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U-Carmen eKhayelitsha Carmen de Khayelitsha / director/producer Mark Dornford-May screenplay Mark Dornford-May, Andiswa Kedama, Pauline Malefane executive producer Ross Garland. Xhosa M1500.B6 C27x 2005
The U.S. agenda for the 90's / produced by World Beat Associates co-produced by the Foreign Policy Association and Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service English JX1391 .G74x 1992
U.S. Poets Laureate on the NewsHour English PS325 .U876 2007
Ubu Roi, ou Les Polonais / drame en cinq actes d'Alfred Jarry Institut national de l'audiovisuel joué en principal par Jean Bouise et Rosy Varte réalisé par Jean-Christophe Averty French PN1997 .U3276x 2007
Ubu Roi, ou, Les polonais / drame en cinq actes d'Alfred Jarry Institut national de l'audiovisuel French PN1997 .U3276x 1994
Uccellacci e uccellini = The hawks and the sparrows / producendo, rischi³ la sua posizione Alfredo Bini dirigendo, rischi³ la reputazione Pier Paolo Pasolini Italian PN1997 .U33x 2003
Udju azul di Yonta = The blue eyes of Yonta / gui¹o e di§logos, Flora Gomes ... [et al. direc_¹o de produ_¹o, Angela Cerveira, Ana Costa uma co-produ_¹o, Vermedia ... [et al. Creoles PN1997 .U277x 1994
Ugetsu / a Kenji Mizoguchi film producer, Masaichi Nagata original story by Akinari Ueda screenplay, Matsutaro Kawaguchi, Yoshikata Yoda director, Kenji Mizoguchi Japanese PN1997 .U35x 2005
Ugly Betty. The complete first season / directed by James Hayman ... [et al. written by Silvio Horta ... [et al. English PN1997.2 .U57 2007
The ugly truth
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UHF / an Orion Pictures release a Cinecorp production in association with Imaginary Entertainment written by Al Yankovic & Jay Levey produced by Gene Kirkwood [and John Hyde directed by Jay Levey English PN1997 .U357 2002
Ukamau = As’ es! = And so it is / Jorges Sanjinés produced by I.C.B Quechua PN1997 .U36 2008
Ukigusa monogatari = A story of floating weeds / a Shochiku film screenplay by Tadao Ikeda directed by Yasujiro Ozu. Ukigusa = Floating weeds / produced by Masaichi Nagata screenplay by Yasujiro Ozu, Kogo Noda directed by Yasujiro Japanese PN1997 .U374x 2004
Uksuum cauyai = The drums of winter / by Sarah Elder and Leonard Kamerling English E98.D2 U37 2005
Ulica graniczna / Wytw²rnia Film²w Fabularnych scenariusz i scenopis, Ludwik Starski, Aleksander Ford, Jean Force rezyseria, Aleksander Ford Polish PN1997 .U426 2005
Ultimate coin magic collection English GV1547 .U45 2002
The ultimate work / Tony Giorgio English GV1547 .U47 2008
The ultimate workers : routines from the professional repertoire of Michael Close / Michael Close English GV1559 .U526 2003
L' ultimo bacio / una produzione Fandango in collaborazione con Medusa Film produtto da Domenico Procacci dirreto da Gabriele Muccino soggetto e sceneggiatura, Gabriele Muccino Italian PN1997 .L3438x 2001b
El ultimo cuplé / productor y director, Juan de Ordu±a. Spanish PN1997 .U428x 2002
El ultimo tren / dirigida por Diego Arsuaga. Spanish PN1997.2 .U98x 2003
Los ultimos golpes del Torete / dirigida por Jose Antonio de la Loma Spanish PN1997 .U433 2004
Ultra Cervon : professional material for the working magician / Bruce Cervon, produced by Louis Falanga English GV1549 .U58 2006
Ulysses S. Grant : warrior, president / WGBH Boston English E672 .U397 2004
Umberto D. / Dear Film presenta un film di Vittorio De Sica il film e stato realizzato negli Stabilmenti di Cinecitta in collaborazione con Scuola Nazionale di Cinema, Centro Sperimental di Cinematografia producers, Angelo Rizzoli, Vitt Italian PN1997 .U435x 2003
Umgidi = The celebration / a film by Sipho Singiswa and Gillian Sch_tte produced by Gillian Sch_tte & Sipho Singiswa a film by 'Hand Held' Films SABC 1 English DT1971.5 .U45 2004
Umm Kulthum : .sawt ka-annahu Arabic ML420.U46 U46x 1997
Umm Kulthum : a voice like Egypt / a production of the Filmmakers Collaborative produced, directed and written by Michal Goldman English ML420.U46 U46x 1996
Umm Kulthum / : a voice like Egypt / a Flimakers Collaborative production Arabic ML420.U46 U46x 2006
Un chien andalou / a film by Luis Bu±uel and Salvador Dali French PN1997 .C464244x 2005
Un Dia de Desespero / un film de Manoel de Oliveira Portuguese PN1997.2 .U43 2005
A un dios desconocido / Director, Jaime Ch§varri producer, Elias Querejeta screenplay, Elias Querejeta, Jaime Chavarri. Spanish PN1997 .A21122x 2005
Una giornata particolare / Carlo Ponti presenta un film di Ettore Scola Italian PN1997 .G498x 1980z
Unbound : a film / by Claudia Morgado Escanilla English BF697.5.B63 U53x 1994
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The unbroken circle : Vermont music : tradition and change / by Mark Greenberg English ML3654 .U527 1990
The unbroken circle : Vermont music, tradition and change / an Upstreet Production, produced in association with the Onion River Arts Council, Vermont ETV, Resolution, Inc English ML1629.7 V4x 1995
Unchained memories : readings from the slave narratives / an HBO Documentary Film in association with the Library of Congress producers, Jacqueline Glover, Thomas Lennon writer, Mark Jonathan Harris directors, Ed Bell, Thomas Lennon English E444 .U63 2003
Uncle Roy all around you / Blast Theory, in collaboration with the Mixed Reality Lab at the University of Nottingham with BT Exact and University College London English GV1469.15 .U53 2003
Uncle Tom's cabin / a presentation of Showtime Entertainment Worldvision Home Video, Inc. an Edgar J. Scherick Associates production in association with Taft Entertainment Television produced by Jeffrey A. Nelson directed by Stan English PN1997 .U44x 1996
Uncle Tom's cabin / Carl Laemmle presents a Harry A. Pollard production a Universal production directed by Harry A. Pollard English PN1997 .U44x 1999
Uncle Vanya / by Anton Chekhov [presented by British Home Entertainment in association with the Chichester Festival Theatre English translation by Constance Garnett directed for the screen by Stuart Burge produced by Laurence Oli English PG3456.D5 C69 1990z
An Uncommon poet : Octavio Paz / WNET English PQ7297.P285 Z966x 1988
Undead or alive
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Under Capricorn English PN1997 .U445x 2003
Under pressure : the legacy of apartheid in black South Africa / producer, director, John W. Soule English DT1757 .U53x 1992
Under suspicion [videorecording]
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Under the mango trees : portraits of women's work in village India / by Julie Feldman & Susan Berfield. English HQ1744.G8 U53x 1989
Under the skin of the city / a Cinema 79 production produced by Jahangir Kosari and R. Bani-Etemad screenplay by R. Bani-Etemad and Farid Mostafavi directed by Rakhshan Bani-Etemad Persian, PN1997 .U456x 2004
Under the Tuscan sun
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Under the volcano / a Universal release English PN1997 .U457x 1985
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Underdog / Jerusalem Capital Studios written & directed [by Rino Tzror & Doron Tsabari producer, Avi Armoza. Hebrew GV944.I75 U534x 1998
Underground / co-production, CiBy 2000, Pandora Film, Novofilm en association avec A.B. Barrandov an Emir Kusturica film prica, Dusan Kovacevic scenario, Dusan Kovacevic & Emir Kusturica rezija, Emir Kusturica Serbian PN1997 .U643x 2003
Underground Railroad / produced by Triage, Inc. for the History Channel producer, Susan Michaels English E450 .U53 2002
Underlying concepts in the proof of the Bieberbach conjecture / Louis de Branges introduced by Max M. Schiffer English QA333 .U52x 1986
Understanding cities / with Edmund Bacon a presentation of Urban Land Institute produced by Urban Productions producer/director, Art Ciocco screenwriter, David Clow English NA9094 .U53x 1990z
Understanding Islam and the American Muslim community : a visit to a mosque in America / Astrolabe Pictures presents in cooperation with Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati directed and produced by Astrolabe Pictures English BP67.U62 O43x 2002
Understanding jazz rhythm : the concept of swing / David Liebman produced by Gene Perla and David Liebman English MT172 .U53x 1997
Understanding urban sprawl / produced and directed by Italo Costa written and researched by James Heer produced and distributed by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. English HT371 .U512x 1999
Une pure co_ncidence / [un film de Romain Goupil French PN1998.3.G685 P8 2004
Une semaine de vacances / un film de Bertrand Tavernier French PN1997 .S36174x 2003
The unforgettable Nat King Cole / Picture Music International produced by Jo Lustig directed by Alan Lewens English ML420.C63 U54x 1989
Unforgivable blackness : the rise and fall of Jack Johnson / a Florentine Films productions PBS produced by David Schaye, Paul Barnes, Ken Burnes written by Geoffrey C. Ward a film directed by Ken Burns English GV1196.J64 U54 2005
The unforgiven / United Artists [presented by Hecht, Hill and Lancaster screenplay by Ben Maddow produced by James Hill directed by John Huston English PN1997 .U6437x 2003
Unforgiven / Warner Bros. presents a Malpaso production English PN1997 .U55 2000
Unforgiven / Warner Bros. presents a Malpaso production written by David Webb Peoples produced and directed by Clint Eastwood English PN1997 .U55 2005
Union maids / a film by Julia Reichert, James Klein and Miles Mogulescu English HD6079.2.U5 U55x 1986
Union Summer English HD6490.O72 U689 1996
United 93 / Universal Pictures and StudioCanal present in association with Sidney Kimmel Entertainment a Working Title production produced by Tim Bevan ... [et al. written and directed by Paul Greengrass English PN1997.2 .U54 2006
The United States and the Philippines : in our image / produced by Andrew Pearson, Eric Neudel written by Stanley Karnow, Andre Pearson the Philippine Project in assoc. with KCET English DS686.5 .U54x 1989
L' univers de Jacques Demy = the world of Jacques Demy / directed by Agnes Varda French PN1998.3.D394 U55 2003
The Universal International Exhibition, Paris 1900 / production, Nick Levinson. English NA1050 .U55x 1990z
The Universal mind of Bill Evans : jazz pianist on the creative process and self-teaching / Rhapsody Films a Bruce Ricker presentarion English ML417.E9 U5 2004
The unknown Eiffel / presented by Lenox Art Corp English TA140.E4 U6x 1974
Unknown [videorecording]
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The unlawful English PN1995.9.S45 U55 1996
The unloved [videorecording]
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Unnatural causes : is inequality making us sick? / produced by California Newsreel in association with Vital Pictures English RA448.4 .U53 2008
The Unquiet library / produced by WETA-TV, Greater Washington Educational Telecommunications Association, Inc. producer, director, Jackson Frost English ML136.U5 M92x 1985
Unrivaled! : legendary musicians in rare film footage with sound English M21 .U57 2006
Uns e outros : o desafio da incultura_¹o Portuguese PN1997 .U56 2000x
Les uns et les autres = Bolero / Les Films 13 produced, written and directed by Claude Lelouch French PN1997 .U438x 2003
Unseen cinema : early American avant-garde film, 1894-1941 / curated by Bruce Posner : produced for DVD by David Shephard : administered by Robert A. Haller and Winfried Gunther English PN1995.9.E96 U674 2005
Unser America / Maximage zeigt einen Film von Kristina Konrad Regie, Kristina Konrad Buch, Kristina Konrad, Christian Frosch ein Koproduktion mit SF DRS und SRG SSR idée suisse German PN1997 .U67x 2006z
The unsinkable Molly Brown / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer presents a Lawrence Weingarten production screenplay by Helen Deutsch directed by Charles Walters English PN1997 .U567 2000
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Der Untergang des Hauses Usher = The fall of the house of Usher = La chute de la maison Usher / [text and music by Claude Debussy eine Produktion der Bregenzer Festspiele 2006 French M1500.D41 U57 2007
Der Untertan / 2002 German PN1997 U57x 2002
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Until the end of the world / Warner Bros. Pictures Warner Bros. presents a Jonathan Taplin and Anatole Dauman production a film by Wim Wenders screenplay, Peter Carey and Wim Wenders produced by Jonathan Taplin directed by Wim W English PN1997 .U645x 1992
The untold story of Emmett Louis Till / produced and directed by Keith A. Beauchamp a Till Freedom Come production English E185.6 .U58653 2006
The unusual suspects : once upon a time in house music / Chip Eberhart and Kimmie D. present a Chicken Lunch film production featuring Steve Hurley ... [et al. English ML3528.5 .U58 2005
L' uomo delle stelle / un film di Giuseppe Tornatore Italian PN1997 .U65x 1990z
Up in smoke : the underhanded coin magic of Paul Cummins English GV1549 .U56 1999
Up in the air
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The up series / directed by Michael Apted English BF712 .U6 2007
Up [videorecording]
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Update on the management of hypertension : new national guideline perspectives / presented by the Hypertension Education Foundation, Inc., and the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute National Institutes of Health English RC685.H8 U74 2003
Update on West Nile virus for clinicians and laboratorians / [presented by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Public Health Training Network English RA644.W47 C22x 2002
Uptown girls
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L' Upupa und der Triumph der Sohnesliebe : ein deutsches Lustspiel, elf Tableaux aus dem Arabischen / Hans Werner Henze libretto von Hans Werner Henze Inszenierung, Dieter Dorn Fernsehregie, Brian Large Koprodukti German M1500.H417 U68 2004
Uranus / Prestige Films Renn Productions screenplay by Claude Berri and Arlette Langmann directed by Claude Berri French PN1997 .U73x 1992
Uranus / produced by Pierre Grunstein une co-production Renn Productions, Films A2, DD Productions, Sofica Sofi-ARP, Investimage 3, Investimage 2 adaptation Claude Berri, Arlette Langmann un film de Claude Berri. French PN1997 .U73x 2003
Urban elder / Four Directions Studio Limited in co-production with the National Film Board of Canada producer & director, Robert S. Adams producer (NFB), Peter Starr. English E99.C88 U73x 1997
Uridul ui ilgurojin yongung = Our twisted hero / wonjak, Yi Mun-yol chejak kihoek, To Tong-hwan kamdok, Pak Chong-won Korean PN1997 .U74x 1993
The use of technology in the classroom of the future English LB1028.3 U83x 1994
Using and presenting digital evidence in the courtroom : mock trial DVD English J 28.31:EV 3/DVD
Using and presenting digital evidence in the courtroom : training material English J 28.31:EV 3/2/CD J 28.31:EV 3/2/DVD
Using the verse / a presentation of Films for the Humanities an Arts International-London Weekend Television production producers, Melvyn Bragg, Nick Evans director, John Carlaw English PR3085 .U85x 2002
Using the verse / a presentation of Films for the Humanities an Arts International-London Weekend Television production producers, Melvyn Bragg, Nick Evans director, John Carlaw English PR3085 .U85x 1990
Ustedes, los ricos / una producci²n de Rodriguez Hmos. dirigi² Ismael Rodr’guez Spanish PN1997 .U88x 1989
The usual suspects [videorecording]
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La usurpadora / productor ejecutivo, Salvador Mej’a Alejandre historia original, Inés Rodena adaptaci²n, Carlos Romero directora de escena, Beatriz Sheridan directora de escena locaci²n, Karina Duprez Spanish PN1997 .U785x 2005
Utomlennye solntsem = Burnt by the sun / Sony Pictures Classics Studio Trite (Russia) Camera One (France) Prodiusery, Nikita Mikhalkov, Mishel Seidy originalnaia ideia, Nikita Mikhalkov Stsenarii, Nikita Mikhalkov, Rustam Ibragi Russian PN1997 .U86x 1995
Utopia orange, green, purple, a Sunday on La Grande Jatte - 1884 : Georges Pierre Seurat, Paris 1859-1891 / [presented by the Art of Chicago, La SEPT, Delta Image une émission dçlain Jaubert English ND553.S5 U86x 1991
Uzak / NBC Film producer, Feridun Koc produced by Nuri Bilge Ceylan written and directed by Nuri Bilge Ceylan Turkish PN1997.2 .U987 2002