The Hammond Lamont Library

In 1911, the personal library of the late Hammond Lamont, Professor of Rhetoric from 1895 to 1900, was donated to the University as a memorial from his students in the Classes of 1899 and 1900.The principal focus of the collection is 18th and 19th century English literature with an emphasis on prose. These 2,700 volumes of 17th-18th century English literature included many works by Daniel DeFoe and William Prynne, including the latter's Histrio-Mastix (London, 1633).Includes many novels published between 1760-1840, particularly those by women writers, and over 100 17th and 18th century tracts by Jeremy Collier and William Prynne, among others, exhorting against the pernicious moral influence of the stage. This collection also includes holdings of "triple-decker" subscription and popular fiction of the late 18th and early 19th centuries, including a fine selection of gothic novels.

Format(s): Books, Serials
Library: John Hay
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