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O brother, where art thou?
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O samba / Frémeaux and Associés Télévisions and G2 Films presentation Jean Claude Guiter French GV1796.S25 O10 2007
' O thou transcendent' : the life of Ralph Vaughan Williams / directed & edited by Tony Palmer Isolde Films English ML410.V3 O38 2007
O, fortuna! / directed & edited by Tony Palmer a co-production with Bayerischer Rundfunk produced by Mike Bluett German ML410.O7 O14 2008
O.D : optical delusion / by Aaron Paterson English GV1547 .O33 2007
Obaba / Manga Films una producci²n Oria Films en coproducci²n con Pandora Film, Neue Impuls Film con la participaci²n de TVE, Canal+ Espa±a gui²n y direcci²n Montxo Aremend§riz producida por Puy Oria ... [et al. Spanish PN1997 .O1567x 2005
Obalton = Stray bullet / producer, Sung Choon Kim screenplay by Lee Lee Chong Ki directed by Hyon Moak Yu Korean PN1997 .O157 2008
Obecn§ skola : Cesk§ republika 1991 : hezk_ cesk_ vesel_ film zvukov_ nehorlav_ : laskav§ komedie / [n§met, scén§r Jan Sver§k [rezie Zdenek Sver§k Czech PN1997 .O1657x 1993
Obecn§ skola / n§met, scén§r Zdenek Sver§k rezie Jan Sver§k. Czech PN1997 .O1657x 2000
Obedience / chief investigator, Stanley Milgram production, S. Milgram. English HM271 .O24x 1990
Oberon, the faery prince : a masque of Prince Henries, 1611 / by Ben Jonson stage direction, Barrie Rutter executiv e producer, Ross W. Duffin producers, Ross W. Duffin, Thomas Bishop, David Evett production producer/director, Ed English M1520 .O23x 1993
Oberst Redl = Colonel Redl / Mafilm Studio Objektiv ... [et al. Drehbuch, Istv§n Szab², Péter Dobai Produktionsgruppe, J²zsef Marx ein Film von Istv§n Szab² German PN1997 .O175x 2001
Obin’ Bat§ Cuba : conjunto feminino de percusi²n, canto y danza Spanish ML1038.B38 O78 2005
Objectified / a Swiss Dots production a film by Gary Hustwit produced and directed by Gary Hustwit English TS171 .O25 2009
Objects and memory / produced and directed by Jonathan Fein and Brian Danitz an EVER production English HV6432 .O35 2008
Objetivo a ciegas Spanish PN1997 .O182x 2002
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Oblivion seekers / Susan Smith Nash. English NA253o
Obra maestra / una pel’cula de David Trueba una producci²n de Fernando Trueba P.C.S.A. y Buenavida Producci²nes con la participac’on de Televisi²n Espa±ola, V’a Digital Y Amiguetes Entertainment Spanish PN1997 .O247x 2001
The OC. [Season 1 / created by Josh Schwartz Warner Bros. Television English PN1997 .O2475 2007
Oca±a, retrat intermitent / P.C. Teide i Prozesa presenten una pel-l’cula de Ventura Pons Spanish PN1997 .O2477x 2003
Occupation 101 : voices of the silenced majority / produced and directed by Sufyan Omeish & Abdallah Omeish written by Sufyan Omeish, Abdallah Omeish English DS119.7 .O45 2007
Occupation: Dreamland / Rumur Releasing presents a GreenHouse Pictures/Subdivision Production in association with Just Media, Sundance Channel producers, Selina Lewis-Davidson & Nancy Roth a documentary by Garrett Scott & Ian Olds English DS79.766.F3 O23 2005
Occupe-toi d'Amélie! / un film de Claude Autant-Lara réalisateur, Claude Autant-Lara d'après la pi’ce de Georges Feydeau scénario et dialogues, Jean Aurenche et Pierre Bost directeur de production, Louis Wipf French PN1997 .O2478 2010
Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge / produced by Marcel Ichac and Paul de Roubaix adapted and directed by Robert Enrico English PS1097 .O33 2004
Ocean of wisdom English BQ7935.B777 O23x 1991
Ocean's eleven
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Ocean's eleven
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Ocean's thirteen
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Ocean's twelve
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Ocoee : legacy of the election day massacre / a No Visuals Production in association with the Documentary Institute, University of Florida English F319.O26 O26 2002
Octavia / Suevia Films una producci²n de La Linterna M§gica S.L., Consorcio Salamanca 2002, con la participaci²n de Canal+, Televisi²n Espa±ola (TVE), Junta de Castilla y Le²n producci²n, Carmen Gull²n gui²n y direcci²n, Basilio Mar Spanish PN1997.2 .O38x 2002
Octavio Paz / A Fondo Radiotelevision Espanola presenta producer, Jesus Gonzalez direccion y presentacion, Joaquin Soler Serrano realizacion, Ricardo Arias Spanish PQ7297.P285 Z56 2003
October 1917 / Mosfilm Studios screenplay and direction, Sergei Eisenstein and Grigory Alexandrov English PN1997 .O364x 1998
Octobre / une production de la Corporation de développement et de production ACPAV inc., en coproduction avec l'Office national du film du Canada produit par Bernadette Payeur et Marc Daigle scénario et dialogues, Pierre French PN1997 .O248x 2000
Odds against tomorrow / Harbel Productions producer, Robert Wise screenplay, John O. Killens, Nelson Gidding director, Robert Wise English PN1997 .O333 2003
The odds of recovery / by Su Friedrich script ... by Su Friedrich Downstream Productions, Inc English PN1997 .O334x 2005
Ode to freedom : Beethoven : Symphony no. 9 / co-production of Unitel ... [et al. directed by Humphrey Burton English M1001.B4 S9x 2009
Odette toulemonde / Bel Ombre films présente une coproduction Bel Ombre films ... [et al. avec la participation de Canal +, Cinécinéma un film de Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt produit par Gaspard de Chavagnac un film & French PN1997 .O336x 2007
Odinokaia zhenshchina zhelaet poznakomitsia / Kinostudiia imeni Aleksandra Dovzhenko avtor stsenariia, Viktor Merezhko Russian PN1997 .O3643 2007
Od_ y§! : life with AIDS / Brazil Image & Vivai Pictures present a documentary by T_nia Cypriano Portuguese RA644.A25 O36x 1997
Oedipus Rex / an Arco Film Italy production, released by Euro International Films producer, Alfredo Bini director, Pier Paolo Pasolini Italian PN1997 .O335x 2003
Oedipus Rex / Igor Stravinsky a Peter Gelb production produced by Peter Gelb [and Pat Jaffe stage production and film directed by Julie Taymor a production of CAMI Video and NHK in association with Channel 4 ... [et al. Latin M1500.S895 O33x 2005
Of men and gods = Des hommes et des dieux / Digital LM presents a film by Anne Lescot, Laurence Magloire French HQ76.2.H3 O35 2002
Of mice and men / Hal Roach presents a Lewis Milestone production Hal Roach Studios screenplay by Eugene Solow produced and directed by Lewis Milestone English PN1997 .O3644 1998
Of monuments and myths / WETA-TV producer, Jackson Frost, Anne Garefino director, Jackson Frost English F195 .O4x 1988
Of pipers and wrens / producer, director, Gei Zantzinger produced in collaboration with Dastum. English ML3620.7.B74 O3x 1997
Of time and the city : a love song and a eulogy / Northwest Vision and Media & Digital Departures presents in association with the Liverpool Culture Company and BBC Films a Hurricane Films production a Terence Davies film written English HT330 .O3 2009
Ofelas = Pathfinder / buvttadeajoi John M. Jacobsen c§llija bagadeadoji Nils Gaup guwideadou, Erling Thurmann-Andersen [a co-production between Filmkameratene A.S., Norway Film Development Co, A.S. and Norsk Film A.S. Ifex Interna Northern Sami PN1997 .O3645 1988
Offender employment specialist training : building bridges / National Institute of Corrections, Offender Workforce Development Division English J 1.100:OF 2/DVD/CD
Office space / Twentieth Century Fox presents a Mike Judge film produced by Michael Rotenberg, Daniel Rappaport written for the screen and directed by Mike Judge English PN1997 .O34534 2005
La ofrenda : the Days of the Dead / produced and directed by Lourdes Portillo and Susana Mu±oz written by Fenton Johnson, Lourdes Portillo. Spanish GT4995.A4 O38x 1989
Ogniem i mieczem = With fire and sword / director, Jerzy Hoffman Polish PN1997 .O3647 2003
El ogro / direcci²n, Ismael Rodriguez argumento, Ismael Rodriguez. Spanish PN1997 .O365x 1989
Ohayo = Good morning / Janus Films Shochiku Eiga kyakuhon Noda Kogo, Ozu Yasujiro kantoku Ozu Yasujiro Japanese PN1997 .O3657x 2000
OHM+ : the early gurus of electronic music, 1948-1980 No M1473 .O357x 2005
Oil, the epic of black gold / a film series by Jean Pierre Beaurenaut and Yves Billon produced by ZaraDoc and Planet Group Entertainment English HD9560.5 .O3698 2011
Ojos que no ven = What the eye doesn't see / produced by Aldea Films, I.J.V. Comunicacion, IncaCine S.A.C Spanish PN1997 .O373x 2004
Ojos que no ven = What your eyes don't see / a Vanguard Cinema presents a El Puente Producciones production Spanish PN1997 .O373x 2002
Oklahoma! / music by Richard Rodgers book and lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II screenplay by Sonya Levien, William Ludwig Samuel Goldwyn Company produced by Arthur Hornblow, Jr. directed by Fred Zinneman English M1500.R625 O45x 1999
Oklahoma! / Royal National Theatre producers, Chris Hunt, Andy Picheta, Richard Price writer, Oscar Hammerstein II director, Trevor Nunn English M1500.R62 O35x 2003
Okno v Parizh / film IUriia Mamina Russian PN1997 .O56x 1997
Okno v Parizh / Sodaperaga, La Sept Cinema, Fontaine, Films Du Bouloi [a film by Yuri Mamin Russian PN1997 .O56x 1995
Old Gringo / Columbia Pictures presents based upon 'Gringo viejo' by Carlos Fuentes screenplay by Aida Bortnik & Luis Puenzo produced by Lois Bonfiglio directed by Luis Puenzo English PN1997 .O375x 2002
The old maid / Warner Bros. Pictures presents a First National picture in charge of production, Jack L. Warner screenplay by Casey Robinson directed by Edmund Goulding English PN1997 .O376 2008
Old time banjo styles / taught by Mike Seeger workshop sessions co-produced by Homespun Tapes and Smithsonian/Folkways Recordings directed by Happy Traum English MT568 .O44x 1994
The old time music maker, Melvin Wine : producer-director, Robert Boles English ML418.W56 O42x 1993
Old-time fiddle Appalachian style with Alan Jabbour : 10 easy pieces plus an interview / In the Groove Workshops producers, Donna Hébert, Marsha Schoeffler. English MT279.5 .L446x 2003
Oldu boi = Oldboy / chegong, chejak, Syo Isut`u kongdong chejak, Egu P`illum kakpon, Hwang Cho-yun, Im Chun-hyong, Pak Ch`an-uk p`urodyuso, Im Sung-yong kamdok, Pak Ch`an-uk Korean PN1997 .O377 2005
Olga / Nexus Cinema ... [et al. apresentam uma produ_ao Nexus Cinema, Globofilmes, Lumi’re e Europa Filmes un filme de Jayme Monjardim produzido por Rita Buzzar roteiro, Rita Buzzar Portuguese PN1997 .O563 2005
Olhar estrangeiro : um personagem chamado Brasil / um filme de Lácia Murat Portuguese PN1997.2 .O45 2006
The Olive Thomas collection / Timeline Films English PN1997 .O378 2005
Oliver Cromwell / Cromwell Productions producer, Lara Lowe written by Bob Carruthers. English DA426 .O44x 1999
Olivier Messiaen : the music of faith / produced and directed by Alan Benson edited and presented by Melvyn Bragg English ML410.M595 O556 2002
Olmsted and Central Park / ABC Video Enterprises in association with Gittelman Film Associates produced by Philip Gittelman directed by Philip Gittelman, Deirdre Evans Gittelman. English F128.65.C3 O45x 1983
Los Olvidados / directed by Luis Bu±uel Spanish PN1997 .O425x 1989
Olympia / Arthaus und Arte Edition eine Olympia Film Produktion ein dokumentafilm von Leni Riefenstahl. German GV722 1936 .M3738
The Omaha project : a rare book adventure. English Z702 .O43x 1990
Omar Gatlato / un film de Merzak Allouache Arabic PN1997 .O426x 2003
Omar Gatlato = Omar it-kills-him / O.N.C.I.C. written and directed by Merzak Allouache. Arabic PN1997 .O432x 1991
Anat omie d'un rapport = Anatomy of a relationship Gen’se d'un repas = Genesis of a meal / produced, written and directed by Luc Moullet French PN1997 .A53873 2007
Omkara / a Vishal Bhardwaj adaptation of Shakespeare's Othello a Shemaroo Films presentation A Big Screen Entertainment production screenplay, Vishal Bhardwaj, Robin Bhatt, Abhishek Chaubey produced by Kumar Mangat directed by V Hindi PN1997.2 .O453 2005
Omon-mi / pi’ce de Ousmane Aledji mise en scène, Ousmane Aledji réalisation, Donald Amadji et Pascal Agnangnan pour l'ORTB, Gilles-Ivan Frankignoul pour la SOPAT production, la compagnie Agbo N'Koko (Bénin), le Festiva French PN1997.2 .O49 2007
On conna_t la chanson / AMLF présente Arena Films et Caméra One présentent mise en scène par Alain Resnais French PN1997 .O4327x 2001
On conna_t la chanson / mise en scène par Alain Resnais French PN1997 .O4327x 1990z
On ne meurt que 2 fois / Norbert Saada d'après le roman de Robin Cook adaptation de Jacques Deray et Michel Audiard dialogue de Michel Audiard une co-production Swanie Productions et T.F.1 Films Production. French PN1997 .O427x 2000z
On our own terms : Moyers on dying / produced and directed by Elena Mannes a production of Public Affiars Television, Inc. English BF789.D4 O5x 2000
On purge bébé / une pi’ce de Georges Feydeau réalisation, Marcel Bluwal production, INA, L. C. J., Warner French PN1997 .O4329 2001
On the beach / Stanley Kramer presents a United Artists release Lomitas Productions, Inc. screenplay by John Paxton produced and directed by Stanley Kramer English PN1997 .O428 2005
On the maximum principle / Louis Nirenberg introduced by Michael Artin English QA379 .O5x 1992
On the Riviera / Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation produced by Sol. C. Siegel written by Valentine Davies, Henry Ephron, Phoebe Ephron adapated by Jessie Ernst directed by Walter Lang English PN1995.9.M86 O5 2007
On the rumba river / Les Productions Faire Bleu present a film by Jacques Sarasin director, Jacques Sarasin Lingala M1830 .O57 2008
On the spring ice = Upenghaam Sikugkeni / Alaska Native Heritage Film Project directed by Sarah Elder and Len Kamerling Yupik E99.E7 O54 2006
On the waterfront / an Elia Kazan production screenplay by Budd Schulberg produced by Sam Spiegel directed by Elia Kazan English PN1997 .O434 2001
On tiptoe : the music of Ladysmith Black Mambazo / Leelai Demoz and Nomafilms On TipToe Productions producers, Leelai Demoz, Eric Simonson director, Eric Simonson English ML421.L33 O5 2004
On wings of faith = En alas de la fe / Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes, Unidad de Producciones Audiovisuales English GT4814 .O6x 1991
On your knees English PN1995.9.S45 O5 1990z
Once there was a ballpark / written by Vern Nobles, Sr. contributing writers, Ron Bianchi & Curt Smith producer-director, Verne Nobles, Sr. produced by North American Productions Inc. in association with Magnolia Productions, Inc. English GV879.5 .O53x 1994
Once upon a time cinema / producer, Masud Jafari Jozani written & directed by Mohsen Makhmalbaf Persian, PN1997 .O532x 1998
Once upon a time in America / Embassy International Pictures Rafran Cinematografica Arnon Milchan presents a Sergio Leone film produced by Arnon Milchan screenplay by Sergio Leone ... [et al. directed by Sergio Leone English PN1997 .O534x 2003b
Once upon a time in Mexico / Columbia Pictures and Dimension Films present a Troublemaker Studios production, a Robert Rodriguez flick produced by Elizabeth Avell§n, Carlos Gallardo, Robert Rodriguez written & directed by Robert Rodri English PN1997 .O64x 2004
Once upon a time in the West / Paramount Pictures Corporation, Rafran Cinematografia, San Marco Productions produced by Fulvio Morsella screenplay by Sergio Donati and Sergio Leone from a story by Dario Argento, Bernardo Bertolucci English PN1997 .O534x 2003
Once upon a time when we were colored / Republic Pictures directed and produced by Tim Reid English PN1997 .O565 1998
Oncle Paul / un pi’ce de Austin Pendleton mise en scène, Jean-Marie Besset et Gilbert Désveaux adaptation fran_ais, Jean-Marie Besset réalisation, Michael Havenith production, BCDV Thé_tre coréalisati French PN1997.2 .O532 2005
Onda Nova / dire_ca_ José Antonio Garcia e _caro Martins Portuguese PN1997 .O535 2005
Onde anda voc½ / um filme de Sergio Rezende una produ_¹o Morena Filmes produzido por Mariza Le¹o. Portuguese PN1997.2 .O533x 2004
Ondine / mise en scene Raymond Rouleau re§lisation, Raymond Rouleau French PN1997 .O44 2008
One Arabian night / Video Yesteryear directed by Ernst Lubitsch English PN1997 .O45x 1985
One day of war / BBC Education & Training producer, Will Daws a BBCW Production English U21.2 .O59 2005
One doctor : Daniel Hale Williams / a History on Video production producer/director, Rex Barnett. English R154.W38 O54 1997
One flew over the cuckoo's nest
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English PN1997 .O568 1997
One flew over the cuckoo's nest / Fantasy Films presents a Milos Forman film screenplay by Lawrence Hauben and Bo Goldman based on the novel by Ken Kesey produced by Saul Zaentz & Michael Douglas directed by Milos Forman English PN1997 .O568 2005
One hand don't clap English ML3565 .O53x 1991
One hundred and one nights / a film by Agnés Varda Ciné Tamaris French PN1997 .O57x 1994
One lucky elephant [videorecording]
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One man's triumph : George Szell and the Cleveland Orchestra / directed by Nathan Kroll a production of Henry Jaffe Enterprises for the Bell System produced by Nathan Kroll English ML422.S94 O65x 2004
One small step / BBC-TV production in association with Time-Life Films Incorporated producer, Peter Spry-Leverton English GN281 .M338x 1989
One step forward-- English U263 .W37x 1988
One step on a journey : Tadashi Suzuki in Australia / made with the assistance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan produced and directed by Tony Chapman and Ziyin Wang written by Tony Chapman English PN2075 .O62x 1995
One week / Metro Pictures Corp. producer, Joseph M. Schenck written and directed by Buster Keaton and Eddie Cline English PN1997 .O642 2008z
One woman, one vote / a production of the Educational Film Center written and produced by Ruth Pollak co-producer and writer, Felicia M. Widmann English JK1896 .O54x 1995
One, two, three / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer the Mirisch Company presents in association with Pyramid Productions screenplay by Billy Wilder and I.A.L. Diamond directed and produced by Billy Wilder English PN1997 .O537 2007
Onedotzero select DVD4 : [short films English PN1995.9.E96 O644 2005
Onedotzero select DVD_ : adventures in moving image English PN1995.9.E96 O643 2003
Onedotzero select DVD_ : adventures in moving image / Onedotzero English PN1995.9.E96 O639 2003
Onedotzero select DVD_ : [adventures in moving image English PN1995.9.E96 O64 2004
Onedotzero_select DVD5 : adventures in moving image English PN1995.9.E96 O64 2007
One__ and 103 / [directed by Henning Lohner writer/composer, John Cage English PN1997 .O567x 2006
Ongka's big moka / Granada Television International, Shanachie Entertainment English GN449.8 .O64 2003
Onibaba = Demon woman / Janus Films produced by Hisao Itoya, Setsuo Noto, Tamotsu Minato original screenplay by Kaneto Shindo directed by Kaneto Shindo Japanese PN1997 .O62x 2004
Only a teacher / Claudia Levin productions producer/director, Claudia Levin English LB1775.2 .O54 2003
Only when I dance / a Tigerlily Films production in association with Jinga Production [presented by Channel 4 in association with Arte France and NPS filmed & directed by Beadie Finzi producers, Giorgia Lo Savio, Nikki Parrott ba Portuguese GV1638.R52 O55 2010
Onward Christian soldiers / produced by Gaston Ancelovici and Jaime Barrios English BR1642.B6 O58x 1989
Opération retour = Crash landing / réalisation, Luc C_té producteur, Paul Lapointe scénario, Mark Blandford produit avec la collaboration de Radio-Canada télévision, l'Office national du fil French JZ6377.C2 O83 2005
Open city / Arthur Mayer & Joseph Burstyn in association with Rodney Geiger present scenario & dialogue by S. Midi & F. Fellini directed by Roberto Rossellini produced by Excelsa a Minerva Film Italian PN1997 .O538x 1997
Open score / by Robert Rauschenburg English N6537.R27 O74 2007
Opera / produced by ADC Srl, Cecci Gori Group, Tiger Cinematogr§phica Srl in collaboration with RAI Radio televisione italiana written, produced, and directed by Dario Argento screenplay by Dario Argento and Franco Ferrini English PN1997 .O6338x 2001
Opera prima / una pel’cula de Fernando Trueba Spanish PN1997 .O6345x
La Operaci²n / direcci²n y producci²n, Ana Mar’a Garc’a co-producci²n, Latin American Film Project English RG144.P9 O64X 1982
Operaci²n Ogro = Operation Ogre / una coproducci²n Hispano-italiano, Sabre Films (Madrid), Vides Cinematogr§fica (Roma) una pelicula de Gillo Pontecorvo dirigida por Gillo Pontecorvo. Spanish PN1997 .O6348x 2000
Operaci²n plus ultra / Pedro Maso Producciones Cinematograficas, Filmayer Produccion, S.A Spanish PN1997 .O635x 1990z
Operation urgent fury / an Obenhaus Films, Inc. production for Frontline produced by Mark Obenhaus reported by Seymour M. Hersh English F2056.8 .O63x 1988
Operatsiia Y i drugie prikliucheniia Shurika = [Operation Y, or, Shurik's other adventures / Mosfilm avtory stsenariia, IA Kostiukovskii, M. Slobodskoi, L. Gaidai rezhisser-postanovshchik, Leonid Gaidai Russian PN1997 .O6356 2001
A opini¹o páblica / produ_¹o de Arnaldo Jab_r, Jorge da Cunha Lima, Jo¹o Carlos Sim_es Corr½a, Nelson Pereira dos Santos um filme de Arnaldo Jab_r Portuguese F2538.25 .O65 2006
Opry video classics English M1630.18 .O67 2007
Optimum / Idéale Audience ... [et al. a film written and directed by Henry Colomer produced by Pierre-Olivier Bardet & Jacques-Henri Bronckart English B1571 .O68x 2000
El orador / Ram²n G²mez de la Serna rodado por Feliciano V’tores Spanish PN4353.M6 O73 2007
Oratorio for Prague / Claude Berri, Jean Pierre Rassam and Gulfilms [producers? directed by Jan Nemec English PN1997 .O643x 1990
Orchester-Werkstatt : Erich Leinsdorf probt und dirigirt German M1500.L45 O73 2005
Orchestra rehearsal = Prova d'orchestra / RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana presenta una produzione Daimo Cinematografica s.r.l., Albatros Produktion G.m.b.H. soggetto e sceneggiatura di Federico Fellini collaboratore alla sceneggiatura, Italian PN1997 .O6357x 1997
Orchestra wives / Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp. produced by William LaBaron story, James Prindle writers, Karl Tunberg, Darrell Ware directed by Archie Mayo English PN1997 .O6358 2005
Ordinary people / Paramount Pictures presents a Wildwood Enterprises production produced by Ronald L. Schwary screenplay by Alvin Sargent directed by Robert Redford English PN1997 .O6359 2001
Les Ordres / Les Productions Prisma a film by Michel Brault French PN1997 .O6435x 2005
L' oreille cassée / réalisation de Stéphane Bernasconi d'après Hergé French PN1997 .O636 2004
L' Orfeo : favola in musica / da Claudio Monteverdi Italian M1500.M6 O7x 2002
L' Orfeo : favola in musica / musique de Claudio Monteverdi libretto di Alessandro Striggio la RTBF présente, en collaboration avec France 3, VRT et RTV Slov’ne, une coproduction La Monnaie KunstenFESTIVALdesArts, une Italian M1500.M668 O745 2006
L' Orfeo / Claudio Monteverdi Italian M1500.M668 O74x 2009
L' Orfeo / Monteverdi Italian M1500.M6 O7x 1988
Orfeo ed Euridice / Glyndebourne Festival Opera [music by Christoph Gluck original text, Ranieri de Calzabigi producer, Peter Hall director, Rodney Greenberg a TVS production in association with NVC Arts Italian M1500.G56 O74x 2004
Orfeu / Renata Almeida Magalh¹es e Paula Lavigne apresentam uma produc¹o Rio Vermelho Filmes co-produzida por Globo Filmes um filme de Carlos Diegues Portuguese PN1997 .O64x 2002
The Organization / United Artists Mirisch Productions, Inc. producer, Walter Mirisch screenplay, James R. Webb director, Don Medford English PN1997 .O6436 2001
Organize isler / Yazan ve yÖnetmen, Yilmaz Erdogan Turkish PN1997 .O64367 2006
Organizing for literacy / author & video series creator, Linda Dorn produced by Ron Blome Productions. English LB1573 .O74x 1999
Organs for sale / Filmakers Library, Inc. presents DR Dokumentar redakt¡r, Steen Jensen Danish RD129.5 .O75 2004
Les orgueilleux / René Chateau distribution un film de Yves Allégret scénario de Jean Aurenche d’alogues de Jean Aurenche et Jean Clouzot adaptation de Yves Allégret une co French PN1997 .O6437x 1993
Original cast album, Company / a film by D.A. Pennebaker featuring music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim English M1500.S66 C64x 2000
The Originals : Laurie Anderson : aportrait in the first person / hosted by Moses Znaimer. English NX504 .O75x 1990
Origins : two traditions two cultures in Ireland : / produced by Radharc Films English DA940.3 .O75 1991
Origins of American animation, 1900-1921 English PN1997 .O645x 1993
The origins of cinema. Volume 1 : early rare film masterpieces English PN1997 .O646x 1996
The origins of cinema. Volume 2 : early rare film masterpieces English PN1997 .O6463x 1996
The origins of cinema. Volume 3 : early rare film masterpieces English PN1997 .O647x 1996
The origins of cinema. Volume 4 : early rare film masterpieces English PN1997 .O6473x 1996
The origins of cinema. Volume 5 : early rare film masterpieces English PN1997 .O6475x 1997
The origins of cinema. Volume 6 : early rare film masterpieces English PN1997 .O648x 1996
The origins of film English PN1997 .O649x 2000
Origins of the fantasy feature : The patchwork girl of Oz (1914) and A Florida enchantment (1914) English PN1997 .O65x 1993
Origins of the gangster film : D.W. Griffith's The narrow road (1912) and Maurice Tourneur's Alias Jimmy Valentine (1915) English PN1997 .O656x 1993
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Orlando Cole and Lynn Harrell explore the bow arm / a production of Video/Film Associates English MT307 .O74x 1991
Orlando paladino : operas in three acts / by Joseph Haydn EuroArts Music presents from the Staatsoper Unter den Linden, Berlin Italian M1500.H39 O74x 2010
Ornette Coleman Trio : featuring David Izenzon & Charles Moffett Sound? : featuring Roland Kirk & John Cage English ML419.C62 O86 2004
Orphée / Andre Paulve presente a film directed and realized by Jean Cocteau French PN1997 .O78x 1986
Orphée = Orpheus / un film écrit et réalisé par Jean Cocteau une production André Paulvé French PN1997 .O78x 2000
The orphan trains / produced and directed by Janet Graham and Edward Gray written by Edward Gray English HV875.55 .O77436 2006
Orpheus in der Unterwelt / Musik, Jacques Offenbach Libretto, Hector Crémieux und Ludovic Halévy Bearbeitung, G_nther Fleckenstein und Joachim Hess produced by Polyphon Film und Fernseh GmbH French M1500 .C852
Orson Welles's F for fake / Les Films de L'Astrophore directed by Orson Welles and Peter Bogdanovich English PN1997 .O782 2005
Orthodox Christianity, the Rumanian solution / BBC-TV English BL80.2 .L64x 1980z
Osaka elegy = Naniwa ereji / a Shochiku Co., Ltd. Production director, Kenji Mizoguchi producer, Daiichi Eiga screenplay, Yoshikata Yoda Japanese PN1997 .O783 1989
Osama / United Artists Lebrocquy Fraser Productions NHK produced by Siddiq Barmak, Julia Fraser, Julie LeBrocquy written, directed and edited by Siddiq Barmak Pushto PN1997 .O784x 2004
Oscar Hammerstein's Carmen Jones / Carlyle Productions 20th Century Fox produced and directed by Otto Preminger. English PN1997 C3511x 1994
Oscar Peterson : live in '63, '64 & '65 / producers, David Peck, Phillip Galloway & Tom Gulotta for Reelin' in the Years Productions English M1366.P48 O835 2008
Oscar Peterson : music in the key of Oscar / produced by Elitha Peterson Productions,Inc., Vocal Vision Productions, Inc. with the National Film Board of Canad and CBC English M1366.P48 O82x 1995
Oscar Zariski and his work / David Mumford introduced by Lipman Bers English QA564 .O82x 1988
Osennii marafon / Mosfilm rezhisser, Georgii Daneliia stsenarii, Aleksandr Volodin Russian PN1997 .O7843x 2000
Oskar Fischinger, ten films / produced by Center for Visual Music in association with The Elfriede Fischinger Trust and Jack Rutberg Fine Arts English PN1998.3.F57 O75 2006
Un oso rojo / Lita Stantic Producciones, Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales una pel’cula de Israel Adri§n Caetano gui²n, Israel Adri§n Caetano con la colaboraci²n de Graciela Speranza dire Spanish PN1997 .O785x 2004
Osobennosti natsionalnoi okhoty / Lenfilm stsenarii i postanovka, A. Rogozhkin rezhisser, A. Vasilev Russian PN1997.2 .O76 2001
OSS 117 : Le Caire, nid d'espions / Gaumont présente un film de Michel Hazanavicius scénario, Jean Fran_ois Halin d'après les romans OSS 117 de Jean Bruce adaptation et dialogues, Jean Fran_ois Helin, Michel Hazanavicius French PN1997.2 .O77 2006
OSS 117 : Rio ne répond plus / Gaumont présente un film réalisé de Michel Hazanavicius scénario et dialogues de Jean Fran_ois Halin et Michel Hazanavicius d'après les romans OSS 117 de Jean Bruce p French PN1997.2 .O773 2009
Ossessione / Industrie Cinematografiche Italiane S.A. diretto di Luchino Visconti sceneggiatura e dialoghi di Luchino Visconti, Mario Alicata, Giuseppe de Santis, Antonio Pietrangeli, Gianni Puccini Italian PN1997 .O752x 2002
The ossuary : and other tales / Jan Svankmajer Czech PN1997 .O7857x 2006
Ostatni etap = The last stage / przedsiebiorstwo panstwowe Film Polski scenariusz, Wanda Jakubowska, Gerda Schneider rezyseria, Wanda Jakubowska Polish D805.P7 O87 1997
Ostre sledované vlaky / Janus Films Ceskoslovensk_ filmov_ ástav _stredn’ pujcovna filmu v Praze scén§r Bohumil Hrabal, Jir’ Menzel dramaturg, V§clav N_vlt vedouci v_roby, Zdenek Oves rezie, Jir’ Menzel Filmov& Czech PN1997 .O786x 2001
Ostre sledované vlaky / produced by Film Studio Barrandov director, Jiri Menzel Czech PN1997 .O786x 1980z
Ostrov / rezhisser, Pavel Lungin Russian PN1997 .O83x 2006
Ostrov = The island / Film Movement and TV Channel Russia present a Pavel Lounguine Studio production director, Pavel Lounguine producers, Sergey Shumakov and Pavel Lounguine screenplay, Dmitry Sobolev Russian PN1997 .O83x 2007
Osvaldo Soriano / Una presentacion de Blakman Video NO Convencional Actual Art Video AAV presenta diseno de la entrevista, Silvia Chejter, Gerardo Guthmann Spanish PQ7798.29.O58 O86x 1988
Ota shogo no sekai = Shogo Ota, selected theatre works Japanese PN1997 .O835 2008
Otello German M1500.V48 O7 1986
Otello : opera in four acts / by Arrigo Boito music by Giuseppe Verdi directed for television by Preben Montell Italian M1500.V4 O8x 1982
Otello / a film by Franco Zeffirelli the Cannon Group, Inc. presents ... a Golan-Globus production Italian M1500.V48 O8 2003
Otello / by Giuseppe Verdi from Gran Teatre del Liceu, an Opus Arte, Gran Teatre del Liceu production, in association with TVE Italian M1500.V48 O8 2006
Otello / by Giuseppe Verdi libretto by Arrigo Boito, after the play by Shakespeare the Metropolitan Opera presents Italian M1500.V48 O8 2004
Otello / Giuseppe Verdi libretto, Arrigo Boito (after the play by William Shakespeare) Covent Garden Pioneer in association with BBC-TV Italian M1500.V48 O8 2008
Othello / a Mercury Production, [Films Marceau? directed, produced, and written by Orson Welles English PN1997 .O84x 1993
Othello / a production by Jonathan Miller English PN1997 .O84x 1988
Othello / Castle Rock Entertainment presents a Dakota Films/Imminent Films production adapted for the screen by Oliver Parker produced by Luc Roeg and David Barron directed by Oliver Parker English PN1997 .O84x 1998
Othello / produced by Othello Productions & Focus Films in association with Portobello director, Janet Suzman producer, David Pupkewitz English PN1997 .O84x 1992
Other Andean civilizations / Terra-X produced by Gottfried Kirchner English F3429 .O85x 1990
The other Europe / director, Poul-Erik Heilbuth English JV7590 .O84 2006
The other guys
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The other side of illusion / Henry Evans English GV1547 .O85 2007
The Other side of the border / produced by KERA produced and written by Sylvia Komatsu director Ginny Martin English KF4848.M48 O84x 1987
The other side of the mirror : Bob Dylan live at the Newport Folk Festival 1963-1965 / Sony BMG Music Entertainment presents a film by Murray Lerner produced and directed by Murray English M1630.18.D94 O84 2007
The other side of the water : the journey of a Haitian rara band in Brooklyn / director, Jeremy Robins co-producer, Magali Damas Ibis Productions English ML3565 .O84 2008
The other way back : dancing with Dudley, a contradance documentary / produced, directed, videotaped, and edited by David Millstone English M1629.7.N53 O75 2007
Otis Rush [videoreording : mastering Chicago blues guitar / produced and directed by Arlen Roth. English MT580 .O84x 1980z
Otis [videorecording]
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English check availability
El otro camino = The other road / Probo Films presenta director Oscar Orz§bal Quintana Spanish PN1997 .O845x 2003
Otto Dix : the painter is the eyes of the world / a film by Reiner E. Moritz English ND588.D58 O88x 1989
Otto Klemperer's long journey through his times / a film by Philo Bregstein German ML422.K67 O88x 1988
Ottoman supremacy : the S_leymaniye, Istanbul / produced for The Open University in association with Turkish Radio-TV Corporation. English NA5870.S93 O88x 1989
Our big-money political system : it's dangerous to our health / keynote speaker, Scott Harshbarger English RA395.A3 H374 2000
Our brand is crisis / directed, produced and written by Rachel Boynton English PN1997 .O85 2006
Our Constitution : a conversation English KF4550 .O87x 2005
Our daily bread / a film by Nikolaus Geyrhalter edited by Wolfgang Widerhofer directed and photographed by Nikolaus Geyrhalter produced by NGF, Nikolaus Geyrhalter Filmprodukton GmbH producers, Nikolaus Geyrhalter ... [et al.. German HD9015.A2 U57x 2005
Our forgotten war / a production of Christian Science Monitor Reports produced by Marc Cooper, George Moll, Richard O'Regan directed by George Moll written by Marc Cooper, Richard O'Regan English F1488.3 .O97x 1988
Our God the condor / a film by Paul Yule and Andy Harries English F3410 .O87x 1990
Our house : gays and lesbians in the Hood / a Not Channel Zero production English HQ76.2.U5 O97x 1990
Our house in Havana / a film by Stephen Olsson directed and produced by Stephen Olsson a production of Cultural & Educational Media English E184.C97 O875x 2000
Our idiot brother [videorecording]
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English check availability
Our town / Showtime and Exxonmobil Masterpiece Theatre the Westport Country Playhouse production producer, Marc Bauman [written by Thorton Wilder directed by James Naughton English PN1997 .O86x 2003
Out of Africa
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English PN1997 .O875x 2000
Out of Ireland / an American Focus production directed by Paul Wagner produced by Ellen Casey Wagner, Paul Wagner. English E184.I6 O93x 1995
Out of the blacks into the blues / Neyrac Film English M1630.18 .O88x 1992
Out of the past / the Pennsylvania State University WQED Pittsburgh Cambridge Studios English CC165 .O88x 1992
The outlaw Josey Wales / A Malpaso Company film distributed by Warner Bros. producer, Robert Daley director, Clint Eastwood screenplay, Phil Kaufman, Sonia Chernus English PN1997 .O985 2000
The outlaw magic of Lonnie Chevrie / Lonnie Chevrie English GV1547 .O879 2004
Outrageous! / produced by Film Consortium of Canada, Inc. in cooperation with the Canadian Film Development Corporation English PN1997 .O874 2004
O outro lado da rua / P§ssaro Films e Neanderthal MB Cinema apresentam uma co-produ_¹o Columbia Tristar Filmes do Brasil, Arte France Cinema, Escazal Films um filme de Marcos Bernstein. Portuguese PN1997.2 .O987x 2004
Outside the lines / produced by Bruce Ferguson English N6494.V53 P47x 1989
Outskirts and, the girl with the hatbox / Film Preservation Associates, Inc. produced for DVD by David Shepard Russian PN1997 .O927x 2004
La Oveja negra / direcci²n, Ismael Rodriguez. Spanish PN1997 .O8768x 1999
Oveja negra / Gente de Cine C.A. un film de Rom§n Chalbaud gui²n cinematogr§fico, David Su§rez, Rom§n Chalbaud direcci²n, Rom§n Chalbaud Spanish PN1997 .O88x 1998
Overtures : String quartet, op. 131 / Beethoven English M1004.B4 O73 2008
Ovosodo / [directed by Paolo Virzi Italian PN1997 .O887x 2000
Owen Wingrave / [music by Benjamin Britten libretto [by Myfanwy Piper director, Margaret Williams producer, Anne Beresford produced by MJW Productions for Channel Four Television and RM Associates English M1500.B827 O93x 2005
Owners of the water : conflict and collaboration over rivers / a film by Laura R. Graham, David Hern§ndez Palmar and Caimi Waiassé English F2520.1.A4 O96 2009
The Ox-Bow incident / Twentieth Century Fox English PN1997 .O93x 1999
The Oxford murders
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English check availability
Oz the great and powerful [videorecording]
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