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T`aegukki hwinallimyo / chejak, Kang Che-gyu P`illum p`urodyuso, Yi Song-hun kakpon kamdok, Kang Che-gyu Korean PN1997 .T228x 2005
Ta : true astonishments / directed by Bro Gilbert, produced by Paul Harris and Bro Gilbert English GV1547 .T237 2000z
Tabara din Razoare = The camp in Razoare / réalisé par Cristi Iftime école, UNATC I.L. Caragiale Film Faculty, Roumanie Romanian PN1997.2 .C536 2012
Tabarly / Jacques Perrin présente un film de Pierre Marcel producteurs, Jacques Perrin, Nicolas Dumont une coproduction Galatée Films - INA French GV812.5.T32 T23 2008
Il tabarro / Giacomo Puccini production by Fabrizio Melano. Pagliacci / Ruggiero Leoncavallo production by Franco Zeffirelli Italian M1500.P97 T35 2005
The tabla : with Pandit Shankar Ghosh : initiation method north India percussion = Le Tabla : avec Pandit Shankar Ghosh : méthode d'initiation percussion d'Inde du nord English MT664.2.G56 T33x 2002
Tablas and drum machines : Afghan music in California / John Bailey [sic] English M1824.A3 T33 2005
Tableau ferraille / ADR productions un coproduction avec La Sept Cinéma Kus Productions MSA Productions Canal Horizons un film de Moussa Sene Absa French PN1997 .T226x 1997b
Tableau ferraille / director, Moussa Sene Absa. French PN1997 .T226x 1997
Tackling the monster : Marsalis on practice / written by Wynton Marsalis cello, Yo-Yo Ma Daniel Anker, Laura Mitgang, producers Michael Lindsay-Hogg, director English MT90 .M27x 1995
Tacones lejanos / El Deseo S.A. presenta uno coproducción de El Deseo S.A. y Ciby 2000 un film de Almodóvar Spanish PN1997 T227x 2005
Tagebuch einer Verlorenen = Diary of a lost girl / a Kino International release English PN1997 .T2276 2001
Tahran konseri = Live in Tahran / Erdal Erzincan, Kayhan Kalhor Turkish M1795.E79 T34 2012
Tahrir : Liberation Square / Picofilms and Dugong present in association with RAI 3 a film by Stefano Savona produced by Penelope Bortoluzzi, Marco Alessi directed and photographed by Stefano Savona Arabic DT107.87 .T34 2011
Tai yang zhao chang sheng qi / Ying huang dian ying (guo ji) you xiang gong si, Beijing tai he ying shi tou zi you xiang gong si, Beijing bu yi le hu ying ye you xiang gong si chu pin : bian juL Shu Ping, Jiang Wen, Guo Shixing dao yan: Jiang Wen Chinese check josiah
Tais toi / un film de Francis Veber scénario, adaptation, dialogue de Francis Veber idée originale, Serge Frydman [présenté par] Saïd ben Saïd pour UGC. French PN1997 .T229x 2003
Taiyo no hakaba = The sun's burial / Shochiko directed by Nagisa Oshima screenplay by Nagisa Oshima, Toshiro Ishido Japanese PN1997 .T23x 2008
Taiyo no hakaba = The sun's burial / Shochiku screenplay by Nagisa Ohshima and Toshiro Ishido directed by Nagisa Ohshima Japanese PN1997 .T23x 1994
Tak i zhivem = This is how we live / written and directed by Vladimir Oseledchik Ukrainian News & Documentary Film Studio. Vozvrashchenie = The homecoming / directed by Tatyana Chubakova script by Sergei Bobrov Moscow Central Documentary Stu Russian DK287 .T34x 1989
The take / produced by Barna-Alper Productions and Klein Lewis Productions in co-production with the National Film Board of Canada and in association with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation directed by Avi Lewis written by Naomi Klein produced English HC175 .T35 2004
Take a giant step / directed by Philip Leacock produced by Julius J. Epstein English PN1997 .T2316 2011
Take it from me : life after welfare / director & producer, Emily Abt English HV98.N7 T35x 2001
Take me back to Tulsa : an anthology of Western swing English M1630.18 .T337x 2000
Take me home tonight / screenplay by Jackie Filgo, Jeff Filgo directed by Michael Dowse
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Take shelter / Sony Pictures Classics Hydraulx Entertainment, Rei Capital and Grove Hill Productions present a Strange Matter Films production written and directed by Jeff Nichols produced by Tyler Davidson, Sophia Lin executive producers, S English PN1997.2 .T35 2012
Take the lead / directed by Liz Friedlander written by Dianne Houston
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Taken / produced by Luc Besson written by Luc Besson, Robert Mark Kamen directed by Pierre Morel
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Taken for a ride : a film / by Jim Klein and Martha Olson produced in association with the Independent Television Service English HE203 .T35x 1996
Taken from me : the Tiffany Rubin story / produced by Harvey Kahn written by Michael Bortman directed by Gary Harvey English PN1997 .T2324 2011
Takeover / a Skylight Pictures production in association with Starfish Productions a documentary by Pamela Yates and Peter Kinoy English HV4505 .T34x 1991
Taking Chance / produced by Lori Keith Douglas written by Ross Katz, Michael Strobl directed by Ross Katz
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Taking chances / produced by Michael Aguilar ... [et al.] written by Annie Nocenti directed by Talmage Cooley
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Taking control of your health : the pap test and cervical cancer / produced by the Nebraska Department of Health in cooperation with the National Cancer Institute English RG310 .T35 1999
Taking root / : the vision of Wangari Maathai / a film by Lisa Merton and Alan Dater Marlboro productions English SB63.M22 T34 2008
Taking root / : the vision of Wangari Maathai / a film by Lisa Merton and Alan Dater Marlboro productions English SB63.M22 T34 2008b
Tal para cual / Laguna Films directed by Rogelio Gonzales, Jr. produced by Mier y Brooks Spanish PN1997 .T233x 2003
. Tal¯a-yi sorkh = Crimson gold / f¯ilm¯i ¯az Ja`afar Pan¯ah¯i = a film by Jafar Panahi Mikado Film and Lumen Films Persian PN1997 .T234 2004
The tale of Despereaux / produced by Gary Ross, Allison Thomas screenplay by Will McRobb, Chris Viscardi directed by Sam Fell, Robert Stevenhagen
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Tale of the three jewels : a tale of love and adventure / produced by Robert Lamb, Jenny Richards directed & written by Michel Khleifi Arabic PN1997 .T2344 2008
The talented Mr. Ripley / Paramount Pictures & Miramax Films present a Mirage Enterprises/Timnick Films production an Anthony Minghella film produced by William Horberg, Tom Sternberg screenplay by Anthony Minghella directed by Anthony Mingh English PN1997 .T2345 2000
Talents Cannes 2003 / / ADAMI présenté en co-production avec Agora Films et Maïa Films avec la participation de France 2 ... [et al.] ... réalisateurs, ... Zabou Breitman ... [et al.] French PN1997.2 .T357 2003
Tales from Arab Detroit / ACCESS and Olive Branch Productions written and directed by Joan Mandell produced by Sally Howell, Joan Mandell English E184.A65 T35x 1995
Tales from the green books / produced by Sign Media English HV2474 .T36x 1990
Tales from the planet of bloom / Gaetan Bloom English GV1549 .T34 1999
Tales of masked men : a journey through Lucha Libre / an Echo Park Films production written, produced and directed by Carlos Avila English GV1198.16.A2 T35 2012
Tales of ordinary madness / Cinecittà International a Marco Ferreri film story by Marco Ferreri, Sergio Amidei screenplay by Sergio Amidei, Marco Ferreri, Anthony Foutz produced by Jacqueline Ferreri directed by Marco Ferreri a 23 Giugno s English PN1997 .T235x 1998
Tales of the gun / The History Channel English check josiah
Tales of wonder I : Tales of wonder II : traditional Native American fireside stories / executive producer, Steven R. Heape director, Chip Richie English E99.C5 T332 2004
Taliesin : the tradition of Frank Lloyd Wright / producer/director English NA737.W7 T34x 1990
Talk about tricks English GV1547 .T239 2007
Talk to her = (Hable con ella) / a film by Almodóvar executive producer, Agustin Almodóvar written and directed by Pedro Almodóvar. Spanish PN1997 .H1429x 2004
Talk to me / directed by Kasi Lemmons
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Talk`omhan insaeng = A bittersweet life / chejak Yonghwasa Pom chejak O Chong-wan, Yi Yu-jin kakpon, kamdok, Kim Chi-un Korean PN1997 .T356 2006
Talking feet : solo southern dance : flatfoot, buck and tap / produced by Mike Seeger and Ruth Pershing English GV1624.A7 T35 2006
Talking feet : solo Southern dance, buck, flatfoot & tap / produced by Mike Seeger with Ruth Pershing English GV1623 .T34x 1987
Talking history / Asian Women United producer/director Spencer Nakasako narration written by Sara Chin English E184.O6 T35x 1996
Talking picture / Madragoa Films Gemini Films France 2 Cinema a film by Manoel De Oliveira produced by Paulo Branco written and directed by Manoel De Oliveira Portuguese PN1997 .T35x 2005
Talking through walls : how the struggle to build a mosque united a community / presented by Unity Productions Foundation produced by Andrea Kalin and Mark Smith and Stephanie Daniels written by Stephanie Daniels and Andrea Kalin directed and ed English BP173.25 .T26 2009
Talks on the medal and prize winners / introduced by Jürgen K. Moser English QA11 .T24x 1986
The Talmud & the scholar / a WHYY TV12 production producer/directer, David Rosenberg writer, Yehuda Wurtzel English BM755.S6915 T35 1990
Tam e guilass = A taste of cherry / a Janus Films release CIBY 2000 written, produced and directed by Abbas Kiarostami Persian PN1997 .T278x 1999
Tamaño natural / productor, Alfredo Matas guión, Luis G. Berlanga y Rafael Azcona adaptacíon, Luiz G. Berlanga, Rafael Azcona, Jean Claude Carriere director, Luis G. Berlanga. Spanish PN1997 .T275x 2000
También la lluvia / una producción de Morena Films en coproducción con Mandarin Cinema, Alebrije Cine y Video, Vaca Films, También la Lluvia AIE coproductores, Eric Altmayer, Mónica Lozano, Emma Lustres producida por Juan Gordon escrita por Pa Spanish PN1997 ..T276 2010
Tambores do pelourinho / Olodum realização, TVE direção, roteiro e produção, Silvana Moura. Portuguese M1689 .O44x 2004
Tambylles / réalisé par Michal Hogenauer école, FAMU, République Tchéque Czech PN1997.2 .C536 2012
Tamerlano : Oper in 3 Akten : HWV 18 / Arthaus a Digital Images DVD production von Georg Friedrich Händel Inszenierung, Jonathan Miller Redaktion, Robert Reiter Fernsehregie, Helga Dubnyicsek produced by 3sat/ZDF Italian M1500.H13 T35 2002
Tamerlano / by Georg Friedrich Händel from Teatro Real de Madrid, an Opus Arte-Teatro Real production Italian M1500.H13 T35 2009
Taming a 100-headed dragon / producers, Stephany Marks, Marc Pickering director, Sue Knussen an IMG Artists/BBC co-production in association with Teldec Classics International and Sender Freies Berlin ... [et al.]. English ML458 .T35x 1994
The taming of the shrew / [presented by] Columbia Pictures Corporation F.A.I. Films Artistici International a Burton-Zeffirelli production director, Franco Zeffirelli English PN1997 .T28x 1987
The Taming of the shrew / a BBC Television production in association with Time-Life Television a production by Jonathan Miller English PN1997 .T28x 1988
Tampopo / Itami Productions produced by Juzo Itami, Yasushi Tamaoki & Seigo Hosogoe written and directed by Juzo Itami Japanese PN1997 .T287x 1998
Tan bueno el giro como el colorado = One's the same as another Spanish PN1997 .T297x 2002
Tancredi : melodramma eroica in two acts / Gioacchino Rossini libretto, Gaetano Rossi from the Schwetzingen Festival 1992 a production of Süddeutscher Rundfunk Stuttgart, coproduced by Teatro alla Scala Milano, Brilliant Media, Stuttgart Italian M1500.R86 T36x 2005
Tandem : a film / by Toshiki Sato. Japanese PN1997.2 .T36x 2001
Tandem / un film de Patrice Leconte French PN1997 .T334x 2002
Tang Song ci xi lie jiang zuo / zhu jiang Ye Jiaying = Lecture series on lyrical poetry of the Tang and Song dynasties / lecturer Yeh Chia-ying Chinese PL2341 .T364 2005
Tanger, le rêve des brûleurs / une coproduction Vivement Lundi!, France 3, INA un film de Leïla Kilani French DT329.T16 T34 2005
Tangled / produced by Roy Conli screenplay by Dan Fogelman directed by Nathan Greno, Byron Howard
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Tangled roots / [presented by] Oxygen Media a film by Heidi Schmidt Emberling English E184.36.E84 T36 2001
Tango / Ayloul and Hazar Productions Arabic PN1993.5.A65 T36 1998
Tango / una coproducción Hispano-Argentina Alma Ata International Pictures con la participatión de Astrolabio Producciones, Argentina Sono Film SACI presentan una pelicula de Carlos Saura producida por José Ma. Calleja de la Fuente y Alejandro Spanish PN1997 .T335x 1999
Le tango des Rashevski / Sam Garbarski, reál. Philippe Blasband, scenario French PN1997.2 .T37 2004
Tango en la noche de Buenos Aires Spanish PN1997 .T3353x 1980z
Tango Negro : les racines africaines du tango = the African roots of tango / AMA Productions, Les Films Alyne, AS TV présentent avec la participation du Centre National du Cinéma et de l'image animée ... [et al.] un film de Dom Pedro avec Juan Carlo French ML3465 .T357 2013
Tango our dance = [Tango baile nuestro / produced for Hugo Del Carril and Cine Liberacion] guion, produccíon y direccíon, Jorge Zanada Spanish GV1796.T3 T366 2006
Tangos, el exilio de Gardel / reálisation & scenario, Fernando E. Solanas Spanish PN1997 .T3363 2006
Tangshan da di zhen / Tangshan guang bo dian shi chuan mei you xian gong si, Zhongguo dian ying ji tuan gong si, Hua yi xiong di chuan mei gu fen you xian gong si chu pin Shanghai dian ying (ji tuan) you xian gong si ... [et al.] lian he chu pin c Chinese check josiah
Tanguy / un film de Étienne Chatiliez une production Telema, les Productions du Champ Poirier, TFI Films produit par Charles Gassot French PN1997 .T3364x 2001
Tannhäuser German M1500.W13 T3x 2006
Tannhäuser : opera in 3 acts / music and libretto, Richard Wagner producer, David Alden directed for television by Brian Large co-produced by Bayerischer Rundfunk/RM Arts, in association with Channel Four ... [et al.] German M1500.W13 T33x 2001
Tannhäuser / Richard Wagner a co-production of Festspielhaus Baden-Baden and Nederlandse Opera Amsterdam directed for TV and video by Patrick Buttmann German M1500.W13 T3x 2009
Tannhäuser / Richard Wagner from the Bayreuth Festspielhaus German M1500.W13 T3x 2008
Tannhäuser und der Sängerkrieg auf Wartburg German M1500.W13 T34 2006
Tao hua yun / Yin du ji gou you xian gong si, Huan ya dian ying you xian gong si, An le ying pian you xian gong si lian he she zhi jian zhi Fang Ping gu shi Ma Liwen, He Di dao yan, bian ju Ma Liwen = Desire of the heart / Sil-Metropole Orga Chinese PN1997.2 .T364x 2008
Taoism, a question of balance--China / BBC-TV English BL80.2 .L64x 1980z
Tapas / Tusitala y Castelao guión y dirección, José Corbacho y Juan Cruz producida por Luisa Matienzo, Julio Fernández Spanish PN1997 .T33647x 2005
Tapete vermelho / um filme de Luiz Alberto Pereira Portuguese PN1997.2 .T374 2007
Tapped / Atlas Films presents executive producers, Michael Walrath, Michelle Walrath produced by Sarah Gibson and Stephanie Soechtig written by Josh David, Jason Lindsey, Stephanie Soechtig directed by Stephanie Soechtig English HD9349.M542 T36 2010
Taqwacore : the birth of punk Islam / Kinosmith Inc. Eyesteelfilm a film by Omar Majeed written and directed by Omar Majeed produced by Mila Aung-Thwin co-producer, Bob Moore English E184.M88 T37 2010
Taram : a Minangkaban village English DS632.M4 T37 2005
Los Tarantos / dirigida por Francisco Rovira Beleta. Spanish PN1997 .T3365x 2003
Tarare : Oper in 5 Akten mit einem Prolog / Musik von Antonio Salieri Libretto von Pierre Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais von der Schwetzinger Festspielen French M1500.S26 T3 2004
Tarde de toros / director, Ladislao Vajda productora, Chamartín P.C., S.A Spanish PN1997 .T3367x 2002
La tarea = Homework / Clasa Films Mundiales presenta una pelicula producida por Francisco y Pablo Barbachano argumento y guión, Jaime Humberto Hermosillo dirección, Jaime Humberto Hermosillo Spanish PN1997 .T3368x 2002
The target shoots first / directed by Christopher Wilcha. English ML3792 .T35x 1999
Tartarin de Tarascon / Pathé-Natan présente d'après le chef'd'oeuvre d'Alphonse Daudet adapté et réalise par Raymond Bernard dialogues de Marcel Pagnol French PN1997 .T33686 2006
Le Tartuffe de Molière / mise en scène, Jacqueline Duc réalisation, Richard Andry French PN1997 .T33687x 1990z
Tartuffe, ou, L'imposteur / un film de Jean Pignol d'après l'oeuvre de Molière French PN1997 .T3369x 2001
Tasio / una producción Elías Querejeta. Spanish PN1997 .T337x 1990z
A taste for death / an Anglia Television production Lance Entertainment, Inc. ITV Productions produced by John Rosenberg directed by John Davies English PN1997.2 .T375 2008
Tata mía / un film de José Luis Borau. Spanish PN1997 .T3377x 2001
Tati / un filme de Bruno Barreto Portuguese PN1997.2 .T38 2005
Tatie Danielle / un film de Étienne Chatiliez scénario et dialogues, Florence Quentin adaption, Florence Quentin et Etienne Chatiliez. French PN1997 .T3378x 2002
Tatie Danielle = Auntie Danielle / a film by Etienne Chatiliez French PN1997 .T3378x 1991
Le tatoué / Les Films Corona présentent un film de Denys de la Patellière dialogue, Pascal Jardin scénario, Alphonse Boudard adaptation, Alphonse Boudard, Denys de la Patellière, Pierre Levy-Corti produit par Maurice Jacquin French PN1997 .T36 2009
Taulukauppiaat = The painting sellers / réalisé par Juho Kuosmanen école, Aalto University, Finalnde Finnish PN1997.2 .C536 2010
Taureau / ONF/NFB présente réalisateur et scénario, Clément Perron producteur, Marc Beaudet French PN1997 .T343 2007
al- Tawq wal-iswirah = The band and the bracelet. Arabic PN1997 .T37x 1997
Taxi / una producción P.C. Filmart! con la participación de la Televisión Española, TF1 International, Canal+, Saura Films dirección, Carlos Saura Spanish PN1997 .T3885x 2004
El taxi de los conflictos / dirigida por José Luis Sáenz de Heredia y Mariano Ozores. Spanish PN1997 .T348x 2004
Taxi driver / produced by Michael and Julia Phillips directed by Martin Scorsese written by Paul Schrader
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Taxi driver / written by Paul Schrader directed by Martin Scorsese
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Un taxi mauve / produit par Sofracima, T.F. 1, Rizzoli Film en association avec National Film Studios of Ireland ... [et al.] un film de Yves Boisset French PN1997 .T3497 2007
Taxi para 3 Spanish PN1997 .T373x 2001
Taxi to the dark side / Jigsaw Productions presents in association with Tall Woods, LLC and Wider Film Projects written & directed by Alex Gibney produced by Alex Gibney, Eva Orner, Susannah Shipman produced in association with The Discovery C English HV6432.7 .T39 2008
Taxi, roulotte et corrida / un film d'André Hunebelle, 1958 Gaumont présente scénario et dialogues de Jean Halain adaptation de Jean Halain, Jean Aurel et André Hunebelle [produit par Paul Cadéac] une production PAC, Champs-Élysées productio French PN1997 .T3733 2010
. Tayf al-madinah = In the shadows of the city / Arab Film Distribution presents a film by Jean Chamoun Arabic PN1997 .T3715 2002
Tchaikovsky cycle. Vol. 2 / produced by RM Arts and the Alte Oper, Frankfurt Konzert-und Kongresszentrum Gmbh Yehuda Fickler, producer Rodney Greenberg, director Russian M3.1.T35 T3402 2000z
The Tchaikovsky cycle. Volume 1 / produced by RM Arts and the Alte Oper Frankfurt n/a M3.1.T35 T3401 2007
The Tchaikovsky cycle. Volume 3 / produced by RM Arts and the Alte Oper Frankfurt n/a M3.1.T35 T3403 2007
The Tchaikovsky cycle. Volume 4 / produced by RM Arts and the Alte Oper Frankfurt n/a M3.1.T35 T3404 2007
The Tchaikovsky cycle. Volume 5 / produced by RM Arts and the Alte Oper Frankfurt n/a M3.1.T35 T3405 2007
The Tchaikovsky cycle. Volume 6 / produced by RM Arts and the Alte Oper Frankfurt n/a M3.1.T35 T3406 2007
Tchaikovsky's Eugene Onegin / the Metropolitan Opera production by Robert Carsen directed by Brian Large Russian M1500.T34 E85 2007
Tchao pantin / Renn Productions un film de Claude Berri French PN1997 .T374x 2003
Tchao pantin / Renn Productions un film de Claude Berri French PN1997 .T374x 2003b
TCM greatest classic films collection. Sci-fi adventures / presented by Warner Home Video English PN1997 .T3745 2010
Te doy mis ojos / una película de Iciar Bollain. Spanish PN1997.2 .T42x 2004
Tea and sympathy / Metro Goldwyn Mayer produced by Pandro S. Berman directed by Vincente Minnelli screen play by Robert Anderson. English PN1997 .T375x 1990
Tea on the axis of evil : a film about real life in Syria / Reorient Films written, directed and produced by Jean Marie Offenbacher English DS94.6 .T43 2009
Tea with Mussolini / an Italian-British co-production, Medusa film-Cattleya-Cineritmo (Rome), Film and General Productions (London). screenplay by John Mortimer and Franco Zeffirelli produced by Riccardo Tozzi, Giovannella Zannoni and Clive Parson English PN1997 .T378x 1999
Tea, a mirror of soul : opera in three acts / libretto by Tan Dun and Xu Ying music by Tan Dan stage director, Pierre Audi [co-produced with the Netherlands Opera, Het Muziektheater Amsterdam and Shanghai Grand Theatre] English M1500.T26 T43x 2004
Teaching children to read / produced for the National Reading Panel by Widmeyer Communications English LB1050 .T355 2002
Tears of the black tiger / produced by Nonzee Nimibutr written and directed by Wisit Sasanatieng
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O Teatro Olodum = The Olodum Theatre / Documenta Video Brasil direção de programa, Maria Ester Rabello produção, Patricia Roman roteiro e edição de texto, Luciana Del Claro realização, Rede SescSenac de Televisão Portuguese F2651.S1357 T43 2005
Techniques for soloing & improvisation : flat pick style / taught by Pat Flynn English MT582 .T42x 1990
Techniques of conducting / producers, Stephany Marks, Marc Pickering director, Sue Knussen an IMG artists/BBC co-production in association with Teldec Classics International and Sender Freies Berlin ... [et al.]. English ML458 .T42x 1994
Ted / produced by Seth MacFarlane ... [et al.] screenplay by Seth MacFarlane, Alec Sulkin, Wellesley Wild directed by Seth MacFarlane
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Teddy bear / Film Movement, Visit Films, SF Film Production & Beofilm present a film by Mads Matthiesen producer, Morten Kjems Juhl Danish PN1997 .T3845 2012
Telechat : le plus ch'avoureux de la saison 1 / une série de Roland Topor et Henri Xhonneux scénario, Roland Topor et Henri Xhonneux réalisation, Henry Xhonneux Eric Van Beuren, producteur [presenté par] France 2, Y.C. Aligator Film, De Levita French PN1997.2 .T45x 2003
Telefilmes : mediometrajes para la televisión Spanish PN1997 .T385 2000z
Le téléphone rose / de Édouard Molinaro, 1975 Gaumont présente écrit par Francis Veber une réalisation Gaumont International-Production 2000 producteur délégué Alain Poiré French PN1997 .T37847 2012
The Television concerts, 1948-52. Volume five n/a M1000.T62 T356x 2005
The Television concerts, 1948-52. Volume four n/a M1000.T62 T355x 2005
The Television concerts, 1948-52. Volume one German M1000.T62 T35x 2005
The Television concerts, 1948-52. Volume three Italian M1000.T62 T354x 2005
The Television concerts, 1948-52. Volume two n/a M1000.T62 T353x 2005
Television's Vietnam / Accuracy in Media English DS559.46 .T377x 1985
Tell them Willie Boy is here / a Universal picture a Jennings Lang presentation a Philip A. Waxman production produced by Philip A. Waxman written for the screen and directed by Abraham Polonsky English PN1997 .T3785 2009
El telón de azúcar = The sugar curtain / Luz Films, Paraíso Production Diffusion, con la participatión de Televisión Española TVE un film de Camila Guzmán Urzúa Spanish F1788 .T45 2006
Un témoin dans la ville / mise en scène de Edouard Molinaro scenario de Boileau-Narcejac et Gérard Oury adaptation de Gérard Oury, Boileau-Narcejac, Alain Poiré et Edouard Molinaro S.N.E. Gaumont, Franco London Film, Paris Union Film, Tempo Films-Z French PN1997 .T38853 2011
Les témoins / UGC présente une production SBS Films en coproduction avec France 2 Cinéma en association avec Soficinéma 2 & 3 et la Sofica UGC 1 avec la participation de Canal+ et la participation de TPS Star un film de André Téchiné French PN1997 .T38854 2007
The temper of the times / produced by Larson and Rosen Meeting Productions and Slide Factor producer, Henry Larson writer/photo researcher, Richard J.S. Gutman. English E457.2 .T428x 1990
The tempest / adapted for the screen and directed by Derek Jarman produced by Guy Ford and Mordecai Schreiber executive producer, Don Boyd Kendon Films Ltd English PN1997 .T383 2000
The Tempest / by William Shakespeare producer, Cedric Messina director, John Gorrie English PN1997 .T38x 1988
The tempest / Touchstone Pictures and Miramax Films present a Miranda Films, Talkstory Productions, Artemis Films production in association with Mumbai Mantra Media Limited in association with Prologue Films directed by Julie Taymor screenplay by J English PN1997 .T3884 2011
Tempête sous un crâne French GV1559 .T436 2009
Tempête sous un crâne / / Lesfilmsduprésent, Idéale Audience et ARTE France présentent un film de Catherine Maximoff scénario et réalisation, Catherine Maximoff. Le Petit Chaperon rouge / Idéale Audience, ARTE France, Scérén/CNDP prés French ML410.A646 T36 2006
The Temple / a project of Citizen Exchange Council (New York) in association with the American-Soviet Film Initiative (Moscow) Russian BR932 .T45 1987
Temple Grandin / HBO Films presents a Ruby Films production a Gerson Saines production a Mick Jackson film produced by Scott Ferguson screenplay by Christopher Monger and William Merritt Johnson directed by Mick Jackson English PN1992.77 .T46 2010
O tempo eo vento /baseado na obra de Erico Veríssimo minisérie de Doc Compartao direção, Paulo José Portuguese PN1997 .T3886 2005
Le temps de la danse / réalisation, Donald Amadji et Pascal Agnangnan pour l'ORTB, Gilles-Ivan Frankignoul pour la SOPAT filmée en février 2006 lors du FITHEB (Festival international de théâtre du Benin) au CCF de Cotonou Japanese GV1783.2.B87 T46 2006
Le temps des enfants / réalisation, Donald Amadji et Pascal Agnangnan pour l'ORTB, Gilles-Ivan Frankignoul pour la SOPAT filmée en février 2006 lors du FITHEB (Festival international de théâtre du Benin) au CCF de Cotonou French PN1997.2 .T454 2006
Le temps des gitans French PN1997 .T38867 2007
Les temps difficiles / Edouard Bourdet mise en scène, Pierre Dux réalisation, Jean Pignol interprètes de la Comédie-Française French PN1997 .T38868 2008
Temps qui changent / Paulo Branco présente un film de André Téchiné scénario, André Téchiné, Laurent Guyot et Pascal Bonitzer une coproduction Gemini Films, France 2 Cinema French PN1997.2 .T457 2005
Temps qui changent = Changing times / Gemini Films and France 2 Cinema present in association with Banque Populaire Images 5 and Sofica Soficinema with the participation of Canal + and the Centre National de la Cinematographie screenplay by André Té French PN1997 .T388674 2006
Le temps qui reste / Strand Releasing presents a Fidélité production a co-production of France 2 Cinéma, FOZ, Studio Canal with the participation of Canal+ TPS Star with the assistance of Banque Populaire Images 5 produced by Olivier Delbosc, Mar French PN1997 .T388675 2005
Le temps retrouvé / un film de Raúl Ruiz French PN1997 .T387x 2000
Temptation English PN1995.9.S45 T36 1990z
Ten canoes / Palm Pictures Film Finance Corporation Australia presents a Fandango Australia/Vertigo production in association with South Australian Film Corporation, Adelaide Film Festival and SBS Independent produced by Rolf de Heer, Julie Ry Australian Languages PN1995.9.H5 T45 2007
The ten commandments / directed by Cecil B. DeMille produced by Motion Picture Associates, Inc. a Paramount Picture English PN1997 .T38875 2011
Tenacious D : in the pick of destiny / produced by Stuart Cornfeld directed by Liam Lynch written by Jack Black, Kyle Gass, and Liam Lynch
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English check availability
The tenant / Paramount Pictures presents a Marianna Films, a Roman Polanski film producer, Andrew Braunsberg screenplay writers, Gerard Brach, Roman Polanski director, Roman Polanski English PN1997 .T38876 2003
The Tender Chinese traditional medicine : acupuncture / presented by Kwang Hwa Mass Communications English RM184 .T46x 1980z
Tendre poulet On a volé la cuisse de Juppiter / 2 films de Philippe de Broca dialogues de Michel Audiard French PN1997 .T3888 2008
Tenebrae / Salvatore Argento presents a film by Dario Argento story by Dario Argento screenplay by Dario Argento, George Kemp produced by Claudio Argento a Sigma Cinematográfica-Rome production directed by Dario Argento Italian PN1997 .T388760 1999
Tenen Kokekko / Shueisha kyakuhon, Watanabe Aya gensaku, Kuramochi Fusako kantoku, Yamashita Nobuhiro Japanese PN1997.2 .T458 2008
Tengoku to jigoku = [High and low] / a Janus Films release Toho Kabushiki Kaisha Kurosawa Purodakshon seisaku Tanaka Tomoyuki, Kikushima Ryuzo kyakuhon Oguni Hideo ... [et al.] kantaku Kurosawa Akira Japanese PN1997 .T379x 1998
Tenkosei / seisaku Nihon Terebi Hosomo, Nihon Ato Shiata Girudo kantoku Obayashi Nobuhiko Japanese PN1997 .T465x 2001
Tennessee Rice Dixon, Ikue Mori / Roulette TV in collaboration with DCTV. English ML385 .T46x 2002
Tennessee Williams : Orpheus of the American stage : a film / by Merrill Brockway writer, Brooks Haxton executive producers, Catherine Tatge and Susan Lacy co-production of International Cultural Programming and Thirteen/WNET English PS3545.I5365 Z848 2003
Tennessee Williams film collection English PN1997 .T3887605 2006
Tenor sax legend : live and intimate / presented by Shanachie produced by Ole Matthiessen and Anders H. Lund in collaboration with the Ben Webster Foundation English M1366.W422 T46 2009
Tenor titans / written, produced and directed by Burrill Crohn. English ML3506 .T46x 1992
Tenue de soirée / Rene Cleitman présente une coproduction Hachette Premiere & Cie, DD Productions, Ciné Valse, Philippe Dussart Sarl un film écrit et réalisé par Bertrand Blier French PN1997.2 .T46 2007
Teorema / Franco Rossellini e Manolo Bolognini presentano un film di Pier Paolo Pasolini scritto e diretto da Pier Paolo Pasolini [produced by Mauro Bolognini, Franco Rossellini] Italian PN1997 .T389x 2005
Teorema = Theorem / Pier Paolo Pasolini Italian PN1997 .T389x 1989
Terminator salvation / produced by Derek Anderson ... [et al.] written by John Brancato, Michael Ferris directed by McG
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English check availability
Terms of endearment / Paramount Pictures produced and directed by James L. Brooks screenplay by James L. Brooks
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English check availability
Terra = Land / réalisé par Piero Messina école, Centro sperimentale di cinematografia, Italie Italian PN1997.2 .C536 2012
Terra em transe / Mapa Difilm un filme de Glauber Rocha produtor, Zelito Viana Portuguese PN1997 .T3985x 2006
Terra em transe = A land in distress / Mapa Difilm un filme de Glauber Rocha Spanish PN1997 .T3985x 1990z
Terra estrangeira / Videofilmes e Animatógrafo apresentam produção Flávio Tambellini direção Walter Salles e Daniela Thomas Portuguese PN1997 .T3987x 2000
Terra sonâmbula = Sleepwalking land / directed byTeresa Prata Portuguese PN1997 .S576 2007
La terra trema = The earth will tremble / International Media Films, Inc. presents a Luchino Visconti film CEIAD presenta un film prodotto da Salvo D'Angelo per Universalia soggetto e regìa di Luchino Visconti Italian PN1997 .T4154x 2002
Die Terracotten des Joseph Chéret, Bildhauer in Paris : eine Studienmappe für Bildhauer, Maler, Stuckateure, Holz- und Elfenbeinschnitzer, Bronce- und Porzellanfabrikanten und alle, welche sich des figürlichen Ornaments bedienen German 3-SIZE NB553.C435 A4 1880
Terrain vague / réalisation, Marcel Carné [dialogue, Marcel Carné, Henri-François Rey scénario, Marcel Carné, Henri Jeanson produit par Louis Dolivet]. French PN1997 .T3975x 2003
Terry Riley / produced and directed by Robert Ashley English ML410.R515 T47x 1987
Teseo : opera in five acts / Georg Friedrich Handel libretto and text by Niccolò Francesco Haym, based on Philippe Quinault Italian M1500.H2 T47x 2005
Tesis / guión y dirección Alejandro Amenábar producción ejecutiva José Luis Cuerda y Emiliano Otegui. Spanish PN1997 .T398x 2002
Tesis / un film de las Producciones del Escorpión, S.L. con la colaboración de Sogepaq, S.A. productor, José Luis Cuerda director, Alejandro Amenabar guión, Alejandro Amenabar Spanish PN1997 .T398x 1999
Tess of the storm country / By Grace Miller White A Milestone Film release a presentation of The Mary Pickford Foundation A production of Timeline Films and Milestone Film & Video [DVD edition] produced by Mary Pickford directed by John Robe English PN1997 .T4232 1999
Testament / Paramount Pictures Corporation English PN1997 .T4255x 2004
Le Testament d'Orphée : ou, Ne me demandez pas pourquoi / The Criterion Collection Canal+ Image International Janus Films Cinédis présente un film de Jean Cocteau produit par Jean Thuillier pour les Editions Cinégraphiques French PN1997 .T4235x 2000
Le testament d'Orphée / un film de Jean Cocteau réalisation, Jean Cocteau avec la collaboration technique de Claude Pinoteau French PN1997 .T4234x 2002
O testamento do senhor Napumoceno / José Luís Vasconcellos e Francisco Manso [produções] guião, Mário Prata [direção] Francisco Manso Portuguese PN1997 .T4256x 2001
Testimony / an Isolde Films production in association with the Mandemar Group screenplay by David Rudkin produced, directed, edited, designed and co-written by Tony Palmer English PN1997 .T4257x 2005
Tet, 1968 Vietnamizing the war, 1969-1973 / a co-production of WGBH Boston, Central Independent Television/UK and Antenne-2, France English DS557.7 .V558x 1987
La teta asustada : un viaje del miedo a la libertad / una producción de Oberon Cinematográfica, Wanda Visión, Vela Producciones con la participación de Televisión Española--TVE guión y dirección, Claudia Llosa productores, Antonio Chavarrías, José Spanish PN1997 .T42575 2009
La teta y la luna / una película de Bigas Luna producida por Andrés Vicente Gómez Spanish PN1997 .T4233x 2005
La tête de maman / Norde-Ouest présente une coproduction Norde-Ouest Production, UGC Images, France 2 Cinéma, Rhônes-Alpes Cinéma, M6 Films un film de Carine Tardieu produit par Christophe Rossignon scénario, Carine Tardieu, Michel Leclerc French PN1997.2 .T467 2007
Tête de turc / un film de Pascal Elbé scénario, adaptation, dialogue, Pascal Elbé produit par Patrick Godeau un coproduction Alicéléo Cinema, Alicéléo, France 2 cinéma French PN1997.2 .T4763 2010
La tête des autres / un pièce de Marcel Aymé mise en scène, Raymond Rouleau assisté de Claude Brunat réalisation, Georges Folgoas French PN1997 .T4254 2005
La tête en friche / [directed by Jean Becker screenplay by Jean Becker, Jean-Loup Dabadie produced by Louis Becker.] French PN1997.2 .T4764 2010
Des Teufels General = The devil's general / Walter Koppel zeigt im Europa Filmverleih GmbH ein Film von Helmut Käutner nach dem gleichnamigen Theaterstück von Carl Zuckmayer Drehbuch, Georg Hurdalek und Helmut Käutner Gyula Trebitsch produktion German PN1997 .T4258x 2004
Tex-Mex : music of the Texas Mexican borderlands / Harcourt Films produced and directed by Jeremy Marre English M1668.4 .T48x 1990
Tex-Mex accordion / taught by Flaco Jiménez and Tim Alexander English MT680 .T49x 1993
Texas blues guitar / Vestapol Productions Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop Inc English M1630.18.C638 T49x 1996
Texas blues guitar / Vestapol Productions Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop Inc English M1630.18.C638 T49x 2003
Texas fiddle legends : Benny Thomasson and Dick Barrett / Yazoo. English M1629.7.T35 T4904x 1996
Texas style / a film by Alan Govenar and Bruce Lane Documentary Arts, Inc English MT279.5 T39x 1987
Texas swing : a memoir of music, politics, and the Light Crust Doughboys / written and directed by Gary Don Rhodes. English ML421.L54 T49x 1995
Texas tenor : the Illinois Jacquet story / a Rhapsody Films Inc. video release a film by Arthur Elgort produced by Ronit Avneri English ML419.J33 T49 2005
Texas, adios / an Italo-Spanish co-production, B.R.C. Produzione Film, Roma - Estela Film, Madrid story and screenplay, Franco Rossetti, Ferdinando Baldi director, Ferdinando Baldi produced by Manolo Bolognini Italian PN1997 .T426x 2004
Teyyam : the annual visit of the god Vishnumurti / camera, editing, production, Erik de Maaker English BL2016.K47 T3 2005
Tezuka Osamu jikken animeshon sakuhinshu = Osamu Tezuka film works / kikaku kyoryoku, kanshu, Katayama Masahiro n/a PN1997 .T49x 2003
Thagyan moe / San San Hnin Tun Burmese PL3927 .S34x 2000
Thai sounds and writing : an introduction English PL4163 .T424x 1987
Thais : comédie lyrique in tre atti e sette quadri / Rai Trade e Teatro Regio di Torino presentano musica di Jules Massenet libretto di Louis Gallet dall'omonimo romanzo di Anatole France French M1500.M38 T44x 2009
Thaïs / music by Jules Massenet libretto by Louis Gallet, based on the novel by Anatole France presented by the Metropolitan Opera French M1500.M38 T44x 2008
Thanhouser English PN1997 .T42616 2002
Thank you for smoking / Room 9 Entertainment TYFS Productions LLC ContentFilm produced by David O. Sacks screenplay by Jason Reitman directed by Jason Reitman English PN1997.2 .T4774 2006
Thank you, Mr. President : Helen Thomas at the White House / HBO Documentary Films director, Rory Kennedy English PN4874.T424 A3 2008
That '70s show. Season 1 / directed by David Trainer ... [et al.] written by Bonnie Turner ... [et al.] English PN1997 .T4267 2004
That high lonesome sound / Shanachie Entertainment Corp English M1629 .T42x 1996
That midnight kiss : The toast of New Orleans / Turner Entertainment Co. M-G-M presents English PN1995.9.M86 T43 2007
That rhythm, those blues / a film by George T. Nierenberg [produced by] GTN Productions English ML3521 .T42x 1988
That's Black entertainment / Skyline/T.B.E. Limited English PN1995.9.N4 T42x 1989
Thawrat al-ghadab : Arabic check josiah
The cove / produced by Paula DuPré Pesman, Fisher Stevens written by Mark Monroe directed by Louie Psihoyos
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English check availability
The Monastery of Mount Sinai : where God walked on earth / directed by John Bulmer produced by Revel Guest and Jane Gilmour a Transatlantic film in co-production with Channel 4 Television, Greek Radio-Television 2 and Lydia Carras Productions Inc. English BX387 .M66x 1985
The secrets of linking rings English GV1547 .L63 2005
[ The triumph of George Washington] [graphic] English UO1810f-1
Theater in Japan / a Koninck Projects production for the Arts Council of Great Britain in association with Channel Four Television Ltd producer, Shelley Williams director, Philip Day English PN2924 .T524x 2003
The theatre and the state : archaeological reconstruction / written and presented by Chris Emlyn-Jones English NA278.T5 .T54x 2002
Le theatre de Jean Le Poulain French PN1997 .T4263 2005
Le théâtre de Tadeusz Kantor = The theatre of Tadeusz Kantor / un film de Denis Bablet English PN2193.E86 .T44 2006
Le théâtre de Tristan Bernard : L'anglais tel qu'on le parle : Le captif : Le prétendant / réal. de Geroges Folgoas d'après Tristan Bernard French PN1997 .T42635 2003
The theatres of Asia : an introduction / by Dr. David George English PN2860 .T54x 1997
The theatres of Asia : an introduction / by Dr. David George English PN2860 .T54x 2000
Their eyes were watching God / Oprah Winfrey presents Harpo FIlms Touchstone Television producer, Matthew Carlisle written for television by Suzan-Lori Parks, and Misan Sagay and Bobby Smith, Jr. directed by Darnell Martin ABC English PN1997 .T4262 2005
Thelma & Louise / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer presents a Percy Main production, a Ridley Scott film in association with Star Partners III, Ltd. producers, Ridley Scott, Mimi Polk writer, Callie Khouri director, Ridley Scott
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English check availability
Thelma & Louise / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer presents a Percy Main production, a Ridley Scott film in association with Star Partners III, Ltd. producers, Ridley Scott, Mimi Polk writer, Callie Khouri director, Ridley Scott English PN1997 .T485 2004
Thelonious Monk : American composer / a co-production of Toby Byron/Multiprises in association with Taurus Film, Munich and VideoArts, Japan directed by Matthew Seig written by Quincy Troupe produced by Toby Byron, Richard Saylor English ML417.M66 T44 2009
Thelonious Monk : straight no chaser / directed by Charlotte Zwerin produced by Charlotte Zwerin and Bruce Ricker English ML419.M65 T44x 1988
Thelonious Monk : straight no chaser / Warner Bros. Pictures a Malpaso production of a film by the Monk Film Project, Inc. produced in association with Michael Blackwood Productions, Inc. [presented by] Clint Eastwood directed by Charlotte Zwe English ML419.M65 T5 2001
Thelonius Monk. Live in '66. English M1366.M64 T4313x 2006
Theme song / Vito Acconci English PN1997 .T4273 2008
Theodora : oratorio in three parts, HWV 68 / by George Frideric Handel text by Thomas Morell, based on The martyrdom of Theodora and Didymus by Robert Boyle Salzburg Festival, from the Grosses Festpielhaus English M1500.H2 T48 2011
Theologians under Hitler / a film by Steven D. Martin based upon the groundbreaking book by Robert P. Ericksen English DD256.5 .M37 2005
Theories of development / Magna Systems program producers, Shanta and Milan Herzog. English HQ767.9 .T47x 1997
The Theory and applications of harmonic mappings between Riemannian manifolds / Richard M. Schoen introduced by Karen Uhlenbeck English QA649 .R56x 1992
There will be blood / produced by Paul Thomas Anderson, Daniel Lupi, JoAnne Sellar screenplay by Paul Thomas Anderson directed by Paul Thomas Anderson
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English check availability
There'll always be stars in the sky : the Indian film music phenomenon / A Harcourt Films Production produced and directed by Jeremy Marre English ML2075 .T43x 2003
There'll always be stars in the sky : the Indian film music phenomenon / Harcourt Films producer-director, Jeremy Marre English ML2075 .T43x 1992
There's gonna be a god damn riot in here! : Charles Bukowski live in Vancouver / produced by Dennis B. Del Torre English PS3552.U4 T478 2008
There's no business like show business / Twentieth Century Fox screenplay by Phoebe and Henry Ephron produced by Sol C. Siegel directed by Walter Lang English PN1997.T4264 T44 2001
Theremin : an electronic odyssey / a Kaga Bay production in association with Channel 4 written, produced, directed by Steven M. Martin English ML429.T43 T54 2001
Theremin : an electronic odyssey / Orion Classics a Steven M. Martin film a Kaga Bay production in association with Channel 4 English ML1380 .T44x 1995
Thérèse / Maurice Bernart presente une coproduction A.F.C. et Films A2 avec la participation du C.N.C. film de Alain Cavalier avec la collaboration de Camille de Casabianca produit par Maurice Bernat French PN1997 .T4265x 2002
Thérèse and Isabelle / Audubon Films presents produced by Amsterdam Film Corporation screenplay by Jesse Vogel produced and directed by Radley Metzger English PN1997 .T427x 1990z
Thérèse and Isabelle / First Run Pictures presents an Audubon Films release screenplay by Jesse Vogel produced and directed by Radley Metzger English PN1997 .T427x 2000
Thérèse Desqueyroux / UGC présente une production Les Films du 24 en coproduction avec France 3 cinéma, TF1 Droits Audiovisuels un film de Claude Miller scénario, adaptation, dialogue de Natalie Carter et Claude Miller produit par Yves Marmi French PN1997.2 .T47746 2013
Thérèse Raquin / Studio Canal Robert et Raymond Hakim, un film de Marcel Carné adaptation de Marcel Carné et Charles Spaak dialogue de Charles Spaak Paris Film Production Lux Film French PN1997 .T4278x 2005
These bases are loaded English check josiah
These hands / Full Frame, Toronto written, produced and directed by Flora M'Mbugu-Schelling. English HQ1798.5 .T48x 1992
These now reunited to see how they standing with each other / Stephanie Barber English 2001 B234 S75t
They call me Mister Tibbs! / United Artists Mirisch Production Company presents English PN1997 .T4279 2001
They call me Muslim : a documentary / written, produced and edited by Diana Ferrero English BP190.5.H44 T54 2006
They came back = Les revenants / Capri Releasing and Haut et Court present a film by Robin Campillo, a Haut and Court/France 3 Cinéma/Gimages Developpement co-production with the participation of Canal+ and the Centre National de la Cinématogr English PN1997 .T3989 2005
They died with their boots on / Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc. a Warner Bros.-First National Picture executive producer, Hal B. Wallis associate producer, Robert Fellows original screen play by Wally Kline and Aeneas MacKenzie directed by Raoul English PN1997 .T42796 2005
They drew fire : combat artists of World War II / an Actual Films production directed by Brian Lanker produced by Nicole Newnham & Bonni Cohen. English D810.A7 T48x 1999
They shall take up serpents / John E. Schrader, Thomas G. Burton. English BX7990.H6 T43 2006
They were expendable : Flying Leathernecks / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Picture produced and directed by John Ford screenplay by Frank Wead Howard Hughes Picture produced by Edmund Grainger directed by Nicholas Ray screenplay by James Edward Gran English PN1997 .T4283 2006
The thick dark fog / a film by Randy Vasquez written and edited by Paul Freedman produced by Jonathan Skurnik, Randy Vasquez directed by Randy Vasquez a co-production of High Valley Productions and Native American Public Telecommunications English E97 .T45 2012
The Thief of Bagdad / a Paul Killian Film Classic presentation English PN1997 .T425x 1992
A thief of time / a Wildwood Enterprises, Carlton, Granada production producer, Craig McNeil teleplay by Alice Arlen directed by Chris Eyre English PN1997 .T4284 2005
Thieves of time / a production of KAET-TV English E77.9 .T45x 2005
Thin / a presentation of Home Box Office Actual Reality Pictures producers, R.J. Culter ... [et al.] directed by Lauren Greenfield English RC552.E18 T45 2006
The thin blue line / an American Playhouse presentation an Errol Morris film produced by Mark Lipson directed by Errol Morris produced in association with American Playhouse Channel 4 English HV6533.T4 T45 2005
A thin line between love & hate / New Line Cinema and Savoy Pictures presents a Jackson-McHenry Entertainment production in association with You Go Boy! Productions a Martin Lawrence film English PN1997 .T42853 1996
The Thing from another world English PN1997 .T428535 2003
Thing with no name / a film by Sarah Friedland + Esy Casey director, Sarah Friedland producers, Sarah Friedland and Esy Casey Zulu RA643.86.S6 T45 2008
Things to come / London Films produced by Alexander Korda directed by William Cameron Menzies English PN1997 .T42855x 1986
Things we lost in the fire / produced by Sam Mendes, Sam Mercer directed by Susanne Bier written by Allan Loeb
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English check availability
Think like a man / produced by William Packer written by Keith Merryman, David A. Newman directed by Tim Story
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English check availability
Thinking history : the Holocaust English PN1997 .T496 2012
Thinking in loop : three videos on iconoclasm, ritual and immortality / Boris Groys German N6494.V53 G76 2008
Thir13en ghosts / Warner Bros. Pictures and Columbia Pictures present a Dark Castle Entertainment production producers, Gilbert Adler, Joel Silver, Robert Zemeckis screenplay writers, Neal Marshall Stevens, Richard D'Ovidio director, Steve Beck
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English check availability
The third man / Janus Films Studio Canal Rialto Pictures presents a Carol Reed film produced by Alexander Korda & David O. Selznick story & screenplay by Graham Greene directed by Carol Reed a Rialto Pictures release English PN1997 .T42874 2007
The Third World War : Al Qaeda / BBC produced and directed by Martin Wilson [and] Sarah Macdonald English HV6432 .T557 2005
Thirst / Snitow-Kaufman Productions produced and directed by Alan Snitow and Deborah Kaufman English HD1691 .T54 2005
Thirteen / Fox Searchlight Pictures presents in association with Michael London Productions and Working Title Films an Antidote Films production produced by Jeffrey Levy-Hinte, Michael London written by Catherine Hardwicke & Nikki Reed directed English PN1997 .T438 2004
Thirteen days / presented by New Line Cinema in association with Beacon Pictures a Roger Donaldson film produced by Armyan Bernstein, Peter O. Almond and Kevin Costner written by David Self directed by Roger Donaldson English PN1997 .T439x 2001
Thirteen days / presented by New Line Cinema in association with Beacon Pictures a Roger Donaldson film produced by Armyan Bernstein, Peter O. Almond and Kevin Costner written by David Self directed by Roger Donaldson English PN1997 .T497 2001
The thirteenth floor / Roland Emmerick presents a Centropolis Entertainment production screenplay by Josef Rusnak & Ravel Centeno-Rodriguez produced by Roland Emmerich, Ute Emmerich, Marco Weber directed by Josef Rusnak
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English check availability
Thirty two short films about Glenn Gould / Rhombus Media directed by François Girard producer, Niv Fichman screenplay, François Girard, Don McKellar English ML417.G68 T45x 2000
This is 40 / produced by Judd Apatow, Barry Mendel, Clayton Townsend written and directed by Judd Apatow
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English check availability
This is archaeology! : unearthing the past / script, Ben Churcher produced by Astarte Resources, OZIRIS Productions English CC165 .T457 1995
This is it / directed by Kenny Ortega produced by Randy Phillips, Kenny Ortega, Paul Gongaware The Michael Jackson Company, AEG Live released by Columbia Pictures English M1630.18.J318 T45 2010
This is kyogen / script and narration, Jonah Salz. English PL736 .T45x 1996
This is Noh / Insight Media directed by Takao Toshioka. English PN2924.5.N6 T45x 1990z
This is Spïnal Tap : a rockumentary by Martin Di Bergi Spinal Tap Productions Embassy Pictures directed by Rob Reiner written by Christopher Guest, Michael McKean, Harry Shearer, Rob Reiner produced by Karen Murphy English ML3534 .T65 2000
This is the end / produced by Evan Goldberg, Seth Rogen, James Weaver written & directed by Evan Goldberg, Seth Rogen
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English check availability
This land is our land / a presentation of the Media Education Foundation in cooperation with On The Commons directed by Jeremy Earp & Sut Jhally written by David Bollier & Jeremy Earp produced by Jeremy Earp & Andrew Killoy English HB846.5 .T55 2010
This machine kills fascists : the Woody Guthrie story / produced, written and directed [by] Stephen Gammond English ML410.G978 T45 2005
This means war / produced by Robert Simmonds ... [et al.] screenplay by Timothy Dowling, Simon Kinberg story by Timothy Dowling, Marcus Gautesen directed by McG
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English check availability
This old pyramid / a production of WGBH Boston written, produced and directed by Michael Barnes English DT63 .T45x 1992
This rebel breed English PN1997 .T4986 2006
This strange passion / [presented by] Noel Meadow produced by Tepeyac Productions argumento y adaptación de Luis B¯unuel y Alcorira una producción de Oscar Dancigers dirigida por Luis Bu¯nnuel Spanish PN1997 .T4987x 1989
Thom Gunn / the Lannan Foundation directed by Dan Griggs English GU585t
Thomas Hampson : des Knaben Wunderhorn / Gustav Mahler directed by Rodney Greenberg co-produced by Reiner Moritz Associates, LGM, Théâtre Musical de Paris--Châtelet in association with Mezzo with the support of Centre National de la Cinématographi German M1620.H35 T46 2002
Thomas Jefferson / a film by Ken Burns a production of Florentine Films and WETA producers, Ken Burns and Camilla Rockwell writer, Geoffrey C. Ward English E332 .T36 1997
Thomas Jefferson, the pursuit of liberty : a film / by Harriet Fier and Stephen Mantell [presented by] the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation, Inc. directed by Stephen Mantell written and produced by Harriet Fier and Stephen Mantell English VHS .2
Thomas Mann's Doktor Faustus : Bilder aus dem Leben des deutschen Tonsetzers Adrian Leverkühn / BetaFilm ein Gemeinschaftsproduktion der Franz Seitz Film, Iduna Film, ein Film de Franz Seitz Produktionsleitung, Georg Föcking Drehbuch und Regie, German PN1997 .T498715 2010
Thomas Quasthoff at the Verbier Festival Academy : Songs and arias, Mozart, Schubert and Wagner : singing masterclass English MT820 .T45 2007
Thomas Sankara : the upright man / Zorn Production International, Arte France, France 3 Lorraine Champagne Ardenne present a film by Robin Shuffield French DT555.83.S36 T56 2006
Thor / produced by Kevin Feige screenplay by Ashley Edward Miller, Zack Stentz, Don Payne directed by Kenneth Branagh
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English check availability
Thor. The dark world / Marvel Studios produced by Kevin Feige story by Don Payne and Robert Rodat screenplay by Christopher L. Yost and Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely directed by Alan Taylor
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English check availability
Those I left behind / Gato Films presents a film by Lisandro Perez-Rey produced by Cynthia Barrera English E184.C97 T48x 2008
Thoughts on cards : the complete collection English GV1547 .T4793 1999
Threads / a BBC production in association with Western-World Television, Inc. and the Nine Network written by Barry Hines produced and directed by Mick Jackson English PN1997 .T4985x 2005
Three brothers = Tre fratelli / a film by Francesco Rosi Italian PN1997 .T676x 1987
The three burials of Melquiades Estrada / Europa Corp. The Javelina Film Company produced by Michael Fitzgerald, Tommy Lee Jones written by Guillermo Arriaga directed by Tommy Lee Jones English PN1997 .T49872 2006
Three days of the Condor / Dino De Laurentiis presents a Stanley Schneider Production a Wildwood Enterprises, Inc., co-production a Sydney Pollack film screenplay by Lorenzo Semple, Jr. and David Rayfiel produced by Stanley Schneider directe English PN1997 .T49873 2006
Three eras : Frank Lloyd Wright : home, work, worship / a production of WMVS/WMVT Milwaukee. English NA737.W7 T57x 1997
Three films by Lawrence Brose English PN1995.9.E96 B77 1991
Three Greek plays / conducted and directed for the stage by Andrei Serban English PN2189 .T57x 1997
Three kings / Warner Bros. presents in association with Village Roadshow Pictures/Village-A.M. Film Partnership a Coast Ridge Films/Atlas Entertainment production directed by David O. Russell screenplay by David O. Russell story by Joh
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English check availability
Three little pigs / Walt Disney Pictures Disney DVD English PN1997 .T498865 2009
Three little words / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer produced by Loew's Incorporated screen play by George Wells director of photography, Harry Jackson produced by Jack Cummings directed by Richard Thorpe English PN1995.9.M86 T47 2006
The three Musketeers / Walt Disney Pictures in association with Caravan Pictures English PN1997 .T49878 1999
Three poets : A.D. Winans, Linda Lerner, Raindog : at Beyond Baroque, Venice, California / a Lummox Productions Video Project. English WI3534t
Three songs about Lenin : leader of the oppressed peoples of the world / a Mehzrabpom Film production script and direction, Dziga Vertov new release prepared and directed by E. Svilova-Vertova, I Kopalin, S Pumpyanshaya Central Documentary Film Russian DK254.L4 T67x 1991
The Three Stooges : the movie / a 20th Century Fox release and presentation of a Conundrum Entertainment/Charles B. Wessler production in association with C3 Entertainment and Dune Entertainment produced by Bradley Thomas ... [et al.] directed by
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English check availability
Three ways English PN1995.9.S45 T57 1993
Three worlds / = Trois mondes Pyramide Productions scénario, Catherine Corsini et Benoit Graffin produit par Fabienne Vonier French PN1997.2 .T479 2013
The threshold of deafening silence : a video / by Mark Mushet. English M1473 .T47x 1990
Throne of blood / produced and directed by Akira Kurosawa script by Shinobu Hashimoto ... [et al.] Japanese PN1997 .K874x 1993
Through the eyes of Larry Harlow : el judío maravilloso / Tropical Vision Entertainment Group in association with Bossa-Nova Cinema producer, Rafael J. Rivera Viruet written by Ramón Almodóvar Ronda, Rafael J. Rivera Viruet, Douglas P. Sánchez C English ML3481 .T48x 1998
Throw a dime = Tire dié Spanish HC178.S3 T47x 1990z
Throw down your heart / director, Sascha Paladino producers, Béla Fleck and Sascha Paladino The Old School, Ltd English ML1015.B3 T47 2009
Throw Momma from the train / Orion Pictures a Rollins, Morra & Brezner production written by Stu Silver produced by Larry Brezner directed by Danny DeVito
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English check availability
Thunder in Guyana / director, producer and writer, Suzanne Wasserman English F2384.J34 T58 2003
Thunder soul / Snoot Entertainment presents Jamie Foxx presents directed by Mark Landsman produced by Keith Calder, Mark Landsman, Jessica Wu English ML422.J57 T48 2011
Thunderbolt / Mainframe Productions Opomulero in 2001 Frames series presents screenplay written by Femi Kayode producer/director, Tunde Kelani English PN1997 .T49887 2000
Thunderheart / TriStar Pictures presents a Tribeca/Waterhorse production a Michael Apted Film written by John Fusco produced by Robert De Niro, Jane Rosenthal, John Fusco directed by Michael Apted English PN1997 .T498875 1998
Thurgood Marshall : portrait of an American hero / producer, Wayne C. Sharpe Columbia Video Productions English KF8745.M37 T48x 1985
Tian an men = Tian an men / bian ju Wang Bing dao yan, Ye Ying Chinese PN1997.2 .T53x 2009
Tian xia wu zei = A world without thieves / Hua yi xiong di tai he ying shi tou zi you xian gong si ... [et al.] chu pin bian ju, Wang Gang, Lin Lisheng, A Lu zong jian zhi, Liu Zhenyun, Wang Zhonglei, Xi Yujing bian ju, dao yan, Feng Xiaogang;2 Chinese check josiah
Tiangou = The forest ranger / Shanghai dian ying ji tuan gong si Shanghai dian ying zhi pian chang bian ju Zheng Hongzhi dao yan Qi Jian Chinese check josiah
Tianshuiwei de ri yu ye = The way we are / Ying wang chao you xian gong si chu pin Ka shi you xian gong si zhi zuo bian ju Lü Xiaohua jian zhi, dao yan Xu Anhua Chinese PN1997.A123 T539x 2008
Tianshuiwei de ye yu wu / zhi zuo Ka shi you xian gong si bian ju Zhang Jingwei jian zhi, dao yan Xu Anhua Chinese check josiah
Tickets / a Fandango and Sixteen Films production in association with the UK Film Council directed by Ermanno Olmi, Abbas Kiarostami, Ken Loach producers, Carlo Cresto-Dina, Babak Karimi, Rebecca O'Brien, Domenico Procacci screenplay, Ermanno Italian PN1997 .T49887 2006
A tickle in the heart / producers, Eddie Rosenstein, Martin Hagemann and Thomas Kufus director, Stefan Schwietert English ML3528.8 .T53x 2004
Tiempo de revancha / Aries Cinematográfica Argentina Cameo producción, Hector Olivera, Luis Osvaldo Repetto libro y dirección, Adolfo Aristarain. Spanish PN1997 .T4988x 2004
Tiempos de azúcar / una producción de: Euro Ficción, S.L. Vicia, S.L. guión, Juan Luis Iborra producida por Carlos Orengo, Pedro Pastor dirigida por Juan Luis Iborra Spanish PN1997 .T4989x 2001
Tierra : una película / de Julio Medem Sogetel S.A. Lolafilms S.A. en colaboración con Sogepaq, S.A. y en asociación con Canal+ argumento, Julio Medem productor, Fernando Garcillán director, Julio Medem Spanish PN1997 .T49895x 2001
Tierra de hombres / Peliculas Rodriguez Spanish PN1997 .T49897x 1987
Tierra del Fuego La conquista de un territorio sin dios ni ley / Massimo Julio, Vigliar Fernandez, Cristina Littin Menz una producción de Surf Films, Castelao, Buenaventura Films en colaboración con RAI, Radio Televisione Italiana, TVN, Televisi Spanish PN1997 .T5173x 2000
Tierra o muerte : land or death / a KBDI-TV production English E184.M5 T54 1991
The ties that bind : immigration stories / Maryknoll World Productions and HTN writer, director, José Roberto Gutiérrez. English JV6483 .T498x 1998
The ties that bind / written by Su Friedrich English PN1997 .T49894x 2005
Tieta / novela de Aguinaldo Silva, Ana Maria Moretzsohn, e Ricardo Linhares direção, Reynaldo Boury, Ricardo Waddington e Luiz Fernando Carvalho direção geral, Paulo Ubiratan Portuguese PN1997 .T521 2012
Tieta do agreste = Tieta from the forest / um filme de Carlos Diegues co-produção, Sony Corporation of America, Columbia Pictures, Television Trading Corporation produção, Sky Light, Serene Portuguese PN1997 .T522x 1998
The tiger and the flame / TV Matters Minerva MovieTone English PN1997 .T5224x 2005
Tight right white / Dar A Luz presents created and directed by Reza Abdoh produced by Diane White video by Adam Soch English PS3551.B2685 Z86 1996
El tigre de chamberí / director, Pedro Luis Ramírez. Spanish PN1997 .T5225x 2002
Tigrero : a film that was never made English F2520.1.C35 T54x 2004
Til death = Hasta morir / Vida Films produced by Fernando Sariñana story and screenplay by Marcela Fuentes-Berain directed by Fernando Sariñana Spanish PN1997 .T52254x 2002
Til the butcher cuts him down / produced and directed by Philip Spalding English ML419.M54 T5x 1986
Tilaï / les Films de l'Avenir, Waka Films, Rhéa Films un film de Idrissa Ouedraogo Moore PN1997 .T52256x 2001
Tim Marlow with...Gilbert & George / producer, Phil Grabsky directed by Ben Harding English N6797.G47 T56 2007
Time capsule : message in a bottle / directed, written and edited by Cathleen O'Connell English GN406 .T56x 1999
Time is money English GV1549 .T65 2006
The time machine / DreamWorks Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures present a Parkes/MacDonald production producers, Walter F. Parkes, David Valdes directed by Simon Wells screenplay by John Logan
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English check availability
Time team America, Fort James, SD / co-produced by Oregon Public Broadcasting, Videotext Communications Ltd., and Channel 4 International series producer, Graham Dixon English E77.9 .T563 2009
Time team America, Fort Raleigh, NC / co-produced by Oregon Public Broadcasting, Videotext Communications Ltd., and Channel 4 International series producer, Graham Dixon English E77.9 .T564 2009
Time team America, New Philadelphia, IL / co-produced by Oregon Public Broadcasting, Videotext Communications Ltd., and Channel 4 International series producer, Graham Dixon English E77.9 .T565 2009
Time team America, Range Creek, UT / co-produced by Oregon Public Broadcasting, Videotext Communications Ltd., and Channel 4 International series producer, Graham Dixon English E77.9 .T566 2009
Time team America, Topper, SC / co-produced by Oregon Public Broadcasting, Videotext Communications Ltd., and Channel 4 International series producer, Graham Dixon English E77.9 .T567 2009
The time that remains : chronicle of a present absentee / New Wave Films Corniche Pictures presents in association with Michael Gentile, Elia Suleiman and Wild Bunch a The Film, Nazira Films, Artemis Production, BIM Distribuzione, France 3 Cinéma, R Arabic PN1997.2 .T535 2009
A Time there was ... : a profile of Benjamin Britten / [directed by Tony Palmer London Weekend Television in association with RM Productions Munich English ML410.B84 T55x 1980
Time to kill English PN1997 .T2256x 2002
A time to kill / Warner Bros. presents in association with Regency Enterprises screenplay by Akiva Goldsman produced by Arnon Milchan ... [et al.] directed by Joel Schumacher English PN1997 .T5226x 1996
The time traveler's wife / produced by Dede Gardener, Nick Wechsler screenplay by Bruce Joel Rubin directed by Robert Schwentke
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English check availability
Times ain't like they used to be : early rural & popular American music, 1928-1935 / produced by Sherwin Dunner and Richard Nevins English M1630.18 .T56x 1992
Times ain't like they used to be : early rural and popular American music, 1928-1935 / produced by Sherwin Dunner and Richard Nevins English M1630.18 .T56x 2000
The times of Harvey Milk / Black Sand Productions presents produced by Richard Schmiechen directed by Rob Epstein English HQ76.8.U5 T56 2004
Timon of Athens / a production by Jonathan Miller English PN1997 .T54x 1988
Ting feng zhe / Mei ya dian ying zhi zuo you xian gong si [and others] chu pin jian zhi Huang Bin, Zhuo Wu bian ju, dao yan Mai Zhaohui, Zhuang Wenqiang = The silent war / Mei Ah Film Production Co., Ltd. [and others] present produced by Ron Chinese check josiah
Ting yuan li de nü ren = Pavilion of women / Meiguo Yin meng dian ying gong si, Beijing dian ying zhi pian chang lian he she zhi yuan zhu Sai Zhenzhu bian ju Luoyan, Baoluo Kaosilin dao yan Yan Hao Chinese check josiah
Tini zabutykh predkiv / Kinostudiia imeni oleksandra dobzhenska stsenayi, S. Paradzhanova, I. Chendeia rezhyser-postnovnyk, S. Paradzhanov = Shadows of forgotten ancestors : (Wild horses of fire) / Dovzhenko Film Studio production script by Ukrainian PN1997 .T56x 1988
Tini zabutykh predkiv / Kinostudiia imeni Oleksandra Dovzhenka stsenarii, S. Paradzhanova, I. Chendeia rezhyser-postanovnyk, S. Paradzhanov Mykhailo Kotsiubynskyi Ukrainian PN1997 .T52263 2008
Tinker tailor soldier spy / produced by Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Robyn Slovo screenplay by Bridget O'Connor, Peter Straughan directed by Tomas Alfredson
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English check availability
Tinta roja = Red ink / Tornasol Films, América Producciones, Producciones Inca Films presentan guión, Giovanna Pollarolo dirigida por Francisco J. Lombardi Spanish PN1997 .T52267x 2000
Tintin en Amérique / d'après les albums Les aventures de Tintin de Hergé [copyright symbol] Hergé/Moulinsart 2006 conception graphique, Moulinsart une production Ellipse Programme-Nelvana Limited [copyright symbol] Ellipse Programme ... French PN1997 .T52266 2006
Tintin et les picaros / Hergé d'après les albums Les aventures de Tintin de Hergé [copyright symbol] Hergé/Moulinsart 2004 conception graphique, Moulinsart une production Ellipse Programme-Nelvana Limited [copyright symbol] Ellipse Pro French PN1997 .T52268 2004
Tiny & Ruby : hell divin' women / Jezebel Productions presents a film by Greta Schiller & Andrea Weiss English ML419.D388 T56x 1988
Tiovivo c. 1950 / Nickel Odeón Dos, Enrique Cerezo Producciones Cinematográficas, PC 29 producida y dirigida por José Luis Garci una pelicula escrita por J.L. Garci & Horacio Valcárcel. Spanish PN1997 .T52269x 2006
Tirez sur le pianiste / Pierre Braunberger présente scénario François Truffaut, Marcel Moussy, d'après Down there de David Goodis un film de François Truffaut. French PN1997 .T5227x 2001
Tirez sur le pianiste = Shoot the piano player / a film by François Truffaut French PN1997 .T5227x 2005
Tis autumn : the search for Jackie Paris / [an Outsider Pictures release Hangover Lounge presents a film by Raymond De Felitta] English PN1995.9.J38 T57 2008
Titanic / Twentieth Century Fox and Paramount Pictures present a Lightstorm Entertainment production
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English check availability
Titanic / written and directed by James Cameron
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English check availability
Titãs / direção musical & arranjos, Liminha, Titãs produção executiva, Adilson Tokita direção, Alex Gabassi Warner Music Vision, Acústico MTV. Portuguese M1690.18.T58 T58x 1997
Titeuf, les poux attaquent / d'après les bandes de Zep réalisation, Daniel Duda adaptation littéraire, Claire Paoletti une coproduction de France Animation ... [et al.]. French PN1997.2 .T54x 2001
Titian / a film by Didier Baussy English ND623.T7 T57x 1989
Titón, de La Habana a Guantanamera / dirección Mirta Ibarra Spanish PN1997.2 .T545 2008
Titus / Fox Searchlight Pictures and Clear Blue Sky Productions present in association with Overseas Filmgroup a Urania Pictures and NDF International production a film by Julie Taymor screenplay by Julie Taymor produced by Conchita Airoldi, Jul English PN1997 .T557 2006
Titus Andronicus / a BBC Television production in association with Time-Life Films produced by Shaun Sutton directed by Jane Howell English PN1997 .T56x 1988
Tizoc : amor indio / un film de Ismael Rodriguez. Spanish PN1997 .T565x 2003
Tkuma : the first fifty years / a production of IBA-Israel Television English DS126.5 .T62x 1998
TMNT / produced by Thomas K. Gray, H. Galen Walker, Paul Wang written and directed by Kevin Munroe
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English check availability
To be or not to be / Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation [presented by] Brooksfilms produced by Mel Brooks screenplay by Thomas Meehan & Ronny Graham directed by Alan Johnson English PN1997 .T5816 2006
To kill a mockingbird / directed by Robert Mulligan produced by Alan Pakula screenplay by Horton Foote A Pakula-Mulligan, Brentwood Productions Picture English PN1997 .T5924x 2002
To live with herds : a dry season among the Jie / produced and directed by David MacDougall English DT433.242 .T63 2005
To our dear friend and colleague, Rose Rosengard Subotnik, April 24, 2009 : Rose Rosengard Subotnik : farewell lecture at Grant Recital Hall, Brown University : How many ways can you fetishize a song? : from Adorno to American idol : and farewell recept English ML423.S933 T62 2009
To protect Mother Earth : broken treaty II / by Joel L. Freedman English E99.S4 T6x 1986
To sir with love II / Verdon-Cedric Productions, Inc. Adelson/Baumgarten Productions, Inc. in association with Sony Pictures Television produced by Richard Stenta written by Philip Rosenberg directed by Peter Bogdanovich English PN1997 .T5933 2010
To sir, with love / Columbia Pictures English PN1997 .T593x 1999
To swallow a toad = Avaler des couleuvres / réalisé par Jurgis Krasons production, Rija Films Latvian PN1997.2 .C536 2010
To the brink of war / a Frontline special report / a Kirk Documentary Group production in association with WGBH for Frontline English DS79.72 .T6x 1991
To the moon / a NOVA Production by Lone Wolf Pictures for WGBH/Boston directed by Kirk Wolfinger written and produced by Rushmore DeNooyer, Geoffrey Little & David Espar English TL789.8.U6 A5828 2000
To what end? / [produced by] Public Policy Productions [for] WNET/New York producer, Roger Weisberg co-director Samuel Sills co-writer Robert Zalisk with Marvin Kalb English JX1974.7 .T69x 1988
To Wong Foo, thanks for everything, Julie Newmar / Universal Pictures presents an Amblin Entertainment production a Beeban Kidron film directed by Beeban Kidron produced by G. Mac Brown written by Douglas Carter Beane English PN1997 .T6 2002
To you, the birdie! : (Phèdre) / The Wooster Group director, Elizabeth LeCompte text, Paul Schmidt English PN1997 .T5655 2011
Tocá para mí = Play for me / a Mateina production written by Eduardo Ruderman and Rodrigo Fürth directed by Rodrigo Fürth Spanish PN1997 .T613x 2002
Tocantins, Rio Afogado / ´Hélio Brito e João Luiz Neiva Brito Portuguese PN1997.2 .T547 2005
Tocar y luchar : only those who dream achieve the impossible / a film by Alberto Arvelo English ML238.A78 T63 2006
Toda nudez será castigada / Ipanema Filmes apresenta roteiro e direção, Arnaldo Jabor Portuguese PN1997 .T5936x 2004
Todas iban a ser reinas = They would all be queens / Televisión Camagüey producciones presenta sobre una idea de Oneyda González dirección, Gustavo Pérez Fernández Spanish F1789.R9 T64 2012
Todo el poder / Altavista Films guión, Fernando Sariñana, Carolina Rivera producción, Francisco González Compeán, Fernando Sariñana dirección, Fernando Sariñana Spanish PN1997 .T567x 2003
Todo es silencio / Tornasol Films, Castafiore Films, Milú Films [...] director José Luis Cuerda Spanish PN1997 .T614 2013
Todo sobre mi madre / un film de Almodóvar Spanish PN1997 .T57x 2004
Todo sobre mi madre = All about my mother / El Deseo S.a. presents an El Deseo S.A., Renn Productions, and France 2 Cinema co-production a film by Almodóvar written and directed by Pedro Almodóvar Spanish PN1997 .T57x 2000
Todos a la carcel / Sogetel, S.A., Central de Producciónes Audiovisuales, S.L., Antea Films, S.A. con la colaboración de SOGEPAQ, S.A presentan una película de Luis G. Berlanga guión, Jorge Berlanga, Luis G. Berlanga dirigida por Luis G. Berlang Spanish PN1997 .T6155x 2000
Todos al suelo! / escrita y dirigida por Mariano Ozores Spanish PN1997 .T6156 2006
Todos los hombres sois iguales / dirigida por Manuel Gómez Pereira con la colaboracion especial de Maria Barranco, Pastora Vega, Kiti Manver. Spanish PN1997 .T6157x 2002
Todos los pecados del mundo / producida por Orofilms dirigida por Emilio Gomez Muriel Spanish PN1997 .T576x 2003
Todos somos estrellas = We are all stars / Torre de Babel Producciones Cinematográficas presenta una película de Felipe Degregori Spanish PN1997 .T616x 1996
Toi & moi / [présenté par] Sombrero un film de Julie Lopes Curval scénario, Julie Lopes Curval avec la collaboration de Sophie Hiet [produit par Alain Benguigui]. French PN1997.2 .T55x 2006
Toi le venin / de Robert Hossein, 1959 Gaumont présente d'après le roman de Frédéric Dard C'est toi le venin adaptation et dialogues de Robert Hossein production, Champs-Élysées production une production Jules Borkon French PN1997 .T61646 2012
A Toisan trilogy : stories from Chinese America : the Arthur Dong collection English E184.C5 T6 2010
Tokyo : the neon city / produced by Cadec Pictures, Kraffftwerk Film English HT215 .T65x 2005
Tokyo drifter = Tokyo nagaremono / Nikkatsu Corporation director, Suzuki Seijun screenwriter, Yasunori Kawauchi producer, Nakagawa Tetsuro. Japanese PN1997 .T59368x 1999
Tokyo goddofazazu = Tokyo godfathers / kyakuhon Nobumoto Keiko, Kon Satoshi purodyusa Kobayashi Shin'ichi, Tsuyama Masao, Maki Taro animeshon seisaku Maddohausu kantoku Kon Satoshi Japanese PN1997 .T5937x 2004
Tokyo monogatari = Tokyo story / The Criterion Collection Janus Films a Shochiku production directed by Yasujiro Ozu screenplay by Kogo Noda and Yasujiro Ozu Japanese PN1997 .T595x 2003
Tokyo no me = Tokyo eyes Japanese PN1997 .T594x 1997
Tol'able David / produced by Inspiration Pictures First National directed by Henry King English PN1997 .T6165 1997
Tom Dobrowolski's In the hands, wild card English GV1549 .T66 2005
Tom Dowd & the language of music / film by Mark Moormann a Language of Music Film English ML429.D63 M66x 2003
Tom Horn / Warner Bros. First Artists presents a Solar-Fred Weintraub production producer, Fred Weintraub director, William Wiard screenplay, Thomas McGuane, Bud Shrake English PN1997 .T61656 2005
Tom Jones / Metro Goldwyn Mayer The Samuel Goldwyn Company a United Artists / Lopert release a Woodfall film screenplay by John Osborne produced and directed by Tony Richardson English PN1997 .T6166 2007
Tomás Eloy Martínez / una presentación de Blakman Video NO Convencional Actual Art Video AAV presenta diseno de la entrevista, Silvia Chejter, Gerardo Guthmann Spanish PQ7798.23.A692 Z89x 1988
The tomb of Ligeia / American International presents An evening of Edgar Allan Poe / an American International production in association with Ken Johnson Productions English 76 PO27 A4 2003 DVD
Tombola / dirigida por Luis Lucia una produccion de Manuel J. Goyanes. Spanish PN1997 .T5955x 2002
The Tommy Wonder video : British Close-up Magic Symposium Lecture English GV1547 .T663 1998
Tong nian de feng zheng = A kid's kite / Tianjin dian ying zhi pian chang she zhi chu pin ren: Han Zhenduo jian zhi: Gao Fengjun dao yan: Zhang Jiandong bian ju: Shang Jing, Wang Baoshe Chinese check josiah
Tongues untied / by Marlon Riggs English E185.625 T66x 1996
Tongues untied / producer, director, Marlon T. Riggs English HQ76.27.A37 T683 2008
Toni / un film de Jean Renoir, 1935 Gaumont présente scénario, adaptation, dialogue de Jean Renoir une production Les Films Marcel Pagnol French PN1997 .T6168 2010
Toni Morrison / an RM Arts production English PS3563.O8749 Z85x 1987
Tônica dominante / Superfilmes apresenta um filme de Lina Chamie. Portuguese PN1997 .T6167x 2003
La tonta del bote / dirigida por Juan de Orduna. Spanish PN1997 .T617x 2003
Les tontons flingueurs / Gaumont présente un film de Georges Lautner adaptation de Albert Simonin d'après son roman Grisbi or not grisbi dialogues de Michel Audiard une réalisation Gaumont International producteur délégué, Alain Poiré French PN1997 .T6187 2008
Les tontons flingueurs / une réalisation de Gaumont International une co-production S.N.E. Gaumont, Corona Filmlproduktion, Ultra Films mise en scène de Georges Lautner French PN1997 .T6187 2004
Tony Cabral is the usual suspect English GV1549 .T665 2009
Tony Clark's in & out rope escape / Tony Clark directed and edited by Austin Brooks English GV1547 .T667 2003
Tony Palmer's film about Stravinsky, Once, at a border English ML410.S932 P35 2008
Tony Rice : the video collection English M1630.18.R514 T65 2001
Too close : The stand-up magic of Michael Close / Michael Close English GV1559 .T55 1998
Too close to heaven : the story of gospel music / a presentation of Films for the Humanities & Sciences an IBT/CTVC production for Channel 4 in association with Jerusalem Productions producer, Leo St. Clair director, Alan Lewens English ML3187 .T66x 2003
Tootsie / Columbia Pictures presents a Sydney Pollack film a Mirage/Punch Productions produced by Sydney Pollack and Dick Richards story by Don McGuire and Larry Gelbart screenplay by Larry Gelbart and Murray Schisgal directed by Sydney English PN1997 .T62 2008
Top dogs / d'Urs Widmer texte française et mise en scène, Daniel Benoin réalisation, Philippe Miquel production, Comédie de Saint-Etienne (Centre dramatique national) créée et filmée au Théâtre Jean Dasté en 2001 French PN1997.2 .T558 2002
Top girls / by Caryl Churchill [presented by] BBC Television and the Royal Court Theatre BBC The Open University English PR6053.H786 Z86 1996
Topaze : de Marcel Pagnol / directed by Louis Gasnier French PN1997 .T627x 1989
Topaze / La Compagnie Méditerranéenne de Films présente scénario original, dialogue et réalisation, Marcel Pagnol [une production Les Films Marcel Pagnol] French PN1997 .T627x 2006
Topèng dance theater of Bali / New York State Education Department and the Performing Arts Program of the Asia Society produced by Gail Anderson directed by Edward Devany English GV1703.I532 T66x 1970z
The topik vanisher with Patrick Page / producer, director, Vic Pinto. English GV1556 .T67x 2001
Topit techniques English GV1556 .T66 2001
Topit workshop : 4 1/2 hours of training with the master / Bob Fitch English GV1547 .T67 2005
Topografia de um desnudo / Tao Produções roteiro, Ariane Porto um filme de Teresa Aguiar Portuguese PN1997 .T78 2011
The Topological constraints on analysis / Raoul H. Bott introduced by Andrew M. Gleason English QA612 .T66x 1989
Topsy-turvy / USA Films Thin Man Films, The Greenlight Fund, Newmarket Capital Group present a Simon Channing-Williams production a film by Mike Leigh English PN1995.9.M86 T6 2005
Toréadors / de Jean-Marie Piemme mise en scène de Philippe Sireuil réalisation, Vitold Grand'Henry créée et filmée au Théâtre Le Public à Bruxelles en 1999 French PN1997.2 .T559 2003
Torn / presented by Paul Harris English GV1547 .T675 2008
Torn too English GV1547 .T68 2008
Toroia no onna / Euripidesu gensaku Matsudaira Chiaki yaku Ooka Makoto junshoku Suzuki Tadashi enshutsu Japanese PN1997 .T629 2004
Torremolinos 73 / Telespan Producciones, Estudios Picasso, Nimbus Film, Mama Films dirigida por Pablo Berger producida por Tomas Cimadevilla. Spanish PN1997.2 .T56x 2003
Tortilla Flat / a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer picture produced by Sam Zimbalist directed by Victor Fleming screenplay by John Lee Mahin and Benjamin Glazer. English PN1997 .T63x 1992
Torture : we have ways of making you talk English HV8593 .T667x 2005
The torture never stops / [edited, performed & music composed & conducted by Frank Zappa] English M1630.18.Z36 .T67 2007
Tosca : opera lirica in tre atti / [libretto] di G. Giacosa [e] L. Illica dal dramma di Vittoriano Sardou musica di Giacomo Puccini. A tu per tu : con Magda Olivero, artista e donna oggi / a cura di Valeria Pedemonte e Gianni Scotti Italian M1500.P97 T73x 2004
Tosca / [music] by Giacomo Puccini libretto by G. Giacosa and L. Illica a National Video Corporation production in association with Radiotelevisione Italiana produced by Sylvano Bussotti directed for television by Brian Large Italian M1500.P82 T6x 1984
Tosca / Giacomo Puccini Italian M1500.P82 T6x 2006
Toscanini, the maestro : the man behind the legend. Hymn of the nations / Verdi / a co-production of Peter Rosen Productions, Inc. and the Center for Non-Broadcast Television in association with Bravo directed by Peter Rosen English ML422.T67 T6x 1985
Tosi ch`onyo sijip wayo : Choson yonghwa = Urban girl comes to get married / P`yongyang Yon'guk Yonghwa Taehak, Ch`ongsonyon Yonghwa Ch`angjaktan Korean PN1997.2 .T57 1994
Tossed out deck English GV1549 .T67 2010
Total recall / a Carolco/Ronald Shusett production screenplay, Ronald Shusett and Dan O'Bannon and Gary Goldman screen story by Ronald Shusett and Dan O'Bannon and Jon Povill produced by Buzz Feistshans and Ronald Shusett directed by Paul
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English check availability
Die tote Stadt = La ville morte : opéra en trois actes / musique de Erich Wolfgang Korngold livret de Paul Schott après le roman de Georges Rodenbach, Bruges-la-Morte German M1500.K67 T685x 2001
Toto le heros / un film de Jaco van Dormael scénario, Jaco van Dormael coproducteurs, Philippe Dussart, Luciano Gloor une coproduction Iblis Films (Belgique) ... [et al.]. French PN1997 .T633x 2005
Los totos / dirección, Marcelo Céspedes Spanish HV4070.B84 T88x 1983
A touch away / created by Zafrir Kochanovsky, Ronit Weis- Berkowitz, Ron Ninio directed by Ron Ninio produced by Zafrir Kochanovsky and Miri Ezra, TTV Productions Hebrew check josiah
Touch cinema / Electronic Arts Intermix Valie Export. German PN1995.9.E96 T68x 2003
Touch of evil / Universal International screenplay by Orson Welles produced by Albert Zugsmith directed by Orson Welles English PN1997 .T634x 2000
A touch of genius : the life and times of Nicolas Slonimsky : the first 100 years / produced, written and directed by John Huszar. English ML423.S57 T68x 1994
Touche pas à la femme blanche = Don't touch the white woman / P.E.A, Les Films 66, Laser Productions Jean Yanne et Jean-Pierre Rassan pésentent un film de Marco Ferreri scénario, adaptation et dialogues de Marco Ferreri et Rafael Azcona French PN1997 .T63537 1999
Touchez pas au grisbi = Hands off the loot / Janus Films Rialto Pictures StudioCanal Les Films Corona presents a co-production Del Duca Films/Antares produced by Robert Dorfmann adaptation, Jacques Becker, Albert Simonin, Maurice Griffe French PN1997 .T6354x 2005
Touching soap films / produced at SFB 256 at the University of Bonn, SFB 288 at the Technical University of Berlin directed by Konrad Polthier. English QA644 .T68x 1999
Tough guise : violence, media, and the crisis in masculinity / executive producer [and] director, Sut Jhally produced by Susan Ericsson, Sanjay Talreja written by Jackson Katz, Jeremy Earp English BF692.5 .T68x 2002
Toulouse-Lautrec / edited and presented by Melvyn Bragg produced and directed by Hilary Chadwick English ND553.T7 T68 1988
A tour of Arion Press in 1999 on C-SPAN2 Book TV / C-SPAN2. English TO9335a
A tour of the cryosphere : the earth's frozen assets / National Aeronautics and Space Administration English GB2401.72 .U55 2005
A tour of the H. Adrian Smith Library : Yankee Gathering XI English Z6878.C7 T68 2006
A Tour of the White House with Mrs. John F. Kennedy : 1962 televised tour / created and produced by CBS News proudly presented by Marshall Fields, the Field Museum English F204.W5 T68 2004
Le tourbillon = The Tornado Arabic PN1997 .T6357x 1994
The tourist / produced by Gary Barber ... [et al.] screenplay by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, Christopher McQuarrie, Julian Fellowes directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck
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English check availability
Touristes? Oh yes! / Mocky Delicious Products and Artistic Images written by Jean-Pierre Mocky and Alain Moury directed by Jean-Pierre Mocky French PN1997 .T6355 2007
Tournée French PN1997 .T6354 2010
La tourneuse de pages / [directed by Denis Dercourt] French PN1997 .T63576 2007
Tous au Larzac / Elzévir films présente un film de Christian Rouaud en coproduction avec Arte France cinéma produit par Sandrine Brauer, Marie Masmonteil et Denis Carot French HD649.C38 T68 2012
Tous les matins du monde / un film d'Alain Corneau scénario Alain Corneau et Pascal Quignard, d'après le roman de Pascal Quignard dialogues Pascal Quignard. French PN1997 .T6358x 1999
Tous les soleils / [avec] Stefano Accorsi ... [et al.] produit par Yves Marmion un film de Philippe Claudel French PN1997.2 .T878 2011
Tout Buffo / scénario et mise en scène, Howard Butten réalisateur, Patrick Czaplinski producteur, Émile Sabord coréalisation, Théâtre du Rond-Point French GV1811.B88 T68 2005
Tout ce que tu possedes = All that you possess / Les Films Séville présente une production ACPAV scénario, Bernard Émond réalisation, Bernard Émond production, Bernadette Payeur French PN1997 .T63584 2013
Tout est parfait = Everything is fine / un film de Yves Christian Fournier une production Go Films French PN1997 .T63585 2007
Tout le monde il est beau, tout le monde il est gentil / un film de Jean Yanne scénario, adaptation et dialogues, Jean Yanne et Gérard Sire une production Ciné Qua Non, Jean Yanne et Jean-Pierre Rassam French PN1997 .T63586 2006
Tout va bien = Everything's all right / un film réalisé par Jean Luc Godard, Jean-Pierre Gorin Anouchka Films, Vicco Films, Empire Films French PN1997 .T63587 2005
Toutes nos envies / Fin Août présente une coproduction Mars films, Frence 3 cinéma, Rhône-Alpes cinéma, Mac Guff Ligne, Nord-Ouest films French PN1997.2 .T69 2012
Towelhead / Warner Independent Pictures presents in association with Indian Paintbrush written for the screen and directed by Alan Ball producer[s], Ted Hope, Alan Ball [a] This is That production in association with Your Face Goes Here Ente English PN1997 .T6418 2008
Tower heist / a Universal release presented with Imagine Entertainment in association with Relativity Media of a Brian Grazer production produced by Brian Grazer, Eddie Murphy, Kim Roth directed by Brett Ratner screenplay, Ted Griffin, Jeff Nath
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English check availability
Tower heist / a Universal release presented with Imagine Entertainment in association with Relativity Media of a Brian Grazer production produced by Brian Grazer, Eddie Murphy, Kim Roth directed by Brett Ratner screenplay, Ted Griffin, Jeff Nath
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English check availability
The town / produced by Basil Iwanyk, Graham King screenplay by Peter Craig, Ben Affleck, Aaron Stockard directed by Ben Affleck
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English check availability
Toy story : the ultimate toy box / Walt Disney Pictures presents a Pixar production directed by John Lasseter screenplay by Andrew Stanton ... [et al.]
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English check availability
Toy story / Walt Disney Pictures Pixar Animation Studios produced by Ralph Guggenheim, Bonnie Arnold directed by John Lasseter story by John Lasseter ... [et al.] screenplay by Joss Whedon ... [et al.]
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English check availability
Toy story 2 / Walt Disney Pictures Pixar Animation Studios produced by Karen Robert Jackson, Helene Plotkin directed by John Lasseter story by John Lasseter ... [et al.] screenplay by Andrew Stanton ... [et al.]
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English check availability
Toy story 3 / Walt Disney Pictures presents a Pixar Animation Studios film produced by Darla K. Anderson story by John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton and Lee Unkrich screenplay by Michael Arndt directed by Lee Unkrich
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English check availability
TR / a David Grubin Productions, Inc. film for the American Experience WGBH Educational Foundation written by David Grubin & Geoffrey C. Ward produced by David Grubin English E757 .T75 1996
TR and his times / produced by Janet Roach writers, Bill Moyers, Janet Roach created and developed by the Corporation for Entertainment and Learning, Inc. and Bill Moyers English E757 .T73x 1988
Los trabajadores : hora de cambiar / Nexos, Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes director, Rolando Cordera coordinador, Adolfo Sánchez Rebolledo producción y realización, Marcela Gutierrez [participantes, Porfirio Camarena ... et al.]. Spanish HD8116.5 .T73x 1993
Los trabajadores = The workers / produced, directed and edited by Heather Courtney English HD8081.H7 T73 2005
Traces of the trade : a story from the Deep North / A documentary directed, produced and written by Katrina Browne with co-directors: Alla Kovgan and Jude Ray and co-producers: Elizabeth Delude-Dix and Juanita Brown English HT985 .T73 2008
Traces to nowhere : the conductor Carlos Kleiber / a production of ServusTV produced by Centauri-Film a film by Eric Schulz produced by Thomas Niemann German ML422.K54 T73 2011
Tracey Emin English N6797.E86 T73x 2003
Tracking the footprints of the postsecondary learner : technology and its data systems ramifications English LB1028.3 .T72 1998
Tracks / First Look Pictures English PN1997 .T643 2007
Tracy & Hepburn : the signature collection / director, George Stevens English PN1997 .T6435 2004
Trade / Roadside Attractions a Centropolis Entertainment production and a VIP Medienfonds 4 production a Marco Kreuzpaintner film produced by Roland Emmerich and Rosilyn Heller story by Peter Landesman and Jose Rivera screenplay by Jose Rive English PN1997 . T6437 2008
Trade issues : the North American partnership. Part 1 / produced by Larry Shapiro in association with WCFE/Plattsburgh and the PBS Border Consortium English F1034.2 .C32x 1992
Trade issues : the North American partnership. Part 2 / produced by Larry Shapiro in association with WCFE/Plattsburgh and the PBS Border Consortium English F1034.2 .C32x 1992
Tradesmen and treasures : Gothic and Renaissance Nuremberg / produced by Bayerischer Rundfunk and The Metropolitan Museum of Art English DD901.N9 T72x 1986
Trading in Africans : the Dutch outposts in West Africa / a film by Jan Dorresteijn a co-production of Veronica Broadcasting Co. and Fuga Film Production B.V English DT476 .T72x 1990
Trading places / Paramount Pictures presents an Aaron Russo production a Landis/Folsey film produced by Aaron Russo written by Timothy Harris and Herschel Weingrod directed by John Landis English PN1997 .T6438 2007
Tradition bearers / Michael Loukinen, producer/director English F575.F5 T73x 1983
The tradition of performing arts in Japan : the artistry of Kabuki, Noh and Bunraku / produced by Shin-el inc. written and directed by Hajime Funatsu English PN2924 .T73x 1989
The tradition of performing arts in Japan : the heart of Kabuki, Noh and Bunraku / supervised by Nippon Steel Corporation planned by Nippon Steel Human Resources Development Co., Ltd produced by Shin-Ei, Inc. written and directed by Hajime Funatsu English PN2921 .T734 2005
Traditional dances of Ghana : instructional DVD / with Nana Yaw Koranteng and Aziza Music and Dance Ensemble English M1838.G42 T732 2002
Traditional music of native northwest California : brush dance, feather dance and gambling songs English ML3557 .T72x 1978
Traffic / USA Films presentation in association with Initial Entertainment Group a Bedford Falls/Laura Bickford Production produced by Edward Zwick, Marshall Herskovitz, Laura Bickford screenplay by Stephen Gaghan directed by Steven Soderb English PN1997 .T6543 2002
Traffic in souls / Universal Films English PN1997 .T693x 1994
Traffic jam / Waterbearer Films presents a Suntory/Mitsobishi Shoji/New Century Producers production directed by Mitsuo Kurotsuchi screenplay by Mitsuo Kurotsuchi, Mineyo Sato Japanese PN1997 .T6557x 1995
Trafic / a Robert Dorfmann production with Les Films Corona, Les Films Gibé, Selenia Cinematografica screenplay by Jacques Tati, Jacques Lagrange, and Bert Haanstra produced by Robert Dorfmann directed by Jacques Tati French PN1997 .T6559x 2008
The Tragada Bhavai : a rural theatre troupe of Gujerat / film-makers, Roger Sandall, Jayasinhji Jhala English PN2885.G8 T73x 1990
La tragedia de Macario / Cineveliz presents a Pablo Veliz film produced by Pablo Veliz and Jeff Horny written and directed by Pablo Veliz Spanish PN1997 .T65597 2006
The Tragedy of Coriolanus / produced by Shaun Sutton directed by Elijah Moshinsky English PN1997 .T66x 1988
The tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice / Castle Hill Productions, Chicago Cinema Entertainment Ltd. and Intermission Productions Ltd. in association with Beatrice Welles presents a motion picture adaptation of the play by William Shakespeare a Mercu English PN1997 .O84 1999
The Tragedy of Richard III / produced by Shaun Sutton directed by Jane Howell English PN1997 .R54x 1988
La trahison / Richard Djoudi présente une coproduction franco-belge Kinok Films-DIBA Films, Créations du Dragon écrit par Philippe Faucon, Claude Sales et Soraya Nini produit par Richard Djoudi réalisé par Philippe Faucon Arabic PN1997 .T6935 2007
Traigo la sangre caliente / [directed by Gilberto Gazcón] Spanish PN1997 .T694x 1988
The trail of tears : Cherokee legacy / Rich-Heape Films English E99.C5 T833 2006
A trail on the water : Abbado, Nono, Pollini / directed by Bettina Ehrhardt Italian ML422.A22 T73x 2006
Train project (unfinished) / by Reza Abdoh camera, Adam Soch English PS3551.B2685 Z87 1996
Training day / Warner Bros. Pictures presents in association with Village Roadshow Pictures and NPV Entertainment an Outlaw Productions producers, Jeffrey Silver, Bobby Newmyer writer, David Ayer director, Antoine Fuqua English PN1997.2 .T73x 2002
Trainspotting / Miramax Films Channel Four Films a Figment Film in association with the Noel Gay Motion Picture Company producer, Andrew MacDonald director, Danny Boyle screenplay by John Hodge English PN1997 .T6568x 2004
Trampa mortal / [directed by Jorge Alberto Cano, Jr.] Spanish PN1997 .T663x 1992
Los tramposos / dirigida por Pedro Lazaga Spanish PN1997 .T664x 2003
Trance and dance in Bali / produced by Gregory Bateson and Margaret Mead with the assistance from the Committee for Research in Dementia Praecox written and narrated by Margaret Mead English BL2120.B2 T736x 2005
Trane tracks : the legacy of John Coltrane English ML419.C645 T83 2005
Tranquility / a Ron Roy Productions produced and directed by Ron Roy English ML3855 .T63 1986
Trans-Atlantic tunnel / GB Pictures directed by Maurice Elvey English PN1997 .T665x 1986
La transamazonienne / Films de la Saga ... [et al.] présentent un film de Bernard Giraudeau avec la participation de France 3 textes, Bernard Giraudeau une coproduction Films de la Saga ... [et al.] French F2546 .T73 2005
Transcontinental railroad / written and produced by Mark Zwonitzer directed by Mark Zwonitzer and Michael Chin. English HE2751 .T73 2006
Transformation of myth through time : the wisdom of the East / produced by William Free directed by Roy A. Cox edited by Richard Sydel, Brad Sanders a production of William Free Productions and Mythology Ltd. in association woth Holoform Researc English BL311 .T73x 1989
Transformations of myth through time : the soul of the ancients / produced by William Free edited by Richard Sydel and Brad Sanders directed by Roy A. Cox a production of William Free Productions and Mythology Ltd. in association with Holoform R English BL311 .T72x 1989
Transformers : revenge of the Fallen / produced by Ian Bryce ... [et al.] written by Ehren Kruger, Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman directed by Michael Bay
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English check availability
Transformers / directed by Michael Bay written by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci English PN1997.2.T736 T736 2007
Transformers / DreamWorks Pictures and Paramount Pictures present in association with Hasbro directed by Michael Bay screenplay by Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman story by John Rogers and Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman produced by Tom Desanto and D
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La transición española / Televisión Española dirección, realización, Elías Andrés producción ejecutiva, Alejandro Cabrero Spanish PN1997 .T668x 1993
La transición española / Televisión española presenta una producción de RTVE dirección y realización, Elías Andrés subdirección, guión y locución, Victoria Prego producción, Itziar Aldasoro Spanish DP270 .T78 2009
Transit / The Walk of Fame Entertainment en collaboration avec FBF Productions présente un film de Christian de la Cortina scénario, Frank Baylis, Hervé Desbois, Christian de la Cortina French PN1997.2 .T737 2009
The Transition to chaos : the orbit diagram and the Mandelbrot Set / with Robert L. Devaney produced and directed by Gary Welz English QA372 .T72x 1990
Transnational fiesta, 1992 / produced by Wilton Martinez, Paul H. Gelles directed by Wilton Martinez. English E184.P47 T73x 1992
Transonic flow and mixed equations / Cathleen S. Morawetz introduced by M. Salah Baouendi English TL571 .T685x 1989
Transplant tourism / directed by David Paperny. English QP89 .T73x 2003
The transplant trade : who's stitching up who? / producer, Brian Woods directors, Brian Woods & Michael Simkin English RD120.7 .T663 2004
The trap / Film Movement and Bavaria Film International present a film by Srdan Golubovic producers, Jelena Mitrovic ... [] Serbian PN1997 .T6945x 2008
Der traum vom baumhaus : das Ökohausprojekt von Frei Otto in Berlin = Dreaming of a treehouse : Frei Otto's ecological housing project in Berlin / x!mage presents a documentary by Beate Lendt production, Gerald Lindner & Beate Lendt directing, camera, German TH880 .T73 2011
La traversée / Lancelot Films présente un film de Sébastien Lifshitz producteur délégué, Christian Tison productrice exécutif (USA), Anne Feinsilber distribution France, Ad vitam ventes internationales, Films distribution French PN1997 .P73945 2010
La traversée de l'Atlantique à la rame : et autres courts-métrages / Jean-François Laguionie French PN1997 .T6688 2008
La traversée de Paris / un film de Claude Autant-Lara French PN1997 .T6947x 1990z
La traversée de Paris / une réalisation Franco London film un film de Claude Autant-Lara adaptation et dialogue de Jean Aurenche et Pierre Bost French PN1997 .T669 2001
Traverser / réalisé par Hugo Frassetto école, La Poudrière, France French PN1997.2 .C536 2009
La traviata : melodramma in tre atti / musica di Giuseppe Verdi libretto di Francesco Maria Piave una produzione RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana RAITRADE e Fondazione Teatro la Fenice Italian M1500.V4 T73x 2005
La Traviata / Giuseppe Verdi Italian M1500.V4 T725x 2006
La traviata / Giuseppe Verdi libretto by Francesco Maria Piave directed by Willy Decker video director, Brian Large a co-production of ORF ... [et al.] Italian M1500.V47 T73 2006
La travíata / Giuseppe Verdi libretto by Francesco Maria Piave New production and staging by Fondazione Arturo Toscanini directed by Franco Zeffirelli Italian M1500.V4 T7x 2002
La traviata / music, Giuseppe Verdi libretto, Francesco Maria Piave Accent Films Universal Pictures through Producers Sales Organization produced by Tarak Ben Ammar written, designed and directed by Franco Zeffirelli. Italian M1500.V4 T7x 1991b
La traviata / music, Giuseppe Verdi libretto, Francesco Maria Piave an Accent Films B.V. production in association with RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana produced by Tarak Ben Ammar written, designed and directed by Franco Zeffirelli Italian M1500.V4 T7x 1999
La traviata / Verdi Italian M1500.V4 T7x 1995c
Travolti da un insolito destino nell'azzurro mare d'agosto = Swept away / Medusa Produzione produced by Romano Cardarelli written and directed by Lina Wertmüller Italian PN1997 .T6694 2006
Tre Fratelli = Three brothers / un film di Francesco Rosi soggetto e sceneggiature, Tonino Guerra, Francesco Rosi prodotto da Giorgio Nocella e Antonio Macri per la Iter Film S.p.A diretto da Francesco Rosi Italian PN1997 .T676x 2001
Tre uomini e una gamba / [directed by] Aldo Baglio Italian PN1997 .T6763x 1990z
Treasure of the Amazon / produced and directed by René Cardona, Jr. story by René Cardona, Jr. Island of lost souls = Isla de los hombres solos / CONACINE and Filmica Real, S.A. Blair & Associates Ltd. directed by René Cardona English PN1997 .T6764x 2007
The treasure of the Sierra Madre / Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc. production, Henry Blanke direction/screenplay, John Huston English PN1997 .T675x 2000
Treasures : original magic from Germany / Alexander de Cova English GV1547 .T72 1999
Treasures 5. The west, 1898-1938 : 40 films / produced by the National Film Preservation Foundation curated by Scott Simmon English PN1997 .T69472 2011
Treasures from American film archives : 50 preserved films / produced by the National Film Preservation Foundation curated by Scott Simmon music curated by Martin Marks English PN1997 .T67643 2005
Treasures III : social issues in American film, 1900-1934 English PN1997 .T67645 2007
Treasures IV : American avant garde film, 1947-1986 English PN1997 .T67642 2005
Trece campanadas / una producción de Continental ... [et al.] guión de Curro Royo, Juan Vicente Pozuelo, Xavier Villaverde producida por Pancho Casal ... [et al.] dirigida por Xavier F. Villaverde Spanish PN1997 .T437x 2003
Trece entre mil / Leize Producciones guión Alfonso Galletero [y] Iñaki Arteta dirección Iñaki Arteta Spanish HV6433.S7 T74 2005
The tree of iron / directed by Peter O'Neill & Frank Muhly, Jr. Foundation for African Prehistory & Archaeology. English DT443.3.H39 T74x 1988
Treemonisha : an opera in three acts / music and text by Scott Joplin directed by Sid Smith English M1500 .T78x 1982
Trees cry for rain : a Sephardic journey / producer, Bonnie Burt English DS135.T83 B67 1989
Treize couleurs du soleil couchant Bois flotté Winter fragments / Tristan Murail, composer Hervé Bailly-Basin, video artist Ensemble Les Temps Modernes, [conductor], Fabrice Pierre [executive production, Yann Ollivier & Nathalie Caloni]. French M3.1.M865 T75x 2002
Trekking on tradition / produced, written and directed by Jennifer Rodes produced at the Center for Visual Anthropology English G155.N35 T745 2007
Trembling before G-d = Le-fanekha bi-re`adah / [presented by] Simcha Leib Productions and Turbulent Arts in association with Keshet Broadcasting, Ltd. (Israel) in co-production with Pretty Pictures (Paris) and Cinephil, Ltd. (Tel Aviv) produced by S English HQ75.15 .T74x 2003
Treme. The complete first season / produced by Anthony Hemingway created by David Simon & Eric Overmyer Blown Deadline Productions a presentation of Home Box Office English PN1997 .T69473 2011
Tremors / Universal produced by Brent Maddock and S.S. Wilson directed by Ron Underwood screenplay by S.S. Wilson & Brent Maddock English PN1997 .T69474 1998
Tremors 3 : back to Perfection / Universal Home Entertainment Productions presents a Stampede Entertainment production producer, Nancy Roberts screenplay writer, John Whelpley director, Brent Maddock English PN1997 .T69476 2001
Tremors 4 : the legend begins / Universal Home Entertainment Productions presents a Stampede Entertainment production produced by Nancy Roberts story by S.S. Wilson & Brent Maddock & Nancy Roberts screenplay by Scott Buck directed by S.S. Wils English PN1997 .T69477 2005
Tremors II : aftershocks / MCA Home Entertainment presents a Stampede Entertainment Production produced by Nancy Roberts and Christopher deFaria directed by S.S. Wilson written by Brent Maddock and S.S. Wilson English PN1997 .T69475 1998
El tren blanco / Terraplen Producciones Cinefectivo en coproducción con Aquelarre Servicios Cinematográficos guión y dirreción, Nahuel Gracía, Sheila Perez Giménez, Ramiro García Spanish HD9975.A72 T74x 2003
Tres amigos al rescate / produced by the United States Environmental Protection Agency Region 6 director/editor, Bob Mason scriptwriter/producer, Steven Hensley Spanish EP 1.104:F 91/SPAN./DVD
Los tres Garcia / Producciones Rodriguez Hnos Spanish PN1997 .T6765x 2001
Tres hombres malos / Producciónes Raul De Anda argumento original y dirección, Fernando Mendez adaptatión cinematográfica de Fernando Mendez en colaboración con Raul De Anda Spanish PN1997 .T73x 2004
Los tres huastecos / Rodriguez Hnos Spanish PN1997 .T74x 2001
As três Marias = the three Marias / Empire Pictures apresenta una produção Iama Filmes, co-produção Teodora Film, um film de Alvizio Abranches produção, Eva Mariani, Alvizio Abranches roteiro, Heitor Dhalia, Wilson Freire director, Alvizio Abranche Portuguese PN1997 .T75x 2002
Las tres perfectas casadas / producida por Orofilms dirigida por Benito Alazraki Spanish PN1997 .T756x 2003
Tres tristes tigres / guión, Edgardo Gazcón, Pancho Cordóva director, Gilberto Gazcón Spanish PN1997 .T758x 2006
Trésor / Claude Berri et Nathalie Rheims présente un film de Claude Berri réalisé par Claude Berri et François Dupeyron scénario, Claude Berri adaptation et dialogues, Claude Berri et Eric Assous producteur exécutif, Nicole Firn une coprod French PN1997.2 .T747 2010
Le trésor de Rackham le Rouge / d'après les albums Les aventures de Tintin de Hergé [copyright symbol] Hergé/Moulinsart 2006 conception graphique, Moulinsart une production Ellipse Programme-Nelvana Limited [copyright symbol] Ellipse Progra French PN1997 .T6948 2006
Les trésors cachés de Michel Ocelot French PN1997.2 .T748 2008
Tri orísky pro Popelku / vyrobeno v koprodukci Filmovým studiem Barrandov a DEFA studiem hraných filmu Potsdam-Babelsberg Ústrední pujcovna filmu [distribuce] rezie, Václav Vorlícek Czech PN1997 .T75865 2002
The trial / Alexander Salkind presents witer, director Orson Welles a co-production with Paris-Europa Productions, Hisa Films, FI. C. IT., Globus Dubrava English PN1997 .T7585x 2001
A trial in East Kalimantan : the Benoaq Dayak resistance / [presented by] the East Kalimantan Human Rights Committee in collaboration with Documentary Educational Resources Indonesian DS646.3 .T65 2005
The trial of Socrates / directed by Bernard Wilets. English B316 .T75x 1982
Triangle / produced by Julie Baines, Chris Brown, Jason Newmark written and directed by Christopher Smith English PN1997.2 .T75364 2010
The tribal resistance / [presented by] Films Division Saibal Mitra, direction Mriganka S. Roy, commentary script and direction, Raja Mitra. Hindi DS463 .J336x 1985
La tribu européenne / un film de Nurith Aviv et Marc Abélès Le Parlement europeen French PN1997 .T6784x 1990z
Les tribulations d'un chinois en Chine / un film de Philippe de Broca d'après l'oeuvre de Jules Verne scénario et dialogues de Daniel Boulanger produit par Alexandre Mnouchkine et George Dancigers un[e] coproduction franco-italienne, Les Films Ari French PN1997 .T75856 2013
Les tricheurs / Les Films Corona présentent une co-production Franco-Italienne Silver Films Cinetel Zebra Film un film de Marcel Carné produit par Robert Dorfmann French PN1997 .T75857 2003
Tricks : the magic of David Regal English GV1549 .T74 2001
Tricks : the magic of David Regal English GV1549 .T74 2001b
Tricks with money / [presented by] L & L Publishing English check josiah
Tricksandflourishesandeverythingelse : the trilogy / Dan & Dave produced and directed, Dan and Dave English GV1547 .T73 2007
The Trik-a-Tape Company presents Patrick Page's London stage lecture / producer and director, Vic Pinto executive producer, Lionel Russell. English GV1559 .P345x 2000
Trileros / una pelicula de Antonio Del Real Spanish PN1997.2 .T755 2003
Trilogía : To livadi pou dakryzei = Trilogy : the weeping meadow / New Yorker Films Hellenic Radio & Television Arte France Cinéma Istituto Luce Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen producer, Phoebe Economopoulos screenplay, Theo Angelopoulos ... [ Greek, Modern PN1997 .W42487 2006
La trilogie : Marius, Fanny, César / scénarios de Marcel Pagnol réalisations, Alexander Korda, Marc Allégret, Marcel Pagnol [une production Les Films Marcel Pagnol]. French PN1997 .T678x 2003
La Trilogie de l'Île-aux-Coudres = The Île-aux-Coudres trilogy / Office national du film du Canada French F1054.I3 T75 2007
La trilogie urbaine / de Malik Chibane French PN1997 .T75859 2007
Trimpin : the sound of invention / a Participant Observer film a film by Peter Esmonde produced and directed by Peter Esmonde English ML424 .T75 2011
Trincheras ciudadanas : sociedad civil contra la violencia / un proyecto de el Centro de Mediación y Resolución de Conflictos y Shine a Light. Trabajando con palabras / La Luciérnaga Spanish HN310.M4 T75 2007
Trinidad & Tobago Carnival : parade of the bands 2007 English GT4229.T7 T736 2007
Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2007 / a Truevision production English GT4229.T7 T735 2007
Le triomphe de l'amour / de Marivaux Le COPAT présente mise en scène Jean-Paul Tribout réalisation Philippe Miquel French PN1997 .T7586x 2006
Triple agent / Rezo Productions, C.E.R. France 2 Cinéma, Bim Distribuzione, Alta Produccion, Tornasol Films, Strada Productions, Mentor Cinema Company Françoise Etchegaray, Jean-Michel Rey, Philippe Liegeois présentent un film produit par Rezo Pro French PN1997 .T75866 2006
Les Triplettes de Belleville / présentent Les Armateurs une coproduction Les Armateurs (Carrere group), Production Champion, Vivi Film, France 3 Cinéma, RGP France produit avec la participation de Canal+, Sofica Gimages 3 et Cofimage 12, de Téléfilm Canad French PN1997 .T6785x 2003
Trisha Brown : early works 1966-1979 English GV1785.B76 T76 2004
Tristan and Isolde : in 3 acts / by Richard Wagner director, Brian Large producer, Michael Peter stage director, Peter Konwitschny a Bayerischer Rundfunks production in association with RM Associates German M1500.W13 T76x 2001
Tristan et Isolde : drame lyrique en 3 actes / de Richard Wagner un film de Pierre Jourdan mise en scène théâtrale, Nikolaus Lehnhoff réalisation, Pierre Jourdan German M1500.W13 T75 2002
Tristan und Isolde : action musicale en trois actes / poème et musique de Richard Wagner mise en scène et lumières, Olivier Ply producteur exécutif, Xavier Dubois produit par François Duplat réalisation, Andy Sommer une coproduction Bel Air German M1500.W13 T7x 2006
Tristan und Isolde : azione in tre atti / una produzione RAI tre musica e libretto di Richard Wagner German M1500.W13 T7x 2008
Tristan und Isolde : opera in three acts / music and libretto by Richard Wagner stage director, Nikolaus Lehnhoff TV director, Thomas Grimm a Glyndebourne, NHK, Opus Arte co-production German M1500.W13 T763x 2007
Tristan und Isolde / Richard Wagner a Unitel production musical director, Daniel Barenboim set design, costumes, staging and direction, Jean-Pierre Ponnelle German M1500.W13 T7x 1991
Tristan und Isolde / Richard Wagner from the Bayreuth Festspielhaus German M1500.W13 T7x 2008b
Tristan und Isolde / Richard Wagner musical director, Daniel Barenboim set design, costumes, staging and direction, Jean-Pierre Ponnelle German M1500.W13 T76x 2007
Tristan und Isolde / Richard Wagner, [composer] television director, Michael Beyer a United Motion production on behalf of BF Medien GmbH, produced in association with Opus Arte German M1500.W13 T7x 2010
Tristan und Isolde / the Metropolitan Opera presents by Richard Wagner German M1500.W13 T75 2004
Tristana / Janus Films directed by Luis Buñuel Spanish PN1997 .T682 1996
Tristana / una película de Luis Buñel guión de Luis Buñuel con la colaboración de Julio Alejandro dirección de Luis Buñuel Spanish PN1997 .T7588 2013
Tristana / Valoria-Films présente une production Robert Dorfmann un film de Luis Bunuel scénario de Luis Bunuel en collaboration avec Julio Alejandro une coproduction Franco-Italo-Espagnole réalisée par Epoca Films S.A., Talia Film S.A., Selen French PN1997 .T682 2005
Il trittico / Puccini the Metropolitan Opera presents production, Fabrizio Melano [a Metropolitan Opera Television production] directed by Kirk Browning producer, Clemente D'Alessio Italian M1500.P82 T75x 2010
Triumph des Willens = Triumph of the will / gestaltet von/[directed by] Leni Riefenstahl German PN1997 .T6984x 2001
The triumph of evil / produced by Mike Robinson, Ben Loeterman reporter, Steve Bradshaw written by Steve Bradshaw, Ben Loeterman. English DT450.435 .T755x 1999
Triumph of the will n/a DD253.25 T75x 1937
Trobriand cricket : an ingenious response to colonialism / film-maker, Gary Kildea director, Jerry W. Leach produced by Office of Information, Government of Papua New Guinea English GV928.P37 T67x 1990z
Troe iz prostokvashino i drugie istorii = Three from Sour Cream Village & other stories / Soiuzmultfilm Russian PN1997.2 .T756 2005
Troilus & Cressida / a BBC Television production in association with Time-Life Television a production by Jonathan Miller English PN1997 .T686x 1988
Trois chambres à Manhattan / un film de Marcel Carné, 1965 Gaumont présente d'après le roman de Georges Simenon adaptation de Marcel Carné et Jacques Sigurd dialogues de Jacques Sigurd une production Charles Lumbroso, Les Productions Montaig French PN1997 .T7588 2010
Trois couleurs : bleu, blanc, rouge / une trilogie de Krzysztof Kieslowski French PN1997 .T688x 2001
Les trois font la paire / une production C.L.M, S.N.E. Gaumont un film conçu, écrit et réalisé par Sacha Guitry French PN1997 .T75884 2005
Trois valses = Three waltzes / adaptation pour l'ecran, Leopold Machand et Hans Müller directeur de production, Pierre Danis réalisation, Ludwig Berger distribué par Vedis Films French M1505.S758 T76x 1995
Trois vies et une seule mort / un film de Raoul Ruiz [scénario, Pascal Bonitzer, Raoul Ruiz producteur, Paulo Branco]. French PN1997 .T759x 2001
The Trojans : opera in five acts / by Hector Berlioz libretto, Hector Berlioz, after Virgil's Aeneid a coproduction by Théâtre musical de Paris/Châtelet ... [et al.] French M1500.B49 T76x 2004
Trollflöjten = The magic flute / Janus Films [presented by] Carmen F. Zollo [écrit et réalisé par Ingmar Bergman] Sveriges Radio AB Swedish M1500.M93 Z3x 2000b
Tropa de elite / Petrobras apresenta Parmalat ... [et al.] apresentam uma co-produç ao, Universal, Estúdios Mega em associaç ao com, Quanta, Constantini Films uma produç ao, The Weinstein Company, Posto 9, Fei jao Filmes um filme de Zazen Pr Portuguese PN1997.2 .T76 2007
Tropa de elite = Elite squad / um film de Zazen Produções produção, José Padilha, Marcos Prado roteiro, José Padilha, Rodrigo Pimentel, Bráulio Mantovani direção, José Padilha Portuguese PN1997.2 .T76 2008
Tropic thunder / produced by Stuart Cornfeld, Eric McLeod, Ben Stiller story by Ben Stiller, Justin Theroux screenplay by Ben Stiller, Justin Theroux, Etan Cohen directed by Ben Stiller
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English check availability
Le trou / un film de Jacques Becker adapt. Jacques Becker, José Giovanni, Jean Aurel d'après le roman de José Giovanni dialogues Jacques Becker et José Giovanni. French PN1997 .T6924x 2000z
Le trou / un film de Jacques Becker adaptation de Jacques Becker, José Giovanni, Jean Aurel dialogues de Jacques Becker et José Giovanni une coproduction Playart, Filmsonor, Titanus producteur délégué, Serge Silberman French PN1997 .T7597 2001
Trouble behind / Cicada Films produced, edited and directed by Robby Henson English E185.61 .T76x 1990
Trouble every day / Claire Denis, réal., scénario Jean-Pol Fargeau, scénario. French PN1997.2 .T757 2001
Trouble every day / Georges Benayoun, Jean-Michel Rey, Philippe Liégeois présentent un film écrit par Jean-Pol Fargeau et Claire Denis une coproduction Messaoud/a Films, Rezo Productions, Arte France Cinéma, Dacia Films, Kinétique Inc. avec la p English PN1997 .T75867 2003
Trouble in Tahiti : an opera in seven scenes / an Amberson Video Production with London Weekend Television words and music by Leonard Bernstein produced by David Griffiths directed by Bill Hays English M1500.B55 T76x 1992
Trouble in Tahiti / music and lyrics by Leonard Bernstein English M1500.B55 T76x 2002
Trouble the water / Louverture Films presents an Elsewhere Films production Friday Films executive producers, Joslyn Barnes, Danny Glover, Todd Olson, David Alcaro co-producers, T. Woody Richman, Amir Bar-Lev directed and produced by Tia Les English HV636 2005.N4 T76 2008
Trouble with the curve / a Warner Bros. release and presentation of a Malpaso production. Produced by Clint Eastwood, Robert Lorenz, Michele Weisler screenplay by Randy Brown directed by Robert Lorenz
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English check availability
Troubled minds : the lithium revolution / Film Australia & Omar Khayam Films produced in association with SBS Independent writer/director, Dennis K. Smith producer, John Lewis English RC516 .T768 2005
Trouser trout English PN1995.9.S45 T76 1990z
The Trout / directed by Christopher Nupen edited by Peter Heelas a Christopher Nupen film English ML395 .T76x 1990
Il trovatore / [a BBC Television production in association with CBC Canada and Opus Arte music by Giuseppe Verdi libretto, Salvadore Cammarano television producer, Frances Whitaker] directed for television by Brian Large Italian M1500.V4.T8x 2002
Il trovatore / [a Metropolitan Opera Television production] music by Giuseppe Verdi production, Fabrizio Melano video director, Brian Large Italian M1500.V4 T83x 1991
Il trovatore / Verdi TV director Francois Roussillon TV producer Toni Hajal Italian M1500.V47 T76 2007
Troy / Warner Bros. presents a Radiant production in association with Plan B directed by Wolfgang Petersen screenplay by David Benioff produced by Wolfgang Petersen, Diana Rathbun, Colin Wilson English PA4025.A2 L35 2005
Troy Hooser's total destruction English GV1547 .T77 2002
True grit / produced by Ethan Coen, Joel Coen, Scott Rudin screenplay written and directed by Ethan Coen, Joel Coen
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English check availability
True lies / Twentieth Century Fox presents a Lightstorm Entertainment production screenplay by James Cameron produced by James Cameron, Stephanie Austin directed by James Cameron
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English check availability
The True Malcolm X speaks / [compiled by Debra D. Bass] English E815.97.L5 T78x 1993
The true meaning of pictures : Shelby Lee Adams' Appalachia / Mercury Films Inc. produced by Nick de Pencier and Jennifer Baichwal directed by Jennifer Baichwal English F217.A6 T78 2003
True stories English PN1997 .T695x 1987
Truhanes / una producción de P.E. Films dirigida por Miguel Hermosa Spanish PN1997 .T76x 2004
The Truman show / Paramount Pictures presents a Scott Rudin production produced by Scott Rudin, Andrew Niccol, Edwards S. Feldman, Adam Schroeder written by Andrew Niccol directed by Peter Weir English PN1997 .T767 2005
Trumpet kings / a production of Jazz Images, Inc., New York, New York written, produced and directed by Burrill Crohn English ML399 .T78x 1985
Trust / Millennium Films presents a Nu Image production in association with Dark Harbor Stories written by Andy Bellin and Robert Festinger directed by David Schwimmer produced by David Schwimmer, Bob Greenhut, Heidi Jo Markel
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English check availability
The truth about Fidel Castro revolution / produced and written by Victor Pahlen reported by Errol Flynn English F1788 .T767x 2002
The Truth about teachers / written, produced & dircted by Carol L. Fleisher an Arnold Shapiro production in association with USAA English LB2832.2 .T78x 1989
Truth, war, and consequences / produced by Martin Smith, Marcela Gaviria written by Martin Smith a Frontline coproduction with RAINmedia English DS79.76 .T78x 2003
Truthland English TN881.A1 T78 2012
TSar / Profit-Sinema SPL-Film avtory stsenariia, Aleksei Ivanov, Pavel Lungin rezhisser-postanovshchik, Pavel Lungin prodiuser, Pavel Lungin Russian PN1997.2 T79 2009
The tsarina's slippers = Cherevichki / music, Pyotr Il'yich Tchaikovsky libretto, Yakov Polonsky, amplified by Nikolay Chayev and the composer after Nikolay Gogol's short story Christmas Eve a BBC/ROH co-production Russian M1500.T34 C447 2010
TSirk = Circus / Gosfilmofond S.S.S.R. Mosfilm postanovka Grigoriia Alexandrova Russian PN1997 .T77x 1996
Tsotsi / Miramax Films ... [et al.] in association with MoviWorld screenplay by Gavin Hood produced by Peter Fudakowski directed by Gavin Hood Mijikenda langs. PN1997 .T76875 2006
Tsubaki Sanjuro = Sanjuro / Toho Company Ltd. Toho Kabushiki Kaisha, Kurosawa Purodakushon sakuin seisaku Tanaka Tomoyuki, Kikushima Ryuzo kyakuhon Kikushima Ryuzo, Oguni Hideo, Kurosawa Akira kantoku Kurosawa Akira Japanese PN1997 .T79x 1999
Tú, solo tú / Ventura Distribution Inc. y Studio Latino presentan productor producciones Maya Films director, Miguel M. Delgado Spanish PN1997 .T797x 2006
Tucker : the man and his dream / Paramount Pictures presents a Lucasfilm Ltd. production English PN1997 .T976 2000
Tudo bem / Versátil Home Video presents directed and produced by Arnaldo Jabor writers, Arnaldo Jabor and Leopoldo Serran Portuguese PN1997 .T798x 1978
The Tugendhat House : Mies van der Rohe's Czech masterpiece English NA7412.C93 B768 2004
Tui shou = Pushing hands / Triboro Entertainment Group and CFP Central Motion Picture Corporation presents in association with Good Machine and Ang Lee Productions a film by Ang Lee screenplay, Ang Lee additional scenes by James Schamus pr English PN1997 .T7984 1999
Tulia, Texas / a film by Cassandra Herrman and Kelly Whalen a co-production of Cassandra Herrman and Kelly Whalen and the Independent Television Service (ITVS) English HV8148.T85 T85 2008
Tullochgorum : Alasdair Fraser live English M1746.F69 T84x 1992
Tulsa : Smash-up, the story of a woman! English PN1997 .T7986 2004
Tunisia, year zero = Tunisie, année zéro / A co-production France Télévisions & Drôle de Trame with the participation of Public Sénat a film by Feriel Ben Mahmoud Arabic DT266.7 .T8657 2011
Der tunnel = The tunnel / regie, Roland Suso Richter produzenten, Nico Hofmann, Ariane Krampe buch, Johannes W. Betz eine produktion der teamWorx Produktion fur Kino und Fernsehen GmbH German PN1997 .T7989 2005
Tunnel visions : into the sea of uncertainty / director, Jonathan Schwartz produced by Interlock Media, Inc. and Quantic Communications. English TD763 .T86x 1998
Tupac : resurrection / Paramount Pictures presents an MTV Films/Amaru Entertainment, Inc. production producers, Lauren Lazin, Karolyn Ali, Preston Holmes director, Lauren Lazin English ML420.T94 T97x 2004
Tupelo's own Elvis Presley : English check josiah
Tupperware! / a Filmmakers Collaborative/Blueberry Hill Productions film for the American Experience producer/writer/director, Laurie Kahn-Leavitt English HD9662.C664 T862 2004
Turandot : lyrisches Drama in drei Akten / von Giuseppe Adami und Renato Simoni Musik von Giacomo Puccini Schlussduett und Finale vervollständigt von Franco Alfano live aus der Wiener Staatsoper Italian M1500.P82 T87x 2008
Turandot : opera in three acts / Giacomo Puccini libretto by Giuseppe Adami and Renato Simoni after the homonymous play by Carlo Gozzi Italian M1500.P97 T87 2009
Turandot / Giacomo Puccini English M1500.P82 T87x 2006
Turandot / music by Giacomo Puccini libretto by Giuseppe Adami and Renato Simoni stage production by Franco Zeffirelli video director, Kirk Browning the Metropolitan Opera presents Italian M1500.P97 T87 2003
Turandot / music by Giacomo Puccini text by Giuseppe Adami and Renato Simoni San Francisco Opera Italian M1500.P82 T87x 2009
The Turandot project / a film by Academy Award winner Allan Miller presentation of Alternate Current, The Four Oaks Foundation, and EuroArts Entertainment. English M1500.P82 T87x 2002
Turbulence / produced by Education Development Center [under the direction of] the National Committee for Fluid Mechanics Films English TA357.5.T87 T87x 1988
La turbulence des fluides / une coproduction Max Films/Europa Corp. un film de Manon Briand producteurs, Roger Frappier, Luc Vandal, Luc Besson, Pierre-Ange Le Pogam écrit et réalisé par Manon Briand French PN1997 .T96 2003
Il turco in Italia : dramma buffo per musica in two acts / by Gioachino Rossini libretto, Felice Romani stage director, Cesare Lievi producer, Bernhard Fleischer TV director, Thomas Grimm from the Opera House Zurich a Bernhard Fleischer Movin Italian M1500.R86 T87 2005
Turf wars : conservation claims in the Great Himalayan National Park / directed by Sanjay Barnela, Vasant Saberwal narration, Amita Baviskar. English QL84.5.I4 T87x 2001
The Turin horse / director, Bela Tarr Hungarian PN1997 .T79957 2011
Turistas / produced by Scott Steindorff ... [et al.] directed by John Stockwell written by Michael Ross
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English check availability
Turkey's Sephardim : 500 years / a film by Laurence Salzmann English DS135.T8 T87 2000z
The turn of the screw / Benjamin Britten English M1500.B75 T87x 2006
Turn of the screw / by Benjamin Britten English M1500.B75 T87x 2005
Turn of the screw / United Productions and WGBH/Boston co-production in association with Martin Pope Productions Meridian Broadcasting Ltd. produced by Martin Pope screenplay by Nick Dear directed by Ben Bolt English PN1997 .T799x 2004
Turned out : sexual assault behind bars / Interlock Media, Inc. ITVS English HV8836 .T87x 2003
Turner Classic Movies greatest classic legends film collection. Bette Davis / Warner Bros. Pictures presents English PN1997 .T7995 2011
Turning the tide : can innovative strategies save the vital Gulf Coast region in time? / a production of Louisiana Public Broadcasting Christina Barnes, senior producer, writer, and director Liz Barnes, producer Clay Fourrier, executive produce English TC424.L8 T87 2011
Turtles can fly / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer IFC Films BAC Films written and directed by Bahman Ghobadi an Iran-Iraq joint product Mij Film production [of] Hamid Ghavami, Batin Ghobadi, Hamid Karimi, Babak Amini Kurdish PN1997 .T97x 2005
The Tuskegee airmen / HBO Films presents a Price Entertainment production, a film by Robert Markowitz produced by William C. Carraro story by Robert Williams and T.S. Cook teleplay by Paris Qualles, Trey Ellis and Ron Hutchinson directed by Robert English PN1997 .T9767 2010
Tuya de hun shi = Tuya's marriage / Wan yu wen hua chan ye you xian gong si, Xian ying shi zhi pian gong si zhi pian ren, Yan Jugang bian ju, Lu Wei, Wang Quanan dao yan, Wang Quanan Chinese PN1997.2 .T89x 2007
Twaeji ka umul e ppajin nal = The day a pig fell into the well / chejak, paegup Yongsong P`urodoksyon kamdok Hong Sang-su Korean PN1997 .T934 2004
Twelfth night / by William Shakespeare producer, Cedric Messina director, John Gorrie English PN1997 .T8x 1988
Twelfth night, or What you will / Renaissance Films production English PN1997 .T826x 2001
The twelve chairs / U-M Productions, Inc. and Crossbow Productions, Inc. Brooksfilms presents a Sidney Glazier production of a Mel Brooks film produced by Michael Hertzberg written for the screen and directed by Mel Brooks English PN1997 .T8263 2006
Twelve disciples of Nelson Mandela / California Newsreel presents Independent Television Service produced by Chimpanzee Productions a film by Thomas Allen Harris English DT1949.L45 T94 2005
Twelve o'clock high / Twentieth Century-Fox produced by Darryl F. Zanuck screenplay by Sy Bartlett and Beirne Lay, Jr. directed by Henry King English PN1997 .T8264 2001
The Twenties / created and developed by the Corporation for Entertainment and Learning, Inc. and Bill Moyers English E784 .T84x 1983
Twentieth century / Columbia Pictures Corporation a Howard Hawks production directed by Howard Hawks written by Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur English PN1997 .T8265 2005
Twenty feet from stardom / Radius TWC a Gil Friesen production a Morgan Neville film produced by Caitrin Rogers produced by Gil Friesen directed by Morgan Neville Tremolo Productions English ML400 .T84 2014
Twentynine palms / un film de Bruno Dumont scénario et dialogues, Bruno Dumont producteurs délégués, Jean Bréhat, et Rachid Bouchareb une co-production 3B productions ... [et al.] French PN1997.2 .T84 2004
Twilight / produced by Wyck Godfrey ... [et al.] screenplay by Melissa Rosenberg directed by Catherine Hardwicke
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English check availability
The twilight saga. Breaking dawn, part 2 / produced by Wyck Godfrey, Karen Rosenfelt, Stephenie Meyer screenplay by Melissa Rosenberg directed by Bill Condon
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English check availability
The twilight samurai / producers, Shigehiro Nakagawa, Hiroshi Fukazawa, Ichiro Yamamoto screenplay, Yoji Yamada & Yoshitaka Asama directed by Yoji Yamada Japanese PN1997 .T847x 2004
The twilight zone / Trilogy New Line Television executive producers, John Watson, Mark Stern, Pen Densham Ira Steven Behr English PN1997 .T8472 2004
The twilight zone. Collection 2 English PN1997 .T8473 1999
The twilight zone. Collection 3 English PN1997 .T8474 1999
The twilight zone. Collection 4 English PN1997 .T84745 1999
The twilight zone. Collection 5 / created by Rod Serling produced by Cayuga Productions, Inc. in association with the CBS Television Network English PN1997 .T847456 1999
The twilight zone. Season 1 / Atlantis Films Limited CBS Television London Film Productions MGM Television Persistence of Vision directed by Wes Craven, William Friedkin, Robert Downey ... [et al.] English PN1997 .T8475 2004
The twilight zone. Season 2 / CBS Television Cayuga Productions produced by Buck Houghton directors, Buzz Kulik ... [et al.] written by Rod Serling ... [et al.] English PN1997 .T8475 2005
The twilight zone. Season 2 and 3 / Atlantis Films Limited CBS Television London Film Productions MGM Television Persistence of Vision directed by Wes Craven ... [et al.] English PN1997 .T84756 2005
The twilight zone. Season 3 / CBS Television Cayuga Productions created by Rod Serling English PN1997 .T8476 2005
Twilight--Los Angeles / conceived, written and performed by Anna Deavere Smith producers, Anna Deavere Smith, Ezra Swerdlow directed by Marc Levin a production of Anna Deavere Smith in association with Offline Entertainment and Thirteen/WNET English PN1997 .T84x 2001
Twilight's last gleaming / executive producer, Helmut Jedele producer, Merv Adelson director, Robert Aldrich screenplay, Ronald M. Cohen, Edward Huebsch English PN1997 .T94 1989
Twin Peaks / Twin Peaks Productions, Inc. Paramount Pictures Lynch/Frost Productions in association with Propaganda Films produced by David J. Latt written by Mark Frost ... [et al.] directed by David Lynch English PN1997 .T848 2007
The twist = Folies bourgeoises / a Pathfinder Home Entertainment release Cinema Arts Entertainment presents a Claude Chabrol film producers, Alexander Salkind, Ilya Salkind, Pierre Spengler written by Claude Chabrol, Ennio de Concini, Norman Enfield English PN1997 .T945 2011
Twist again à Moscou / un film de Jean-Marie Poiré scénario et dialogues, Christian Clavier, Martin Lamotte et Jean-Marie Poiré une réalisation Gaumont - France 2 cinéma producteur délégué, Alain Poiré French PN1997 .P46518 2007
Twisted laurel : folk art, folklore & music from the West Virginia Woods / a documentary by Gerald Milnes an Augusta Heritage production. English GR110.W4 T93x 1999
Twists of Fate English GV1547 .T947 2001
Twists of Fate / R. Paul Wilson English GV1547 .T947 2009
Two days in October : a moment that divided a nation a war that continues to haunt us / a Robert Kenner Films production for American Experience in association with Wisconsin Public Television, Playtone Productions, and the BBC English DS558 .T86x 2005
Two dollars and a dream / Stanley Nelson and Associates produced and directed by Stanley Nelson narration written by Lou Potter English HD9970.5.C672 T86x 1987
Two faces of Thailand : a musical portrait / a Harcourt Films production for Channel Four Shanachie Entertainment Corp English ML345.T5 T96x 1994
Two films by Horace Ové English PN1997 .T8495 2005
Two for the money English GV1541 .T85 2004
The Two gentlemen of Verona / a BBC Television production in association with Time-Life Television produced by Shaun Sutton directed by Don Taylor English PN1997 .T85x 1988
Two lies / a film by Pam Tom directed, written, produced by Pam Tom English PN1995.9.E96 T86x 1990
Two melons and a stinking fish / produced, directed and filmed by Vanessa Engle English N6797.L82 T95x 1996
The two nations of black America / produced by June Cross written by June Cross and Henry Louis Gates, Jr. WGBH Educational Foundation. English E185.8 .T93x 1998
Two short films by François Truffaut : Les Mistons Antoine & Colette French PN1997 .T9867 1999
Two spirits / a production of Say Yes Quickly a co-production of Riding the Tiger, Just Media English E99.N3 T96 2010
Two towns of Jasper / a film by Marco Williams and Whitney Dow produced by Two Tone Productionsm Inc. in association with the Independent Television Service and the National Black Programming Consortium directed and produced by Whitney Dow and Mar English HV6534.J363 T86x 2002
The Two traditions / a presentation of Films for the Humanities an Arts International-London Weekend Television productions executive producers, Melvyn Bragg, Nick Evans director, John Carlaw producer, Andrew Snell written and presented by John English PR3072 .T86x 2002
Two video reports from China : Acupuncture and herbal medicine In China family planning is no private matter / produced [and directed] by George C. Stoney English HQ766.5.C6 S766 2010
Two who dared : the Sharps' war / Journey to Freedom presents a film by Artemis Joukowsky, III produced by Matthew Justus director & producer, Artemis Joukowsky III executive producer, Artemis A.W. Joukowsky co-executive producer, Charlie Clem English D804.66.S49 T93 2012
Ty me up English PN1995.9.S45 T9 1993
Types of presidential ads English HF5813.U6 T97 2007
Typhoid Mary, the most dangerous woman in America / a film by Nancy Porter Productions, Inc. for NOVA in association with WGBH/Boston English RA644.T8 T8 2004
The tyranny of the beat : original soundtracks from the Grey Area Multilingual M1627 .T97 1991
Tyrone Power : matinee idol collection / Twentieth Century Fox English check josiah

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