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Ingmar Bergman's The magic flute / Sveriges Radio A.B. Production produced and directed and written by Ingmar Bergman music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Swedish M1500 .M233x 1986
Islam, there is no god but God / BBC-TV English BL80.2 .L64x 1980z
In the shadow of Vesuvius / produced by the National Geographic Society and WQED/Pittsburgh produced by Barbara Jampel, Joe Seamans written by Barbara Jampel English QE523.V5 I58x 1989
Interviews with artists. Program II / a production of I.V. Studios/Elizabeth Sher English N40 .I585x 1984
The Incas / a co-production of British Broadcasting Corporation and Public Broadcasting Associations, Inc. for BBC, producer Anna Benson-Gyles, for Odyssey, producer Marian White English F3429 .I53x 1988
Islam, the veil and the future / from WTVS/Detroit produced by Nancy Dickerson directed by Greg Harney a Dicekerson and Co. production English HQ1726.5 .I85x 1980
Israel, the other reality : Jew & Arab : a documentary / by Izzy Abrahami script, Izzy Abrahami, Erga Netz English DS119.7 .I8262 1988
Ideal views of the primitive world, and its geological and palaeontological phases edited by S. Highley English MQ Un32
The Inner life of J.L. Borges / written and directed by Harold Mantell produced by Harold Mantell, Inc English PQ7797.B635 Z766x 1980z
In the beginning / BBC-TV production in association with Time-Life Films Incorporated producer, Peter Spry-Leverton English GN281 .M338x 1989
Iran, a revolution betrayed / BBC-TV producer, Jenny Cropper English DS318.825 .I72x 1984
Indeterminate forms revisited / Ralph P. Boas introduced by Doris Schattschneider English QA432 .I52x 1989
Introducing Mathematica / with Stephen Wolfram English QA76.95 .I57x 1989
Isamu Noguchi / Whitgate Productions, Ltd English NB237.N6 I82x 1980
The Iron road / presented by WGBH/Boston, WNET/New York, and KCET/Los Angeles written, produced, and directed by Neil Goodwin a Peace River Films production for the American Experience English HE2763 1990
Indians, outlaws and Angie Debo / a co-production of the Institute for Research in History and WGBH produced by Barbara Abrash and Martha Sandlin written & directed by Martha Sandlin English D15.D37 I52x 1988
In remembrance of Martin / Idanha Films producers, Lori Kearns and Dave Marquis director, Kell Kearns English E185.97.K5 I5x 1987
Icewalk. Episode 3, The amazing vanishing ozone / produced and directed by Leigh Anne Reynolds writer, Donna Matrazzo English QH545.O94 I23x 1989
Insanity on trial English KF223.G8 I57x 1990
Illusions of news / produced & directed by Richards M. Cohen a production of Alvin H. Perlmutter, Inc. and Public Affairs Television Inc English PN4784.T4 I44x 1989
The Islamic mind with Seyyed Hossein Nasr / Public Affairs Television, Inc. produced by Judy Epstein, Andie Tucker edited by Scott P. Doniger English BP173.5 .I84x 1990
Ida B. Wells : a passion for justice / William Greaves Productions WGBH Educational Foundation English E185.97.W55 I22x 1989
In the white man's image / Native American Public Broadcasting Consortium & Nebraska Educational Television Network written and produced by Christine Lesiak English E97.6.C2 I5x 1991
Inside the poison trade / a Central Independent Television/Belbo Film co-production in association with The Television Trust for the Environment English TD1045.D44 I57x 1990z
In search of the Queen of Sheba / Terra-X a film by Volker Panzer English DS247.Y43 I5x 1991
I remember Harlem / producer and director, William Miles writer, Clayton Riley English F128.68.H3 I12x 1981
L' Incoronazione di Poppea / by Claudio Monteverdi produced by BBC Television by arrangement with Glyndebourne Festival Opera in association with RM Arts Italian M1500.M6 I5x 1984
Ida Applebroog / producer-director, Paul Tschinkel English ND237.A646 I32x 1992
In heaven there is no beer? / Flower Films presents a film by Les Blank with Maureen Gosling English GV1796.P55 I5x 1984
I'm mad, I'm foolish, I'm nasty : a self-portrait of James Ensor / produced by ICA Video English ND673.E6 I5x 1991
In women's hands / a production of WGBH Boston and Central Television Enterprises for Channel 4, UK English F1408 .A43x 1993
Interracial marriage : blending the races in America / Howard Mass, producer, director English HQ1031 .I58x 1992
An Introduction to Richard Wright's fiction / Valerie Smith produced by Manly, Inc English PS3545.R815 Z68x 1988
In and out of Africa / [produced and directed by Ilisa Barbash and Lucien Taylor] French N8620 .I5x 1992
In the good old-fashioned way : the Old Regular Baptist Church / directed by Herb E. Smith produced by Appalshop, Inc English BX6388.33 .I5x 1973
Interview with I.M. Gelfand, Rutgers University English QA29.G44 A5x 1993
Industrial architecture : AEG and Fagus factories / produced by BBC-TV for the Open University English NA6503.G3 I52x 1993
The immaculate collection English M1630.18.M33 I45x 1990
Ireland's whistling ambassador : Micho Russell of Doolin, Co. Clare / a Pennywhistler's Press production in association with Global Village and the Irish Arts Center English ML3654 .I74x 1993
Ishi : the last Yahi / Rattlesnake Productions produced and directed by Jed Riffe and Pamela Roberts English E99.Y23 I82x 1994
Inside life outside / produced and directed by Sachiko Hamada, Scott Sinkler English HV4506.N6 I55x 1988
Ike Eisenhower / a production of WGBH/Boston English E836 .I44x 1993
Intersection cohomology methods in representation theory / speaker, George Lusztig English QA176 .I57x 1990
Islam in America : the next decade, 1990s in transition English E184.M88 I84x 1992
I have a dream / [speech by] Martin Luther King English E185.97.K5 I14x 1988
Invention : selected works, 1972-1990 / Colin Campbell curated by Peggy Gale. English PN1995.5.E96 I58x 1993
The interaction of nonlinear analysis and modern applied mathematics / speaker, Andrew J. Majda English QA300 .I627x 1990
Intolerance : love's struggle throughout the ages : in a prologue and two acts / Wark Productions, Inc English PN1997 .I5173x 1990
International Sweethearts of Rhythm : America's hottest all-girl band / Jezebel Productions & Rosetta Records produced and directed by Greta Schiller & Andrea Weiss English ML421.I6 I58x 1986
If you knew Sousa / presented by WGBH/Boston, WNET/New York, and KCET/Los Angeles English ML410.S688 I4x 1992
Ishmael Reed : a video / by Lewis MacAdams and John Dorr English RE264i
Irish tenor banjo & mandolin / produced, directed and edited by Mickie Zekley & Deborah Fischbach. English MT560 .I75x 1992
International Computer Music Association video research report. Volume II. English ML1380 .I58x 1995
The instrumentalist's guide to fitness, health & musicianship / with Julie Lyonn Lieberman English ML3923 .I57x 1991
It's a mean old world Born in the blues. English ML419.B76 I87x 1995
Ildfuglen = Firebird = Feuervogel / koreografi, Glen Tetley musik, Igor Stravinskij producer, Thomas Grimm n/a M1520.S9 Z5x 1982
Isaac Monteiro : a dialogue with and through objects English NB237.M62 I83x 1992
In search of symmetry : AMS retiring presidential address / William Browder English Q175 .I488x 1994
Integrity in scientific research : five video vignettes / produced by Amram Nowak Associates, Inc. for the American Association for the Advancement of Science in cooperation with the Medical College of Georgia, Division of Health Communication English Q180.55.M67 I58x 1996
The inferno / Dante produced by Denis Wigman, Kees Kasander directed by Tom Phillips, Peter Greenaway Channel Four Television, Elsevier Vendix, VPRO English PN1997 .I488x 1996
Ignacio Berróa : mastering the art of Afro-Cuban drumming / produced by Paul Siegel and Rob Wallis directed by Paul Siegel English MT655 .I36x 1995
In the tradition / Giovanni Hidalgo English MT801.D7 I6x 1996
I know why the caged bird sings / Tomorrow Entertainment English PN1997 .I14x 1993
Islamic art / presented by RM Productions and TF1 English N6260 .I822x 1988
Ilha das Flores / Jorge Furtado, direcão Nora Goulart, direcão de producão. Portuguese HD9014.B83 P675x 1990
In the name of the Emperor / producer/director, Nancy Tong cinematographer/director, Christine Choy. English DS796.N2 I5 1996
I'll make me a world / a production of Blackside, Inc. in association with Thirteen/WNET. English NX512.3.A35 I44x 1999
I am Joaquín / produced by El Teatro Campesino El Centro Campesino Cultural. English PN1997 .I135x 1999
Ici et ailleurs = Here and elsewhere / Coralie International and JR Films French DS119.7 .I28x 1993
The Irish in America : long journey home / series producer, Thomas Lennon a production of Lennon Documentary Group presented by Walt Disney Studios in association with WGBH/Boston. English E184.I6 I685x 1997
The impressionists / Seventh Art Productions for Channel 5 Channel 5 Broadcasting Limited directors, Phil Grabsky, Ali Ray writers, Phil Grabsky, Tim Marlow, Ali Ray. English ND192.I4 I48x 1999
I like it like that / Columbia Pictures presents a Think Again production a film by Darnell Martin produced by Ann Carli and Lane Janger written and directed by Darnell Martin. English PN1997 .I15x 1995
The Indian tomb / scenario by Fritz Lang, Thea von Harbou produced and directed by Joe May. English PN1997 .I485x 2000
It's a wonderful life / an RKO Radio release Liberty Films screen play by Frances Goodrich, Albert Hackett and Frank Capra additional scenes by Jo Swerling produced and directed by Frank Capra. English PN1997 .I758 1993
It ain't city music / a film by Tom Davenport Pearlstone Film Company produced by Tom Davenport. English ML3524 .I86x 1990z
Ida B. Wells : a passion for justice / a film by William Greaves writer, William Greaves producers, William Greaves, Louise Archambault a production of William Greaves Productions for The American experience WGBH Educational Foundation, WNETEnglish E185.97.W55 I22x 1989b
Irgendwo in Berlin-- = Somewhere in Berlin / DEFA Buch und Regie, Gerhard Lamprecht. German PN1997 .I74x 1999
India's struggle for freedom / [presented by] Films Division. English DS480.45 .I543x 2000
Immersion / Paul Dolden ... [et al.] English M1473 .I46x 2000
I am Providence : a story of H.P. Lovecraft and his city / a film by Agnieszka Taborska, Marcin Gizycki English PS3523.O82 Z48 1997
Islam, empire of faith / a Gardner Films production in association with PBS and Devillier Donegan Enterprises produced and directed by Robert Gardner Jonathan Grupper, series writer English BP50 .I75x 2000
In her own time English F869.L8 I5x 1985
Is it a boy or a girl? / produced by Ward & Associates for the Discovery Channel written and produced by Phyllis Ward English RC883 .I85x 2000
I.M. Pei / produced by Peter Rosen Productions, Inc. a presentation of Lives & Legacies Films, Inc. produced and directed by Peter Rosen written by Sara Lukinson English NA737.P365 F57x 2000
The Incomparable Nat King Cole English M1366.C618 I46x 2002
In/word/out : thoughts on poetry & performance / with E.R. Baxter produced & directed by Paul Lamont, Robert Borgatti. English IN575w
Los inundados = Flooded / directed by Fernando Birri. Spanish PN1997 .I5187x 2000z
Inanna's descent into the Underworld : [a mythological drama from Sumer / text adaptation, Günter Berghaus direction, Günter Berghaus]. English PN1997.2 .I53x 2002
IA-- Kuba = I am Cuba / sovmestnoe proizvodstvo kinostudii Mosfilm i IKAIK avtory stsenariia, Evgenii Evtushenko, Enrike Pineda Barnet postanovka Mikhail Kalatozov Spanish PN1997 .I12x 1999
In the time of the butterflies / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer presents a Phoenix Pictures/Barnstorm Films production in association with Ventanarosa Productions in association with Producciones AmArAntA producer, Ellen Gordon teleplay writers, Judy Kla English PN1997 .I4792x 2002
I, the worst of all = Yo, la peor de todas / producción, Lita Stantic dirección, Maria Luisa Bemberg ASSAI Communications and Screening 22 Films Int. presentan una producción de GEA Cinematográfica guión cinematográfico, Maria Luisa Bemberg, Ant Spanish PN1997 .I193x 2003
In the country where nothing happened = En el pais de no pasa nada / [a film by Maria del Carmen de Lara] Spanish PN1997 .I4786x 2001
El imperio de la fortuna = the realm of fortune / an Arturo Ripstein film Spanish PN1997 .I465x 2002
La Ilusión viaja en tranvía = Illusion travels by streetcar / Clasa Films Mundiales una producción de Armando Orive Alba dirección de Luis Buñuel Spanish PN1997 .I43x 1991
Incisions / Donald G. Gallup English RD32 .I53x 1991
Introduction to Baroque dance : dance types / written, produced and narrated by Paige Whitely-Bauguess dances reconstructed and performed by Paige Whitley-Bauguess & Thomas Baird English GV1618 .I58x 1999
Indochine / directed by Régis Wargnier produced by Eric Heumann and Jean Labadie French PN1997 .I486x 1993
The Impressionists : Manet / Cromwell Productions producer, Lara Lowe written by David Manson English ND192.I4 .I49 1999
L' impromptu de Versailles : comédie en un acte / de Molière une coproduction, France 3, Néria Productions, Euripide Productions, La Comédie-Française French PN1997 .I469x 1998
The icicle thief = Ladri di saponette / Bambu Productions, Aries Film Releasing L.P directed by Maurizio Nichetti Italian PN1997 .I267x 1991
India / a film by Roberto Rossellini Italian DS407 .I43x 1990z
Indagine su un cittadino al di sopra di ogni sospetto / directed by Elio Petri Italian PN1997 .I47927x 1990z
I don't want to talk about it = De eso no se habla / es una co-producción argentino-italiana entre Mojame S.A., Oscar Kramer S.A., Aura Films S.R.L a fairy tale by Maria Luisa Bemberg Spanish PN1997 .I137x 1995
Ironiia sudby, ili, S legkim parom! / Mosfilm avtory stsenariia Emil Braginskii, Eldar Riazanov rezhisser, Eldar Riazanov Russian PN1997 .I745x 1997
Ivan Vasilevich meniaet professiiu / Mosfilm avtory stsenariia, V. Bakhnov, L. Gaidai rezhisser-postanovshchik, Leonid Gaidai rezhisser, A. Khait Russian PN1997 .I93x 1997
Insan = Human being / directed by Ibrahim Shaddad executive producer, A. Moniem Rhama produced by I. Shaddad, S.C. Cinema Arabic HN837.S8 I57 1990z
I.M. Pei : The museum on the mountain : Miho Museum, Shiga, Japan / produced by Peter Rosen Productions producers, Peter Rosen and Tim Culbert writer, Sara Lukinson director, Peter Rosen English NA737.P365 F57x 2003
Inside Mecca / National Geographic Television & Film produced and directed by Anisa Mehdi English DS248.M4 .I57x 2003
Island of temples / Bay Street Pictures directed by Deban Bhattacharya produced by Seabourne Enterprises (Film Productions) Limited. English ML3758.I53 I85x 2003
Ikenie fujin = Wife to be sacrificed Japanese PN1997 .I274x 2001
Ikiru / a film by Akira Kurosawa. Japanese PN1997 .I276x 2003
I.K.U. / an Uplink production a Shu Lea Cheang film produced by Asai Takashi screenplay, Shu Lea Cheang with XXX directed by Shu Lea Cheang Japanese PN1997 .I38x 2000
International business etiquette English HF1379 .I57x 1991
Imposible para una solterona / dirigida por Rafael R. Marchent. Spanish PN1997 .I467x 2001
Indochine / un film de Régis Wargnier Paradis film et la Generale d'Images un co-production de BAC Films, Orly films, Ciné 5 produit par Eric Heumann et Jean Labadie scénario original, adaptation, dialogue, Erik Orsenna, Catherine Cohen, Louis French PN1997 .I486x 1999
I sing for you alone / directed by Mario Bonnard written by William Aguet, Mario Bonnard, Michele Galdieri. English PN1997 .I1926x 1994
Intacto / director artístico César Macarrón, director de fotografía Xavier Giménez una producción de Sogecine para Telecinco con la participación de Canal. Spanish PN1997.2 .I58x 2002
Inferno / Twentieth Century Fox story and screenplay by Dario Argento produced by Claudio Argento directed by Dario Argento English PN1997 .I487x 2000
Is Paris burning? / [presented by] Paramount Pictures, Seven Arts, Ray Stark directed by René Clément produced by Paul Graetz screenplay, Gore Vidal and Francis Ford Coppola a co-production by Transcontinental Films and Marianne Productions English PN1997 .I746x 2003
The Irish folk fest from Wolf Trap. [21st annual, May 1997] English M1744 .I735x 1998
Imagine the sound / Onari Productions produced by Ron Mann and Bill Smith directed by Ron Mann. English ML3561.J3 I46x 2000
Intimidades en un cuarto de baño / Excalibur Media Group y Studio Latino presentan Spanish PN1997 .I51673x 2003
Ilona llega con la lluvia = Ilona arrives with the rain / una película de Sergio Cabrera coproducida por Fotoemme S.L. (España), Emme, S.R.I. (Italia) con la coloboración de Caracol Television (Colombia), Producciones Fotograma (Colombia) ... [et al Spanish PN1997 .I395x 2003
Las Islas Marias / Producciones Rodríguez Hnos gerente de producción, Manuel R. Ojeda dirección de Emilio Fernandez. Spanish PN1997 .I747x 1989
In the light of reverence / [presented by] the Independent Television Service and Native American Public Telecommunications produced and directed by Christopher McLeod English E98.R3 I56x 2001
Inspired by Bach. Vol. 1 / produced by Rhombus Media English GV1783 .I558x 2000
Inspired by Bach. Vol. 2 / produced by Rhombus Media English GV1783 .I559x 2000
L' intégrale DVD Jean Vigo : À propos de Nice La natation par Jean Taris Zéro de conduite L'Atalante French PN1997 .I51574x 2001
Ivan The Terrible Russian PN1997 .I774x 1998
Intruso / [producida por Enrique Cerezo, Pedro Costa, Carlos Vasallo Pedro Costa P.C., Atrium Productions dirigida por Vicente Aranda] Spanish PN1997 .I51865x 1997
Les invasions barbares = The barbarian invasions / Cinémaginaire Pyramide Productions présentent produit par Denise Robert, Daniel Louis écrit et réalisé par Denys Arcand French PN1997.2 .I585x 2004
Italiani / una produzione Videomaura in collaborazione con Mediaset un film di Mauricio Ponzi soggetto e sceneggiatura, Luigi Guarnieri, Melania Gaia Mazzucco, Maurizio Ponzi prodotto da Bruno Altissimi e Claudio Saracenti. Italian PN1997 .I768x 1996
Ici ou là-bas : Droit du sol / Mana, TV10 présentent Image Plus French PN1997 .I26x 2003
Irony and ambiguity / a presentation of Films for the Humanities & Sciences an Arts International-London Weekend Television production producers, Melvyn Bragg, Nick Evans director, John Carlaw English PR2997 .I765x 2002
Intruso / producida por Enrique Cerezo, Pedro Costa, Carlos Vasallo Pedro Costa P.C., Atrium Productions dirigida por Vicente Aranda. Spanish PN1997 .I51865x 2002
Los invitados / guión y dirección, Victor Barrera. Spanish PN1997 .I58x 2004
El invierno en Lisboa / director, José A. Zorrilla. Spanish PN1997 .I578x 2000z
In medical science : presents Black achievements in Medicine and Science / writer, director and producer, Rex Barnett a History on Video production English RA649.4.U5 I56x 1997
Ida B. Wells / History on Video written, produced & directed by Rex Barnett English E185.97.W55 I32 1993
An Introduction to the deaf community / produced by Sign Media, Inc. & Madonna University written by Patrick Graybill, Dennis Cokely directed by Patrick Graybill English HV2545 .I67x 1993
Innovating Nicaragua / director, John Mraz producers, Melvin Wallace Simpson, Luis Ocampo Simpson. Nicaragua innovando / director, John Mraz productores, Melvin Wallace Simpson, Luis Ocampo Simpson Spanish HC79.T4 I537 1986
He d iakritike goeteia ton arsenikon. Greek, Modern PN1997 .D45628x 2000z
Incident at Vichy / a presentation of KCET Los Angeles executive producer, Norman Lloyd produced by George Turpin [written] by Arthur Miller directed by Stacy Keach English PN1997 .I57165x 2002
Il pleut sur Santiago / Jacques Charrier présente un film écrit et réalisé par Helvio Soto French PN1997 .I396x 2001
Irma Vep / Dacía Films présente avec la participation de Canal+ écrit et realise Olivier Assayas produit par Georges Benayoun French PN1997 .I743x 1998
India's struggle for freedom / [presented by] Films Division written and produced by N.S. Thapa direction, Yash Chaudhary ... [et al.] script, R. Krishna Mohan research, Shubhada Narvekar, Chandrika Vyas, Bhanumurthy Alur. English DS480.45 .I543x 1984
Islam, empire of faith / a Gardner Films production in association with PBS and Devillier Donegan Enterprises produced and directed by Robert Gardner Jonathan Grupper, series writer English BP50 .I74x 2001
Irmãos de Fé / produzido por Diler Trindade direção, Moacyr Góes. Portuguese PN1997.2 .I765x 2005
India, a filha do sol / LC Barreto apresenta um filme de Fabio Barreto música de Caetano Veloso. Portuguese PN1997 .I4843x 2005
Inocência / un filme de Walter Lima Jr. adaptacão cinematográfica de Lima Barreto do romance de Visconde de Tauny uma producão, Lucy e Luis Carlos Barreto roteiro finale direcão, Walter Lima Júnior. English PN1997 .I515x 2005
Imitation of life English PN1997 .I44x 2004
Is Wal-Mart good for America? / senior producer, Hedrick Smith written by Hedrick Smith & Rick Young produced and directed by Rick Young WGBH English HF5429.215.U6 I7 2004
I shall not be removed : the life of Marlon Riggs English PN1998.3.R545 I85x 1996
Inside the circle / director & producer, Jaap Mees English M1744 .I57x 2005
Incident at Oglala / presented by Spanish Fork Motion Picture Company directed by Michael Apted produced by Arthur Chobanian English E93 .I26x 2004
Inherit the wind / a United Artists release produced and directed by Stanley Kramer screenplay by Nathan E. Douglas and Harold Jacob Smith English PN1997 .I575x 2001
The IAQ tools for schools advantage / U.S. Environmental Protection Agency English check josiah
L' Italiana in Algeri : dramma giocoso in due atti = Comic opera in two acts / Gioacchino Rossini eine produktion des Südfunks Stuttgart inszenierung [= stage production], Michael Hampe bildregie [director for television], Claus Viller Italian M1500.R86 I839 2001
In whose honor? / written and produced by Jay Rosenstein English E98.E85 I52x 1997
The intimate Duke Ellington / Storyville Records English M1366.E44 I59 2003
L' Incoronazione di Poppea / produced by BBC TV [music] by Claudio Monteverdi [directed by] Peter Hall realized and conducted by Raymond Leppard libretto by Francesco Busenello Italian M1500.M668 I64x 2003
Ivan Vasilevich meniaet professiiu = [Ivan Vasilievich changes occupation] / Mosfilm avtory stsenariia, V. Bakhnov, L. Gaidai rezhisser-postanovshchik, Leonid Gaidai Russian PN1997 .I93x 2001
O invasor / uma produção Drama Filmes co-produção Tibet Filme, Consórcio Europa, Videofilmes, Quanta roteiro, Marcal Aquino, Beto Brant, Renato Ciasca produzido por Bianca Villar, Renato Ciasca dirigido por Beta Brant Portuguese PN1997 .I5876 2002
Inner journey / Burt Wolf, Prem Rawat English BF637.P3 I55 2000z
Les indes galantes / une production Opéra national de Paris, LGM avec la participation de TF1, Mezzo et du Centre national de la cinématographie Jean-Philippe Rameau livret de Louis Fuzelier réalisation, Thomas Grimm French M1500.R35 I53x 2005
Inspecteur Lavardin / MK2 Productions et Films A2 en co-production avec La télevision suisse romande (T.S.R.) et CAB production présentent idée originale, scénario et adaption, Claude Chabrol, Dominique Roulet produit par Marin Karmitz un film French PN1997 .I67x 2005
In search of Mozart / edited by Phil Reynolds filmed, written and directed by Phil Grabsky English ML410.M9 I5x 2005
Ils se marièrent et eurent beaucoup d'enfants = Happily ever after / Pathé! [présente] une coproduction Hirsch/Pathé Renn Production/TF1 Films production avec la participation de Canal+ avec la participation du Centre National de la Cinématogr French PN1997 .I57x 2005
Internado de señoritas / Cinema Films Spanish PN1997 .I5156x 2003
El Indio / Excalibur Media Group y Studio Latino Armando Vargas de la Maza, director Spanish PN1997 .I574x 2004
In the name of honor / ABC News Productions English HV6569.P4 I56x 2006
Imagining Argentina / Arenas Entertainment, Universal Pictures and Myriad Pictures present a United Kingdom/Spain co-production of Imagining Argentina Productions Ltd. and Multivideo SL/Arenas E.S.S.L., a Tide Rock Entertainment, Mike's Movies English PN1997 .I63x 2005
Idomeneo / Metropolitan Opera producer, Clement D'Alessio director, Brian Large Italian M1500.M93 I35x 2006
L' Inde fantôme : réflexions sur un voyage Calcutta / 8 films de Louis Malle. French DS414 .I54x 2005
It's all true / Paramount Pictures Les Films Balenciaga production in association with the French Ministry of Education and Culture/French National Center for Cinematography ... [et al.] Richard Wilson, Myron Meisel, Bill Krohn, directors Bi English PN1997 .I7586x 2004
L' Inde fantôme : réflexions sur un voyage / 7 films de Louis Malle. French DS414 .I54x 2005
I want to go home / MK2 Productions SA -- Films A2 -- La Sept en association ave les soficas Investimage -- Sofinergie -- Sofima, avec la particpation du Centre National de la Cinematographie presentent produit par Marin Karmitz scénario et dialog French PN1997 .I937x 2003
The Irish empire / Little Bird, Café, Hilton Cordell Productions production for RTE, BBC Northern Ireland English DA916.8 .I73 2000
Into the west / Miramax Films in association with Majestic Films International and Film Four International present a Little Bird production in association with Parallel Films producers, Jonathan Cavendish, Tim Palmer writer, Jim Sheridan directo English PN1997 .I516737x 2000z
I vitelloni / Corinth Films and International Media Films present produced by Lorenzo Pegoraro screenplay by Federico Fellini, Ennio Flajano directed by Federico Fellini Italian PN1997 .V576x 2005
I Capuleti e i Montecchi / Vicenzo Bellini directed by Cristina Mazzavillani Mutti libretto by Felice Romani. English M1500.B44 C37x 2006
Implementing successful school-based physical activity, nutrition and tobacco prevention programs / Alabama Department of Public Health produced by the Oftice of Professional and Support Services, Alabama Department of Public Health [and] Video Comm English LB3409.U5 I56 2002
Idea / una producción realizada con el Premio Fona Spanish PQ8519.V628 Z558 2007
I do not know what it is I am like / creator, director, producer, editor, Bill Viola in association with the Contemporary Art Television Fund, a project of the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, and WGBH New Television Workshop English N6494.V53 I35x 2005
In Danku the soup is sweeter / written, directed and produced by Garry Beitel English HQ1816 .I56 1992
Iris / Ovideo TV presenta una pelicula de Rosa Vergés guión original, Jordi Barrachina, Rosa Vergés productor ejecutivo, Quique Camín dirección, Rosa Vergés Spanish PN1997 .I742 2005
In search of dance--the different theater of Pina Bausch = Auf der Suche nach Tanz--das andere Theater der Pina Bausch / TransTel, Cologne script and direction by Patricia Corboud German GV1782.5 .S43x 1991
The invisible Mexicans of Deer Canyon / a film by John Carlos Frey. English HD8081.M6 I58x 2006
Il ne faut jurer de rien! / TF1 Films, SND, TPS Star réalisateur, Manuel Munz un film de Eric Civanyan French PN1997 .I437x 2005
Il est plus facile pour un chameau ... / un film de Valéria Bruni Tedeschi [scénario, Valéria Bruni Tedeschi, Noémie Lvovsky, Agnès de Sacy producteur, Paulo Branco] French PN1997.2 .I48x 2003
Immunization update 2002 / Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Public Health Training Network English RA638 .I66 2002
The immunization encounter : critical issues / Centers for Disease Control and Prevention English RA638 .I354x 2002
Igreja dos pobres Portuguese BV639.P6 I57 2000x
Increasing clinician preparedness for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) / produced by the Public Health Training Network, Division of Professional Development and Evaluation, Public Health Practice Program Office, Centers for Disease Control an English RA644.S17 I63 2003
Influenza update 2003 / Centers for Disease Control and Prevention English RA644.I6 I56 2003
Ivanovo detstvo / Mosfilm avtori stsenariia, Vladimir Bogomolov, Mikhail Papava rezhisser-postanovshchik, Andrei Tarkovskii = Ivan's childhood / Mosfilm Studios screenplay, V. Bogomolov, M. Papava direction, A. Tarkovsky Russian PN1997 .I83x 1995
In Stabiano : exploring the ancient seaside village of the Roman elite / Restoring Ancient Stabiae Foundation English DG70.S77 I57 2005
Is it really so strange? / by William E. Jones a Frameline release English ML420.M635 I75 1995
Im Juli = In July / Bavaria Film International Wüste Filmproduktion in zusammenarbeit mit FilmFörderung Hamburg ... [et al.] Buch und Regie, Fatih Akin Produktion, Ralph Schwingel, Stefan Schubert German PN1997 .I438x 2004
Idomeneo / music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart London Philaharmonic Orchestra Italian M1500.M93 I35 2000x
Interactive sound installations, 1971-2005 : twelve documents of work / Liz Phillips Undetermined NX650.S68 P45 2005
In the tall grass : inside the citizen-based justice system Gacaca / Manyara Films Crossing the Line Productions presents a film by J. Coll Metcalfe produced by J. Coll Metcalfe, Eugene Cornelius written and directed by J. Coll Metcalfe English KTD182.9 .I56x 2006
Isamu Noguchi : the sculpture of spaces / Sapporo Television Broadcasting and Alternate Current present directed by Kenji Hayashi, Charlotte Zwerin written by Charlotte Zwerin producers, Maraget Smilow, Yutaka Ueda English NB237.N6 I83 2004
In convertendo / Jean Philippe Rameau TV director, Thomas Grimm documentary director, Reiner E. Moritz Latin ML410.R3 I54 2006
In search of a future / produced by Consortium for Educational Communication, India, Mass Communication Research Centre, in association with Film Australia ... [et al.] director and writer, Amar Kanwar producer, Habib Kidwai English PN1997 I57 1990z
Indiscretion of an American wife & Terminal station / a David O. Selznick presentation screenplay by Cesare Zavattini, Luigi Chiarini, Giorgio Prosperi produced and directed by Vittorio de Sica dialogue by Truman Capote English PN1997 .I4857x 2003
Inside man / Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment produced by Brian Grazer written by Russell Gewirtz directed by Spike Lee English PN1997 .I67 2006
Iracema : uma transa amazônica / direção, Jorge Bodanzky, Orlando Senna roteiro, Orlando Senna direção de produção, Wolf Gauer produção, Stop Films Portuguese HN290.A45 I835 2006
Imagens & palavras na imprensa alternativa Portuguese Z1033.U58 I43 2006
Un idiot à Paris / un film de Serge Korber dialogues de Michel Audiard d'après le roman de René Fallet (Editions Denoël) adaptation de Michel Audiard, Jean Vermorel et Serge Korber producteur délégué, Alain Poiré une réalisation Gaumont Interna French PN1997 .I266 2005
L' iceberg / scénario et réalisation, Dominique Abel, Fiona Gordon, Bruno Romy coproduction Courage mon amour films, RTBF, FAG prod French PN1997.2 .I36 2006
Indigènes / [un film de Rachid Bouchareb] n/a PN1997 .I573 2007
Ilusión viaja en tranvia / de Luis Buñuel Televisa Spanish PN1997 .I43x 2003
I am a camera / produced by Jack Clayton based on the novel Berlin stories by Christopher Isherwood and the play by John Van Druten directed by Henry Cornelius [screenplay by John Collier] English PN1997 .I118 2004
Inside Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2K7 : The Spirit of Carnival English GT4229.T7 I575 2007
In the heat of the night / United Artists The Mirisch Corporation presents the Norman Jewison/Walter Mirisch production screenplay, Stirling Silliphant produced by Walter Mirisch directed by Norman Jewison English PN1997 .I5715 2001
Israel : birth of a nation / A&E Television Networks The History Channel English DS126.5 .I54 2005
The iron wall : to all people of the Holy Land / directed by Mohammed Alatar English HD850.5.Z63 I76 2006
The Israeli wall in Palestinian lands / a film by Andrew Courtney and Emily Perry English DS119.76 .I83 2004
Imagem peninsular de Lêdo Ivo / Werner Salles Bagetti Portuguese PN1997.2 .I4373 2004
Improvisation / [directed by] Gjon Mili, Norman Granz English M1366 .I47 2007
I'm the one that I want / Cho Taussig Productions presents written by Margaret Cho produced by Lorene Machado photographed and directed by Lionel Coleman English PN6162 .C48 2001
In the shadow of the stars / a film by Allie Light and Irving Saraf English ML400 .I56 2005
Into the fire : American women in the Spanish Civil War / Produced and directed by Julia Newman English DP269.47.A4 I58 2007
In a time of violence / an Afravision production in association with International Broadcasting Trust for Channel Four Television English DT1945 .I5 1994
L' Italiana in Algeri / by Gioacchino Rossini libretto by Angelo Anelli Italian M1500.R86 I839 2006
In the steps of Shakespeare : London and Stratford / produced and directed by James H. Bride, II English PR2915 .I5 2006
An introduction to Scientology / produced by Golden Era Productions English BP605.S2 I68 2006
The illusionist / Bull's Eye Entertainment Bob Yari Productions Contagious Entertainment Michael London Productions Stillking Films produced by Brian Koppelman, David Levien, Michael London, Cathy Schulman, Bob Yari screenplay by Neil Burger English PN1997.2 .I435 2006
I love Lucy : the complete series English PN1997 .I56 2007
The innocents / Twentieth Century Fox screenplay by William Archibald and Truman Capote produced and directed by Jack Clayton English PN1997 .I576x 2005
Il etait une fois dans l'Oued = .Hikayat min al-wad / un film de Djamel Bensalah sur une ideé originale du 113 scénario, adaptation et dialogues, Gilles Laurent, Djamel Bensalah produit par Franck Chorot une coproduction Gaumont, Miroir magique! French PN1997.2 .I434 2006
L' important c'est d'aimer / Albina du Boisrouvray présente un film de Andrzej Zulawski d'après le roman de Christopher Frank, La nuit américaine ... publié aux Editions du Seuil adaptation et dialogues, Christopher Frank et Andrzej Zulawski French PN1997 .I4667 2007
The Islamic city / [presented by] RM Productions and TF 1 English HT147.5 .I853x 2004
Iron ladies of Liberia / directed by Daniel Junge co-directed by Siatta Scott Johnson produced by Henry Ansbacher, Jonathan Stack a co-production of Just Media, Gabriel Films, Steps International and the Independent Television Service (ITVS) English DT636.5 .I75 2007
Il y a des jours ... et des lunes / [un film de] Claude Lelouch une production Films 13, TF1 Films Production en association avec Sofica Valor distribué AFMD/Roissy Film [scénario original, Claude Lelouch dialogues, Claude Lelouch, Valérie French PN1997 .I385 2006
L' idiot / réalisation, Georges Lampin d'après le chef-d'oeuvre de Dostoievski [adaptation et dialogues de Charles Spaak, avec la collaboration de Georges Raewsky une production Sacha Gordine] French PN1997 .I265 2001
A idade da terra / Petrobas, Paloma Cinematográfica, Tempo Glauber apresentam roteiro e direção Glauber Rocha Portuguese PN1997.B6 I334 2008
The insatiable season : making carnival in Trinidad and Tobago / a Savant Ltd Production produced and directed by Mariel Brown English GT4229.T7 I57 2007
Inside Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2K8 : the shortest season ever! / creative directors, R. Barry McComie, Camille Parsons, Kerry Gibbons English GT4229.T7 I575 2008
Invasion of the body snatchers / Solofilm produced by Robert H. Solo screenplay by W.D. Richter directed by Philip Kaufman English PN1997 .I68x 2007
The island / Dreamworks Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures produced by Walter F. Parkes, Michael Bay, Ian Bryce story by Caspian Tredwell-Owen screenplay by Caspian Tredwell-Owen and Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci directed by Michael Bay English PN1997.2 .I85 2005
In the land of the war canoes : a drama of Kwakiutl Indian life on the Northwest Coast / story written and picture made in 1914 by Edward S. Curtis edited by Professor George Irving Quimby, Professor Bill Holm, Burke Museum, University of Washington English QA76.9 .C55 O748 1999
In the name of love / a film by Shannon O'Rourke executive producer, Sydney Pollack producer & director, Shannon O'Rourke SOR Productions, Inc English HQ1032 .I58 2002
I [heart] hiphop in Morocco : peace, love, hiphop / directed and produced by Josh Asen and Jennifer Needleman English ML3918.R37 I2 2007
L' Inscription / de Gérald Sibleyras mise en scène, Jacques Echantillon réalisation, Serge Bonafous French PN1997.2 .I57 2005
L' illusion comique / directed by Philippe Miquel, screenplay by Marion Bierry French PN1997.2 .I4345 2007
Imagining Indians / writer, producer, director, Victor Masayesva, Jr English PN1995.9.I48 I43 2004
It can happen to anyone : [problems with alcohol and medication among older adults] / Studio B AARP, Hazelden English HV5138 .I83 1996
Ironiia sudby, prodolzhenie / Mosfilm Direktsiia Kino i Bazelevs predstavliaiut rezhissër-postavnovshchik Timur Bekmambetov Russian PN1997 .I7456 2008
Ironiia sudby, ili, S lëgkim parom! / kinostudiia Mosfilm stsenarii, Emil Braginskii, Eldar Riazanov rezhisser, Eldar Riazanov Russian PN1997 .I745x 2001
IQ et OX / comédie de Jean-Claude Grumberg réalisateur, Serge Bonafou mise en scène, Adel Hakim production, Théâtre des Quartiers d'Ivry, en collaboration avec la Scène Watteau de Nogent-sur-Marne French PN1997 .I689 2005
L' invitation au château / de Jean Anouilh mise en scène de Pierre Fox réalisation pour la Copat, Tanguy Cortier créée et filmée au Théâtre royal du parc à Bruxelles French PN1997.2 .I595 2006
Ilé aiyé = The house of life / a co-production of Little Magic Productions, Inc., Todo Mundo, Ltd., and Alive From Off Center (KTCA/St. Paul) a film by David Byrne produced by Kiki Miyake directed by David Byrne English BL2592.C35 I44 2004
In love we trust / = Zuo you / Qing Hong Delbo Film & Culture Co. Ltd. ... [et al.] producer Huang Bin, Isabelle Glachant written, directed by Wang Xiaoshuai Chinese PN1997 .I4697 2009
Incidencia política en industrias extractivas : para proteger los derechos ciudadanos, el medio ambiente y promover el desarrollo / producción: Oxfam América producción ejecutiva, edición y realización, Wilton Martínez Spanish HD9506.P42 I64 2002
Il y a longtemps que je t'aime / / UGC présente un film de Philippe Claudel scénario, adaptation, dialogues de Philippe Claudel produit par Yves Marmion producteur éxécutif, Sylvestre Guarino une production franco allemande UGC YM ... [et French PN1997.2 .I41912 2008
An inconvenient truth / [presented by] Paramount Classics and Participant Productions a Lawrence Bender/Laurie David production directed by Davis Guggenheim produced by Laurie David, Lawrence Bender, Scott Z. Burns executive producers, Jeff S English QC981.8.G56 I53 2006
In & out of fashion / Les films Paris New York presentent [directed by] William Klein co-production, Films Paris New York, KUIV Productions, Lieurac Sarl French TR654 .I55 2005
Isadora Duncan : masterworks, 1905-1923 / director/producer, Andrea Mantell-Seidel DanceArts Foundation English GV1785.D8 I83 2008
Italo Ferrari, l'uomo del Po / regia di Luisa Vecchi progetto realizzato dal Commune di Parma, Assessorato alle politiche culturali e alla creatività giovanile interviste, ricerche storiche e testi, Remo Melloni, Paolo Parmiggiani realizzazione, Italian PN1982.F47 .I87 2008
Isaac Monteiro : a weekend artist-- is that a fact? : opere dal 1958 al 2003 / produzzione e realizzazione, Ass. Cult. Annotazioni d'Arte scritto e diretto, Gaetano Fracassio Italian N6537.M6367 A4 2004
Idomeneo : dramma per musica in drei Akten / Musik von Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Libretto von Giambattista Varesco Italian M1500.M93 I2x 2009
Inventos : hip hop Cubano / an independent film by Eli Jacobs-Fantauzzi Clenched Fist Productions in association with Boriken Libre English M1681.C8 I58 2005
In country / Warner Bros. presents a Richard Roth production, a Norman Jewison film produced by Norman Jewison and Richard Roth screenplay by Frank Pierson and Cynthia Core directed by Norman Jewison English PN1997 .I4735 2006
Island in the sun / 20th Century-Fox by arrangement with Darryl F. Zanuck Productions, Inc. presents a CinemaScope production screenplay by Alfred Hayes produced by Darryl F. Zanuck directed by Robert Rossen English PN1997 .I7465 2005
Ironweed / Home Box Office TAFT Entertainment Pictures produced by Keith Barish, Marcia Nasatir screenplay by William Kennedy directed by Hector Babenco English PN1997 .I7458 2009
Inner voice : Meredith Monk / a film by Babeth M. VanLoo made in association with Meredith Monk/The House Foundation for the Arts a Buddhist Broadcasting Foundation production English ML410.M695 I66 2009
It's the rule : a working professionals' routine for the Sachs Dice / Bob Sheets English GV1547 .I87 2005
I vanish / Ben Seidman English GV1549 .I93 2007
In heaven there is no beer? / Flower Films presents a film by Les Blank and Maureen Gosling producer and director, Les Blank English GV1796.P55 I5x 2005
Irreversible French PN1997 .I74585 2004
L' île noire / d'après les albums Les aventures de Tintin de Hergé [copyright symbol] Hergé/Moulinsart 2006 conception graphique, Moulinsart une production Ellipse Programme-Nelvana Limited [copyright symbol] Ellipse Programme ... [et al.] French PN1997 .I39 2006
Istanbul the golden city : a Suha Arin documentary = Altin kent Istanbul : bir Suha Arin belgeseli / directors, Suha Arin and Hakan Aytekin scenario, Feride Çiçekoglu editors, Gülnar Alptekin, Kemal Alptekin general advisor, Afife Batur execut n/a NK7165.A1 .I85 2006
Islam & feminism / South Productions for Channel Four in association with RTVE (Spain) and SBS (Australia) written & directed by Nighat Said Khan Panjabi HQ1745.5 .I7 1991
Impromptu card magic / Aldo Colombini English GV1559 .I459 2005
Inhaling the spore : a journey through the Museum of Jurassic Technology / produced, directed and edited by Leonard Feinstein English AM101.L725 I54 2004
Iskandariyah lih? = Alexandrie pourquoi? / Aflam Misr al-`Alamiyah ikhraj Yusuf Shahin = Misr International Films réalisateur, Youssef Chahine Arabic PN1997 .I8426 2000
Los indígenas en la Guerra del Chaco / / narrado por José Luis Aparicio documental escrito, producido y dir. por Pablo Michel Spanish F3319.1.C4 I64 2008
Impossible card magic English GV1547 .I53 2000
Infinity & beyond English GV1547 .I536 1999
It's all in the cards / filed and directed by Mark Skolnik English GV1547 .I75 2005
The incomparable Finn Jon English GV1547 .I534 2000
The impromptu miracles of Bob Read : the lost footage English GV1547 .I5326 2008
India song / Stéphane Tchalgadjieff présente [texte et réalisation] de Marguerite Duras une co-production Sunchild, Les Films Armorial producteur délégué, Stéphane Tchalgadjieff. La couleur des mots : India song / Le Bureau d'amination cul French PN1997 .I657 2005
Irréversible / production Rossignon, Nord-ouest, Grandpierre, Eskwad histoire, camera, montage, réalization: Noe French PN1997 .I74585 2003
I do = Prete-moi ta main / a comedy by Eric Lartigau with Bernadette Lafont French PN1997 .I36 2009
Inch'Allah dimanche = Inch'Allah Sunday / Film Movement Philippe Dupuis-Mendel presente une production Bandits Longs en coproduction avec ARP un film écrit et réalisé par Yamina Benguigui French PN1997.2 .I533 2006
IP5 / Cinema Libre Studio presents a Cargo Films/Gaumont production written by Jean-Jacques Beineix, Jacques Forgeas directed by Jean-Jacques Beineix French PN1997.2 .I64 2009
In memoriam : New York City 9/11/01 / Brad Grey Pictures, a presentation of Home Box Office producers, Brad Grey, John Hoffman, Sheila Nevins English HV6432.7 .I5 2002
I'm your man : the first interactive movie on DVD / a ChoicePoint Film screenplay by Bob Bejan, Michael Ian Black, Ben Garant, Jeff Gurian, Alisa Tager producers, Irving Fuller and Paul Selwyn conceived and directed by Bob Bejan English PN1997 .I119 1998
Inside Björk / Producer Jacqui Edenbrow director Christopher Walker an Endemol UK production for One Little Indian Limited English M1771.5.B56 I57 2002
In the mix English PN1995.9.S45 I6 1990z
Identity / Columbia Pictures presents a Konrad Pictures production, a film by James Mangold producer, Cathy Konrad writer, Michael Cooney director, James Mangold English PN1997.2 .I365 2003
Inside North Korea / a Pangloss Films production for National Geographic Television & Film producer/writer, Peter Yost English DS932.7 .I57 2006
In the line of fire / a Columbia Pictures and Castle Rock Entertainment presentation English PN1997 .I57155 2000
Impressions of the old harbor of Marseilles (vieux port), 1929 / a film by László Moholy-Nagy English N6822.5.M63 A65 2007
The inaugural concert / from the Walt Disney Concert Hall English M1001.D765 I415 2009
Inside the mind of Garrett Thomas English GV1547 .I574 2005
Idi i smotri = Come and see = Viens et vois Russian PN1997 .I136 2004
I only wanted to live / Steven Spielberg and the USC Shoah Foundation Institute for Visual History and Education a film by Mimmo Calopresti French D805.5.A96 V6613 2009
The ice storm / Fox Searchlight Pictures presents a Good Machine production an Ang Lee film produced by Ted Hope, James Schamus and Ang Lee screenplay by James Schamus directed by Ang Lee English PN1997 .I22 2008
Innocence / Ex Nihilo présente un film produit par Patrick Sobelman en coproduction avec Les Ateliers de Baere, ... [et al.] un film écrit et réalisé par Lucile Hadzihalilovic French PN1997 .I66 2007
Inheriting the future of music : Pierre Boulez and the Lucerne Festival Academy = L'Avenir de la musique, un héritage : Pierre Boulez et l'Académie du festival de Lucerne / EuroArts Music presents a film by Günter Atteln & Angelika Stiehler produced English ML410.B773 I54 2010
The invention of lying / Warner Bros. Pictures presents in association with Radar Pictures and Media Rights Capital a Lynda Obst production produced by Lynda Obst ... [et al.] written and directed by Ricky Gervais & Matthew Robinson English PN1997 .I685 2010
I, robot / Twentieth Century Fox presents in association with Mediastream IV a Davis Entertainment Company/Laurence Mark/Overbrook Films production directed by Alex Proyas produced by Laurence Mark ... [et al.] screenplay by Jeff Vinta English PN1997 .I917 2004
Inside the teenage brain / a Spin Free Production for FRONTLINE/WGBH in association with CTV and Discovery Channel Canada written, produced and directed by Sarah Spinks English BF723.C5 I56 2004
Insaat / Yönetmen, Ömer Vargi, Tolgay Ziyal Turkish PN1997 .I665 2004
In search of the Hamat'sa : a tale of headhunting / written, shot, edited & directed by Aaron Glass English E99.K9 I48 2004
The Ister / Black Box Sound and Image a film by David Barison and Daniel Ross produced by David Barison and Daniel Ross English PN1997 .I748 2005
L' intégrale Pierre Etaix French PN1997 .I675 2010
Inventing America : with special guest Michael S. Harper English check josiah
Intermedia : from linking to learning / a Cambridge Studios production producer/director, Deborah Dorsey writer, Ralph Lombreglia English LB1028.5 .I586 1988
Interviu iz Shvetsii / montazh, Viktorii TSimberovoi Russian DL641.R87 I58 1995
Into the unknown with Josh Bernstein / Discovery Communications LLC English CC76 .I58 2008
Imaginary witness : Hollywood and the Holocaust / Red Envelope Entertainment directed by Daniel Anker produced by Daniel Anker, Ellin Baumel executive producers, Diana Holtzberg, Jan Rofekamp BBC ... [et al.] a production of Anker Production English D804.3 .I43 2009
In concert at the Met / a Metropolitan Opera Television production producer, Clemente D'Alessio Italian M1505.L48 .I5 2010
Iluminacja / Zespól Filmowy Tor przedstawia film p.t. scenariusz i realizacja, Krzystof Zanussi Polish PN1997 .I398 2004
In a lonely place / Columbia Pictures Corporation presents screen play by Andrew Solt adaptation by Edmund H. North a Santana production produced by Robert Lord directed by Nicholas Ray English PN1997 .I565 2003
Introducing Dorothy Dandridge / HBO Pictures presents an Esparza/Katz production in association with Berry/Cirrincione a Martha Coolidge film English PN1997.2 .I58478 1999
I am a fugitive from a chain gang / Warner Bros. Pictures, inc. & the Vitaphone Corp. by Robert E. Burns directed by Mervyn LeRoy screenplay, Howard J. Green & Brown Holmes English PN1997 .I13 2005
In this our life / Warner Bros. Pictures presents a Warner Bros.-First National picture screenplay by Howard Koch directed by John Huston English PN1997 .I57158 2008
Les innocents aux mains sales / André Génovès présente adaptation et dialogue, Claude Chabrol distribué par Films la Boétie un film de Claude Chabrol French PN1997 .I5146 2003
Ima no shugendo / Enpawa Kobo = Shugendo now / Enpower Pictures presents director, camera, editor, Jean-Marc Abela producer, Mark Patrick McGuire Japanese BQ8822 .S58 2009
Illégal / Versus production un film écrit et réalisé par Olivier Masset-Depasse produit par Jacques Henri & Olivier Bronckart un production Versus Production en coproduction avec Iris Productions, Dharamsala, Prime Time, RTBF (Télévision Belge) English PN1997 .I4376 2011
If I want to whistle, I whistle / Film Movement and Celluloid Dreams present a Strada Film production in co-production with Film i Väst and The Chimney Pot a film by Florin Serban produced by Catalin Mitulescu, Daniel Mitulescu written by Ca Romanian PN1997.2 .I425 2010
Inspector Bellamy / Alicéleo Cinéma présente scénario adaptation et dialogue, Odile Barski et Claude Chabrol produit par Patrick Godeau un film de Claude Chabrol French PN1997 .I674 2010
ITR : free video catalog of antique quilts / The Old Quilt Warehouse English TT835 .O43 1996
If God is willing and da creek don't rise / HBO Documentary Films and 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks present producers, Sam Pollard and Spike Lee director, Spike Lee English HV636 2005.L8 L44 2011
Illégal / Versus production ... [et al.] présentent un film de Olivier Masset-Depasse un film écrit et réalisé par Olivier Masset-Depasse produit par Jacques-Henri & Oliver Bronckart une production Versus Production ... [et al.] French PN1997 .I4376 2011b
L' illusionniste / Pathè présente une co-production Django Films, Cine B, France 3 Cinema produit par Bob Last, Sally Chomet scénario original, Jacques Tati réalisation, Sylvain Chomet French PN1997.2 .I457 2010
L' imposteur / un film de Julien Duvivier Universal Pictures presents Julien Duvivier's The impostor produced and directed by Julien Duvivier [original screenplay, Julien Duvivier dialogue adapted from the French by Stephen Longstreet additio English PN1997 .I4676 2006
Les invités de mon père / Move movie présente un film de Anne Le Ny une coproduction Move movie, TF1 International, France 2 cinéma scénario, Anne Le Ny et Luc Béraud produit par Bruno Levy French PN1997.2 .I5953 2010
Iphigénie en Tauride / music by Christoph Willibald Gluck libretto by Nicolas François Guillard directed for the stage by Claus Guth produced by Bernhard Fleischer directed for television by Thomas Grimm a Bernhard Fleischer Moving Images pr French M1500.G56 I6x 2011
al- Irhab wa-al-kabab / Aflam Mir al-`Arabiyah intaj `Iam Imam al-mu'allif Waid amid ikhraj Sharif `Arafah = Terrorism & bar-b-que / script, Wahid Hamed producer, Essam Emam director, Sherif Arafa Arabic PN1997 .I7415 2006
The invisible man : the legacy collection / Universal Pictures English PN1997 .I687 2004
India--the untouchables : the small secret of India / Exandas presents a production of Small Planet written, produced and directed by Yorgos Avgeropoulos co-producer, Anastasia Skoubri English DS422.C3 I53 2006
I spy. Season 1 / Peter Rodgers Organization Three F Productions executive producer, Sheldon Leonard English PN1997 .I7486 2008
I spy. Season 2 / Three F Productions Peter Rodgers Organization English PN1997 .I749 2008
I spy. Season 3 / Three F Productions Peter Rodgers Organization English PN1997 .I7493 2008
In the good old summertime / a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer silver anniversary picture a Robert Z. Leonard production produced by Loew's Incorporated written for the screen by Albert Hackett, Frances Goodrich, and Ivan Tors from a screen play by Samson R English PN1997 .I4787 2004
Interiors / Metro Goldwyn Mayer United Artists a Jack Rollins-Charles H. Joffe production director of photography, Gordon Willis produced by Charles H. Joffe written and directed by Woody Allen executive producer, Robert Greenhut English PN1997 .I5155 2005
The interrupters / Kartemquin Films presents for WGBH/Frontline, The Independent Television Service (ITVS) and BBC Storyville in association with Rise Films a film by Steve James and Alex Kotlowitz directed and photographed by Steve James pr English HN80.C5 F76 2012
Imprint / Chris Eyre and Linn Productions present in association with Ostrow & Company produced by Chris Eyre, Carolyn Linn, Michael Linn screenplay by Michael Linn and Keith Davenport directed by Michael Linn English PN1997 ..I4678 2009
Into the West / TNT presents in association with Dreamworks Television supervising producer, Kirk Ellis produced in association with Voice Pictures, Inc English PN1997 .I6757 2005
The Informer / Radio Pictures presents a John Ford production directed by John Ford associate producer, Cliff Reid screen play by Dudley Nichols English PN1997 .I5745 2006
India's hidden slavery : caste, apartheid and exploitation in the world's largest democracy / a documentary film by Michael Lawson produced in association with Dalit Freedom Network, Christian Solicarity Worldwide English DS422.C3 I535 2007
Incendies / Entertainment One presents a Micro_Scope production in co-production with TS Productions and Phi Group screenplay by Denis Villeneuve produced by Luc Déry, Kim McCraw directed by Denis Villenevue French PN1997 .I6346 2011
Ink English GV1549 .I55 2011
Introduction to laboratory safety : Chemistry/physical science / Flinn Scientific in association with Championship Productions presents written by Joshua Denhart, Bradley J. Neu, Mark W. Meszaros English QD63.5 .I65 2005
Introduction to laboratory safety : life science / Flinn Scientific in association with Championship Productions presents written by Joshua Denhart, Bradley J. Neu, Mark W. Meszaros English QH323.2 /I65 2005
In black and white : profiles of 6 African American authors / a California Newsreel release of an SSR-RTSI Swiss Television production English PS153.N5 I52 1992
Itt vagyok = Here I am / réalisé par Bálint Szimler école, SzFe, Hongrie Hungarian PN1997.2 .C536 2010
irvat dam = Blood relation / a film by Noa Ben Hgai produced by Edna Kowarsky and Elinor Kowarsky Hebrew DS119.76 .B65 2010
Ijsland = Iceland / réalisé par Gilles Coulier école, Sint-Lukas University, Belgique Dutch PN1997.2 .C536 2010
Os inconfidentes : / produção, Filmes do Serro un filme de Joaquim Pedro de Andrade Portuguese PN1997 .I47924 2005
Inside Islam : what a billion Muslims really think / executive producers, Alex Kronemer, Michael Wolfe and Unity Productions Foundation presents a film by Robert Gardner producer, director, Rob Gardner producer, Char Gardner writer, Carrie Gardn English DS35.6 .I58 2010
[Los inundados -- excerpt. Families leave after the flood] [motion picture] / Pan America Nuestra con la colaboracion del Instituto de Cinematografia de la Universidad Nacional del Litoral producer, Carlos Alberto Parrilla written and directed by Fe Spanish no call number
L' impossible Monsieur Pipelet / Pathé Consortium Cinéma présente scénario, adaptation et dialogues de Jean Hallain mise en scène de André Hunebelle [produit par René Bezard et Paul Cadéac] French PN1997 .I4675 2004
Iraq : war, love, God and madness / a production by Human Film UK/NL [and] Iraq Al-Rafidain produced by Atia al-Daradji ... [et al.] produced, written and directed by Mohamed al-Daradji Arabic PN1993.5.I72 I73 2008
Immortal / a film by Enki Bilal TFI Films production, Ciby 2000, RF2K, Force Majeure Productions, Medusa Film Production produced by Charles Gassot screenplay and adaptation by Enki Bilal and Serge Lehman English PN1997.2 .I4695 2005
The Italian straw hat / Albatros presents adapted and directed by René Clair produced by Alexandre Kamenka English PN1997 .I756 2010
It's my life / a film by Brian Tilley presented by Dominant 7, Big World Cinema, Steps for the Future, and Arte France English RA643.86.S6 I88 2010 DVD
I'm not there / the Weinstein Company presents an Endgame Entertainment production a Killer Films/John Wells and John Goldwyn production a VIP Medienfonds 4 production in association with Rising Star in association with Grey Water Park Pro English PN1997 .I1185 2008
L' idiot / Lux Compagnie cinématographique de France présente un film de Georges Lampin d'après le roman de Dostoievsky adaptation et dialogues de Charles Spaak, avec la collaboration de Georges Raewsky enregistrement, Tobis-Klangfilm une produ French PN1997 .I265 2011
In search of the English folk song / production for NVC/ARTS and Channel Four, in association with Ovation-the Arts Network English ML3652 .I5 2007
In treatment. [Season one] / Home Box Office [presented by] HBO Entertainment developed by Rodrigo Garcia English PN1997 .I47923x 2008
Inside whale hunters / produced by Daphna Rubin written and directed by Steven Hoggard English SH381 .I57 2009
Les infidèles / JD prod et Black dynamite films présentent une film de Emanuelle Bercot [and others] idée original de Jean Dujardin écrit par Jean Dujardin [and others] adaptation, Nicolas Bedos une coproduction JD prod [and others] produit pa French PN1997.2 .I5466 2012
Indignez-vous! / Arte France et Princes production présentent d'après l'ouvrage de Stéphane Hessel avec la participation de Stéphane Hessel un film de Tony Gatlif écrit et réalisé par Tony Gatlif production exécutif, Delphine Mantoulet French D443 .I54 2012
In-depth / [presented by] Deborah Tannen English P96.S48 I53 2009
Irving Berlin's White Christmas / a Paramount picture produced by Robert Emmett Dolan directed by Michael Curtiz written for the screen by Norman Krasna, Norman Panama, Melvin Frank English PN1997 .W53345 2009
Irving Berlin's Holiday Inn / a Paramount picture a Mark Sandrich production screen play by Claude Binyon adaptation by Elmer Rice produced and directed by Mark Sandrich English PN1997 .H6525 2006
Invoking justice / Sama presents a film by Deepa Dhanraj directed and produced by Deepa Dhanraj a co-production of Sama, NHK, ITVS International and the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE Tamil KNS516 .I586 2011
The invisible war / New Video Girls Club Entertainment [presented by] Chain Camera Pictures and Regina Kulik Scully and Jennifer Siebel Newsom in association with Rise Films and ITVS ... [et al.] a film by Kirby Dick & Amy Ziering produced by Tann English UB418.W65 I58 2012
Indomptable Angélique / un film de Bernard Borderie d'après le roman de Anne et Serge Golon dialogue de Pascal Jardin adaptation de Bernard Borderie, Pascal Jardin et Francis Cosne adaptation de Alain Decaux, Bernard Borderie, Francis Cosne French PN1997 .A54544 2005
Iki ya Shahrazad / ta'lif Waid amid intaj Kamil Abu `Ali ikhraj Yusri Nar Allah Arabic check josiah
L' inhumaine / Cinégraphic présente histoire féerique vue par Marcel L'Herbier French PN1997 .I659 2007
The intouchables / The Weinstein Company presents Gaumont presents a Quad production a co-production with Gaumont, TF1 Films Production, Ten Films, Chaocorp with the participation of Canal+, CinéCinéma and TF1 produced by Nicolas Duval Adassovsky, French PN1997 .I6759 2013
Into the circle : an introduction to the powwow / produced by Scott Swearingen and Sandy Rhoades English M1669 .I58 2004
Les invisibles / un film de Sébastien Lifshitz produit par Bruno Nahon une production Zadig Films en coproduction avec Rhône-Alpes Cinéma et Sylicone une distribution Ad vitam ventes internationales, Doc & Film International French HQ76.3.F8 I585 2006
Inch by inch English check josiah
In the briefs English check josiah
Inch'Allah / une coproduction Canada/France Les Films Christal présentent une production micro_scope en coproduction avec ID Unlimited en association avec July August Productions produit par Luc Déry, Kim McCraw un film de Anaïs Barbeau-La French PN1997.2 .I5328 2013
Introducing the transcendentalists / producer and director, James H. Bride a Films for the Humanities & Sciences presentation English B905 .I58 2013
Intervista / Federico Fellini prodotto da Ibrahim Moussa per la Aljosha Productions con la collaborazione di RAI 1-Cinecittà [contributing writer, Gianfranco Angelucci] scritto e diretto da Federico Fellini Italian PN1997 .I577 2005
The Italian / Paramount Pictures presents screenplay by Thomas H. Ince, C. Gardner Sullivan produced by Thomas H. Ince [directed by Reginald Barker] English PN1997 .I754 2003
Inédits films de Sébastien Lifshitz French PN1997 .P73945 2010
Intersecting sparks : art & science, research & imagination / the MBL Group in conjunction with IUP-TV, Department of Communications Media, Indiana University of Pennsylvania English NB979.L377 I68 2013
Ici et ailleurs = Here and elsewhere / produced by Jean-Luc Godard, Anne-Marie Miéville, Jean-Pierre Rassam written and directed by Jean-Luc Godard, Jean-Pierre Gorin, Anne-Marie Miéville French DS119.7 .I28x 2012
Les Inséparables / Pierre Grise Productions présente scénario et dialogues, Christine Dory, avec la collaboration de Gaëlle Macé produit par Martine Marignac un film de Christine Dory French PN1997.2 .I574 2011
The island president / Samuel Goldwyn Films ITVS Afterimage Public Media presents an Actual Films production in association with Ford Foundation and Impact Partners directed by Jon Shenk produced by Richard Berge, Bonni Cohen executive producer, English QC981.8.G56 I85 2011
In film nist = This is not a film / Jafar Panahi Film Productions writer, Jafar Panahi directors, Mojtaba Mirtahmasb, Jafar Panahi Persian DS318.84.P36 T45 2012
Inequality for all / The Weinstein Company Radius TWC a 72 production produced by Jen Chaiken and Sebastian Dungan directed by Jacob Kornbluth English HC106.84 .I543 2014
I know where I'm going! / a production of The Archers Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger present written, produced and directed by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger English PN1997 .I1397 2006
If I should fall from grace : the Shane MacGowan story / Emdee 2000 Productions English M1744.M324 I3 2006
In the life 1997 year-in-review : (Dec./Jan., episode #702) / executive producer, Charles D. Ignacio senior producer, Katherine Linton associate producer, Desireena Almoradie writer, Linda Prout a WNET/Thirteen presentation a produ English PN1992.77.I55 I65 1997
Igor Strawinsky Petrouchka Johannes Brahms Liebeslieder-Walzer op.52 [videooptagelse] Undetermined check josiah
Indo Pino / Martine Journet, Gérard Nougarol, Gabriel Chabanier English DS632.W34 I53 2002
It's my country too : Muslim Americans English BP67.U6 I86 2005
I was a teenage feminist / Trixie Films produced in association with W Network Up Front Entertainment, Inc. written & directed by Therese Shechter producer, Barbara Barde English HQ1421 .I2 2005
Iklimler = Climates / CO Production, NBC Film, Pyramide Productions yazan ve yöneten, Nuri Bilge Ceylan Turkish PN1997.2 .I56 2007
The illusionist / written and directed by Neil Burger
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English check availability
Infamous / written and directed by Douglas McGrath
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
Invincible / directed by Ericson Core written by Brad Gann
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
The invisible / directed by David S. Goyer written by Christine Roum and Mick Davis
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
I know who killed me / directed by Chris Sivertson screenplay by Jeff Hammond
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
In the land of women / produced by Steve Golan, David Kanter written and directed by Jonathan Kasdan
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
Interview / directed by Steve Buscemi screenplay by Steve Buscemi, Theodor Holman, and David Schechter
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
Independence Day / Twentieth Century Fox presents a Centropolis Entertainment production a Roland Emmerich film produced by Dean Devlin directed by Roland Emmerich written by Dean Devlin & Roland Emmerich
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English check availability
Into the wild / produced by Art Linson, Sean Penn, William Pohlad written and directed by Sean Penn
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
I am legend / produced by Akiva Goldsman ... [et al.] directed by Francis Lawrence screenplay by Mark Protosevich, Akiva Goldsman
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
In the valley of Elah / produced by Laurence Becsey written and directed by Paul Haggis
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom / Paramount Pictures produced by Robert Watts directed by Steven Spielberg screenplay by Willard Huyck, Gloria Katz
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull / produced by Frank Marshall story by George Lucas, Jeff Nathanson screenplay by David Koepp directed by Steven Spielberg
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
Indiana Jones and the raiders of the lost ark / produced by Frank Marshall directed by Steven Spielberg written by Lawrence Kasdan
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
Indiana Jones, the complete adventure collection / Paramount Pictures Lucasfilm Ltd. directed by Steven Spielberg
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
In cold blood / written for the screen and directed by Richard Brooks
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
Indiana Jones and the last crusade / Paramount Pictures, Lucasfilm produced by Robert Watts directed by Steven Spielberg story by George Lucas and Menno Meyjes screenplay by Jeffrey Boam
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
I've loved you so long / produced by Yves Marmion written and directed by Philippe Claudel
[Go to IMDB]
check availability
In the electric mist / produced by Michael Fitzgerald, Frédéric Bourboulon screenplay by Jerzy Kromolowski, Mary Olson-Kromolowski directed by Bertrand Tavernier
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
The incredible Hulk / produced by Avi Arad, Kevin Feige, Gale Ann Hurd screenplay by Zak Penn directed by Louis Leterrier
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
The International / Relativity Media in association with Atlas Entertainment, Mosaic Media Group, Papillon Productions, Rose Line Productions, Siebte Babelsberg Film, Studio Babelsberg [and] X-Filme Creative Pool produced by Lloyd Phillips, Charles Rove
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
I love you, man / produced by Donald De Line, John Hamburg screenplay by John Hamburg, Larry Levin directed by John Hamburg
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
I am legend / Warner Bros. Pictures presents Village Roadshow Pictures in association with Weed Road Overbrook Entertainment 3 Arts Entertainment Heyday Films Original Film produced by Akiva Goldsman, David Heyman, James Lassiter, Neal H. Mo
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English check availability
The informant! / produced by Howard Braunstein ... [et al.] screenplay by Scott Z. Burns directed by Steven Soderbergh
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
Iron jawed angels / directed by Katja von Garnier teleplay by Sally Robinson ... [et al.]
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
In the loop / produced by Kevin Loader, Adam Tandy written by Jesse Armstrong ... [et al.] directed by Armando Iannucci
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
Invictus / produced by Clint Eastwood ... [et al.] screenplay by Anthony Peckham directed by Clint Eastwood
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
The invention of lying / produced by Ricky Gervais ... [et al.] written and directed by Ricky Gervais, Matthew Robinson
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
Io sono l'amore / una produzione Mikado Film/First Sun in collaborazione con Rai Cinema in associazione con Dolce Vita Productions e Pixel DNA sceneggiatura, Barbara Alberti, Ivan Cotroneo, Walter Fasano, Luca Guadagnino basato su una storia
[Go to IMDB]
check availability
Inception / Warner Bros. Pictures presents in association with Legendary Pictures a Syncopy production a film by Christopher Nolan produced by Emma Thomas, Christopher Nolan written and directed by Christopher Nolan
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
Imagine that / Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies present a Di Bonvenura Pictures production produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Ed Solomon written by Ed Solomon & Chris Matheson directed by Karey Kirkpatrick
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
Iron Man 2 / Paramount Pictures and Marvel Entertainment present a Marvel Studios production, in association with Fairview Entertainment, a Jon Favreau film produced by Kevin Feige executive producers, Alan Fine, Stan Lee, David Maisel screenpla
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
It's complicated / Universal Pictures presents in association with Relativity Media, a Waverly Films/Scott Rudin production produced by Nancy Meyers, Scott Rudin written and directed by Nancy Meyers executive producer, Ilona Herzberg, Suzann
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
Iron Man / produced by Avi Arad, Kevin Feige screenplay by Mark Fergus ... [et al.] directed by Jon Favreau
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
In Bruges / Focus Features presents in association with Film4 a Blueprint Pictures production in association with Scion Films a Martin McDonagh film produced by Graham Broadbent, Pete Czernin written and directed by Martin McDonagh
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English check availability
I love you Phillip Morris / LD Entertainment Roadside Attractions EuropaCorp presents a Mad Chance production produced by Andrew Lazar & Far Shariat written and directed by John Requa & Glenn Ficarra
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
I saw the Devil / produced by Hyun-woo Kim screenplay by Hoon-jung Park directed by Jee-woon Kim
[Go to IMDB]
check availability
Inside job / produced by Charles Ferguson, Audrey Marrs written by Chad Beck, Adam Bolt directed by Charles Ferguson
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
Insidious / produced by Jason Blum, Oren Peli, Steven Schneider written by Leigh Whannell directed by James Wan
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
Inglourious basterds / produced by Lawrence Bender written and directed by Quentin Tarantino
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
The Ides of March / produced by George Clooney, Grant Heslov, Brian Oliver screenplay by George Clooney, Grant Heslov, Beau Willimon directed by George Clooney
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
Into the abyss : a tale of death, a tale of life / produced, written, and directed by Werner Herzog
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
The Iron Lady / produced by Damian Jones written by Abi Morgan directed by Phyllida Lloyd
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
In darkness / produced by Leander Carell ... [et al.] written by David F. Shamoon directed by Agnieszka Holland
[Go to IMDB]
check availability
The imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus / Sony Pictures Classics produced by Amy Gilliam ... [et al.] written by Terry Gilliam, Charles McKeown directed by Terry Gilliam
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English check availability
The impossible / a Summit Entertainment release, presented with Mediaset Espana, of an Apaches Entertainment and Telecinco Cinema production, in association with La Trini ... [et al.] produced by Belen Atienza ... [et al.] screenplay, Sergio G. Sanche
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English check availability
Identity thief / produced by Pamela Abdy, Jason Bateman, Scott Stuber screenplay by Craig Mazin directed by Seth Gordon
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
Iron Man 3 / produced by Kevin Fiege screenplay by Drew Pearce, Shane Black directed by Shane Black
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
The internship / produced by Shawn Levy, Vince Vaughn written by Vince Vaughn, Jared Stern directed by Shawn Levy
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
The informant! / produced by Howard Braunstein ... [et al.] screenplay by Scott Z. Burns directed by Steven Soderbergh
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
Inequality for all / produced by Jennifer Chaiken, Sebastian Dungan directed by Jacob Kornbluth
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English check availability
In a world ... / produced by Lake Bell, Mark Roberts, Jett Steiger, Eddie Vaisman written and directed by Lake Bell
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English check availability

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