 through 1811, when the first paper mill in Tennessee began operation. Ongoing additions to the collection concentrate on the revival and continuation of hand papermaking in the 20th century. Approximately 75 volumes.

Format(s): Books
Library: John Hay

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Online Catalog (JOSIAH):
Individual records for most printed materials available on JOSIAH
Dard Hunter Collection (Brown University)

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Non-brown Web Page: Mill House (Kingston, NY)
Non-brown Web Page: About Dard Hunter
Non-brown Web Page: Bull & Branch (Newsletter of Friends of Dard Hunter organization)

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