Andrew Carvely collection of books, journals and ephemera on T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia)

Consists primarily of printed works by and about T.E. Lawrence, collected by Andrew Carvely, and acquired from his estate in 1998. The collection comprises four categories: books by Lawrence including forwards, introductions, and translations; books about Lawrence including compilations of his letters, association copies, and ephemera including journal articles, newspaper articles, programs, brochures, posters and an original oil painting by Glen Schomburg commissioned by Andrew Carvely. The collection is particularly strong in works in Arabic and Hebrew. Gifts and purchases continue to augment the original collection.
This collection supplements holdings of T.E. Lawrence editions acquired earlier from the library of Francis H. Chafee, including the 1926 subscriber's edition of The Seven Pillars of Wisdom.
Further information about the collection and the collector is available in a catalog produced for an exhibition at the John Hay Library, March 2 - April 30, 1998: T.E. Lawrence: A 20th century retrospective by Kathi Frances McGraw and Andrew Carvely. [May 2002]

Format(s): Books, Broadsides, Museum Objects, Graphics, Video Files, Letters, Documents
Library: John Hay
NOTE: Portions of this collection are housed off-site. Prior notice is needed for retrieval

Access to the collection:

Online Catalog (JOSIAH):
Individual records for most printed materials available on JOSIAH
Josiah Record for cataloged items in the Collection
Josiah Record for John Hay Library T. E. Lawrence exhibition catalog

In-house Access to the Collection:

The printed book materials are fully cataloged and are in Josiah. A few museum objects and ephemeral materials are not in Josiah.

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