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Library and archival disaster, preparedness & recovery / written by Richard F. Young and David J. Tinsley produced by BiblioPrep Films English Z701 .L52x 1986
The Long search / produced by BBC in association with Time-Life Television, R.M. Productions, Munich English BL80.2 .L64x 1980z
Legacies / a co-production of WGBH Boston, Central Independent Television/UK and Antenne-2, France producer, Richard Ellision English DS557.7 .V558x 1987
Live at Montreux / LP Music Group English M1366 .L37x 1980z
The Ladies sing the blues / Minnesota Studio, Inc. executive producers, William Semans and Jonathon Lazear producer, Tom Jenz editor, Paul Henschel writer/narrator, Leigh Kamman English ML3521 .L3x 1988
Latin America, [intervention in] our own backyard / produced by Anthony Potter Productions in association with Reeves Entertainment Group produced by William Kronick, Charles Musser written by Anthony Potter English F1418 .L384x 1978
Los Angeles California art scene / directed and produced by David Howard English N6535.L6 L58x 1986
Lucy Lippard / producer-interviewer James Johnson English N72.P6 L83x 1987
Light of the gods / National Gallery of Art English N5630 .L54x 1988
The Last of the Blue Devils / directed by Bruce Ricker produced by John Kelly, Bruce Ricker, Edward Beyer English ML419.B19 L38x 1990
Leading questions / with Bill Moyers produced by Leslie Clark writers, Bill Moyers, Leslie Clark, Andie Tucher a production of Alvin H. Perlmutter, Inc. and Public Affairs Television, Inc English HN90.P8 P815x 1989
Leonid Kogan : interpretations / filmed by Gostelradio USSR directors, Dennis M. Hedlund, I Prefaransky English M218 .L46x 1986
Louise Nevelson in process / WNET/13 directed by Susan Fanshel and Jill Godmilow English NB237.N43 L68x 1977
LBJ / a KERA production in association with David Grubin Productions, Inc. presented by WGBH Boston, WNET New York, and KCET Los Angeles English E847 .L24x 1991
Larkspur Fine Arts presents the Edward S. Curtis portfolios English E77 .L37x 1989
Lindbergh / presented by WGBH/Boston, WNET/New York, KCET/Los Angeles produced and directed by Stephen Ives English TL540.L5 L56x 1990
Love in the cold war / a Windfall Films production written, produced and directed by Eric Stange & David Dugan English HX86 .L78x 1991
The Land where the blues began / [presented by] North Carolina Public TV a program by Alan Lomax, John M. Bishop, Worth W. Long English ML3521 .L36x 1991
Lost horizon / Columbia Pictures Corporation a Frank Capra production directed by Frank Capra English PN1997 .L68x 1989
Latin America / produced by World Beat Associates co-produced by the Foreign Policy Association and Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service English JX1391 .G74x 1992
The Life & death of King John / produced by Shaun Sutton directed by David Giles English PN1997 .L57x 1988
The Life of Henry the Fift [sic] / by William Shakespeare producer, Cedric Messina director, David Giles English PN1997 .H35x 1988
Love's labour's lost / presented by the British Broadcasting Corporation produced by Shaun Sutton directed by Elijah Moshinsky English PN1997 .L78x 1988
Liberators : fighting on two fronts in World War II / Miles Educational Film Productions, Inc., in association with Thirteen/WNET for The American Experience English D769.306 761st L52x 1992
The Lost James Brown tapes / produced by Chris Mould and Alan Douglas for Gravity in association with Screen Ventures English M1630.18.B78 L68x 1991
Louis Jordan & his Tympany Five / produced by David Scot Copeland English M1630.18 .L67x 1992
Low Reynolds number flows / produced by Educational Services Incorporated [under the direction of] the National Committee for Fluid Mechanics Films English TA357 .L78x 1988
Learn to play Irish fiddle / taught by Kevin Burke English MT279.5 .L42x 1993
Learning bluegrass fiddle / taught by Kenny Kosek English MT279.5 .L44x 1984
Learning to flatpick English MT582 .L42x 1984
Learn to play Cajun fiddle / taught by Michael Doucet English MT279.5 .L418x 1993
Ludwig the Mad of Bavaria / FR 3 and Pathe Cinema English DD801.B387 L83x 1992
Leo Castelli : XXXth anniversary, 1957-1987 / an Art New York production English N8660.C37 L46x 1988
Leonard Bernstein's young people's concerts / Sony Classical with the New York Philharmonic English ML3928.B47 Y6x 1993
Der letzte Mann / directed by F.W. Murnau German PN1997 .L53x 1993
Landmarks & legends / WETA-TV produced by Jackson Frost English F195 .S35x 1989
A legacy of change / produced and directed by Mary Sloane. English NA9127.P9 L44x 1993
Lady day : the many faces of Billie Holiday / Toby Byron/Multiprises in association with Taurus Film, Munich and Video Arts Japan English ML420.H58 L32x 1991
La Scala : the world's greatest grand opera house / directed by Pietro Merlini Olimpo Cinematografica English ML1733.8.M5 S285x 1990
Lightnin' Hopkins & Roosevelt Sykes English ML420.H63 L54x 1993
Legends of bottleneck blues guitar English M1630.18 .L432x 1994
Legends of country blues guitar English M1630.18 .L433x 1994
Legends of traditional fingerstyle guitar English M1630.18 .L435x 1994
Legends of country blues guitar. 2 / Vestapol Productions, a division of Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop Inc English M1630.18 .L4332x 1994
The life and times of Allen Ginsberg / a film by Jerry Aronson English AR774g
Lucille Clifton / the Lannan Foundation in association with Metropolitan Pictures and EZTV produced and directed by Lewis MacAdams and John Dorr English CL7223L
Luis J. Rodriguez / the Lannan Foundation directed by Dan Griggs English RO6965L
Learn to play old-time fiddle / taught by Brad Leftwich directed by Happy Traum English MT279.5 .L43x 1994
Lily May Ledford English ML419.L43 L55x 1988
Loretta Lynn : honky tonk girl English ML420.L947 L67x 1991
Live from Savai Gandharva Music Festival, Pune '92 : Pandit Jasraj. Hindi M1808 .L5119x 1992
Live from Savai Gandharva Music Festival, Pune '92 : Indian classical dance, Kuchipudi Marathi M1808 .L517x 1993
Live from Savai Gandharva Music Festival, Pune '92 : Indian classical dance : Nritya ganga. Marathi M1808 .L516x 1993
Live from Savai Gandharva Music Festival, Pune '92 : Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia tabla, Ustad Zakir Hussain English M1808 .L511x 1993
Live from Savai Gandharva Music Festival, Pune '92 : Parveen Sultana Jayashree Patanekar Multilingual M1808 .L5111x 1993
Live from Savai Gandharva Music Festival, Pune '92 : Sarangi: Sultan Kahn vocal classical: Pandit Jitendra Abhisheki Marathi M1808 .L5118x 1993
Legends of old time music / [by Mark Humphrey] Vestapol Productions English M1630.18 .L4325x 1995
Live from Savai Gandharva Music Festival, Pune '92 : Sitar, Usman Khan. Marathi M1808 .L512x 1993
Live from Savai Gandharva Music Festival, Pune '92 : vocal classical. Marathi M1808 .L513x 1993
A litany for survival : the life and work of Audre Lorde / a film by Ada Gay Griffin & Michelle Parkerson English PS3562.O75 Z655x 1996
Louise Glück / the Lannan Foundation in association with Metropolitan Pictures and EZTV produced and directed by Lewis MacAdams and John Dorr English GL9483L
Legends of the Delta blues. English M1630.18 .L4345x 1995
Lullaby of birdland / V.I.E.W. Inc English M1366.S52 G46x 1992
Leonard Bernstein : the gift of music : an intimate portrait of Leonard Bernstein as composer, conductor, performer and teacher / a production of JTTC and UNITEL in association with Amberson Productions, Inc English ML410.B566 G54x 1993
Lightnin' Hopkins, rare performances, 1960-1979 / Vestapol Productions presents English M1630.18.H66 L522x 1994
Learn to play clawhammer banjo / taught by Bob Carlin. English MT568 .L43x 1995
Learn to play Irish concertina / Homespun Tapes directed by Happy Traum English MT681.8 .L43x 1995
Life with father Father's little dividend English PN1997 .L573x 1985
Letting go : a hospice journey / [presented by] Home Box Office Maysles Films, Inc. producer, Susan Froemke, Douglas Graves English R726.8 .L48x 1996
The Lau of Malaita / Granada Television English GN671.S6 L38x 1994
Legends of country music : featuring the stars of the Grand Ole Opry of the fabulous fifties / Gannaway Productions Inc. English M1630.18 .L4335x 1988
[ Lambda]-trees and their applications / John W. Morgan English QA166.2 .A15x 1991
Legends of country guitar / Vestapol Productions a division of Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop, Inc English M1630.18 .L4334x 1997
Leonard Bernstein at Harvard : the unanswered question / written by Leonard Bernstein producer, Douglas Smith English MT6 .L358x 1992
The love of Jeanne Ney / directed by G.W. Pabst. English PN1997 .L75x 1993
The lovers' exile / the Bunraku Theatre of Japan in a film by Marty Gross. English PN1997 .L788x 1990z
Lumière & Company / directed by Sarah Moon French PN1995.9.E96 L86x 1996
Lookout sister / Astor Pictures Corp. produced by Berle Adams directed by Bud Pollard. English PN1997 .L677x 1996
The lady from Shanghai / Columbia Pictures Corporation screenplay by Orson Welles produced and directed by Orson Welles English PN1997 .L33x 1991
Light on the stones : the medieval church of Vézelay / written and directed by Georgia Wright produced by Cynthia Cederroth and Georgia Wright English NA5543 .L54x 1991
Learn to play Irish button accordion / Homespun Tapes directed by Happy Traum English MT681.8 .L42x 1995
Learn to play Irish tinwhistle / taught by L.E. McCullough English MT358.P45 L43x 1996
Liberty! : the American Revolution / produced and directed by Ellen Hovde, Muffie Meyer a production of KTCA-TV in association with Middlemarch Films, Inc English E208 .L5x 1997
Live from Savai Gandharva Music Festival, Pune '92 : vocal classical, Pandit Bhimsen Joshi. Marathi M1808 .L5118x 1993
Lucía / Cuban Institute of Art and Film Industry production, Raúl Canosa, Camilo Vives story and direction, Humberto Solas scenography, Pedro García Espinosa, Roberto Miqueli Spanish PN1997 .L815x 1987b
The Loop : where the skyscraper began / directed by Wayne Boyer written by Wayne Boyer and Eleanor Boyer with Judith Paine McBrien produced by Judith Paine McBrien production, Wayne Boyer Studios. English NA6232 .L66x 1992
The life and times of Rosie the riveter / produced and directed by Connie Field. English D810.W7 L54x 1987
Latcho drom = Bonne route / un film de Tony Gatlif Romany PN1997 .L38x 1996
London : a city in transition / TransTel a film by Gaby Imhof-Weber. English NA970 .L663x 1999
The language you cry in / directed and produced by Alvaro Toepke & Angel Serrano written by Alvaro Toepke. English ML3556 .L36x 1998
The last klezmer Leopold Kozlowski, his life and music / a film by Yale Strom a New Yorker Films release Mäelström Films English ML3776 .L37x 1996
Living in America : one hundred years of Ybor City / producer, director, Gayle Jamison. English F319.T2 L58x 1987
The last command / Paramount Famous Lasky Corp. directed by Josef von Sternberg screenplay, John F. Goodrich. English PN1997 .L3436x 1991
Der Literaturbetrieb in der Bundesrepublik : 4 Expertengespräche / Produktion, MedienZentrum Universität Essen. German Z313 .L748x 1997
The long walk home / Artisan Entertainment New Visions Pictures written by John Cork produced by Howard W. Koch, Jr., Dave Bell directed by Richard Pearce. English PN1997 .L676x 1991
The lost weekend / Paramount Pictures, Inc. screen play by Charles Brackett and Billy Wilder produced by Charles Brackett directed by Billy Wilder. English PN1997 .L74x 1990
Lone star / Castle Rock entertainment presents a Rio Dulce production produced by R. Paul Miller and Maggie Renzi written, directed and edited by John Sayles. English PN1997 .L67x 1999
Lawrence of Arabia / screenplay by Robert Bolt produced by Sam Spiegel directed by David Lean produced by Horizon Pictures (G.B.) released through Columbia Pictures Corporation. English PN1997 .L39x 1998
Long night's journey into day / an Iris Films production Iris Feminist Collective directors, Frances Reid & Deborah Hoffmann producer, Frances Reid. English DT1945 .L663x 2000
The language of life. Love's confusing joy / produced & directed by David Grubin a production of David Grubin Productions, Inc. and Public Affairs Television, Inc. a presentation of Thirteen, WNET, New York. English PK6482 .L36x 1995
Lewis Mumford on the city / a National Film Board of Canada production producer/writer, Ian MacNeill director and camera, Christopher Chapman ... [et al.]. English HT111 .L49x 1990z
The life and times of Sara Baartman : The Hottentot Venus / produced by Philip Brooks and Harriet Gavshon directed by Zola Maseko narration written by Christian Docin-Julien Dominant 7, Mail & Guardian Television, France 3 and SABC 2. English DT1058.K56 L54x 1998
Legacy / director, producer and writer, Tod S. Lending Nomadic Pictures a presentation of Home Box Office. English F548.9.N4 L44x 2000
Latin and African Americans : friends or foes? / Blue Pearl Entertainment produced and distributed by M.G. Perin, Inc. writer/producer, Emilce Elgarresta. English E184.S75 L33x 1998
Layali ibn awa = Jackal nights / [a film by Abdulahtif Abdulhamid] Arabic PN1997 .L395x 1990
Listening for clues : Marsalis on form / written by Wynton Marsalis Daniel Anker, Laura Mitgang, producers Gary Bradley, director English MT90 .M27x 1995
Latinos, the life of the spirit / KLRN, San Antonio Alamo Public Telecommunications Council English BR563.H57 L38x 1993
The Last Supper = La Ultima Cena / producción, Santiago Llapur, Camilo Vives argumento y dirección, T.G. Alea. Spanish PN1997 L36x 1990z
Der Lauf der Dinge / eines Produktion der T&C Film AG, Zürich und Alfred Richterich ein Film von Peter Fischli, David Weiss n/a PN3203 .L38x 1987
I Lombardi alla prima crociata = The Lombards at the first crusade : opera / music by Giuseppe Verdi libretto by Temistocle Solera presented by National Video Corporation in association with Radiotelevisione italiana produced by Gabriele Lavia d Italian M1500.V4 L66x 1984b
The last waltz / The Last Waltz Productions, Inc. produced by Robbie Robertson directed by Martin Scorsese English ML421.B345 L37x 1988
Linguistics of American Sign Language : course videotape / Clayton Valli and Ceil Lucas English HV2474 .L56x 2001
Listen up : [the lives of Quincy Jones] / produced by Courtney Sale Ross directed by Ellen Weissbrod Warner Bros English ML419.J7 L57x 1990
Lurker in the lobby : [the best of the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival]. Volume II / Beyond Books presents produced by Andrew Migliore, Beyond Books English PS3523.O82 Z98 L87 2000
Lord of the dance / John Reid Enterprises, Harvey Goldsmith and Unicorn Entertainment Ltd. English GV1688.I73 L67x 1999
Luis Buñuel's the exterminating angel / from a story by Buñuel and Luis Alcoriza. Spanish PN1997 .E965x 1991
Laberinto de pasiones = Labyrinth of passion / [written and directed by Pedro Almodovar] an Alphaville production Spanish PN1997 .L32x 1990
Liberty & limits : the Federalist idea 200 years later / Corporation for Public Broadcasting produced by Seminars, Inc. in association with the Twentieth Century Fund English KF4550 .L47x 2000
Louis Kahn : silence and light / Michael Blackwood Productions in association with Saarländischer Rundfunk produced and directed by Michael Blackwood English NA737.K32 L69x 2002
Lincoln / Kunhardt Productions written and produced by Philip B. Kunhardt III, Philip B. Kunhardt, Jr. produced and directed by Peter W. Kunhardt English E457 .L75x 1994
Luis Rosales : A fondo / Editrama, Trasbals Video una producción de RTVE dirección y presentación Joaquín Soler Serrano Spanish PQ6633.O78 L85x 2002
Life and debt / a Tuff Gong Pictures production produced and directed by Stephanie Black English HC154 .L54x 2001
Laetitia Sonami, Jarryd Lowder / Roulette TV in collaboration with DCTV. English ML385 .L34x 2002
The last temptation of Christ / Universal Pictures and Cineplex Odeon Films present a Martin Scorsese picture screenplay by Paul Schrader produced by Barbara De Fina directed by Martin Scorsese English PN1997 .L375x 2000
Lorca, muerte de un poeta / ua pelicula dirigida por Juan Antonio Bardem con guión del prestigioso historiador Ian Gibson Y Mario Camus una producción de Accion Films S.A. para Televisión Española, S.A. Spanish PN1997 .L679x 2000
La Leona de Castilla / direccion, Juan de Orduña Spanish PN1997 .L435x 1997
Lucía y el sexo = Sex and Lucia / una producción de Sogecine realizada por Alicia Produce con la participación de Canal+ España, la particpación de TVE (Television Española) y Studio Canal France producers, Fernando Bovaira, Enrique López Lavigne Spanish PN1997 .L817x 2003
El lugar sin limites = place without limits / [presented by] Conacite Dos Spanish PN1997 .L826x 2001
Luis Buñuel's Simon of the desert / producer, Gustavo Alatriste director, Luis Buñuel screenplay by Buñuel and Julio Alejandro photography, Gabriel Figueroa Spanish PN1997 .L83x 1996
La lectrice = The reader / une coproduction Éléfilm ... [et al.] un film réalisé par Michel Deville French PN1997 .L423x 1989
The life of Emile Zola / Warner Bros. Pictures Inc. directed by William Dieterle English PN1997 .L5726x 1989
La loi du collège / un feuilleton documentaire filmé et réalisé par Mariana Otero French LA698 .L65x 1990z
Lettre pour L... / un film de Romain Goupil French PN1997 .L4567x 1990z
Lucie Aubrac / a film by Claude Berri French PN1997 .L7887x 1990z
Les Liaisons dangereuses / director, Roger Vadim. French PN1997 .L5378x 1980z
Lost boys / a CBC television production produced and directed by Frances-Mary Morrison English BF723.P33 L67x 1993
Laissez-passer / un film de Bertrand Tavernier French PN1997 .L33524x 2002
Ladri di biciclette = The bicycle thief / un film di Vittorio de Sica Italian PN1997 .L325x 1998
Lamerica / Cecchi Gori Group Mario e Vittorio Cecchi Gori presentano un film di Gianni Amelio soggetto e sceneggiatura, Gianni Amelio, Andrea Porporati, Alessandro Sermoneta Italian PN1997 .L335268x 1998
La leggenda del pianista sull'oceano / directed by Giuseppe Tornatore Italian PN1997 .L433x 1998
Lazaro de Tormes / una producción de Lolafilms, S.A. con la participación de Vía Digital y Televisión Española Spanish PN1997 .L397x 2001
Los lunes al sol / Sogepaq presenta una producción Elías Querejeta y Jaume Roures, Mediapro en coproducción con Jerome Vidal, Quo Vadis Cinema, Andrea Occhipinti, S.R.L. y Televisión de Galicia, S.A. dirección, Fernando León de Aranoa guión, Fernando Spanish PN1997 .L865x 2002
Laberinto de pasiones / guión y direccion, Pedro Almodóvar Spanish PN1997 .L32x 1990z
La ley del deseo = Law of desire / una producción El Deseo, S.A Spanish PN1997 .L5374x 1990z
Len Lye, rhythms English PN1997 .L94x 2001
Louis I. Kahn : an offering to architecture / a film by Peter Kirby produced by Media Art Services English NA737.K32 L678x 1992
Leo Tolstoy / a Poseidon Films and Gosteleradio co-production for Channel Four producer, Roman Petrovsky executive producer, Frixos Constantine director, S. Sivachenko writer, D. Sarychev English PG3385 .L416x 1999
Luzia Homem / Sagres Cinema, TV e Video apresenta Lucy e Luiz Carlos Barreto apresentam um filme de Fábio Barreto argumento, Bruno Barreto, Carlos Diegues, Aguinaldo Silva roteiro, Tyrone Feitosa colaboração no roteiro, Fábio Barreto uma p Portuguese PN1997 .L89x 1991
Live in Bruxelles / 242.pilots producer, Anne Hislaire English M1473.A1242 L58x 2002
Looking for a space : lesbians & gay men in Cuba = Buscando un espacio : los homosexuales en Cuba Spanish HQ76.3.C9 L66x 1993
A land of smiles / Bay Street Pictures produced by Seabourne Enterprises (Film Productions) Ltd. directed by Deben Bhattacharya. English ML3758.T4 L36x 2003
Luchino Visconti : a portrait / Felix Films, Roma directed by Carlo Lizzani Italian PN1997 .L789x 1999
Lola vende cá / una producción de Ferrán Llagostera, Centre Promotor de la Imatge, S.A. y José Antonio Romero, Rioja Films, Canal+ España una película de Llorenç Soler guión, Josep Albanel, Llorenç Soler Spanish PN1997 .L65x 2002
Lugares comunes / una producción de Tornasol Films, Adolfo Aristarain con Shazam S.A. y Pablo Larguia Producciones con la particiapación TVE productores, Gerardo Herrero dirigida por Adolfo Aristarain guión, Adolfo Aristarain y Kathy Saavedra Spanish PN1997 .L828x 2002
Lloyd Wright & Richard Neutra : Homes & churches English NA737.W7 L66x 2002
L.A. Mohel / student produced at the University of Southern California [School of Cinema & Television] English BM705 .L35x 1999
Lo mejor de Joselito / director Antonio del Amo. Spanish PN1997 .J63x 2001
Louis Sullivan's banks : the jewel boxes of the Prairie English NA737.S9 L68x 2002
Lagaan = Lagana : once upon a time in India / a Set Pictures release Aamir Khan Productions Jhamu Sughand presents Aamir Khan Productions' screenplay, Ashutosh Gowariker, Kumar Dave, Sanjay Dayma produced by Aamir Khan written and directed b Hindi PN1997 .L3352x 2001
The Lincoln Funeral Train / produced by Bill Warrick. English E457.52 .L38x 2000
El lugar donde estuvo el paraíso / dirigida por Gerardo Herrero. Spanish PN1997 .L825x 2002
Lohengrin / produced by ORF/BR/RM Arts and Pioneer LDC Inc. in association with the Vienna State Opera a Public Media Incorporated release executive producer, Franz Kabelka stage director, Wolfgang Weber video director, Brian Large German M1500.W13 L5x 2001
Land and freedom / Parallax Pictures English PN1997 .L33526x 1996
The legend of Paul and Paula = Die Legende von Paul und Paula / Icestorm International presents a DEFA Film German PN1997 .L425x 1999
El lapiz del carpintero / una película de Antón Reixa basada en la novela de Manual Rivas. Spanish PN1997.2 .L37x 2003
Lucie Aubrac / avec la participation du Centre National de la Cinématographie, Region Rhone-Alpes, Canal+ une coproduction Renn Productions TF1 Films Production, Rhône-Alpes Cinema, D.A. Films, PriceL director, Claude Berri producteur exécutif, French PN1997 .L7887x 2003
Love in the city / I.F.E. Releasing Corporation presents a Faro Film production producers, Cesare Zavattini, Ricardo Ghione, Marco Ferreri Italian PN1997 .L749x 1980z
The leopard English PN1997 .L4356x 2004
Das Leben ist eine Baustelle / X Filme Creative Pool Filmstiftung NRW WDR ARTE Filmboard Berlin-Brandenburg German PT1997 .L3976x 2001
Los ladrones somos gente honrada / director, Pedro Louis Ramírez. Spanish PN1997 .L328x 2002
The Legacy : murder and media, politics and prisons / written, produced and directed by Michael J. Moore English HV8708 .L44x 2003
Luci del varietà = Variety lights / un film Capitolium produttori associati Lattuada-Fellini regia di Alberto Lattuada e Federico Fellini Italian PN1997 .L7895x 2000
The last kiss = L'ultimo bacio / una produzione Fandango in collaborazione con Medusa Film produtto da Domenico Procacci dirreto da Gabriele Muccino soggetto e sceneggiatura, Gabriele Muccino Italian PN1997 .L3438x 2001
Lamerica / Arena Films Cecchi Gori Group Tiger Cinematografica Centre National de la Cinematographie le Studio Canal+ Radiotelevisione Italiana Vega Film Productions producers, Mario Cecchi Gori, Vittorio Cecchi Gori writers, Gianno Amel Italian PN1997 .L335268x 2004
Los que tocan el piano / dirigida por Javier Aguirre. Spanish PN1997 .L6798x 2003
Lola rennt / X Filme Creative Pool ... [et al.] einen Film von Tom Tykwer. German PN1997 .L64x 2003
The life and legend of Sojourner Truth / produced, directed and written by Lynn C. Spangler English E185.97.T8 L54x 2001
Licensed to kill / producer, director, writer, editor, Arthur Dong English HV6250.4.H66 L53x 2003
The Lawrence Welk show. v. 9 / Teleklew Productions produced & directed by James Hobson English MT733.7 .L395x 1988
Life and nothing more / written and directed by Abbas Kiarostami Persian PN1997 .L546x 1996
La ley de Herodes = Herod's law / Bandidos Films presentan una película de Luis Estrada productor y director, Luis Estrada argumento, Luis Estrada, Jaime Sampietro guión, Luis Estrada, Jaime Sampietro, Fernando León, Vicente Leñero una producci Spanish PN1997 .L537x 2003
The Littlest outlaw / Walt Disney Company directed by Roberto Gavaldon. English PN1997 .L67 1987z
Los Four : Murals of Aztlán : the street painters of East Los Angeles English PN1997 .L6796x 2004
La loca / Producciones Zacarías México argumento original, Miguel Zacarías, Edmundo Baez director, Miguel Zacarías Spanish PN1997 .L597x 2002
Lo que mas queremos / Producciones Zacarias S.A. direccion Miguel Zacarias. Spanish PN1997 .L68x 2003
Lisboa / a Vanguard Cinema/Condor Media release, a Blue Legends, Alta Films, GRPC, EPC/Sinfoniá Otoñal production with TVE and Via Digital producers, Federico Bermudez de Castro, Marcelo Itzkoff ... [et al.] writer, Enrique Brasó directo Spanish PN1997 .L585x 2002
Léolo [enregistrement vidéo] / une coproduction Canada-France produit par les Productions du Verseau et Flach Film, le Studio Canal Plus, en coproduction avec l'Office national du film du Canada productrices, Lyse Lafontaine et Aimée Danis scénari French PN1997 .L424x 2002
Little Senegal / Jean Bréhat et Rachid Bouchareb présentent une coproduction 3B Productions, France 2 Cinema, TaunusFilm International, Tassili Films avec les participations de Cofimage 11 et Gimages 3, Canal+ un film de Rachid Bouchareb French PN1997 .L5894x 2004
The last Communist / produced for the Documentary Consortium by WGBH/Boston Stephanie Tepper, producer/director William Cran, writer English F1788 .L37x 1992
Lights up! : getting started as a playwright / Australian Broadcasting Company producer, Jim Roberts English PN1661 .L56x 2001
Lulu / by Alban Berg Glyndebourne Festival Opera producer, Simon Flind an NVC Arts production for Channel Four in association with ZDF/3 SAT German M1500.B48 L85x 2003
The Lumière Brothers' first films / Kino International [presented by] the Lumière Brothers' Association English PN1993.5.F7 L85 1997
Laafi : tout va bien / un film de S. Pierre Yameogo Les Films de l'Espoir, Burkina Faso Thelma Film, Zurich scripte, Isabelle Chesneau production, Pierre-Alain Meier, S. Pierre Yameogo. Nigerian PN1997 .L225x 1990z
Language and character / a presentation of Films for the Humanities & Sciences an Arts International-London Weekend Television production producers, Melvyn Bragg, Nick Evans director, John Carlaw English PR3072 .L35x 2002
Libertad provisional / una producción Agata Films producción, José Luis Dibildos un film de Roberto Bodegas. Spanish PN1997 .L538x 2004
Lewis & Clark : the journey of the Corps of Discovery / a film by Ken Burns a [production of] Florentine Films and WETA-TV produced by Dayton Duncan and Ken Burns written by Dayton Duncan English F592.7 .L689 2004
Lola / dirección, Maria Novaro. Spanish PN1997 .L63x 1990
Landmarks of early film / Film Preservation Associates produced by David Shepard English PN1993.5.A1 L36 1994
Lola Montès / A Janus Film presentation une co-production, Gamma Films, Florida Films, Union Films Gamma-Film présente un film de Max Ophuls d'après un roman de Cecil Saint Laurent scènario de Max Ophuls adaptation de Annette Wademant et M French PN1997 .L637x 1999
Lista de espera = Waiting list / Tornasol Films, S.A. (Spain) ICAIC (Cuba) DMVB (France) Tabasco Films/Producciones Amaranta (Mexico) Road Movies Film Production (Germany) produced by Gerardo Herrero, Camilo Vives and Thierry Forte scr Spanish PN1997 .L586x 2004
Lincoln's secret weapon / a Nova production by ZoëTV and Liquid Pictures for WGBH/Boston in association with Channel 4 produced by D.J. Roller & Jonathan Wickham written by Jonathan Wickham directed by Kirk Wolfinger English E595.M7 L56 2000
Last stand at Little Big Horn / a Midnight Films production for American experience WGBH Educational Foundation and WNET/Thirteen produced and directed by Paul Stekler written by James Welch and Paul Stekler English E83.876 .L337x 2004
Latino Jews. Part II : journey to the Americas / producer/director: Carlos E. de Martiní WGBH Educational Foundation English F75.J5 L37x 1997
Loves of a blonde / Barrandov Studio Production directed by Milos Forman Czech PN1997 .L7885x 1993
Luo tuo Xiangzi = Rickshaw boy / Beijing dian ying zhi pian chang Chinese PN1997 .L96x 2003
Lev Tolstoi = Leo Tolstoy / stsenari i postanovka Sergeia Gerasimova Sovexportfilm presents Slovenska Filmova Tvorva Russian PG3385 .L46x 1984
The little prince : an opera / based on the book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry music by Rachel Portman libretto by Nicholas Wright BBC Wales, Sony Classical, Thirteen/WNET New York, Houston Grand Opera co-production English M1500.P847 L57x 2004
Long life, happiness and prosperity / Film Movement, Odeon Films and Oasis International present a Shaftesbury Films/Massey production writers, Dennis Foon, Mina Shum producers, Christina Jennings, Raymond Massey, Scott Garvie director, Mina English PN1997 .L6757x 2004
Light of my eyes / Film Movement in association with Lionello Cerri and Luigi Musini present an Albachiara/RAI Cinema production a film by Giuseppe Piccioni screenplay, Umberto Contarello, Linda Ferri, Giuseppe Piccioni produced by Lionello Italian PN1997 .L575x 2001
The life and times of Frida Kahlo / a production of Daylight Films and WETA, Washington D.C. in association with Latino Public Broadcasting a film by Amy Stechler English PN1997 .L57165x 2005
Lucía / [presented by] the Cuban Institute of Art and Film Industry production, Raúl Canosa, Camilo Vives script, Humberto Solas, Julio García Espinosa, Nelson Rodríguez story and direction, Humberto Solas. Spanish PN1997 .L815x 1987
Le Corbusier : Villa La Roche / written and presented by Tim Benton producer, Nick Levinson a production for the Open University English NA7348.P2 L4 2002
Loin / UGC Images presentent en coproduction aver Ciné B Vertigo Films produit par Saïd Ben Saïd un film de André Téchiné French PN1997 .L598x 2004
Un long dimanche de fiançailles = a very long engagement / director, Jean-Pierre Jeunet French PN1997 .L674x 2005
L'ange de goudron / une production Max Films dans film de Denis Chouinard produit par Roger Frappier et Luc Vandal. French PN1997.2 .A537x 2002
Lokamanya Tilak / written, produced, directed by Vishram Bedekar. Hindi DS481.S36 V43x 1983
Latitude zero / uma produção Olhar Imaginario um filme de Toni Venturi roteiro, Di Moretti produção e direção, Toni Venturi Portuguese PN1997 .L387x 2003
Lisbela e o prisioneiro / Natasha Filmes ... [et al.] Paula Lavigne apresenta uma realização Natasha Filmes em co-produção com Globo Filmes, Estudios Mega e João Paulo Diniz um film dirigido por Guel Arraes roteiro, Guel Arraes, Jorge Furtado, P Portuguese PN1997 .L58x 2004
The last waltz / a Martin Scorcese film producer, Robbie Robertson directed by Martin Scorsese English ML421.B345 L37x 2002
Labor women : the new generation / producer/director/writer, Renee Tajima-Peña English HD6079.2.U5 L47
Last supper in Hortsley Street English DT2405.C366 D584x 1982
The language of empire / written and presented by Melvyn Bragg English PE1075 .L28x 2004
Leopold Stokowski English M1000.C45 S76 1999
Life on the atomic river = Na atomnoi rechke / by Slawomir Grünberg and Slava Paperno Russian TD196.R3 L53 1994
Learning American sign language : demo / Tom Humphries and Carol Padden Produced by Rob Hills, Daniel W. Renner and Peggy Swartzell-Lott English HV2474 .H86x 2004
Lester F. Ward : a life's journey / written and directed by Gale Largey English HM479.W37 L48 2005
Live in London English ML421.N39 L59 2003
Learning American sign language DVD / by Tom Humphries and Carol Padden produced by Rob Hills, Daniel W. Renner and Peggy Swartzell-Lott English HV2474 .H86x 2005
Lucrèce Borgia / Henri A. Ullmann présente une production La Compagnie du Cinéma scénario original de Léopold Marchand et Henri Ventresse mise en scène d'Abel Gance French PN1997 .L819x 2000
Laugh with Max Linder English PN1997 .L389x 2003
Livietta e Tracollo La serva padrona / Giovanni Battista Pergolesi libretto, Tommaso Mariani [(Livietta e Tracollo), Gennaro Antonio Federico (La serva padrona)] a coproduction of EuroArts ... [et al.]. Italian M1500.P42 L58x 2002
Lohengrin / the Metropolitan Opera [music and libretto by] Richard Wagner production, August Everding producer, Samuel J. Paul directed by Brian Large German M1500.W13 L5x 2000
The last word / directed by Bret Hodson story and screenplay by Bret Hodson produced by Imagination Hill. English PN1997.2 .L378x 2004
Lucia di Lammermoor / by Gaetano Donizetti libretto Salvatore Cammarano after Sir Walter Scott's novel Italian M1500.D68 L82x 2000
La Cenerentola / music by Gioachino Rossini conductor, Riccardo Chailly director, Michael Hampe Italian M1500.R86 C36x 2001
Le lait de la tendresse humaine / un film de Dominique Cabrera une coproduction Les Films Pelléas ... [et al.] produit par Philippe Martin scénario et dialogues, Dominique Cabrera, Cécile Vargaftig. French PN1997.2 .L29x 2002
Libération et mémoire : libération de Lyon / [presenté par] CLC éditions en participation avec Le progrès avec la participation de Albert Agostino ... [et al.]. French D802.F82 L94527x 2004
La lune viendra d'elle-même / ACPAV présente un film de Marie-Jan Seille produit par Mireille Darveau et Bernadette Payeur scénario, Marie-Jan Seille. French PN1997.2 .L86x 2004
El lado oscuro del corazón = The dark side of the heart / Roger Frappier presenta una co-producción argentino-canadienne, C.Q.3 Films, Max Films, Inc. [producer, Roger Frappier] escrita y dirigida por Eliseo Subiela Spanish PN1997 .L323x 2003
El lado oscuro del corazón 2 = dark side of the heart 2 / Enrique Cerezo, Tornasol Films, y Argentina Sonofilms presentan un film de Eliseo Subiela Spanish PN1997 .L324x 2004
Lagos/Koolhaas / a Pieter van Huystee Film written and directed by Bregtje van der Haak. English HN831.L3 L347X 2003
Little Big Man / a Cinema Center Films presentation a Millar-Penn production produced by Stuart Millar writer, Calder Willingham directed by Arthur Penn English PN1997 .L58885x 2003
Liberia : an uncivil war / California Newsreel presents in association with Discovery Times Channel co-producer & co-director, James Brabazon producer & director, Jonanthan Stack Gabriel Films, Inc English DT636.5 L526x 2005
Liberia : a fragile peace / California Newsreel presents a film by Steven Ross English DT636.5 .L524x 2005
Lagos wide and close : an interactive journey into an exploding city / producer[s], Bruno Felix and Femke Wolting director, Bregtje van der Haak English DT515.9.L3 L35 2005
Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk / Dmitri Shostakovich video director, Toni Bargalló stage director, Stein Winge libretto, Dmitri Shostakovich and Alexander Preys Russian M1500.S554 L44x 2004
Lola / une production Carlo Ponti et Georges de Beauregard pour Rome Paris Films un film de Jacques Demy French PN1997 .L63x 2003
Loulou / Gaumont-Action Films directed by Maurice Pialat produced by Klaus Hellwig, Yves Gasser written by Arlette Langmann, Maurice Pialat French PN1997 .L7487x 2001
Lancelot du Lac : de Robert Bresson / Gaumont Jean Yanne et Jean-Pierre Rassam présentent ... Mara Films ... [et al.] producteurs délégués, Jean-Pierre Rassam, François Rochas French PN1997 .L335269x 2004
Let joy reign supreme / Michelle De Broca written by Bertrand Tavernier and Jean Aurenche directed by Bertrand Tavernier French PN1997.2 .L48 2004
Lumumba / Jacques Bidou présente une production, JBA Production ... [et al.] scénario, Raoul Peck, Pascal Bonitzer produit par Jacques Bidou un film de Raoul Peck French PN1997 .L863x 2002
Like a bride = Novia que te vea / a Guita Schyfter film. Spanish PN1997 .L577x 2005
Lo mejor del Chapulín Colorado / producido por Televisa, S.A. de C.V. México Spanish PN1997 .L596x 2001
Lo mejor del Chavo del 8. Volumen 1 / Producido por Televisa, S.A. de C.V. México directed by Enrique Segoviano Spanish PN1997 .M427363x 2003
Lo mejor del Chavo del 8. Volumen 2 / Producido por Televisa, S.A. de C.V. México directed by Enrique Segoviano Spanish PN1997 .M427364x 2003
The last days of the Civil War English E468 .L36 2003
Un lugar en el mundo = A place in the world / una producción de Adolfo Aristarain y Osvaldo Papaleo un film de Adolfo Aristarain guión, Adolfo Aristarain con la colaboración de Alberto Lecchi producida y dirigida por Adolfo Aristarain Spanish PN1997 .L8257x 2005
Little Otik = Otesánek / [produced by] Zeitgeist Films Athanor Film Production Company, Jaromír Kallista, Jan Svankmajer a co-production with Illuminations Films, Keith Griffiths in association with Filmfour and Barrandov Biografia, Helen Uldricho Czech PN1997 .L5893x 2004
Lezione sul Cenacolo di Leonardo / Dario Fo un programma di Silvana Castelli RAI 2 Palcoscenico a cura di Tullia Ferrero e Pietro Ruspoli regia di Roberto Capanna produttore, Pietro Ruspoli. Italian ND623.L5 F62x 2001
Luna de avellaneda / Pol-ka Producciones, 100 Bares Producciones, Tornasol Films presentan una coproducción argentino española una película de Juan José Campanella dirección, Juan José Campanella guión, Fernando Castets, Juan Pablo Domenech, Jua Spanish PN1997 .L864x 2005
Live flesh / a film by Almodóvar El Deseo S.A. presents an El Deseo S.A.-CIBY 2000/France 3 [cinéma] co-production based on the novel by Ruth Rendell executive producer, Agustin Almodóvar written and directed by Pedro Almodóvar. Spanish PN1997 .C35113x 2004
Lost boys, from childhood sadness to adolescent violence / sponsored by School of Public Health, University at Albany ... [et al.] English HQ799.2.V56 G369 2000
Leonard Bernstein's Candide : a comic operetta in two acts / music, Leonard Bernstein book, Hugh Wheeler lyrics, Richard Wilbur additional lyrics, Stephen Sondheim ... [et al.] an Ellen M. Krass production and Thirteen/WNET directed for English M1500.B55 C36x 2005
A las cinco en punto Héctor, el tejedor / BuenCine Producciones Memoria y Sociedad presenta en co producción con TV Ciudad Canal 24 (Montevideo) y TV UNAM en documental de José Pedro Charlo y Universindo Rodríguez Spanish PN1997 .C515447x 2006
Los lobos de Washington / una pelicula de Mariano Barroso una producción de Aurum y Sogecine Spanish PN1997 .L5967x 1999
Llanto por un bandido / directed by Carlos Saura Spanish PN1997 .L594x 2004
Los liantes / escrita y dirigida por Mariano Ozores Spanish PN1997 .L5379 2006
León y Olvido / Xamalu Filmes, El Paso, TVG producida por Óscar del Caz, Beatriz Navarrete, Xavier Sanchez Bermúdez una pelicula de Xavier Bermúdez Spanish PN1997 .L434 2007
Lola / una producción Ópalo Films Figaro Films guión, Luis Herce, Bigas Luna, Enrique Viciano productor ejecutivo, Enrique Viciano dirigida por Bigas Luna argumento, Bigas Luna Spanish PN1997 .L634x 2005
Las largas vacaciones del 36 / José Frade Producciones Cinematográficas presenta una producción José Frade, P.C., S.A. argumento, Jaime Camino guión, Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón, Jaime Camino producida por José Frade dirigida por Jaime Camino Spanish PN1997 .L33527 2004
Language development / script, Louise Higgins directed by Helen Staveley-Taylor produced by Uniview Productions English LB1139.L3 L23 2004
Louis Armstrong : Live in '59 English M1366.A7 L628x 2006
The Lover / Claude Berri presents a Renn Production a Jean-Jacques Annaud film Renn Productions-Burrill Productions-Films A2 screenplay, Gérard Brach directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud English PN1997 .L785x 2002
L'ex femme de ma vie / Louis Becker et Josiane Balasko présentent ... un film de Josiane Balasko d'après la pièce de Josiane Balasko aux éditions Actes Sud-Papiers scénario et dialogues, Josianne Balasko un film produit par ICE 3 ... [et al.]. French PN1997 .E864 2005
Listen = [Ecoute] / [presented by] ARTE Vidéo SACEM Centre Georges Pompidou and CNC director, Miroslav Sebestik written by Anne Grange and Miroslav Sebestik producer, Jacques Bidou English ML3845 .L57x 2003
A la place du coeur / réalisation, Robert Guédiguian scénario, Jean-Louis Milesi, Robert Guédiguian, d'après le roman Si Beale Street pouvait parler, de James Baldwin production, Gilles Sandoz, Michel Saint-Jean, Robert Guédiguian. L'argent fait le French PN1997 .A6744x 2004
Little Vera / Gorky Film Studios Russian PN1997 .M354x 2000
The Lenny Bruce performance film / Columbus Productions English PN2287.B726 L45 2005
Lessons from crossing boundaries a case study of transition in South Africa Mamphela Aletta Ramphele, Vice Chancellor of the University of Capetown : Stephen A. Ogden Jr. Memorial Lecture on International Affairs, May 23, 1998, Salomon Center for Teachi English 1-M Ogden
Letters from the other side / produced and directed by Heather Courtney a co-production of Front Porch Films and KERA, Dallas/Ft. Worth in association with the Indepedent Television Service (ITVS) English HD8081.M6 L48 2006
Listen to the silence : a film about African cross rhythms as seen through Ghanian music / written and produced by Peter Bischoff Loke Film English ML350 .L2247x 2002
Louis Malle documentariste / Nouvelles Editions de Films, Pretty Mouse Films and Chloe Films French DC33.7 .L68x 2005
Lágrimas negras = Black tears / screenplay, Ricardo Franco, Ángeles González Sinde directed by Ricardo y Fernando Bauluz. Spanish PN1997 .L33523x 1999
Last grave at Dimbaza / Morena Films English DT1757 .L37 2006
Lost highway / October Films a CIBY 2000/Asymmetrical production a David Lynch film English PN1997 .L67987x 1997
Luisa Miller / by Giuseppe Verdi libretto by Salvatore Cammarano, after Friedrich Schiller's Kabale und Liebe the Metropolitan Opera Italian M1500.V48 L85 2006
The Lapedo child / United Productions The Open University producer/director, Trevor Showler editor, Stephen Clinch English GN286.3 .L37 2001
The legacy of Karl Richter / a film by Tobias Richter in cooperation with Klaus Peter Richter and Klaus Lindemann a coproduction of Unitel GmbH & Co. KG, Munich, and ZDF, Mainz German ML422.R52 K37 2006
The lost cities of the Maya English F1435 .L854 2003
Letter to the president / a QD3 Entertainment, Inc. production presents a film by Thomas Gibson produced by Trinh T. Banh, Thomas Gibson directed by Thomas Gibson English ML3531 .L47 2005
The land where the blues began / a program by Alan Lomax, John M. Bishop, Worth W. Long written and directed by Alan Lomax a production of the Mississippi Authority for Public Television & Alan Lomax English ML3521 .L36x 2006
Luis Buñuel French PN1997 .L829 2005
Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk : opera in four acts / composer, Dmitri Shostakovich libretto by Alexander Preis and the composer, after the short story by Nikolai Leskov from Het Muziektheater Amsterdam and De Nederlandse Opera Russian M1500.S554 L44x 2006
Luisa Fernanda : zarzuela in three acts / [music by] Federico Moreno Torroba [libretto by Federico Romero and Guillermo Fernandez Shaw] Spanish M1500.M78 L854 2007
Lady Chatterley / d'après Lady Chatterley et l'homme des bois de D.H. Lawrence (Ed. Gallimard) un film de Pascale Ferran scénario, Pascal Ferran, Roger Bohbot producteur délégué, Gilles Sandoz (Maïa Films) French PN1997.2 .L25 2007
La loi des hommes / un film de Charles Gérard scénario et dialogues, Pascal Jardin produit par Filmatec French PN1997 .L5978 2005
Last call at Maud's / The Maud Project English HQ75.6.U5 L28 2001
Lilies of the field / United Artists presents Rainbow Productions, Inc. screenplay by James Poe produced and directed by Ralph Nelson English PN1997 .L5774 2001
Lejos de la isla = Far from the island / Ashé Productions presents an Ashé Media film, produced by The Exile Team directed by L. E. Salas English F1788.22.A2 L45 2005
Lunário perpétuo / direção, Walter Carvalho direção musical, Antonio Nóbrega Portuguese ML3575.B7 L86 2003
A labyrinth of time / a film by Frank Scheffer produced by Allegri Films co-produced by NPS English ML410.C3293 L33 2006
Lumo : one young woman's struggle to heal in a nation beset by war / The Goma Film Project presents a film by Bent-Jorgen Perlmutt and Nelson Walker III produced and co-directed by Louis Abelman directed and produced by Bent-Jorgen Perlmutt and Ne Undetermined RC560.R36 L85 2007
The last samurai / a Warner Bros. Pictures presentation a Radar Pictures/Bedford Falls Company production produced by Marshall Herskovitz ... [et al.] screenplay by John Logan and Edward Zwick & Marshall Herskovitz story by John Logan direct English PN1997 .L3442 2004
Lost leader : a collection of work by the Light Surgeons English TR897.5 .L5 2002
La Cuba mia / Osos Entertainment presents the documentary DVD and the original soundtrack CD produced by Oscar Gomez and Emilio Aragon directed by Oscar Gomez English ML207.C8 G633 2003
Looking for Langston / Sankofa Film and Video presents poetry and texts [by] James Baldwin, Essex Hemphill, Bruce Nugent, Hilton Als producer, Nadine Marsh-Edwards written and directed by Isaac Julien English PS3515.U274 L55 2007
Luminarias / a July Street Production in association with Sleeping Giant Productions, distributed by New Latin Pictures produced by Sal Lopez screenplay by Evelina Fernandez directed by Jose Luis Valenzuela English PN1997 .L857 2006
Liang Shangbo yu Zhu Yingtai = The romance of Liang Shangbo and Zhu Yingtai / Shanghai dian ying zhi pian chang bian ju, Xu Jin, Sang Hu dao yan, Sang Hu, Huang Sha zhi pian zhu ren, Miao Zhusan Chinese PN1997 L536x 2004
Liubao de gu shi = Story of Liubao / Ba yi dian ying zhi pian chang she zhi bian ju, Shi Yan, Huang Zongjiang dao yan, Wang Ping Chinese PN1997 .L5833x 2004
Late spring / producer, Takeshi Yamamoto script, Kogo Noda, Yasujiro Ozu director, Yasujiro Ozu Japanese PN1997 .L345 2006
Lost in the Grand Canyon / a MDTV Productions film for American Experience written, produced, and directed by Mark J. Davis English Q143.P8 L67 2007
Lage raho munna bhai / Vinod Chopra Films a Rajkumar Hirani film a Vidhu Vinod Chopra production story Rajkumar Hirani screenplay, Abhijat Joshi, Rajkumar Hirani directed by Rajkumar Hirani Hindi PN1997.2 .L27 2006
Lord of the flies / Janus Films produced by Lewis Allen directed by Peter Brook English PN1997 .L6793 1999
Der Limes in Deutschland / produziert von Boundary Productions = The Roman frontier in Germany / produced by Boundary Productions German DD53 .L56 2005
Das Leben der Anderen / Buena Vista International präsentiert eine Wiedemann & Berg Filmproduktion im Verleich der Buena Vista International ein film von Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck German PN1997.2 .L43 2006
Lohengrin : romantic opera in three acts / by Richard Wagner libretto and music, Richard Wagner from the Gran Teatre del Liceu, Barcelona German M1500.W13 L5x 2007
Lei Feng / Ba yi dian ying zhi pian chang bian ju, Ding Hong dao yan, Dong Zhaoqi zhi pian, Yang Qingwei Chinese PN1997 .L452x 2005
Little Rock Central : 50 years later / HBO Documentary Films DCTV (Downtown Community Television Center) directed, produced, and filmed by Brent Renaud, Craig Renaud English LC214.23.L56 L58 2007
Leila / directed by Dariush Mehrjoui prouced by Dariush Mehrjoui & Faramarz Farazmand Persian PN1997 .L453 2000
Linda di Chamounix : Melodramma in drei Akten / von Gaetano Donizetti Libretto von Gaetano Rossi, nach Adolphe Philippe Dennery und Gustave Lemoine Direktion, Alexander Pereira Inszenierung, Daniel Schmid Regie, Alf Bernhard-Leonardi aus dem Italian M1500.D68 L52 2003
La liturgie de cristal : Olivier Messiaen / ARTE France ... [et al.] présentent un film produit et réalisé par Olivier Mille une coproduction Artline Films ... [et al.] French ML410.M595 L58 2007
Lincoln / Chris/Rose Productions Productions, Inc. in association with the Finnegan/Pinchuk Company released through Century Group Ltd English PN1997 .L579 2004
The little drummer boy : an essay on Gustav Mahler / by Leonard Bernstein directed by Humphrey Burton a BBC TV production in association with Unitel and Video Music Productions producer, Peter Butler English ML410.M23 L57 2007
Lucia di Lammermoor Italian M1500.D68 L83 2005
Leaving home : orchestral music in the 20th century : a conducted tour by Simon Rattle / producers, Hilary Chadwick, Sue Knussen director, Peter West, Barrie Gavin, Deborah May an LWT programme English ML197 .L43 2005
Learn magic with Lyn / producer, Michael J. Glynn written by Lyn Dillies directed and edited by John H. Hawkes English GV1548 .L43 2007
Lady day : the many faces of Billie Holiday / Toby Byron/Multiprises in association with Taurus Film, Munich and Video Arts Japan director, Matthew Seig writer, Robert O'Meally producers, Toby Byron, Richard Saylor English ML420.H58 L32x 2003
Lifeboat / Twentieth Century-Fox [story] by John Steinbeck screen play by Jo Swerling produced by Kenneth MacGowan directed by Alfred Hitchcock English PN1997 .L574x 2005
The last emperor / Jeremy Thomas presents screenplay by Mark Peploe with Bernardo Bertolucci produced by Jeremy Thomas directed by Bernardo Bertolucci made by Yanco Films Limited and Tao Film SRL in association with Recorded Picture Company (Pro English PN1997 .L34376x 2008
The lord of the rings : the motion picture trilogy / New Line Cinema presents a Wingnut Films production producers, Barrie M. Osborne, Fran Walsh, Peter Jackson screenplay by Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens & Peter Jackson directed by Peter Jackson English PN1997 .L6794 2004
Lullaby of Harlem English M1366 .L85 2004
Last date / a documentary by Hans Hylkema with music from Last date producer: Marian Brouwer English ML419.D65 L37 1993
Lester Young, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis : great performances English M1366 .L47 2003
Lomax, the songhunter / MM Filmprodukties presents in co-operation with the NPS a film by Rogier Kappers Dutch ML423.L66 L66 2007
Léon Morin, prêtre / a film by Jean-Pierre Melville French PN1997 .L4335x 2007
Lettre pour L... / [un film de] Romain Goupil French PN1997 .L4567x 2004
Look forward and carry on the past : stories from Philadelphia's Chinatown / directed by Debbie Wei, Barry Dornfeld and Debora Kodish with Ming Chau and James Yoo English F160.A7 L66 2002
El lute / Ardustry Home Entertainment Moonstone Entertainment Multivideo, S.A. producer, Jose Maria Cunilles writers, Joaquin Jorda, Vincente Aranda, Eleuterio Sanchez director, Vincente Aranda El lute II / Ardustry Home Entertainment Spanish PN1997.2 L87 2005
Live at SMI / produced by Sign Media, Inc English HV2508 .S55 1992
The leech and the earthworm / filmed, edited and directed by Max Pugh and Marc Silver produced by Debra Harry English GN380 .L44 2003
The little mermaid : a Hans Christian Andersen story / [adapted by the editors of DawnSign Press] signed by Ben Bahan executive producer, Joe Dennis producer and director, James R. DeBee English HV2476 .L57 1991
Lost boys of Sudan / Actual Films Principe Productions POV directed and produced by Megan Mylan & Jon Shenk English E184.S77 L67 2004
Louise Bourgeois / une coproduction Terra Luna Films, Centre George Pompidou un film de Camille Guichard French NB237.B65 L68 2008
Lula's Brazil : the management of hope / Dissidents and ARTE France present a film by Gonzalo Arijón filmed and directed by Gonzalo Arijón Portuguese F2538.5.L85 L853 2005
Lezioni di volo / un film di Francesca Archibugi Italian PN1997.2 .L49 2007
Lásky jedné plavovlásky = Loves of a blond / námet a scénár, Jaroslav Papovsek, Milos Forman, Ivan Passer vedoucí výroby, Rudolf Hájek rezie, Milos Forman Filmové studio Barrandov Czech PN1997 .L7885x 2000
Laban for actors : the 8 effort actions English GV1587 .L33 1997
Limón : a life beyond words / Antidote Films presents a Dance Conduit production in cooperation with The Jóse Limón Dance Foundation Latino Public Broadcasting directed by Malachi Roth produced by Ann Vachon & Jeffrey Levy-Hinte English GV1785.L515 L55 2003
Living American theater dance! / Mayqueen Productions produced and directed by John Alper English GV1786.A44 L58 1982
Love shouldn't hurt : a true story about dating violence / produced by the AG's Juvenile Justice Task Force Sheldon Whitehouse, Attorney General English HV6592 .R42 1999
La légende de Santiago / pièce de Simon Aka mise en scène, Vagba Obou de Sales réalisation pour la Copat, Donald Amadji et Pascal Agnangnan pour l'ORTB, Gilles-Ivan Frankignoul pour la SOPAT adaptée de L'alchimiste de Paulo Coelho par Simon Aka p French PN1997.2 .L444 2006
The last picture show / Columbia Pictures directed by Peter Bogdanovich screen play by Larry McMurtry and Peter Bagdanovich produced by Stephen J. Friedman English PN1997 .L34417 1999
Love & suicide / DeSire a Maverick Entertainment Group, Inc. release [presented by] ME Productions, LLC in association with Film One K, LLC produced by Mia Salsi, Mimi Loftus, and Elton Jones written by Mia Salsi and Mimi Loftus directed by English PN1997 .L7489 2006
The light ahead = Fishka der krimmer / produced and directed by Edgar G. Ulmer screenplay by Chaver Pahver, Sherle and Edgar G. Ulmer Yiddish PN1997 .L5746 2005
Layli ba man ast = Leyly is with me / Kamal Tabrizi Persian PN1997 .L3956 2005
The lion king / Walt Disney Pictures presents directed by Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff produced by Don Hahn screenplay by Irene Mecchi and Jonathan Roberts and Linda Woolverton songs by Tim Rice and Elton John original score composed and arrange English PN1997 .L5796 2003
Les Amities Particulieres / un film de Jean Delannoy French PN1997 .A4938 2004
Love in a time of sickness / director, Khalo Matabane a Day Zero production English RA643.86.S6 L58 2001
Landscape and memory : Martinican land - people - history / a média stylo by Renée Gosson and Eric Faden French F2081 .L36 2001
Lake Tahoe / Cinepantera presenta dirigido por Fernando Eimbcke producida por Christian Valdelièvre guiòn, Fernando Eimbcke, Paula Markovitch Spanish PN1997 .L33525 2009
Life in occupied Palestine : eyewitness stories and photographs / produced by Anna Baltzer and Chun Pan English DS119.76 .L484 2007
Linda Linda Linda / Viz Pictures presents directed by Nobuhiro Yamashita Japanese PN1997 .L5794 2006
Las Vegas Magic Invitational (LVMI) 2003 English GV1547 .L374 2003
Live at the jailhouse : a guide to restaurant magic English GV1547 .L723 2006
Landowska / produced by Attie Goldwater Pontius Productions produced by Barbara Attie directed by Barbara Attie and Diane Pontius co-produced by Jane Goldwater and Diane Pontius English ML417.L26 L26 2003
Leonard Bernstein at Harvard : the unanswered question, Norton lectures 1973 English MT6 .L358x 2001
Lucrezia Borgia : melodramma in a prologue and two acts / Gaetano Donizetti libretto by Felice Romani video director, Matteo Richetti producer, Alberto Dellepiano Italian M1500.D68 L84x 2009
Legends of country blues guitar. Volume One / Vestapol Productions, a division of Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop Inc English M1630.18 .L43301 2001
Legends of country blues guitar. Volume Two / Vestapol Productions, a division of Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop Inc English M1630.18 .L43302 2001
Legends of the Delta blues English M1630.18 .L4345x 2003
Legends of traditional fingerstyle guitar English M1630.18 .L435x 2003
Lightnin' Hopkins : rare performances, 1960-1979 / Vestapol Productions English M1630.18.H66 L522x 2001
Liberia : America's stepchild / written and directed by Nancee Oku Bright a production of Grain Coast Productions for WGBH English DT629 .L53 2002
Lohengrin : romantic opera in three acts / Richard Wagner libretto by the composer from the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden German M1500.W13 L5x 2006
Lost. The complete first season / Bad Robot Touchstone Television [created by Jeffrey Lieber and J.J. Abrams & Damon Lindelof] executive producer, J.J. Abrams, Bryan Burk, Jack Bender, Carlton Cuse English PN1997.2 .L67 2005
Little Lord Fauntleroy / a production of Timeline Films for Milestone Film & Video a presentation of the Mary Pickford Foundation producers, John Flynn, Keith Lawrence, Hugh Munro Neely English PN1997 .L58925 2005
The lost world / First National Pictures, Inc. screenplay and editorial direction, Marion Fairfax dramatic direction, Harry O. Hoyt English PN1997 .L7485 2001
Lady sings the blues / Paramount Pictures and Berry Gordy present produced by Jay Weston and James S. White screenplay by Terence McCloy and Chris Clark and Suzanne de Passe directed by Sidney J. Furie English ML420.H58 L33 2005
Les liaisons dangereuses 1960 / Les Films Marceau présentent adaptation, Roger Vailland et Roger Vadim avec la collaboration de Claude Brulé dialogue, Roger Vailland un film de Roger Vadim French PN1997 .L5378x 2002
Liliom / [produced by] 20th Century Fox c'est une production Erich Pommer de la Fox Europa un film de Fritz Lang adapté à écran d'après la pièce de Franz Molinar par Robert Liebmann dialogue de Bernard Zimmer French PN1997 .L5773 2004
Live at the Magic Castle / Michael Ammar English GV1547 .L67 1996
Leonard Bernstein : the gift of music : an intimate portrait / conceived and directed by Horant H. Hohlfeld producer, Michael Bronson a production of ITTC and Unitel in association with Amberson Productions, Inc English ML410.B566 G54x 2007
Leonard Bernstein's Young people's concerts : with the New York Philharmonic / CBS Entertainment the Leonard Bernstein Office, Inc English ML3928.B47 Y6x 2004
Listen up : the lives of Quincy Jones / Warner Bros. Pictures presents a Courtney Sale Ross production produced by Courtney Sale Ross directed by Ellen Weissbrod English ML422.J64 L57 2009
Lion of the desert = Asad' / a Moustapha Akkad film screenplay by H.A.L. Craig produced and directed by Moustapha Akkad English PN1997 .L5795 2005
The linguists / a film sponsored by National Science Foundation & Nonprofit Media Group produced and directed by Seth Kramer, Daniel A. Miller and Jeremy S. Newberger written by Daniel A. Miller English P40.5.L33 L5648 2009
Leonard Cohen : I'm your man / Icon Productions ... [et al.] present a film by Lian Lunson directed by Lian Lunson produced by Lian Lunson, Mel Gibson, Bruce Davey English PN1997 .L4354 2006
The lovers' exile / the Bunraku Puppet Theatre of Japan in a film by Marty Gross produced and directed by Marty Gross Japanese PN1978.J3 L68 2006
Little Buddha / Miramax Films presents Recorded Pictures Company and Ciby 2000 present directed by Bernardo Bertolucci screenplay by Rudy Wurlitzer and Mark Peploe produced by Jeremy Thomas English PN1997 .L58886 1995
Le livre des morts de Belleville / un film de Jean-Jacques Joudiau Tarantula présent scénario, Jean-Jacques Joudiau produit par Eric Tavitian, Frédéric Joudiau, Emmanuel Ryz French PN1997.2 .L585 2008
Laura / 20th Century Fox screen play by Jay Dratler and Samuel Hoffenstein and Betty Reinhardt produced and directed by Otto Preminger English PN1997 .L3895 2004
Lessons in magic with Paul Diamond English GV1547 .L4675 2001
Logan's run / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer presents a Saul David production screenplay by David Zelag Goodman produced by Saul David directed by Michael Anderson English PN1997 .L5975 2007
Lola rennt = Run Lola run German PN1997 .L64x 1999
Living with the past English NA109.E3 L58 2001
The last of the Mohicans / Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation presents a Michael Hann film producers, Michael Mann, Hunt Lowry screenplay, Michael Mann, Christopher Crowe director, Michael Mann English PN1997 .L344x 2006
Lionel Hampton live in '58 / producers, David Peck, Phillip Galloway & Tom Gulotta for Reelin' in the Years Productions English M1366.H35 L565 2008
Linha de passe / Pathé Media Rights Capital uma produção Videofilmes roteiro, George Moura, Daniela Thomas colaboração Bráulio Mantovani dirigido por Walter Salles, Daniela Thomas Portuguese PN1997.2 .L555 2008
Lost in Woonsocket / Random 1 executive producers: John Chester, Andre Miller directed by John Custer produced by Capella Fahoome English HV4506.W6 L6 2007
London stage lecture English GV1559 .L665 2001
The legacy / produced and directed by Russ Stevens English GV1556 .L45 2005
Lucanamarca / Carlos Cárdenas, Héctor Gálvez, director Sandra Yépez, Elizabeth Lescano, producers TV Cultura presents Spanish F3451.S265 F35 2008
Legends of the American folk blues festivals. Volume 3 English M1630.18 L43363 2008
Lady Jane / un film de Robert Guédiguian scénario et dialogues, Jean-Louis Milesi et Robert Guédiguian une coproduction Agat Films & Cie., France 3 cinéma French PN1997.2 .L3396 2008
Listening to the world : Daniel Barenboim and the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra at Brown English ML1251.M6286 L57 2007
Lemming / Strand Releasing Diaphana films presenté en coproduction avec France 3 Cinéma avec la participation de Canal+, ... [et al.] producer, Michel Saint-Jean written by Dominik Moll et Gilles Marchand directed by Dominik Moll French PN1997.2 .L466 2006
The law of remains / Dar A Luz presents created and directed by Reza Abdoh produced by Diane White video by Adam Soch English PS3551.B2685 Z8465
Lifelines : your national forest roads / produced by Broadcast Media & Technology Center, Office of Communications, U.S. Department of Agriculture produced by the USDA Forest Service in partnership with the USDOT FHWA Federal Lands Highway Program English A 13.140:L 62/DVD
The long search / with Ronald Eyre produced by BBC in association with Time-Life Television, R.M. Productions, Munich producer, Peter Montagnon English BL80.3 .L66 2001
Las Vegas. Season two : uncut & uncensored / produced by NBC Universal Television and DreamWorks Television English PN1997 .L377 2005
Las Vegas. The complete first season : uncut and uncensored / produced by NBC Studios and DreamWorks Television English PN1997.2 .L37835 2004
La ligne brisée = The broken line / une diffusion Alliance Vivafilm, une production Pixcom produit par André Dupuy écrit par Michelle Alen un film de Louis Choquette French PN1997 .L5765 2008
Leonard Bernstein Omnibus : the historic TV broadcasts on 4 DVDs / produced by Robert Saudek Associates English MT90 .L4 2010
Louis Jordan & his Tympany Five English M1366.J67 L682 2007
Lost song / Mongrel, Métropole Transmar Films and Filmo present director/screenplay, Rodrigue Jean producers, Rodrigue Jean, François Landry English PN1997.2 .L678 2009
Life and debt / a Tuff Gong Pictures Production a film by Stephanie Black producer, Stephanie Black narration writer, Jamaica Kincaid director, Stephanie Black English F1868 .L544 2003
Ein Lichtspiel schwarz weiss grau = A lightplay black white gray / a film by László Moholy-Nagy n/a PN1995.9.E96 L53 2007
Lara Croft, tomb raider / Paramount Pictures and Mutual Film Company present a Lawrence Gordon production in association with Eidds [sic] Interactive Limited, a Simon West film producers, Lawrence Gordon, Lloyd Levin, Colin Wilson screenplay write English PN1997.2 .L364 2001
The lost world : Jurassic Park / Universal Pictures presents an Amblin Entertainment production produced by Gerald R. Molen and Colin Wilson screenplay by David Koepp directed by Steven Spielberg English PN1997 .L7485 2000
Law & order, criminal intent / Universal Wolf Films in association with Studios USA producers Roz Weinman John L. Roman directed by Jean De Segonzac ... [et al.] English PN1997 .L38956 2003
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Law & order. The fourteenth year 2003-2004 season / Universal Studios Wolf Films created by Dick Wolf English PN1997 .L38955 2004
Law & order : criminal intent. The third year, 2003-2004 season / Universal Wolf Films created by Dick Wolf English PN1997 .L38958 2004
Law & order, Special Victims Unit / Wolf Films in association with Studios USA Universal Worldwide Television producer, Michael R. Perry produced by David Declerque directors, Jean de Segonzac ... [et al.] English PN1997 .L38959 2004
Law & order / Wolf Films in association with Studios USA Television Universal Network Television producers, Roz Weinman ... [et al.] writers, Noah Baylin ... [et al.] directors, Jace Alexander .. [et al.] English PN1997 .L38953 2004
Law & order. The first year / Wolf Films English PN1997 .L389534 2002
Law & order : Special Victims Unit. The fifth year 2003-2004 season / Wolf Films in association with Universal Network Television English PN1997 .L389596 2004
La larga agonía de los peces fuera del agua / dirigida por Rovira Beleta Spanish PN1997 .L37 2008
La Scala : a documentary of performances English M1505 .S33 2008
La lectrice / une coproduction Éléfilm ... [et al.] ... un film réalisé par Michel Deville adaptation et dialogues, Rosalinde et Michel Deville production, Roslinde Deville French PN1997 .L423x 2009
Latin music USA / senior producer, Adriana Bosch executive producer, Elizabeth Deane a co-production of WGBH/Boston and the BBC English M1668.4 .L388 2009
Lacenaire / réal. & scénario de Francis Girod scénario de Georges Conchon. mus. de Laurent Petitgirard French PN1997 .L3224 2005
LOL : (Laughing Out Loud) / un film de Lisa Azuelos et Delgado Nans French PN1997 .L599 2009
Lost in translation / Focus Features presents in association with Tohokushinsha an American Zoetrope / Elemental Films production executive producers, Francis Ford Coppola, Fred Roos produced by Ross Katz, Sofia Coppola written & directed English PN1997 .L37 2003
Lola Montès / Janus Films Gamma-Film prèsente un film de Max Ophuls une co-production Gamma, Florida, Union Films producteur délégué, Albert Caraco scénario de Max Ophuls adaptation de Annette Wademant et Max Ophuls dialogue de Jacques Nat French PN1997 .L65 2009
London / produced by Keith Griffiths for the BFI in association with Channel Four and Konnick written, directed and photographed by Patrick Keiller English DA684.25 .L66366 2006
Lorang's way : a Turkana man / produced and directed by David and Judith MacDougall Nilo-Saharan DT433.545.T87 L67 2004
Leonard Bernstein reflections / a production of the International Communication Agency, United States of America a co-production of Unitel GmbH and Radio France Peter Rosen Productions produced and directed by Peter Rosen English ML410.B566 L455 2009
Le lieu du crime = Scene of the crime / MK2 Jerry Winters and Grange Communications present a T. Films, Films A2 co-production screenplay, André Techiné, Pascal Bonitzer, Olivier Assayas produced by Alain Terzian directed by André Techiné French PN1997 .L5618 2007
Li chun / Gu Changwei dao yan zuo pin = And the spring comes / A film by Gu Changwei Chinese PN1997.2 .L523x 2008
Ling yi ban = the other half Chinese PN1997.2 L554x 2008
Lucia di Lammermoor / Donizetti [libretto by Salvadore Cammarano, after Sir Walter Scott's novel, the bride of Lammermoor] production, Mary Zimmerman directed by Gary Halvorson a Metropolitan Opera production in association with PBS and WNET.O Italian M1500.D68 L82x 2009
Lightnin' Hopkins & Roosevelt Skyes English ML420.H63 L54x 2003
Learn to play old-time fiddle. lesson 1 & 2 / taught by Brad Leftwich directed by Happy Traum English MT279.5 .L43x 2004
Legends of country blues guitar. Volume Three / Vestapol Productions, a division of Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop Inc English M1630.18 .L4333 2001
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Little town of Bethlehem / an EthnoGraphic Media production produced by Mart Green written, directed and filmed by Jim Hanon English DS119.76 .L58 2010
Little ashes / a Regent release of a Factotum Barcelona, Aria Films and Met Film presentation in association with Apt Films, Regent Entertainment and Katapult Film Sales producers, Carlo Dusi, Jonny Persey, Jaume Vilalta written by Philippa Goslet English PN1997 .L587 2010
Live in New Orleans / Norah Jones English M1366.J6483 L58 2003
La loi du collège [Images animées] / Mariana Otero, réal French LA698 .L65x 2008
Les lettres de mon moulin / d'après l'oeuvre d'Alphonse Daudet [réalisé par Pierre Badel]. French PN1997.2 .L4569 2001
Le lieu du crime Les innocents / André Téchiné French PN1997 .L5618 2008
Life / a BBC/Discovery Channel/SKAI co-production executive producer, Michael Gunton series producer, Martha Holmes Discovery Channel executive producer, Susan Winslow producer/writer, Paul Spillenger English QH75 .L54 2010
Ludwig : requiem for a virgin king / written and directed by Hans Jurgen Syberberg produced by TMS Film GmBH & Hans Jurgen Syberberg German PN1997 .L823 2009
Lohengrin / music by Richard Wagner a production of Unitel Classica in co-operation with Bayerische Staatsoper German M1500.W13 L5x 2010
Les lettres de mon moulin I-II / La Compagnie méditerranéenne de films présente scénario, dialogues et réalisation de Marcel Pagnol d'après les contes d'Alphonse Daudet [une production Les Films Marcel Pagnol] French PN1997 L4569 2010
The life of Emile Zola / Warner Bros. Pictures Inc. present a Warner Bros. picture directed by William Dieterle screenplay by Norman Reilly Raine, Heinz Herald, Geza Herczeg story by Heinz Herald and Geza Herczeg English PN1997 .L5726x 2005
La leyenda del son : [Trío Matamoros: Cueto, Siro, Miguel] / Mundo Latino presenta con la colaboración de RTV Comercial un documental de Carlos Alberto García Spanish ML3486.C8 L49 2007
Lulu / Berg the Metropolitan Opera presents production, John Dexter German M1500.B48 L85x 2010
Legend of the lost / Batjac Productions screenplay by Robert Presnell, Jr. and Ben Hecht produced and directed by Henry Hathaway English PN1997 .L426 2002
Lalka = The Doll / Kamera film Polski Polish PN1997 .L335254 1990
Love affair / RKO Radio Pictures, Inc. presents a Leo McCarey production screenplay by Delmer Daves and Donald Ogden Stewart story by Mildred Cram and Leo McCarey directed by Leo McCarey English PN1997 .L7488 2003
Little women : an opera in two acts / music and libretto by Mark Adamo stage director, Peter Webster directed for television by Brian Large a co-production of Houston Grand Opera and Thirteen/WNET New York English M1500.A316 L58 2010
Life as we know it / produced by Paul Brooks, Barry Josephson written by Ian Deitchman, Kristin Rusk Robinson directed by Greg Berlanti English PN1995.9.C55 L5443 2011
Lean on me / Warner Bros. presents a Norman Twain production a John G. Avildsen film written by Michael Schiffer produced by Norman Twain directed by John G. Avildsen English PN1997 .L398 2010
Lulu / music by Alban Berg libretto by Alban Berg after the plays Erdgeist and Die Büchse der Pandora by Frank Wedekind a Royal Opera House production German M1500.B48 L85x 2010b
The lady in question is Charles Busch / producers, John Catania, Charles Ignacio directors, John Catania, Charles Ignacio English PN2287.B97 L34 2006
The Lorax / produced by Fritz Freleng and Ted Geisel directed by Hawley Pratt Dr. Seuss Enterprises, L.P English PN1997 .L678 2004
Liberté / Princes production présente un film de Tony Gatlif scénario original, Tony Gatlif une coproduction Princes production, France 3 cinéma, Rhône-Alpes cinéma ventes internationales, TF1 International French PN1997.2 .L53 2010
La Mama : a theatrical tapestry / producer, Anita Saewitz director, Robert McCarty writers, Lois Draggin ... [et al.] English PN2277.N52 L36 2006
Leben BRD = How to live in the FRG / Film von Harun Farocki Autor/Realisator, Harun Farocki Produktion, Harun Farocki Filmproduktion in Coproduktion mit ZDF und La Sept German DD76 .H69 2010
Levanon = Lebanon / a Sony Pictures Classics Release Metro Communications, Paralite Productions, Ariel Films, Arsam International & United King Films present produced by Uri Sabag, Einat Bikel ... [et al.] written & directed by Samuel Maoz Hebrew PN1997 .L5367 2011
The last train / directed by Pierre Granier-Deferre [produced by] Raymond Danon English PN1997 .T65598 2001
Leonard Bernstein : the concert collection English M1.B47 L46 2005
Ladies & gentlemen / Rolling Stones English M1741.18.R64 L33 2010
Lawrence of Arabia / Horizon Pictures (G.B.) Ltd. screenplay by Robert Bolt produced by Sam Spiegel directed by David Lean English PN1997 .L39x 1983
Lawrence of Arabia / Horizon Pictures (G.B.) Ltd English PN1997 .L39x 1989
The library of 20th century newsreels English PN1997 .L539 1993
The last market / directed by Shuchen Tan VPRO English HF4055 .L37 2007
Little sparrows / writer/director, Yu-Hsiu Camille Chen producers, Yu-Hsiu Camille Chen, Eva Di Blasio English PN1997 .L58946 2011
Lazennec, 20 ans Tout Court French PN1997 .L3973 2005
Les liaisons dangereuses / Les films Marceau présentent un film de Roger Vadim adaptation libre inspirée du roman de Choderlos de Laclos adaptation, Roger Vailland et Roger Vadim, avec la collaboration de Claude Brulé directeur de la production, Léo French PN1997 .L5378x 2000
Living in two worlds : traditional and modern lifestyles / [director/writer, Ranae Morriseau producers, Renae Morriseau, Richard Hersley] English E98.E85 L58 2006
Life on the reserve / producer, Graham Shonfield, Akio Brayshaw director, Graham Shonfield English E99.C6 L484 2011
Lady Kul el-Arab / written and directed by Ibtisam Salh Mara`ana producers, Barak Heymann, Timna Goldstein-Hattav Heymann Brothers Films Arabic HQ1170.3 .L33 2008
Led Zeppelin : the origin of the species : a critical review of the band's roots and branches / producer, Thomas Walker English ML421.L4 L48 2006
Lies my father told me / Columbia Pictures presents a Pentimento and Pentacle VIII production original story and screenplay by Ted Allan produced by Anthony Bedrich, Harry Gulkin directed by Jan Kadar English PN1997 .L53 2009
Les liaisons dangereuses / Doriane Films présente d'apres l'oeuvre de Choderlos de Laclos un film de Charles Brabant , aut. adapté Charles Ravier, comp. J.. [et al.], act French PN1997 .L5378x 2009
Die Liebe der Danae : joyful mythology in 3 acts / by Richard Strauss libretto by Josef Gregor, after motives by Hugo von Hofmannsthal Unitel Classica, Arthaus Musik presenting from the Deutsche Oper Berlin German M1500.S894 L54x 2011
Let's make an opera / Benjamin Britten a film by Petr Weigl a coproduction of TV 2000 Günter Herbertz, K.F.a.s. Prag, and Cable Plus in cooperation with RM Arts and ZDF English M1500.B75 L38 1996
Lassie : triple feature / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer presents produced by Samuel Marx and Robert Sisk screenplay by Hugo Butler, Jeanne Bartlett and Lionel Houser directed by Fred M. Wilcox and S. Sylvan Simon English PN1997 .L33528 2006
Love me tonight / Universal a Paramount Picture a Rouben Mamoulian production directed by Rouben Mamoulian screen play by Samuel Hoffenstein, Waldemar Young and George Marion, Jr English PN1997 .L7495 2003
Lady and the tramp / Walt Disney presents story, Erdman Penner ... [et al.] directors, Hamilton Luske, Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson English PN1997 .L3347 2006
The Little Rascals : the complete collection English PN1997 .L5798 2008
Libby, Montana / Big Sky Pictures presents a High Plains film produced, directed & edited by Drury Gunn Carr & Doug Hawes-Davis English RC775.A8 L53 2007
Lackawanna blues / HBO Films presents a Bellah Films/Good Shepherd production a film by George C. Wolfe screenplay by Ruben Santiago-Hudson produced by Nellie Rachel Nugiel directed by George C. Wolfe English PN1997.2 .L23 2005
The learning tree / Warner Bros.-Seven Arts Inc. written for the screen, produced and directed by Gordon Parks English PN1997 .L4223 2011
Lethal weapon English PN1997 .L4562 2007
The lion king / Walt Disney Pictures presents directed by Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff produced by Don Hahn screenplay by Irene Mecchi and Jonathan Roberts and Linda Woolverton songs by Tim Rice and Elton John original score composed and arrange English PN1997 .L5796 2011
Lost boundaries / Mantle Pictures presents the Louis de Rochemont production screen adaptation, Charles Palmer screenplay, Virginia Shaler and Eugene Ling directed by Alfred L. Werker released by Film Classics, Inc English PN1997 .L67985 2009
Love & basketball / written and directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood produced by Spike Lee, Sam Kitt [produced by] New Line Productions, Inc English PN1997 .L74885 2001
Love finds Andy Hardy / Metro Goldwyn Mayer produced by Loew's Incorporated directed by George B. Seitz screen play by William Ludwig English PN1997 .L685 2004
Lioness / Chicken & Egg Pictures presents in association with Impact Partners a Room 11 Productions film directed by Meg McLagan and Daria Sommers produced by Meg McLagan and Daria Sommers English DS79.76 .L56 2008
Love and death / United Artists a Jack Rollins and Charles H. Joffe production produced by Charles H. Joffe written and directed by Woody Allen English PN1997 .L74885 2000
Looney tunes golden collection. Volume 4 / [Warner Bros. presents] produced by Warner Brothers Cartoons, Leon Schlesinger, David H. De Patie directed by Friz Freleng, Robert McKimson, Charles M. Jones English PN1997 .L6775 2006
The legend of Zorro / Columbia Pictures and Spyglass Entertainment present an Amblin Entertainment production produced by Walter F. Parkes, Laurie MacDonald, Lloyd Phillips story by Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman and Ted Elliott & Terry Rossio scree English PN1997 .L427 2006
Lope / Antena 3 Films El Toro Pictures Ikiru Films Conspiração Filmes presentan en coproducción con Telefónica, Warner Bros. Pictures dirigido por Andrucha Waddington escrito por Jordi Gasull e Ignacio del Moral producido por Mercedes Ga Spanish PN1997.2 .L65 2010
The last of his tribe / HBO Pictures presents a River City production a Harry Hook film produced by John Levoff and Robert Lovenheim written by Stephen Harrigan directed by Harry Hook English PN1997 .L3439 2004
Lured / Hunt Stromberg presents screenplay by Leo Rosten produced by James Nasser executive producer, Hunt Stromberg directed by Douglas Sirk English PN1997 .L8743 2000
The lost patrol / Radio Pictures presents a John Ford production executive producer, Merian C. Cooper directed by John Ford associate producer, Cliff Reid screen play by Dudley Nichols adaptation by Garrett Fort English PN1997 .L739 2006
Lúcio Flávio, o passageiro da agonia / HB Filmes apresenta roteiro José Louzeiro, Jorge Duran, Hector Babenco direção Hector Babenco Portuguese PN1997 .L818 2009
Lion women : the fight for freedom in Iran / written and directed by Gry Winther English HQ1735.2 L56 2011
Luke Jermay's skullduggery / Luke Jermay English GV1559 .L76 2007
The Last of the Mohicans / Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation English PN1997 .L344x 1996
A little night music / Sascha-Wien Film, Vienna and S & T Film, Berlin in association with Elliott Kastner present a Harold Prince film producer, Elliott Kastner directed by Harold Prince English PN1997 .L58928 2007
Live in action English GV1549 .L478 2010
Larry Jennings a private lesson English GV1549 .L367 2006
Live without a net English GV1559 .L64 2011
Lerner & Loewe's Camelot / Home Box Office presents book and lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner music by Frederick Loewe produced by Mike Merrick and Don Gregory staged and directed by Marty Callner original stage production directed by Frank Dunlop English PN1997 .C343 2007
Late style : Yuri I. Manin looking back on a life in mathematics / Agnes Handwerk Harrie Willems English QA12 .L37 2012
Losander's magic anytime anywhere English GV1559 .L74 2003
The Lord is not on trial here today / written, produced, directed, and photographed by Jay Rosenstein co-produced by Independent Television Service (ITVS) and Illinois Public Media [in assocation with] New Day Films English KF4783 .L67 2010
The last word on Three Card Monte English GV1547 .L3734 2010
The last angel of history / a Black Audio Films production in association with Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen and Channel Four Television producers, Lina Gopaul, Avril Johnson director, John Akomfrah English PN3433.5 .L37 2010
Little Nellie Kelly / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer directed by Norman Taurog produced by Arthur Freed screenplay by Jack McGowan English PN1997 .L58927 2011
Lars og Peter = Lars and Peter = Lars et Peter / réalisé par Daniel Borgman production, Two Little Ghosts Danish PN1997.2 .C536 2009
The Loving story / HBO Documentary Films presents an Augusta Films production director, Nancy Buirski produced by Nancy Buirski & Elisabeth Haviland James writers, Nancy Buirski & Susie Ruth Powell English E185.62 .L68 2011
Live in dublin / Moving Hearts English M1745.18.M68 L583 2008
Lempad of Bali / a co-production of Australian Broadcasting Commission and Australian National University produced by John Darling directed by Lorne Blair, John Darling English N7326.8.L45 L44 1980
Lemming / Michel Saint-Jean présente un film de Dominik Moll scénario, Dominik Moll et Gilles Marchand producteur délégué, Michel Saint-Jean une coproduction Diaphana Films, France 3 cinéma French PN1997.2 .L466 2005
Lolita / a Showtime release, a Pathé production produced by Mario Kassar and Joel B. Michaels directed by Adrian Lyne screenplay by Stephen Schiff English PN1997 .L66 1998
Land and freedom : a story from the Spanish Revolution / a Parallax Pictures, Messidor Films and Road Movies Dritte Produktionen production screenplay, Jim Allen executive producers, Sally Hibbin, Gerardo Herrero, Ulrich Felsberg producer, Rebec English PN1997 .L3352695 2009
The last conquistador / Valadez Media and Kitchen Sync in association with the Independent Television Service/ITVS, ... [et al.] written, directed & produced by John J. Valadez directed & produced by Cristina Ibarra English NB235.E4 L37 2008
The last slide projector : a film / by Paige Sarlin English TR506 .L37 2006
The light in her eyes / Clockshop and Felt Films present directed and produced by Julia Meltzer and Laura Nix Arabic LC910.S95 L548 2012
Limelight / Celebrated Films Corporation produced and directed by Charles Chaplin original story and screenplay by Charles Chaplin English PN1997 .L5776 2003
The lost son / the Film Consortium Le Studio Canal+ and Scala and Ima Films in association with Arts Council of England, Canal+, France 2 and France 3 a Scala and Ima Films production a Chris Mengus film produced by Finola Dwyer English PN1997 .L736 2001
Louise-Michel / MNP Entreprise présente un film de Benoît Delépine et Gustave de Kervern une coproduction MNP Enterprise, No Money Productions, Arte France cinéma avec la participation de Canal+, Cinécinéma et du Centre national de la cinématogr French PN1997 .L7487 2009
Land of opportunity / Chicken & Egg Pictures presents in association with Arte (France) a JoLu Productions film producer, director, editor, Luisa Dantas English HN80.N45 L36 2010
Left behind : the movie / Cloud Ten Pictures produced by Peter LaLonde ... [et al.] screenplay by Allan McElroy, Paul LaLonde, Joe Goodman directed by Vic Sarin English PN1997.2.L44 L44 2005
Little town of Bethlehem / EMG Films presents produced by Mart Green a film by Jim Hanon English DS119.76 .L58 2010
Louise / d'après le roman musical de Gustave Charpentier Védis Films French PN1997 .L7486 2005
Lac aux dames / d'après le roman de Vicki Baum mise en scène de Marc Allegret dialogues de Colette production, Sopra enregistrement Tobis Klangfilm [studios], Films sonores Tobis, Paris French PN1997 .L3223 2009
Loving Krishna / a film by Allen Moore and Ákos Östör produced by Robert Gardner and Ákos Östör for the Film Study Center, Harvard University English BL1220.3.B57 L58 2007
Last shop standing : the rise, fall and rebirth of the independent record shop / Blue Hippo Media & Proper Music Publishing present based on the book 'Last shop standing' by Graham Jones directed by Pip Piper produced by Pip Piper, Rob Taylor English ML3790 .L37 2012
Louie Bluie / a film by Terry Zwigoff produced and directed by Terry Zwigoff English ML419.A74 L68 2010
Latching on : a film / by Katja Esson producer, director, Katja Esson produced by Penelope Pictures English RJ216 .L38 2010
Louise Wimmer / un film écrit et réalisé par Cyril Mennegun produit par Bruno Nahon une production Zadig Films en coproduction avec Arte France cinéma un distribution Haut et Court French PN1997.2 .L6838 2012
Laji'un mada al-hayah : Arabic check josiah
Llyn Foulkes's Lost frontier / Lost Frontier Productions presents a Halpern/Quilty film produced by Tamar Halpern and Chris Quilty English ND237.F68 L96 2009
A love to hide / Picture This! Entertainment and TF1 International Merlin Productions written by Pascal Fontanille and Samantha Mazeras produced by François Aramburu, Pascal Fontanille, Laëtitia Bartoli directed by Christian Faure French PN1997 .L686 2006
Laurence anyways / un film de Xavier Dolan French PN1997 .L38952 2012
Lincoln / a Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures release of a DreamWorks Pictures 20th Century Fox and Reliance Entertainment presentation in association with Participant Media and Dune Entertainment of an Amblin Entertainment/Kennedy/Marshal English PN1997.2 .L56 2013
Leaving Cleaver : Henry Louis Gates Jr. remembers Eldridge Cleaver / WGBH Educational Foundation a Basic Black and Frontline co-production for WGBH/Boston producer, June Cross written by June Cross, Henry Louis Gates, Jr English E185.97.C6 L4 2008
Lucky / Film Movement presents Double Dutch International Out of Africa Entertainment How Town Film Productions, LLC written and directed by Avie Luthra produced by Lance Samuels, Christopher J. Wilmot screenplay, Avie Luthra and Tanya Wel Zulu PN1995.9.F67 L83 2013
The long hot summer English check josiah
Lady Paname / un film de Henri Jeanson, 1950 Gaumont présente production, Michel Safra, André Paulvé, Speva Films French PN1997 .L3349 2010
La Ausencia de Adela Zamudio : / 2012 Italian check josiah
Landmarks of early Soviet film : 4 disc DVD collection of 8 groundbreaking films / produced by Jeffery Masino and David Shepard Russian PN1997 .L335265 2011
Living in emergency / Red Floor Pictures presents produced and directed by Mark Hopkins produced by Naisola Grimwood and Daniel Holton-Roth executive producers, Erika Bertin, Geralyn Dreyfous, Mark Harris, Sarah Johnson English RA545 .L58 2010
Leur dernière nuit / une production de la Compagnie commerciale française cinématographique un film de Georges Lacombe d'après une nouvelle de Constant adaptation de Georges Lacombe et Jacques Celhay dialogues de Jacques Celhay French PN1997 .L484 2004
The lab = ha-Ma`badah / Gum Films, Luna Blue Film and the Factory present a film by Yotam Feldman producers, Yoav Roeh, Aurit Zamir world sales, Cinephil Hebrew UF535.I7 L23 2013
A litany for survival : the life and work of Audre Lorde / a Third World Newsreel production Ada Gay Griffin, producer/director Michelle Parkerson, director produced in association with The Independent Television Service English PN1997 .L5865 2006
Lost & found : American treasures from the New Zealand Film Archive n/a PN1997 .L6776 2013
Lear / Soho Rep., Young Jean Lee's Theater Company written and directed by by Young Jean Lee, January 2010, Soho Rep. in New York, NY English PN1997.2 .L428 2010
Laurence anyways / Lyla Films et MK2 présentent une coproduction Canada-France en coproduction avec Arte France Cinéma un film de Xavier Dolan produit par Lyse Lafontaine co-producteurs, Nathanaël Karmitz, Charles Gillibert scénario et diaglog French PN1997.2 .L38 2013
Lumiere d'été / Janus Films, SNC Groupe M6, La Cinémathèque française présentent André Paulvé présente par Jean Grémillon scénario et dialogues de Jacques Prévert et Pierre Laroche une production André Paulvé distribué par Discina French PN1997 .L856 2012
Laisse aller ... c'est une valse! / Gaumont présente un film de Georges Lautner adaptation et dialogues de Georges Lautner et Bertrand Blier d'après un scénario original de Bertrand Blier une coproduction franco-italienne S.N.E. Gaumont Intern French PN1997 .L33522 2008
The linking rings : project codeword, quantum rings : confidential, for your eyes only / Al Schneider, L & L Underground Research Facility produced by Louis Falanga written by Al Schneider English GV1559 .L563 2012
Lesbian nation : a short film collection English HQ75.5 .L47 2009
The land belongs to those who work it / Chiapas Media Project Promedios de Comunicacion Comunitaria Mayan languages F1256 .L36 2005
Lanyu guan dian / zhi pian Hu Taili, Li Daoming dao yan Hu Taili Zhong yang yan jiu yuan min zu xue yan jiu suo chu pin Chinese DS799.42 .L35 2006
Living downstream / The People's Picture Company presents in association with The Ceres Trust directed by Chanda Chevannes produced by Chanda Chevannes, Nathan Shields English RC268.25 .L58 2013
Living with pride : Ruth Ellis @ 100 / Our Film Works presents written, directed and produced by Yvonne Welbon English HQ75.6.U5 L58 2003
Last call for planet Earth : sustainable development and architecture / Films Media Group English NA2542.36 .L38 2008
Lü mao zi = Green hat / chu pin ren, Lü Yan ce hua, Jiao Xiongping [dao yan, Liu Fendou] Chinese check josiah
Luo ye gui gen = Getting home / Beijing jin qiang sheng shi wen hua chuan bo you xian gong si, Xing hao yu le you xian gong si chu pin bian ju Zhang Yang, Wang Yao dao yan Zhang Yang Chinese check josiah
Lao ban de gu shi = Peace Hotel / Jian zhi Wu Yushen dao yan Wei Jiahui Chinese check josiah
The Lady in no. 6 / director, Malcolm Clarke English DS135.C97 H484 2013
Let freedom sing : how music inspired the civil rights movement / presented by Time Life presented by TV One a Brainstorm Media production in association with Rhythm Mass Productions directed by Jon Goodman written by Jon Goodman and Colin Esc English check josiah
Le Comte Ory : Undetermined check josiah
Little brother / a documentary by Nicole Franklin and Jasmin Tiggett English E185.86 .L58 2010
The Longoria affair / written & directed by John J. Valadez produced by John J. Valadez a co-production of John J. Valadez, WGBH/Boston and the Independent Television Service in association with Latino Public Broadcasting English F395.M5 L66 2010
Les tres riches heures ..du duc de Berry : / 2004 French check josiah
The law in these parts / Noga 8 a film by Ra'anan Alexandrowicz & Liran Alzmor Hebrew DS119.76 .L39 2013
Leviathan / a film by Lucien Castaing-Taylor and Véréna Paravel Arrête ton Cinéma English SH331 .L48 2013
Looney tunes golden collection. Volume 1 English PN1997 .L6774 2011
Ludwig van : ein Bericht / von Mauricio Kagel Musik, L. v. Beethoven Buch und musikalische Bearbeitung, Mauricio Kagel German PN1997 .L73 2007
Latcho drom = Bonne route = Safe journey / Michèle Ray-Gavras présente une production K.G. Productions avec la participations du Centre National du la Cinématographie ... [et al.] scénario, Tony Gatlif produit par Michèle Ray un film de Tony Gat Romany check josiah
Life of Brian / Handmade Films presents produced by John Goldstone directed by Terry Jones written by ... Graham Chapman ... [et al.] Python (Monty) Pictures Ltd
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English check availability
A lesson before dying / Spanky Pictures production in association with Ellen M. Krass Productions producer, Robert Benedetti teleplay by Ann Peacock directed by Joseph Sargent
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
The last king of Scotland / produced by Lisa Bryer ... [et al.] directed by Kevin Macdonald screenplay by Jeremy Brock, Peter Morgan
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
Little Miss Sunshine / written by Michael Arndt directed by Valerie Faris and Jonathan Dayton
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
Lady in the water / written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
The last Mimzy / directed by Robert Shaye screenplay by Bruce Joel Rubin, Toby Emmerich
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
The last time / Element Films presents an Element Films production in association with Lift Productions and L.A. Squared a Michael Caleo film producers, Stavros Merjos, Peter Samuelson, J. Malcolm Petal produced by Adam Rosenfelt written and direc
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
Life support / produced by Mark A. Baker directed by Nelson George written by Nelson George, Jim McKay, Hannah Weyer
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
The lake house / directed by Alejandro Agresti screenplay by David Auburn
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
License to wed / directed by Ken Kwapis
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
Lady Chatterley / produced by Gilles Sandoz screenplay by Roger Bohbot, Pascale Ferran directed by Pascale Ferran
[Go to IMDB]
check availability
The last legion / directed by Doug Lefler screenplay by Jez Butterworth and Tom Butterworth
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
Lord of war / Entertainment Manufacturing Company presents a VIP Medienfonds 3, Ascendant Pictures, Saturn Films production in association with Rising Star, Copag V and Endgame Entertainment producers Nicolas Cage, Norman Golightly, Andy Grosch, Chr
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
Love lies bleeding / produced by Mark Handel, Matt Luber, Lena Roklin directed by Keith Samples written by Brian Strasmann
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
Lars and the real girl / produced by Sarah Aubrey, John Cameron, Sidney Kimmel written by Nancy Oliver directed by Craig Gillespie
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
Lions for lambs / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures and United Artists present a Wildwood Enterprise/Brat Na Pont/Andell Entertainment production, a Robert Redford film produced by Matthew Michael Carnahan ... [et al.] written by Matthew Michae
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
Love and other disasters / produced by Alek Keshishian, Virginie Silla written and directed by Alek Keshishian
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
Letters from Iwo Jima / Dreamworks Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures present a Malpaso/Amblin Entertainment production directed by Clint Eastwood screenplay by Iris Yamashita story by Iris Yamashita & Paul Haggis produced by Clint Eastwoo
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check availability
The librarian : curse of the Judas Chalice / produced by Phillip M. Goldfarb, Noah Wyle written by Marco Schnabel directed by Jonathan Frakes
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
Let the right one in / produced by Carl Molinder, John Nordling screenplay by John Ajvide Lindqvist directed by Tomas Alfredson
[Go to IMDB]
check availability
Living in oblivion / JDI Productions Lemon Sky Productions produced by Michael Griffiths, Marcus Viscidi written and directed by Tom DiCillo
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
Last chance Harvey / produced by Tim Perell written and directed by Joel Hopkins
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
Living proof / produced by Neil Meron, Craig Zadan teleplay by Vivienne Radkoff directed by Dan Ireland
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
The lord of the rings. The return of the king / New Line Cinema presents a Wingnut Films production directed by Peter Jackson screenplay by Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens, Peter Jackson producers, Barrie M. Osborne, Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh executiv
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
Das Leben der Anderen = The lives of others / eine film von Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck eine Wiedemann & Berg Filmproduktion im Verleih der Buena Vista International in Coproduktion mit Bayerischer Rundfunk, Arte, Creado Film coproduzenten, D
[Go to IMDB]
check availability
A lot like love / produced by Armyan Bernstein, Kevin J. Messick directed by Nigel Cole written by Colin Patrick Lynch
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
The Langoliers / Laurel-King presents produced by David Kappes teleplay and directed by Tom Holland
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
Lara Croft Tomb raider : the cradle of life / Paramount Pictures presents in association with Mutual Film Company & BBC, Tele-Müchen, Toho-Towa, a Lawrence Gordon/Lloyd Levin production in association with Eidos Interactive Limited, a Jan De Bont
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
Love happens / produced by Mary Parent, Scott Stuber, Mike Thompson written by Brandon Camp, Mike Thompson directed by Brandon Camp
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
Lorenzo's oil / Universal Pictures presents a Kennedy Miller film screenplay by George Miller, Nick Enright produced by Doug Mitchell, George Miller directed by George Miller
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
The lovely bones / produced by Carolynne Cunningham ... [et al.] screenplay by Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens, Peter Jackson directed by Peter Jackson
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
Ladder 49 / directed by Jay Russell
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
The losers / produced by Kerry Foster, Akiva Goldsman, Joel Silver screenplay by Peter Berg, James Vanderbilt directed by Sylvain White
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
Love & other drugs / produced by Pieter Jan Brugge ... [et al.] screenplay by Charles Randolph, Edward Zwick, Marshall Herskovitz directed by Edward Zwick
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
Limitless / produced by Leslie Dixon, Ryan Kavanaugh, Scott Kroopf screenplay by Leslie Dixon directed by Neil Burger
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
The Lincoln lawyer / produced by Sidney Kimmel ... [et al.] screenplay by John Romano directed by Brad Furman
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
Larry Crowne / produced by Tom Hanks, Gary Goetzman written by Tom Hanks, Nia Vardalos directed by Tom Hanks
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
Like crazy / produced by Jonathan Schwartz, Andrea Sperling written by Drake Doremus, Ben York Jones directed by Drake Doremus
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
Legally blonde / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures presents a Marc Platt production produced by Marc Platt, Ric Kidney screenplay by Karen McCullah Lutz & Kirsten Smith directed by Robert Luketic
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
Lost in translation / an American Zoetrope/Elemental Films production written and directed by Sofia Coppola produced by Ross Katz, Sofia Coppola executive producers, Francis Ford Coppola, Fred Roos
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
The lucky one / a Warner Bros. release presented in association with Village Roadshow Pictures of a Di Novi Pictures production produced by Denise Di Novi, Kevin McCormick screenplay, Will Fetters directed by Scott Hicks
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
Love's Christmas journey / produced by Lincoln Lageson written by George Tierne directed by David S. Cass Sr
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
The lord of the rings : original animated classic / screenplay by Chris Conkling, Peter S. Beagle produced by Saul Zaentz directed by Ralph Bakshi
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
Liberal arts / a Strategic Motion Ventures presentation of a BCDF Pictures production in association with Tom Sawyer Entertainment produced by Brice Dal Farra ... [et al.] directed and written by Josh Radnor
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
Looper / a Sony Pictures Entertainment release of a TriStar Pictures, FilmDistrict, Endgame Entertainment presentation in association with DMG Entertainment of a Ram Bergman production produced by Ram Bergman, James D. Stern written and directed b
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
The lord of the rings. The two towers / New Line Cinema presents a Wingnut Films production in association with Lord Zweite Productions Deutschland Filmproduktion GmbH & Co. KG directed by Peter Jackson screenplay by Fran Walsh ... [et al.] produc
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
Life of Pi / a 20th Century Fox release of a Fox 2000 Pictures presentation in association with Dune Entertainment and Ingenious Media of a Haishang Films/Gil Netter production in association with Big Screen Prods. and Ingenious Film Partners pr
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
The lord of the rings. The fellowship of the ring / New Line Cinema presents a Wingnut Films production directed by Peter Jackson screenplay by Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens and Peter Jackson
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
Little Miss Sunshine / written by Michael Arndt directed by Valerie Faris and Jonathan Dayton
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
Léon, the professional / Columbia Pictures presents a Gaumont/Les Films Du Dauphin productions a Luc Besson Film written and directed by Luc Besson
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
Life of Pi / a 20th Century Fox release of a Fox 2000 Pictures presentation in association with Dune Entertainment and Ingenious Media of a Haishang Films/Gil Netter production in association with Big Screen Prods. and Ingenious Film Partners pr
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
Love actually / produced by Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Duncan Kenworthy written and directed by Richard Curtis
[Go to IMDB]
English check availability
The Lone Ranger / a Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures release presented with Jerry Bruckheimer Films of a Blind Wink/Infinitum Nihil production produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, Gore Verbinski screenplay by Justin Haythe, Ted Elliott, Terry Rossio
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English check availability

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