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W x W, Women by women : an evening of exchange: Galeria de la Raza/Studio 24, May 29, 1985 / produced by I. V. Studios, Elizabeth Sher English N8354 .W653x 1985
W.C. Fields comedy collection / Universal Pictures English PN1997 .W387 2004
W.E.B. Du Bois : a biography in four voices / Scribe Video Center English PS3507.U23 Z86x 1995
W.S. Merwin / the Lannan Foundation in association with Metropolitan Pictures and EZTV produced and directed by Lewis MacAdams and John Dorr English ME735w
Wadjda / a Sony Pictures Classics release Razor Film in co-production with High Look Group and Rotana Studios, in cooperation with Norddeutscher Rundfunk and Bayerischer Rundfunk co-producer, Amr Alkahtani produced by Roman Paul, Gerhard Meixner Arabic PN1997 .W33 2014
Wag the dog / New Line Cinema Tribeca/Baltimore Pictures/Punch production produced by Jane Rosenthal, Robert De Niro, Barry Levinson directed by Barry Levinson screenplay by Hilary Henkin & David Mamet
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English check availability
Wag the dog / New Line Cinema presents a Tribeca/Baltimore Pictures/Punch production produced by Jane Rosenthal, Robert DeNiro, Barry Levinson screenplay by Hilary Henkin and David Mamet directed by Barry Levinson English PN1997 .W3144 2000
Waga jinsei saiaku no toki = The most terrible time in my life / seisaku Fo Raifu Rekodo, Eizo Tanteisha Hayashi Kaizo kantoku sakuhin seisaku Goto Yutaka kyakuhon Hayashi Kaizo, Tengan Daisuke Japanese PN1997 .W245 2004
Waga seishun ni kui nashi = No regrets in my youth / Toho Japanese PN1997 .W314x 1990z
Waging a living / a production of Public Policy Productions in association with Thirteen/WNET New York produced and directed by Roger Weisberg English HC79.P6 W34564 2006
Wagner : The complete epic / London Trust Cultural Productions presents in association with Hungarofilm & Magyar Televisioin (Budapest) [wrtten] by Charles Wood directed & edited by Tony Palmer produced by Alan Wright English ML410.W1 W25 2005
Das Wagnis mit der Phantasie / ein Film von Ray Müller English NA7208 .W34x 1980z
Wahyu senopati = The divine gift of commandership / realization, Keith Rollinson. Javanese PN1979.S5 W348x 1999
Waiapi body painting and ornaments / written and directed by Victor Fuks produced by Indiana University Radio and Television Center English F2460.1.O9 W35x 1988
Waiapi slash and burn cultivation / directed and written by Victor Fuks English F2460.1.O9 W36x 1987
Waiting for Superman / Paramount Vantage and Participant Media present in association with Walden Media an Electric Kinney production written by Davis Guggenheim & Billy Kimball produced by Lesley Chilcott directed by Davis Guggenheim English LA212 .W35 2011
Waiting for the clouds / Silkroad Production presents a European coproduction, Flying Moon Filmproduktion ... [et al.] a film by Yesim Ustaoglu script, Yesim Ustaoglu, Petros Markaris producers, Setareh Farsi, Behrooz Hashemian director, Yesim Turkish PN1997 .W248 2009
Waiting for Uighurstan / a video by Sean R. Roberts. English DS731.U4 W35x 1996
Waiting to exhale / Twentieth Century Fox screenplay by Terry McMillan & Ronald Bass produced by Erza Swerdlow and Deborah Schindler directed by Forest Whitaker English PN1997 .W25 1999
Waitress / written and directed by Adrienne Shelley
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English check availability
Waitresses wanted = Serveuses demandées / an Alliance Film release Park Ex Pictures presents a Kevin Tierney production a film by Guylaine Dionne produced by Kevin Tierney written and directed by Guylaine Dionne French PN1997 .W31445 2009
Wake Island / Universal A Paramount picture directed by John Farrow screenplay by W.R. Burnett and Frank Butler English PN1997 .W31446 2004
Waking up French, Réveil : the repression and renaissance of the French in New England : a film / by Ben Levine English F15.F85 W28x 2003
Wal-Mart nation : tales from the big box wars / produced, written & directed by Andrew Munger co-producer & director of photography, Gregory Bennett English HF5429.215.U6 W33 2007
Der Wald vor lauter ¨ Bauman = The forest for the trees / Komplizen Film presents producer, Janine Jackowski script/director, Maren Ade German PN1997 .W31456x 2006
Walden : diaries, notes and sketches / by Jonas Mekas English PN1997 .W354 2009
Walk a mile in my shoes : the 90 year journey of the NAACP / co-executive producer/director, Gene A. Davis co-produced by Gene Davis Group, Inc. & D.R. Lynes, Inc. English E185.5.N155 W35x 2000
Walk hard : the Dewey Cox story / produced by Judd Apatow, Jake Kasdan, Clayton Townsend written by Judd Apatow, Jake Kasdan directed by Jake Kasdan
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English check availability
A walk in the clouds / Twentieth Century Fox presents a Zucker Brothers production and Alfonso Arau film English PN1997 .W31467x 2002
A walk in the sun / Kit Parker Films produced and directed by Lewis Milestone English PN1997 .W35 2009
A walk into the sea / Thatgirl Films in association with Chicken & Egg Pictures a film by Esther B. Robinson directed by Esther B. Robinson written by Esther B. Robinson, Shannon Kennedy producers, Esther B. Robinson, Doug Block, Tamra Raven English PN1997 .W356 2010
Walk on water / Samuel Goldwyn Films, Roadside Attractions & Lama Films produced by Amir Harel and Gal Uchovsky screenplay, Gal Uchovsky directed by Eytan Fox Hebrew PN1997 .W31468x 2005
Walk the line / produced by James Keach, Cathy Konrad directed by James Mangold written by Gill Dennis, James Mangold
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English check availability
Walk with us : the collaborative works of Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller / Barlin Productions English N6888.C3 W35 2005
Walking with dinosaurs / produced and directed by Jasper James a BBC/Discovery/TV Asahi co-production in association with ProSieban and France 3 English QE861.4 .W3 2000
Walkout / HBO Films presents a Maya Pictures/Amicus Entertainment production with Y.O.Y. Productions an Edward James Olmos film directed by Edward James Olmos screenplay by Marcus De Leon and Ernie Contreras and Timothy J. Sexton story English PN1997.2 .W3552 2006
Walks with an architect. Barcelone / with Ricardo Bofill written by Annie Breit, Catherine Terzieff directed by Annie Breit English NA1311.B3 W36 2003
Walks with an architect. Manama, Doha, Dubai / writers, Georges Guillot, Catherine Terzieff director, Georges Guillot SCÉRÉN-CNDP, France 5 English NA1465.3 .W35 2005
Walks with an architect. Rio / with Élizabeth and Christian de Portzamparc Landmark Films co-production Scérén-CNDP/France 5 English NA857.R56 W36 2003
Walks with an architect. Shanghai / with Martin Robain a co-production SCÉRÉN-CNDP, France 5 based on an idea by Catherine Terzieff written by Georges Guillot, Catherine Terzieff directed by Georges Guillot English NA1547.S5 W35 2005
Die Walküre : first day of the stage-festival play Der Ring des Nibelungen / Richard Wagner German M1500.W13 W3x 2009
Die Walküre : first day to Der Ring des Nibelungen : music drama in three acts / by Richard Wagner Arthaus Musik presents, from the Deutsches Nationaltheater und Staatskapelle Weimar libretto by Richard Wagner conductor, Carl St. Clair German M1500.W13 W3x 2009c
La Walkyrie = Die Walküre : Festival d'Aix-en-Provence 2007 / poème et musique, Richard Wagner ARTE France, Bel Air Media und das Festival d'Aix-en-Provence zeigen German M1500.W13 W3x 2008
The wall / Metro-Goldwyn Mayer presents an Alan Parker Film produced by Alan Marshall English ML421.P6 W35x 1999
Wall Street / 20th Century Fox written by Stanley Weiser and Oliver Stone produced by Edward R. Pressman directed by Oliver Stone
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English check availability
Wall Street / Twentieth Century Fox presents an Edward R. Pressman production, an Oliver Stone film produced by Edward R. Pressman written by Stanley Weiser & Oliver Stone directed by Oliver Stone
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English check availability
WALL-E / Walt Disney Pictures presents a Pixar Animation Studios film directed by Andrew Stanton produced by Jim Morris executive producer, John Lasseter original story by Andrew Stanton, Pete Docter screenplay by Andrew Stanton, Jim Reardon English PN1997.2 .W35542 2008
The walls of Mexico : art and architecture / a film by Guido de Bruyn. English NA759.B36 W35x 1996
Walt Disney on the front lines : the war years / Walt Disney Productions R.K.O Radio Pictures English D743 .W35 2003
Walt Disney's masterpiece Fantasia n/a M1527 .F36 1991
Walt Whitman & the Civil War / a production of the Nebraska/ETV Network in association with the Great Amwell Company executive producer, William Perry producer, Gene Bunge director, Ron Nicodemus. English WW675w
Walter Felsenstein Edition / [7 Opernfilme von Walter Felsenstein] mit freundlicher Genehmigung der Erbengemeinschaft Walter Felsenstein English M1500 .A15x 2007
Waltz with Bashir / Bridgit Folman Film Gang, Les Films d'ici, Razor Filmproduktion in co production with Arte France, ITVS International an Ari Folman film written, directed & produced by Ari Folman producers, Serge Lalou ... [et al.] Hebrew PN1997 .W31469 2009
Wan jian chuan xin / gen ju tong ming xiao shuo gai bian dao yan Wang Jing Chinese check josiah
Wan zhu = The trouble-shooters / Emei dian ying zhi pian chang she zhi bian ju Wang Shuo, Mi Jiashan dao yan Mi Jiashan Chinese PN1997 .W362x 2005
Wandafuru raifu = After life / producers, Sato Shiho, Akieda Masayuki produced by TV Man Union, Inc., Engine Film, Inc. director, writer, editor Koreeda Hirokazu Japanese PN1997 .W3156x 2000
Wanderlust / a Universal Pictures release presented in association with Relativity Media of an Apatow production in association with A Hot Dog produced by Judd Apatow ... [et al.] written by Ken Marino, David Wain directed by David Wain
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English check availability
Wang bu liao = Unforgettable / Yin du ji gou you xian gong si dao yan Er Dongsheng bian ju, Ruan Shisheng, Fang Qing Chinese check josiah
Wang de nan ren/ Chu pin ren : Wang Xiaoran jian zhi : Ding Xiaocong, Wei Xiaobin ze ren bian ji : Xing Yu yin xiang chu pin ren : Lin Youqin dao yan : Li Junyi bian ju : Cui Shihuan Chinese PN1997.2 .W36x 2006
Wanted / Hannibal Pictures présente un film de Brad Mirman une production GFT Entertainment et Studio Eight producteurs, Gary Howsam, Jamie Brown, Richard Rionda Del Castro écrit et réalisé par Brad Mirman. English PN1997.2 .C75x 2004
Wanted / produced by Jim Lemley ... [et al.] story by Michael Brandt, Derek Haas screenplay by Michael Brandt, Derek Haas, Chris Morgan directed by Timur Bekmambetov
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English check availability
Waqa'i` sanawat al-djamr = Chronicle of the smoldering years / O.N.C.I.C. presents produced and directed by Mohamed Lakhdar-Hamina Arabic PN1997 .W335x 1990z
The war / American Lives II Film Project, LLC. a production of Florentine Films and WETA Washington D.C. produced by Sarah Botstein written by Geoffrey C. Ward directed and produced by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick English D811.5 .W37 2007
War and peace / a Paramount release a Ponti-De Laurentiis Production produced by Dino De Laurentiis directed by King Vidor adaptation, Bridget Boland, Robert Westerby, King Vidor, Mario Camerini, Ennio De Concini, Ivo Perilli English PN1997 .W364 2002
War and peace in Panama / a Stuart Television production for Frontline English F1567 .W37x 1991
War and peace in the nuclear age / produced by WGBH/Boston and Central Independent Television/England in association with NHK/Japan English U263 .W37x 1988
The war around us / a Triple Eye Films an Abdallah Salem Omeish film written by Sufyan Omeish, Abdallah Omeish produced by Abdallah Omeish, Ayman Mohyeldin directed by Abdallah Salem Omeish English DS119.767 .W37 2013
The War at home / Wisconsin Educational Television Network produced & directed by Glenn Silber and Barry Alexander Brown English DS559.62.U6 W37x 1986
War dance / Shine Global presents in association with Rogues Harbor Studios a Fine Films production directed by Sean Fine & Andrea Nix Fine producer, Albie Hecht English GV1799 .W37 2008
Das war die DDR : eine Dokumentation über die Geschichte und den Zeitgeist der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik Directors, Gitta Nickel, Wolfgang Schwarze, Donat Schober, Gunther Scholz, Uwe Belz, Christian Klemke, Lothar Kompatzki, Anne Worst, Arnold German DD282 .D37x 2001
War Don Don / New Day Films Racing Horse Productions Salone Films Naked Edge Films producers, Rebecca Richman Cohen and Francisco Bello director, Rebecca Richman Cohen English K5000 .W3 2010
War generation Beirut / an International Broadcasting Trust production with MTC (Lebanon) for BBC Television produced and directed by Jean Chamoun and Mai Masri. English HQ784.W3 W37x 1988
War horse / a Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures release of a DreamWorks Pictures and Reliance Entertainment presentation of an Amblin Entertainment/Kennedy/Marshall Co. production produced by Steven Spielberg, Kathleen Kennedy directed b
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English check availability
The war of the worlds / a Paramount picture screenplay by Barré Lyndon produced by George Pal directed by Byron Haskin English PN1997 .W31567 2005
War of the worlds / DreamWorks Pictures and Paramount Pictures present an Amblin Entertainment C/W Production, a Steven Spielberg film produced by Kathleen Kennedy, Colin Wilson screenplay by Josh Friedman and David Koepp directed by Steve
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English check availability
War photographer / Christian Frei Filmproductions in association with Swiss National Television and Suissimage present a film by Christian Frei produced, directed, and edited by Christian Frei English TR820.6 .W376 2001
War requiem / Benjamin Britten Latin M2010.B838 W3x 2007
War requiem / music by Benjamin Britten written and directed by Derek Jarman produced by Don Boyd English PN1997 .W37x 1989
The war symphonies : Shostakovich against Stalin / Rhombus Media, IDTV Cultuur, ZDF & ARTE present director, Larry Weinstein producer, Niv Fichman English ML3680.5 .W37x 2005
War takes / producer, Sylvia Stevens directors, Adelaida Trujillo, Patricia Castaño ZDF Faction Films Spanish HM554 .W37 2003
The war tapes / a SenArt Films production and Scranton/Lacy Films production directed by Deborah Scranton produced by Robert May, Steve James English DS79.764.U6 W37 2007
WarGames / United Artists Corporation presents producer, Harold Schneider writers, Lawrence Lasker, Walter F. Parkes director, John Badham
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English check availability
Warm bodies / Summit Entertainment presents a Make Movies/Mandeville Pictures production produced by Bruna Papandrea, David Hoberman, Todd Lieberman screenplay by Jonathan Levine directed by Jonathan Levine
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English check availability
WarpVision, the videos 1989-2004 English M1473 .W25x 2004
Warrior marks / a Hauer Rawlence production in association with Our Daughters Have Mothers Inc. for Channel 4 producer and director, Pratibha Parmar English GN484 .W352 2005
Wasabi / Luc Besson presente une production Europa Corp. en coproduction avec Samitose et TFI Film Production avec la participation de Canal+ et la collaboration de Victor Company of Japan, Destiny Inc. un film de Gerard Krawczyk French PN1997 .W3732 2003
The Wash / Skouras Pictures Inc English PN1997 .W3733 1989
Washington in New York : from disaster to triumph / Acorn Foundation English VHS .7
Washington Square / Hollywood Pictures presents in association with Caravan Pictures a Roger Birnbaum production in association with Alchemy Filmworks produced by Roger Birnbaum and Julie Bergman Sender screenplay by Carol Doyle directed by Agni English PN1997 .W3735 2000
Wassup rockers / a First Look Pictures production Henry Winterstern presents a Larry Clark film produced by Henry Winterstern, Kevin Turen, Larry Clark story by Larry Clark & Matthew Frost screenplay by Larry Clark directed by Larry Clark English PN1997 .W3736 2006
Waste = food / A First Run/Icarus Films release Backlight VPRO director, Rob van Hattum producers, Madeleine Somer, Karin Spiegel English TD794.5 .W36 2007
Waste land / Almega Projects presents an Almega Projects and O2 Filmes production directed by Lucy Walker co-directed by João Jardim, Karen Harley produced by Angus Aynsley and Hank Levine English N8237.8.R44 W37
Wasurerarenu hitobito / gen'an, kyakuhon, kantoku Shinozaki Makoto Japanese PN1997 .W37x 2000
Watch on the Rhine / Warner Bros. presents a Warner Bros.-First National picture a Hal B. Wallis production screen play by Dashiell Hammett additional scenes & dialogue by Lillian Hellman directed by Herman Shumlin English PN1997 .W3737 2008
Watchmen / produced by Lawrence Gordon, Lloyd Levin, Deborah Snyder screenplay by David Hayter, Alex Tse directed by Zack Snyder
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English check availability
Watchmen / produced by Lawrence Gordon, Lloyd Levin, Deborah Snyder screenplay by David Hayter, Alex Tse directed by Zack Snyder
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English check availability
Water / Fox Searchlight Pictures presents Mongrel Media presents in association with Telefilm Canada, Noble Nomad Pictures, Echo Lake Productions a David Hamilton production a Deepa Mehta film produced by David Hamilton written and directed Hindi PN1997 .W367 2006
Water for elephants / produced by Gil Netter, Erwin Stoff, Andrew R. Tennenbaum written by Richard LaGravenese directed by Francis Lawrence
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English check availability
Water infrastructure : successful strategies for local leadership / by Local Government Advisory Committee English check josiah
Water lilies / Les Productions Balthazar produced by Bénédicte Couvreur & Jérôme Dopffer with the participation of The Centre National de la Cinématographie, with the participation of Canal+ with the support of The Région Ile-de-France, with the par French PN1997.2 .N28 2008b
The water of words : a cultural ecology of an eastern Indonesia island / a film by Timothy Asch, James J. Fox, Patsy Asch James J. Fox, anthropologist, sound recordists [sic] and translator Timothy Asch, filmmaker and co-producer Patsy Asch, editor English GN635.I65 W37 2007
Water safety for the ages / [presented by] US Army Corps of Engineers English D 103.135:W 29/2/DVD
Water, a clear and present danger / ABC Video Enterprises English RA592 .W38x 1983
Water, the drop of life / a Swynk production in coproduction with NOB Broadcasting Services Corporation...[et al.] English TD345 .W384x 2000
Waterboy / Touchstone Pictures produced by Robert Simonds, Jack Giarraputo directed by Frank Coraci screenplay by Tim Herlihy & Adam Sandler
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English check availability
Watergate / David Paradine Productions, Inc. RAI produced by John Birt and David Frost directed by Jørn Winther English E856.A3 W37 1992
The watermelon woman / a film by Cheryl Dunye produced by Barry Swimar, Alexandra Juhasz written and directed by Cheryl Dunye. English PN1997 .W38x 1997
Watershed / AIX Entertainment. English M1473 .W375x 1998
Waterworld / directed by Kevin Reynolds written by Peter Rader and David Twohy produced by Charles Gordon, John Davis, Kevin Costner a Universal Pictures and Lawrence Gordon presentation a Gordon Company/Davis Entertainment Company/Lic English PN1997 .W384 2008
Wattstax / a Stax Films/Wolper Pictures production directed by Mel Stuart produced by Larry Shaw, Mel Stuart English M1670 .W37 2004
The Wave / T.A.T Communications English HM261 .W38 1990z
Waxworks / [Neptun-Film] directed by Paul Leni screenplay by Henrik Galeen English PN1997 .W32x 1980z
Way of the warrior / National Endownment for the Humanities CPB a production of Wisconsin Public Television, in association with Native American Public Telecommunications writer, producer, Patty Loew English E98.M5 W39 2007
The way the music died / a Frontline co-production with Kirk Documentary Group written, produced & directed by Michael Kirk co-producer & reported by Jim Gilmore English ML3477 .W38x 2004
The way things go / a film by Peter Fischli & David Weiss a T & C Film AG Zurich Production, in association with Alfred Richterich English NX600.P47 L377 1987
Way West symposium : cultures and conflict / Native American Public Telecommunications [and] Nebraska State Historical Society producers, Ric Burns and Lisa Ades director, Thomas Todd English F591 .W28x 1995
Wayang golék : performing arts of Sunda (West Java) / devised by Martin Clayton. English PN1979.S5 W384x 1998
Wayang Kulit : shadow puppet theater of Bali / producer, Loida Bryan written & directed by Bob Bryan English PN1979.S5 .G8 2012
Wayang Kulit : the shadow puppet theatre of Java / producer-director, Baylis Glascock. English PN1979.S5 W395 1997
We are Marshall / produced by Basil Iwanyk, McG directed by McG screenplay by Jamie Linden
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English check availability
We are one : meet the Baha'i Faith / produced by Mare Said English BP365 .W4 2000
We are still here : Katherine Siva Saubel and the Cahuilla Indians of Southern California / Under the Hill Productions and Gris Gris Films written, produced & directed by Leigh Podgorski produced by Ron Mulvihill coproducer, Brian Wescott English E99.C155 W4 2007
We are what we are / produced by Rodrigo Bellott, Andrew Corkin, Nicholas Shumaker, Jack Turner written by Nick Damici, Jim Mickle directed by Jim Mickle
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English check availability
We bought a zoo / produced by Ilona Herzberg directed by Cameron Crowe screenplay by Aline Brosh McKenna, Cameron Crowe
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English check availability
We call it techno! : a documentary about Germany's early techno scene and culture : a film / by Maren Sextro & Holger Wick German ML3540 .W4 2008
We loved each other so much / produced by Pieter Van Huystee Film & IKON a film by Jack Janssen Arabic ML420.F32 W36 2003
We own the night / produced by Marc Batan ... [et al] written and directed by James Gray
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English check availability
We shall overcome / Ginger Group director, Jim Brown English M1977.C47 W42x 1989
We shall remain : America through native eyes / an American Experience film in association with Apograph Productions, Inc., Tecumseh LLC and Native American Public Telecommunications coordinating producer, Cathleen O'Connell English E77 .W4 2009
We the living / A Duncan Scott Production in association with Henry Mark Holzer and Erika Holzer Italian PN1997 .W422x 1994
We want the light / an Allegro Film written and directed by Christopher Nupen English ML240.5 .W38 2004
We were soldiers / Paramount Pictures and Icon Productions present an Icon/Wheelhouse Entertainment production a Randall Wallace film producers, Bruce Davey, Stephen McEveety, Randall Wallace written for the screen and directed by Randall English PN1997 .W423 2002
We will live to see these things : & Not a matter of if, but when : two films by Julia Meltzer and David Thorne / produced by Julia Meltzer directed by Julia Meltzer and David Thorne written by David Thorne a project of The Speculative Archive Arabic DS99.D3 W495 2007
We're all in this together [graphic] : come vote with me. English 1-SIZE BP1576
We're the Millers / produced by Chris Bender, Vincent Newman, Tucker Tooley, Happy Walters written by Bob Fisher, Steve Faber, Sean Anders, John Morris directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber
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English check availability
The Weapon of choice English U263 .W37x 1988
The Weapons of Desert Shield / Video Ordnance English DS79.72 .W42x 1991
Wearing hijab : uncovering the myths of Islam in the United States / producer, interviewer, Mary Ann Watson producer, director, Ray LeJeune English BP67.U6 W42 2003
The weather underground / a documentary by Sam Green and Bill Siegel producers, Sam Green, Carrie Lozano, Bill Siegel, Marc Smolowitz director, Sam Green English HN90.R3 W45x 2004
The Weather Underground / Independent Television Service presents KQED San Francisco a documentary by Sam Green and Bill Siegel director, Sam Green co-director, Bill Siegel producers, Sam Green, Carrie Lozano, Bill Siegel, Marc Smolowitz direc English HN90.R3 W43 2004
Der Wechselbalg = Changeling / réalisé par Maria Steinmetz école, Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen (HFF), Allemagne German PN1997.2 .C536 2011
The wedding = Wesele / produced by Anna Iwaszkiewicz, Dariusz Pietrykowski, Bartlomiej Topa written and directed by Wojciech Smarzowski rezyseria Andrzej Wajda Polish PN1997 .W44339 2008
Wedding advice : speak now or forever hold your peace / produced by SosZey Productions. English HQ536 .W43x 2002
The wedding banquet = Hsi yen / the Samuel Goldwyn Company Central Motion Pictures in association with Good Machine screenplay by Ang Lee, Neil Peng, James Schamus produced by Ted Hope, James Schamus, Ang Lee directed by Ang Lee. Chinese PN1997 .W424x 1994
Wedding crashers / directed by David Dobkin written by Steve Faber and Bob Fisher
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English check availability
The wedding singer / New Line Cinema presents a Robert Simonds/Brad Grey production New Line Home Video produced by Robert Simonds and Jack Giarraputo written by Tim Herlihy directed by Frank Coraci
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English check availability
Wedding song : Henna art among Pakistani women in New York City / a videotape directed and produced by Susan Slyomovics and Amanda Dargan English 1-SIZE GN418 .W42x 1990
A Wednesday / UTV Motion Pictures presents a Friday Filmworks & Anjum Rizvi Film Co. production of a Neeraj Pandey film produced by Ronnie Screwvala, Shital Bhatia, Anjum Rizvi story, script & direction, Neeraj Pandey. Shaurya : it takes courage to Hindi PN1997 .W4244 2009
Weeds. Season two / Showtime presents created by Jenji Kohan written by Jenji Kohan ... [et al.] directed by Craig Zisk ... [et al.] Lions Gate Television English PN1997 .W42445 2007
Week-end à Zuydcoote / un film de Henri Verneuil French PN1997 .W4247x 2002
Week-end in Havana / Twentieth Century Fox original screenplay by Karl Tunberg and Darrell Ware produced by William LeBaron directed by Walter Lang English PN1997 .W4248 2005
Weekend / Gaumont les Films Copernic présentent un film [written and directed by Jean-Luc Godard produced by Comacio ... et al.] French PN1997 .W4245x 2005
Das Weib des Pharao : Drama in 6 Akten / von Norbert Falk und Hanns Kräly Regie, Ernst Lubitsch German PN1997 .W4249 2011
The weight of the nation / HBO Documentary Films and The Institute of Medicine in association with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ... [et al.] producer, Sarah Teale HBO English RC628 .W45 2012
Das weisse Band : eine deutsche Kindergeschichte / Sony Pictures Classics X Filme Creative Pool ... [et al.] präsentieren eine deutsch-österreichisch-französisch-italienische koproduktion in zusammenarbeit mit ARD/Degeto... [et al.] ausführender p German PN1997 .W424 2010
Das weisse Rauschen / X Verleih Cameo Film- und Fehrnsehproduktion Regie, Hans Weingartner Co-Regie, Toby Amann Buch, Hans Weingartner, Toby Amann, Matthias Schellenberg, Katrin Blum German PN1997.2 .W435 2002
Die weisse Rose / Arthaus eine Produktion von Sentana Film Drehbuch Michael Verhoeven, Mario Krebs. German PN1997 .W425x 2003
The Weissenhof Siedlung, 1927 / produced by BBC-TV for the Open University English NA6750.S78 W44x 1993
Welcome And, the Berlin Wall / Welcome - Dir. Phillippe Lioret The Berlin Wall - Dir. Paul Cotter French PN1997.2 .W436 2010
Welcome / Nord-Ouest présente une film de Philippe Lioret produit par Christophe Rossignon scénario, Philippe Lioret, Emmanuel Courcol, Olivier Adam une coproduction entre Nord-Ouest Films ... [et al.] French PN1997.2 .W436 2009
Welcome to Akron, birthplace of Alcohol Anonymous. English HV5278 .W45x 1990z
Welcome to Colombia / a film by Catalina Villar co-produced by ARTE France, YUMI Productions, RTI Colombia & Cityzen TV English F2279 .W43x 2003
Welcome to hell / presented by Toy Machine producer, Ed [Templeton] director, Jamie Thomas English GV859.8 .W37 2003
Welk`om t`u Tongmakkol = Welcome to Dongmakgol / kihoek, chejak,P`illum Itsuda kamdok Pak, Kwang-hyon Korean PN1997 .W428x 2005
A Well spent life English ML420.L74 W4x 1979
WELLINGTON'S LAST PARADE English check josiah
Wendy and Lucy / produced by Larry Fessenden, Neil Kopp, Anish Savjani written by Kelly Reichardt, Jonathan Raymond directed by Kelly Reichardt English PN1997.2 .W463 2009
Wer mischt mit? : Aspekte des Literaturbetriebs / ein Film von Gisela Kern und Thomas Strauch Produktion, MedienZentrum Universität Essen. German Z313 .W47x 1997
Werckmeister harmóniák = Werckmeister harmonies / Facets Video a Goëss Film-Budapest, a Von Vietinghoff Filmproduktion-Berlin, és a 13 Production-Marseille bemutatja [present] Krasnahorkai László, Hranitzky Ágnes és Tarr Béla filmjét [a film by] Hungarian PN1997 .W4434 2006
Were the world mine / SPEAKproductions in association with The Group Entertainment and Logo a SPEAKproductions film screenplay by Cory James Krueckeberg & Tom Gustafson produced by Tom Gustafson, Cory James Krueckeberg & Peter Sterling directe English PN1997.2 .W4694 2009
Werner Herzog German PN1997 .W44337 2004
Werner Herzog, documentaries and shorts / directed by Werner Herzog German PN1997 .W44338 2006
Werther : drame lyrique en quatre actes / Jules Massenet llibretto d'´Édouard Blau, Paul Milliet & Georges Hartmann d'après Johann Wolfgang von Goethe directed for TV and video by Claus Viller French M1500.M38 W473 2005
Werther : lyric drama in four acts / by Jules Massenet libretto by Édouard Blau, Paul Milliet, Georges Hartmann, after Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ARTE France, Idéale Audience, Opéra national du Paris present French M1500.M38 W47x 2010
Werther / de Jules Massenet Calicot Productions & Virgin Classics présentent French M1500.M38 W37 2006
Wes Montgomery : live in '65 / Reelin' in the Years Productions producers, David Peck, Philip Galloway and Tom Gulotta English M1366.M768 W57 2007
West African heritage / a production of WETA produced & directed by Robert Kaiser English ML3556 .F76x 1980
West Beyrouth / La Sept ARTE 3B Productions, Jean Bréhat et Rachid Bouchareb, et Douri Films présentent écrit et realisé par Ziad Doueiri Arabic PN1997 .W4435x 2001
West Coast conjurers. volume 1 English GV1547 .W468 2006
West Side story : the making of the recording / music by Leonard Bernstein book by Arthur Laurents lyrics by Stephen Sondheim based on a conception of Jerome Robbins orchestration, Leonard Bernstein/Sid Ramin/Irwin Kostal produced by English M1500.B55 W47x 2001
West Side story / Mirisch Pictures presents a Robert Wise production in association with Seven Arts Productions, Inc. screenplay writer, Ernest Lehman directors, Robert Wise, Jerome Robbins English PN1997 .W4437x 2003
West Side story / Mirisch Pictures presents a Robert Wise production in association with Seven Arts Productions, Inc. screenplay writer, Ernest Lehman directors, Robert Wise, Jerome Robbins English PN1997 .W4437x 2007
West side story / United Artists presented by Mirisch Pictures, Inc. in association with Seven Arts Productions, Inc. directed by Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins screenplay by Ernest Lehman a Robert Wise production English PN1997 .W4437x 1998
West Virginia banjo : taught by Dwight Diller English MT568 .W47x 1999
The West Virginia hills : a tribute to the dulcimer / a documentary by Gerlad Milnes. English M142.A7 W47x 2003
The West Wing. The complete first season / John Wells Productions Warner Bros. Television producers, Kevin Falls ... [et al.] writers, Allison Abner ... [et al.] directors, Alex Graves ... [et al.] English PN1997 .W446x 2000
The West Wing. The complete fourth season / Warner Bros. television created by Aaron Sorkin producers, Aaron Sorkin, Thomas Schlamme, John Wells English PN1997 .W449x 2005
The West Wing. The complete second season / John Wells Productions Warner Bros. Television writers, Aaron Sorkin ... [et al.] directors, Thomas Schlamme ... [et al.] English PN1997 .W447x
The West Wing. The complete third season / John Wells Productions Warner Bros. Television created by Aaron Sorkin executive producers, Aaron Sorkin, Thomas Schlamme, John Wells English PN1997 .W448x 2004
West-Eastern Divan Orchestra / directed by Michael Beyer produced by Paul Smaczny a production of EuroArts Music International in coproduction with ZDF n/a M1004.W38 W37 2006
Western / director/screenwriter, Manuel Poirier French PN1997 .W44376x 1990z
Western / produit par Maurice Bernart et Michel St. Jean un film de Manual Poirier une coproduction Salomé-Diaphana avec Canal+, Le Centre national de la cinématographie, Sofica Sofinergie 4, avec le soutien de la Procirep scénario de Maneul Poi French PN1997 .W44376x 2000
Western swing guitar styles / Joe Carr. English MT580 .W47x 1990z
The Western tradition. Programs 1-2 / produced by WGBH in association with The Metropolitan Museum of Art executive producer, Fred Barzyk. English CB311 .W54x 1989
Westfront 1918 / produced by Nero-Film directed by G.W. Pabst English PN1997 .W4438x 1987
Westworld / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer presents produced by Paul N. Lazarus III written and directed by Michael Crichton English PN1997 .W454 2000
Wet sand : voices from L.A. / writer/director, Dai Sil Kim-Gibson Silence Broken Foundation English F869.L89 K692 2004
Whaler out of New Bedford : Purrington & Russells's original panorama of a whaling voyage around the world / produced by Francis Thompson Inc. written and photographed by Adam Giffard English SH381 .W497 1961
What a girl wants / CHC Productions produced by Elizabeth Massie a film by Matthew Buzzell, Elizabeth Massie, Jacob Bricca English HQ798 .W46 2000
What about Bob? / Touchstone Pictures presents in association with Touchwood Pacific Partners I, a Laura Ziskin production a Frank Oz film co-produced by Bernard Williams story by Alvin Sargent & Laura Ziskin screenplay by Tom Schulman produ English PN1997 .W429 2000
What about style? : der Maler Alex Katz / Artcore Film zeight einen film von Heinz Peter Schwerfel English ND237.K33 W43 2003
What doesn't kill you / produced by Mark Frydman, Bob Yari, Rod Lurie written by Donnie Wahlberg, Brian Goodman, Paul T. Murray directed by Brian Goodman
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English check availability
What Farocki taught / by Jill Godmilow English DS558 .G63 1998
What happens in Vegas / produced by Michael Aguilar, Shawn Levy, Jimmy Miller written by Dana Fox directed by Tom Vaughan
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English check availability
What in the world? / KMF Productions for RTE script & narration, Rodney Rice director, Ruth Meehan English HC59.7 .W46x 2005
What is the Chinese opera? / productions [of the] National Fu Hsing Dramatic Arts Academy supervisov [under the supervision of], Jih Ding Sy filmed by China Motion Picture Studios English ML1751.C4 W63 2004
What remains : the life and work of Sally Mann / a film by Steven Cantor English TR647.M366 W43 2008
What we want, what we believe : The Black Panther Party library English E185.615 .W435x 2006
What would Jesus buy? / Palisades Pictures Morgan Spurlock presents a Warrior Poets production in association with Werner Film a film by Rob VanAlkemade producers, Peter Hutchison, Stacy Offman, Morgan Spurlock directed by Rob VanAlkemade English HF5415.33.U6 W43 2008
What's eating Gilbert Grape? / Paramount Pictures presents a Matalon Teper Ohlsson production, a Lasse Hallström film produced by Meir Teper, Bertil Ohlsson, David Matalon screenplay by Peter Hedges directed by Lasse Hallström
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English check availability
What's love got to do with it / Touchstone Pictures presents a Krost/Chapin production a Brian Gibson film screenplay by Kate Lanier produced by Doug Chapin and Barry Krost directed by Brian Gibson
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English check availability
What's love got to do with it? / Touchstone Pictures produced by Doug Chapin and Barry Krost directed by Brian Gibson screenplay by Kate Lanier
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English check availability
What's race got to do with it? / California Newsreel presents written, directed and produced by Jean Cheng English LC1099.3 .W53 2006
Wheedle's groove : [Seattle's forgotten soul of the 1960s and '70s] / an Evil Bunny film produced by Jennifer Maas, Matt Sullivan, Michelle Witten directed by Jennifer Maas written by Jennifer Maas, Michelle Witten English M1629.7.W3 W44 2011
When did you last see your father? / produced by Elizabeth Karlsen, Stephen Woolley screenplay by David Nicholls directed by Anand Tucker
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English check availability
When dinosaurs roamed America / produced by Evergreen Films, LLC for Discovery Channel executive producer/director, Pierre de Lespinois producer, John Copeland writer, Georgann Kane English QE861.7 .W54 2006
When Harry met Sally / Metro Goldwyn Mayer, Castle Rock Entertainment in association with Nelson Entertainment present a Rob Reiner film produced by Rob Reiner, Andrew Scheinman written by Nora Ephron directed by Rob Reiner English PN1997 .W463 2007
When Harry met Sally / produced by Rob Reiner, Andrew Scheinman written by Nora Ephron directed by Rob Reiner
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English check availability
When I came home / Lohaus Films LLC directed by Dan Lohaus produced by Dan Lohaus and Nancy Roth English UB357 .W46 2006
When I saw you / Philistine Films a coproduction Asfari Foundation, Faliro House Productions, Tariq Al Ghussein produced by Ossama Bawardi a film written and directed by Annemarie Jacir English check josiah
When in Rome / Touchstone Pictures presents a Gary Foster production, a Mark Steven Johnson film written by David Diamond & David Weissman produced by Gary Foster, Mark Steven Johnson, Andrew Panay directed by Mark Steven Johnson
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English check availability
When it was a game / special presentation of HBO Sports. English GV863 .W44x 1991
When Mother comes home for Christmas-- / a co-production of ZDF, the Greek Film Centre and FilmSixteen produced by Nilita Vachani & Vangelis Kalmbakas directed and edited by Nilita Vachani. Sinhalese HD8650.5 .W48x 1996
When night is falling / October Films Alliance Communications Corporation presents a Crucial Pictures Inc. production of a film by Patricia Rozema producer, Barbara Tranter writer/director, Patricia Rozema. English PN1997 .W464x 1996
When the Bay Area quakes / produced & written by Doug Prose English QE535.2.U6 W43x 1990
When the levees broke : a requiem in four acts / [a Spike Lee film] 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks HBO Documentary Films [director, Spike Lee] producers, Sam Pollard, Spike Lee executive producer, Sheila Nevins English HV636 2005.L8 W496 2006
When the light's red / Walleye Systems presents created by Keith Wilson English HV4506.T47 W55 2008
When the wind blows / directed by Jimmy T. Murakami English PN1997 .W465x 2005
When things go wrong : voices of patients and families / written and directed by Tom Delbanco produced by Andy Volk English R729.8 .W44 2006
Where angels fear to tread / Sovereign Pictures Fine Line Features screenplay by Tim Sullivan, Derek Granger, Charles Sturridge produced by Derek Granger directed by Charles Sturridge English PN1997 .W467x 1992
Where are you taking me? / directed by Kimi Takesue English DT433.227 .T34 2010
Where do I stand? / in partnership with Shikaya a film by Molly Blank written, produced and directed by Molly Blank production partner, Shikaya English P96.X45 W53 2010
Where do you stand? : stories from an American mill / a FireBrand Productions picture a film by Alexandra Lescaze produced and directed by Alexandra Lescaze co-producer, Robert Richter Mighty Fine Films English HD6515.T4 W48 2004
Where soldiers come from / Quincy Hill Films + ITVS present in association with American Documentary/POV a film by Heather Courtney directed and produced by Heather Courtney English DS371.413 .W54 2011
Where the boys are / Euterpe Inc., Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer producer, Joe Pasternak writer, George Wells director, Henry Levin English PN1997 .W4645 2004
Where the heart is / Twentieth Century Fox presents a Wind Dancer production produced by Susan Cartsonis, David McFadzean and Patricia Whitcher screenplay by Lowell Ganz & Babaloo Mandel directed and produced by Matt Williams
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English check availability
Where the wild things are / produced by Tom Hanks ... [et al.] screenplay by Spike Jonze, Dave Eggers directed by Spike Jonze
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English check availability
Where's my man to-nite? Mystery in swing English PN1997 .W4643 2009
While the ages roll on-- : a memorial / producer, director, editor, Kevin Balling Tin Roof. English BX6389.395.C36 W5x 1998
Whip it / produced by Barry Mendel written by Shauna Cross directed by Drew Barrymore
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English check availability
Whip it / produced by Barry Mendel written by Shauna Cross directed by Drew Barrymore English PN1997.2 .W4575 2010
Whisky / Control Zeta Films en coproducción con Rizoma Films ... [et al.] producción ejecutiva, Fernando Epstein guión, Pablo Stoll, Juan Pablo Rebella, Gonzalo Delgado Galiana dirección, Pablo Stoll, Juan Pablo Rebella Spanish PN1997 .W5327x 2004
Whispers on the wind / A Nebraska ETV/Great Amwell Production English WH673w
White / a Marin Karmitz production a film by Krysztof Kieslowski French PN1997 .W5334x 1990z
The White House : in tune with history / a presentation of the White House Historical Association written by Sara Lukinson English ML3917.U6 W55 2002
White House Conference on Aging, May 2-5, 1995 English HQ1061 .W55 1995
White House down / a Sony Pictures Entertainment release of a Columbia Pictures presentation of a Mythology Entertainment/Centropolis Entertainment production produced by Brad Fischer, Larry J. Franco, Laeta Kalogridis, Harald Kloser, James Vand
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English check availability
White man's country / Anthony David Productions, inc. a film by Anthony Howarth and David Koff written by David Koff English DT433.57 .W45x 1988
White material / IFC Films Why Not Productions présente une coproduction Why Not Productions, Wild Bunch, France 3 Cinéma avec la participation de Canal+, France Télévisions, TPS Star, et du Centre National de la Cinématographie en association French PN1997.2 .W47 2011
White material / produced by Pascal Caucheteux written by Claire Denis, Marie N'Diaye directed by Claire Denis
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check availability
White men can't jump / 20th Century Fox presents a Ron Shelton film produced by Don Miller and David Lester written and directed by Ron Shelton English PN1997 .W5337 2000
White scripts and Black supermen : Black masculinities in comic books / Grace Films produced, written, and directed by Jonathan Gayles English PN6725 .W65 2011
Who decides? : do we have a choice? / International Labour Organization, International Training Centre of the ILO. English HB884 .W48x 1996
Who framed Roger Rabbit? / Touchstone Pictures and Amblin Entertainment directed by Robert Zemeckis produced by Robert Watts and Frank Marshall screenplay, Jeffrey Price and Peter S. Seaman English PN1997 .W47x 1987
Who gets to call it art? : the legend of Henry Geldzahler, 1935-1994 / produced and directed by Peter Rosen English N6493 1960 W46x 2005
Who gets to know? : genetics and privacy / a production of Fred Friendly Seminars at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in association with Thirteen/WNET New York English RB155 .W485x 2003
Who killed the electric car? / a Chris Paine film a Dean Devlin/Plinyminor production in association with Papercut Films written and directed by Chris Paine produced by Jessie Deeter executive producers, Dean Devlin, Tavin Marin Titus, Ric English TL220 .W48 2006
Who Killed Vincent Chin? / a production of Film News Now Foundation & WTVS Detroit producer, Renee Tajima director, Christine Choy English F574.D49 N487x 2004
The Who live : featuring the rock opera Tommy / a DIR Television productions producer, Michael Pillot director, Larry Jordan English ML421.W5 W465x 1989
Who owns history? English D16.9 .W48x 1995
Who owns our government? / a production of Public Affairs Television, Inc. produced by Martin Koughan English JK467 .W46x 1992
Who will teach for America? / a coproduction of Connecticut Public Television and Drew/Fairchild, Inc English LB1715 .W56x 1991
Who's afraid of designer babies? : the ethics of genetic screening / writer & director, Sean Cousins producers, Tony Wright, Stuart Menzies production, Film Australia in association with SBS independent English QH442 .W46 2004
Who's afraid of Ngugi? / K'a-Yéléma Productions presents a film by Manthia Diawara written and directed by Manthia Diawara, produced by Balufu Bakupa-Kanyinda English PR9381.9.N45 Z475 2006
Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf? / Warner Bros English PN1997 .W48x 1996
Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf? / Warner Bros. Pictures presents Ernest Lehman's production screenplay by Ernest Lehman directed by Mike Nichols English PN1997 .W46 2010
Who's Camus anyway? / a Writer/director, Mitsuo Yangimachi producer, Kazuo Shimizu Japanese PN1997 .W533737x 2006
Who's killing Calvert City? / produced, written, and reported by Michael Mierendorf English TD1042.K4 W46x 1989
Who's the boss? The complete first season / ELP Communications Embassy Television Sony Pictures Television producer, Bud Wiser writers, Martin Cohan and Blake Hunter ... [et al.] directed by Asaad Kelada ... [et al.] English PN1997 .W46 2004
Whole effluent toxicity training video series. Freshwater series English EP 1.2:T 66/20
The whole nine yards / Morgan Creek Productions and Franchise Pictures present a Rational Packaging Production in association with Lansdown Films produced by David Willis, Allan Kaufman directed by Jonathan Lynn written by Mitchell Kapner
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English check availability
Whoopee! / story by William Anthony McGuire based upon Owen Davis' play, The nervous wreck screen adaptation by William M. Conselman directed by Thornton Freeland produced by Florenz Ziegeld and Samuel Goldwyn English PN1997 .W554x 1992
Whoopin' the blues : 1958-1974 / Sonny Terry English M1630.18.T396 W46x 1997
Whoopin' the blues : 1958-1974 / Sonny Terry English M1630.18.T396 W46x 2004
Whose is this song? / Adela Media Film & TV Productions, Periscope Productions NV present an Adela Peeva film directed by Adela Peeva story, Adela Peeva produced by Slobodan Miovanovich, Paul Pauwels co-produced by ARTE/ORB, YLE/TV1 Multilingual ML3600.6 .W46 2005
Why a national park in the Blackstone Valley? / a presentation of the John H. Chafee Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor Commission English F72.B6 W49 2010
Why did I get married? / produced by Reuben Cannon, Tyler Perry written and directed by Tyler Perry
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English check availability
Why has Bodhi-Dharma left for the East? = Dharmaga Tongjoguro Kan Kkadalgun / Bae Yong-kyun Productions Korean BQ9286.2 .W49 1999
Why quilts matter : history, art & politics / the Kentucky Quilt Project, Inc. presents produced by Doug Jefferson written by Ann E. Berman English NK9112 .W5395 2011
Why the towers fell / produced and directed by Garfield Kennedy and Larry Klein a BBC/WGBH Boston co-production English TA656 .W49x 2002
Why toes tap : Marsalis on rhythm / written by Wynton Marsalis Daniel Anker, Laura Mitgang, producers Gary Bradley, director English MT90 .M27x 1995
Why we fight : a series of seven information films / produced by the Special Service Division, Army Service Forces, in cooperation with the U.S. Army Signal Corps [directed by Frank Capra]. English D743 .W485x 1984
Why we fight / Sony Pictures Classics presents a Charlotte Street Film in association with BBC Storyville/Arte/CBC produced by Eugene Jarecki, Susannah Shipman written and directed by Eugene Jarecki English DS79.76 .W49 2006
Wide Sargasso Sea / FineLine Features a Laughing Kookaburra production
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English check availability
Wife vs. secretary / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Clarence Brown's production Loew's Incorporated directed by Clarence Brown screen play by Norman Krasna, John Lee Mahin, Alice Duer Miller produced by Hunt Stromberg English PN1997 .W469 2006
Wifredo Lam French ND305.L3 W55 2011
The Wigan Casino English M1741.18 .W54 2009
Wilby wonderful / Da Da Kamera Pictures, Palpable Productions [presented by] Mongrel Media written and directed by Daniel MacIvor producer, Camelia Frieberg co-producer, Sherrie Johnson executive producer, Joe Frieberg line producer, Steph English PN1997.2 .W56x 2005
The wild bunch / Warner Bros. - Seven Arts presents a Phil Feldman production produced by Phil Feldman story by Walon Green and Roy N. Sickner screenplay by Walon Green and Sam Peckinpah directed by Sam Peckinpah English PN1997 .W536 2006
The wild child = L'enfant sauvage / a film by François Truffaut French PN1997 .W5365x 2003
Wild combination : a portrait of Arthur Russell / Polari Pictures presents in association with IMO Films a film by Matt Wolf produced by Ben Howe, Kyle Martin & Matt Wolf English ML410.R97 W56 2008
Wild Hogs / produced by Todd Lieberman, Brian Robbins, Michael Tollin directed by Walt Becker written by Brad Copeland
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English check availability
Wild horses / [directed by Matt Sterling] English PN1995.9.S45 W55 1994
Wild man blues / [Sweetland Films presents] a Fine Line Features release Cabin Creek Films producer, Jean Doumanian directed by Barbara Kopple English PN1998.3.A45 W55 1997
The wild one / Columbia Pictures Corporation presents a Stanley Kramer Company production screenplay by John Paxton directed by Laslo Benedek English PN1997 .W5546 1998
Wild side / Gilles Sandoz présente un film de Sébastien Lifshitz Maïa Films ... [et al.] scénario original, Stéphane Bouquet, Sébastien Lifshitz ventes internationales, Films distribution distribution France, Ad vitam French PN1997 .P73945 2010
Wild strawberries = Smultronstället / Criterion Collection a Janus Films presentation Svensk Filmindustri a film by Ingmar Bergman Swedish PN1997 .S615x 2002
Wild style / Wild Style Productions directed, produced & written by Charlie Ahearn English PN1997 .W5367x 2002
Wild women don't have the blues / Calliope Film Resources, Inc. director, Christine Dall producers, Carole van Falkenburg, Christine Dall English ML3521 .W54x 2007
Wild women don't have the blues / Calliope Film Resources, Inc. produced by Carol Doyle Van Valkenburgh, Christine Dall directed by Christine Dall English ML3521 .W54x 1989
Wildcats / Warner Bros. presents a Hawn/Sylbert production a Michael Ritchie film written by Ezra Sacks produced by Anthea Sylbert directed by Michael Ritchie English PN1997 .W5363 2006
Wiligelmo : master sculptor of the Middle Ages / directed by Nancy Fisher produced by RAI, Radiotelevision Italiana English ND623.W54 W5x 1990
Will & Grace. Season two / KoMut Entertainment in association with Three Sisters Entertainment and NBC Studios, Inc. producers, Bruce Alden, Peter Chakos, Bill Wrubel director, James Burrows English PN1997 .W54 2004
Willa Cather : the road is all / [a co-production of Thirteen/WNET New York and NET Television] English PS3505.A87 Z69 2005
William Eggleston in the real world / High Line Productions Keep You Head Productions a Michael Almereyda film camera/narration/director, Michael Almereyda producers, Michael Almereyda, Jesse Dylan, Anthony Kalagas English TR654 .E353x 1999
William Eggleston in the real world / High Line Productions Keep You Head Productions a Michael Almereyda film camera/narration/director, Michael Almereyda producers, Michael Almereyda, Jesse Dylan, Anthony Kalagas English TR647.E27 W55 2005
William Faulkner's the long, hot summer / Twentieth Century-Fox presents a CinemaScope picture Jerry Wald's production of screenplay by Irving Ravetch and Harriet Frank, Jr. Jerry Wald Productions, Inc. Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation English PN1997 .L6755 2003
William Primrose, a violist's legacy / a presentation of KYBU-TV and Brigham Young University Department of Music produced and directed by Mark D. Collier English ML418.P84 W44x 1987
William Shakespeare : a poet for all time / executive producer, William Perry producer, Marshall Johnson director, Mike Gibbon a production of the Nebraskan ETV Network in association with the Great Amwell Company. English PR2842 .W55x 1997
William Shakespeare's A Midsummer night's dream / Fox Searchlight Pictures andRegency Enterprises present a Michael Hoffman film produced by Leslie Urdang, Michael Hoffman screenplay by Michael Hoffman directed by Michael Hoffman English PN1997 .W5548 1999
William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet / Twentieth Century Fox presents, a Bazmark production. English PN1997 .R655x 1997
William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet / / Twentieth Century Fox a Bazmark production produced by Gabriella Martinelli and Baz Luhrmann screenplay by Craig Pearce & Baz Luhrmann directed by Baz Luhrmann English PN1997 .R655x 1997b
William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet / Paramount directed by Franco Zeffirelli produced by Anthony Havelock-Allan, John Brabourne screenplay, Franco Brusati, Masolino D'Amico, Franco Zeffirelli. English PN1997 .R65x 1996
William Shakespeare's The taming of the shrew / adaptation and direction by Sam Taylor English PN1997 .T28x 2005
William Shakespeare's The taming of the shrew / by William Shakespeare directed by William Ball and Kirk Browning English PN1997 .T28x 2000
William Wegman : video works, 1970-1999 English N6537.W345 W57 2006
William Wyler's the heiress / a Paramount Picture written for the screen by Ruth and Augustus Goetz produced and directed by William Wyler English PN1997 .W555 2007
Willie Week English M1744 .W64x 1987
Winchester '73 / Universal-International presents produced by Aaron Rosenberg screenplay by Robert L. Richards, Borden Chase directed by Anthony Mann English PN1997 .W5555 2008
Wind River / presented by Porchlight Entertainment, in association witih Mad Dog Films & Wolf Creek Partners English PN1997 .W55556 2007
The wind that shakes the barley / directed by Ken Loach written by Paul Laverty
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English check availability
The window = La ventana / Guacamole Films and Wanda Vision script, Carlos Sorin with the collaboration of Pedro Mairal producer, José Maria Morales director, Carlos Sorin Spanish PN1997.2 .W64 2009
Windows on Asia-Pacific / a CYAP presentation of an OKM Communications production produced, directed and written by Karen Murray. English HF6146.T42 W49x 1999
Winds of change. A matter of choice / Wisconsin Public Television English E99.H7 W56x 1990
Winds of change. A matter of promises / Wisconsin Public Television English E99.O58 W56x 1990
Wing and a prayer : the story of Carrier X / Twentieth Century-Fox presents story and screen play by Jerome Cady produced by William A. Bacher and Walter Morosco directed by Henry Hathaway English PN1997 .W5556 2001
Wings = Krylia / a film by Larisa Shepitko English PN1997 .W5554 2008
Wings of defeat / a film by Risa Morimoto and Linda Hoaglund English D792.J3 W564 2007
Wings of desire / Metro Goldwyn Mayer produced by Road Movies, Berlin and Argos Films, Paris in association with Westdeutscher Rundfunk produced by Wim Wenders and Anatole Dauman written by Wim Wenders in collaboration with Peter Handke, addit German PN1997 .W556x 2003
Wings of madness / a NOVA production by Docere Digital Studios, Inc. and Palace Production Center, Inc. for WGBH Boston in association with France 5 and Gros Biplan Rouge produced by Chris Campbell, Timothy Smith directed by Brian Berger English TL540.S25 W56 2006
The winning team / Warner Bros. Pictures a Warner Bros.-First National Picture screen play by Ted Sherdeman and Seeleg Lester & Merwin Gerard produced by Bryan Foy directed by Lewis Seiler English PN1997 .W5647 2007
Winter soldier / Milliarium Zero present Winterfilm in association with Vietnam Veterans Against the War English DS559.2 .W56 2006
Winter soldier II, a grass roots view : eye witness accounts and commentary / Peace Now Films presents another Malin/Hubbard collaboration produced, filmed and edited by Paul Hubbard and Robert Malin, 2008 English DS79.764.U6 W56 2008
Winter solstice on ice / created and produced by Automatic Productions, Inc English GV850.4 .W56 1999
Winter's bone / produced by Alix Madigan, Anne Rosellini screenplay by Debra Granik, Anne Rosellini directed by Debra Granik
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English check availability
The Winter's tale / presented by the British Broadcasting Corporation producer, Jonathan Miller director, Jane Howell English PN1997 .W5x 1988
Winterreise = Winter journey : song cycle to poems by Wilhelm Müller / Franz Schubert produced by Sender Freies Berlin directed for TV and Video by Klaus Lindemann. German M1620.S3 W57x 2005
Winterschläfer = Winter sleepers / Bavaria Film International presents X Filme Creative Pool in zusammenarbeit mit Filmstiftung NRW ... [et al.] Film von Tom Tykwer Drehbuch, Tom Tykwer, Anne-Françoise Pyszora Produzent, Stefan Arndt Regie, German PN1997 .W5826x 2000
Wiping the tears of seven generations / a Kifaru production in association with Eagle Heart Productions directed by Gary Rhine & Fidel Moreno produced by Gary Rhine writers, Gary Rhine & Phil Cousineau English E99.D1 W57x 1992
Wir können auch Anders / Delphi Filmverleih zeigt Boje Buck präsentieren produciert von Claus Boje Regie, D.W. Buck Buch, Ernst Kahl, D.W. Buck. German PN1997 .W5828x 2001
The wire. The complete first season / HBO Original Programming producer, Nina Kostroff Noble story by David Simon & Edward Burns Blown Deadline Productions a presentation of Home Box Office English PN1997.2 W5701 2010
Wired communities : putting the e in public health / CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Public Health Training Network, UNC School of Public Health English RA8 .W57 2003
Wisconsin powwow Naamikaaged : dancer for the people / a production of Center for Folklife and Cultural Studies and Office of Communications, Smithsonian Instutution. English E98.P86 W57x 1996
Wisdom and Turkish humor : Karagöz, Nasreddin Hoca, Keloglan / directed by Mehmet Ali Sanlikol Multilingual PN1979.S5 D86 2007
Wish me luck. Series 1, volumes 1-3 / London Weekend Television producers, Colin Shindler and Lavinia Warner writers, Jill Hyem, Colin Shindler and Kevin Clarke director, Gordon Flemyng English PN1997 .W5829x 2004
Wish you were here / produced by Angie Fielder written by Kieran Darcy-Smith, Felicity Price directed by Kieran Darcy-Smith
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English check availability
Wit / HBO Films presents an Avenue Pictures production a film by Mike Nichols directed by Mike Nichols screenplay by Emma Thompson & Mike Nichols produced by Simon Bosanquet English PN1997 .W58294 2001
Witch hunt / HBO Pictures presents a Pacific Western production a film by Paul Schrader produced by Michael R. Joyce executive producer, Gale Anne Hurd written by Joseph Dougherty directed by Paul Schrader English PS3523.O82 Z98 W568 1995
The witches / Warner Bros. Pictures Jim Henson Productions screenplay by Allan Scott produced by Mark Shivas director, Nicolas Roeg English PN1997 .W58296 1989
With a feminine touch / the Great Amwell Company, Inc English WI892f
With a friend like Harry / Diaphana films, M6 Films with participation of Canal+ M6 du Centre National de la Cinématographie in association with La Sofica Sofinergie 5 with the support of La Procirep produced by Michel Saint-Jean screenplay by, Do English PN1997 .W5843x 2001
With babies and banners : story of the Women's Emergency Brigade / director/producer, Lorraine Gray producer/historian, Lyn Goldfarb English HD5325.A82 1937 .F54x 1977
With Byrd at the South Pole / a Paramount picture Adolph Zukor & Jesse L. Lasky. English G850 1928 .W58x 1992
With fingers of love / producer, director, Carolyn Hales. English NK9112 .W58x 1994
Without a trace. The complete first season / Jerry Bruckheimer Television CBS Productions Warner Bros. Television producers, Jan Nash ... [et al.] written by Hank Steinberg ... [et al.] directed by David Nutter ... [et al.] English PN1997 .W5846 2004
Without you I'm nothing / MCEG in association with Sterling Entertainment Company a Jonathan D. Krane/Nicolas Roeg production produced by Jonathan D. Kane directed by John Boskovich written by Sandra Bernhard and John Boskovich English PN1997 .W5847x 2005
Witness / Paramount Pictures presents an Edward S. Feldman production produced by Edward S. Feldman screenplay by Earl W. Wallace & William Kelley directed by Peter Weir
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English check availability
Witnesses / Interfilm HRT Film Movement Vinko Bresan film producer, Ivan Maloca, Ljubo Sikic screenplay, Jurica Pavicic, Vinko Bresan, Zioko Zalar director, Vinko Bresan Croatian PN1997.2 .W58x 2004
Wittgenstein / Channel Four Television and the British Film Institute in association with Uplink, Japan produced by Tariq Ali directed by Derek Jarman written by Derek Jarman, Terry Eagleton, Ken Butler English PN1997 .W5849 1993
Wives of poor people, wives of rich people : stories from contemporary Zaire / as created and performed by Tatu Malumba Shambuyi Luba-Katanga GR357.82.L82 W58x 1991
The Wiz / Universal a Motown production screenplay by Joel Schumacher produced by Rob Cohen directed by Sidney Lumet English PN1997 .W585 1999
Wizard of Oz / a Victor Fleming production, a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer picture produced by Mervin LeRoy screenplay by Noel Langley, Florence Ryerson and Edgar Allan Woolf directed by Victor Fleming English PN1997 .W59 2005
The Wizard of Oz / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer produced by Loew's Incorporated a Victor Fleming production screen play by Noel Langley, Florence Ryerson and Edgar Allan Woolf adaptation by Noel Langley photographed in Technicolor by Harold Rosson prod English PN1997 .W59 1999
The wizard of Oz / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer produced by Mervyn LeRoy directed by Victor Fleming. English PN1997 .W59 1999
The wizard of photography / a Green Light Productions, Inc. film WGBH Boston WGBH Educational Foundation English TR140.E3 W59 2000
Wo ai gao gen xie = My fancy high heels / dao yan, He Zhaoti zhi zuo ren, He Zhaoti Da zhao guo ji zhi zuo Chinese HD9787.C5 W53 2010
Wo de mei li yu ai chou = The peony pavilion / Yin yun ke ji you xian gong si dao yan Chen Guofu Chinese PN1997 .W5976 2000z
Wo men liang = You and me / Zhongguo dian ying ji tuan gong si Beijing dian ying zhi pian chang Dian ying pin dao jie mu zhong xin chu pin ren, Yang Buting, Yan Xiaoming zong jian zhi, Jiang Tao, Lu Hongshi bian ju, dao yan, Ma Liwen Chinese PN1997.2 .W8385x 2006
Wo men shi gong chan zhu yi sheng lüe hao = We are the-- of communism / dao yan/zhi pian ren, Cui Zi'en zhi zuo, Cuizi DV Studio Chinese LC4097.C6 W66x 2007
Wo yuan yi = I do / chu pin: Zhongguo dian ying gu fen you xian gong si, Zhejiang feng yi ying ye you xian gong si, Beijing Zi jin cheng ying ye you xian ze ren gong si lian he chu pin: Beijing chuan shi rong yao chuan mei wen hua you xian gong si . Chinese check josiah
Wole Soyinka / Institute of Contemporary Arts English PR9387.9.S6 W63x 1989
The wolf of Wall Street / a Paramount release presented with Red Granite Pictures of an Appian Way/Sikelia/Emjag production produced by Martin Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio, Riza Aziz, Joey McFarland, Emma Koskoff written by Terence Winter dir English PN1997.2 .W56 2014b
Wolfgang Doeblin : a mathematician rediscovered / concept, script, direction, realisation, production, Agnes Handwerk, Harrie Willems Springer-Verlag English QA29.D64 W65 2007
The Wolverine / produced by Hugh Jackman, Hutch Parker, Lauren Shuler Donner written by Mark Bomback, Scott Frank directed by James Mangold
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English check availability
A woman called Moses / directed by Paul Wendkos written for television by Lonne Elder III produced by Ike Jones, Michael Jaffe English PN1997 .W665 2001
Woman in the dunes = Suna no onna / Eishin director, Hiroshi Teshigahara Teshigahara Productions Japanese PN1997 .W635 1999
The woman in the moon : (by rocket to the moon) / directed by Fritz Lang English PN1997 .F72x 1987
Woman in the moon / UFA direction, Fritz Lang screenplay, Thea von Harbou German PN1997 .W6375x 2004
A woman of affairs / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer directed by Clarence Brown English PN1997 .W64x 1991
Woman of Rome / Minerva film regia, Luigi Zampa prodotta da Dino De Laurentiis, Carlo Ponti un film de Carlo Ponti De Laurentiis. Italian PN1997 .W647x 1996
A woman who-- : selected works of Yvonne Rainer English PN1995.9.E96 R352x 2002
Womanhouse / directed and edited by Johanna Demetrakas English NX180.F4 W64 2006
The women / Loew's, Inc. producer, Hunt Stromberg director, George Cukor screenplay, Anita Loos and Jane Martin English PN1997 .W66x 1985
The women / produced by Diane English ... [et al.] screenplay written and directed by Diane English
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English check availability
Women and Islam : Islam unveiled. Part 1 / Hardcash Productions, Channel Four Television Corporation produced and directed by Ruhi Hamid English HQ1170 .W258x 2003
Women and men unglued : marriage and relationships in the 21st century / National Film Board of Canada English HQ734 .W78x 2004
Women in Jamaica / Thames Television Plc. a presentation of Films for the Humanities & Sciences English HQ1518 .W66x 1992
Women in politics / a production of Public Affairs Television, Inc. produced by Gail Pellett English HQ1236.5.U6 W655x 1992
The women next door / directed and produced by Michal Aviad English DS119.7 .W64x 1992
The women of Brewster Place / Xenon Entertainment Group produced by Patricia K. Meyer and Reuben Cannon teleplay by Karen Hall directed by Donna Deitch Phoenix Entertainment Group, Inc. Harpo Productions, Inc. King Phoenix Entertainment
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English check availability
The women of Brewster Place / Xenon Entertainment Group produced by Patricia K. Meyer and Reuben Cannon teleplay by Karen Hall directed by Donna Deitch Phoenix Entertainment Group, Inc. Harpo Productions, Inc. King Phoenix Entertainment English PN1997 .W6625 2011
Women of steel / a videotape by Mon Valley Media English HD6073.I52 U632x 1985
Women of the Wall / producer/director, Faye Lederman Squeeze the Stone Productions English DS109.32.W47 W66 1999
Women of the yellow earth / a Cicada Film for BBC Television English HQ766.5.C6 W66x 1994
Women on screen : understanding Korean society and women through films / [Munhwa Ch'eyuk Kwan'gwangbu, Han'guk Yongsang Charyowon (Korean Film Archive)] Korean PN1997 .W658 2012
Women without men = Zanan bidun-i mardan / Coproduction Office in coproduction with Rommel Film, EMC Produktion director, Shirin Neshat in collaboration with Shoja Azari written by Shirin Neshat, Shoja Azari produced by Susanne Marian, Martin G Persian PN1997 .W664 2011
Women working in literature / written and narrated by Kathleen Fraser English FR374w
Women's Construction Collective of Jamaica / Inter-American Foundation Kelley Productions Marie G. Kelley, producer/director English HD2341 .W65x 1995
Women's only / a Classical Kids production directed and produced by Alison Klayman and Julia Liu English LD641 .W66 2006
Wonderful town / Leonard Bernstein EuroArts Music presents English M1505.B52 W66 2005
Wonders of the African world / Wall to Wall Television for BBC and PBS in association with ITEL written and presented by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. directors, Nicola Colton, Nick Godwin, Helena Appio English DT14 .G38 2003
Wonsu op'on o t'aim = Once upon a time / chejak, (Chu) Win Ent'ot'einmont'u chejak, Kang Hyon-u kakpon, Ch'on Song-il p'urodyuso, Kim Song-min kamdok, Chong Yong-gi Korean PN1997 .O4326 2008
The Wooden gun : a new state, reality and ideology / Israeli Cinema written and directed by Ilan Moshenson producers, Eitan Even, Richard Sanders and John Hardy. Hebrew PN1997 .W657x 1987
Woodrow Wilson / a KCET Hollywood Production in association with Red Hill Productions for American Experience WGBH Educational Foundation directed by Carl Byker & Mitch Wilson written by Carl Byker & David Mrazek English E767 .W36 2004
Woodstock : 3 days of peace & music the director's cut / Wadleigh-Maurice Ltd. production directed by Michael Wadleigh produced by Bob Maurice English ML38.W66 W66x 1994
Woodstock : 3 days of peace & music / Warner Bros. a film by Michael Wadleigh produced by Bob Maurice a Wadleigh-Maurice, Ltd. production directed by Michael Wadleigh English ML38.W66 W6 1997
Woody Guthrie : hard travellin' / a film by Jim Brown English ML429.G95 W66x 1984
The Woolworths : five and dime fortune and failure / produced and written by Geraldine Hugo. English CT275.W887 W66x 1997
Wordsworth's spots of time English PR5884 .W66 2004
Work in progress : the nuts and bolts of writing plays / Australian Broadcasting Company producer, Jim Roberts English PN1661 .W67x 2001
The work of director Chris Cunningham : a collection of music videos, short films, video installations, and commercials / produced by Richard Brown and John Payne interviews by Lance Bangs English PN1992.8.M87 C86x 2003
The work of director Michel Gondry : a collection of music videos, short films, documentaries, and stories / produced by Richard Brown and Julie Fong interviews, Lance Bangs English PN1992.8.M87 G66x 2003
The work of director Spike Jonze : a collection of music videos, short films, documentaries, and rarities / Palm Pictures produced by Vincent Landay and Richard Brown interview and commentary sequences directed by Lance Bangs English PN1992.8.M87 J66x 2003
Working girl / Twentieth Century Fox written by Kevin Wade produced by Douglas Wick directed by Mike Nichols English PN1997 .W666 2001
A workout in the sun : Recharge! Exhibition English GV482.5 .W67 1998
The works for piano. Vol. 7 / John Cage English M22.C33 W67 2006
Works of art by Theo Jansen / by Theo Jansen English NB653.J264 A4 2007
The World = Shi jie / Zeitgeist Films Office Kitano, Xstream Pictures Lumen Films presents in association with Bandai Visual, Tokyo FM, Dentsu, TV Asahi, Bitters End, Shanghai Film Studio producers, Takio Yoshida, Shozo Ichiyama, Ren Zhong Lun d Chinese PN1997 .W6667 2005
The world according to Garp / Warner Bros. Pictures Pan Arts presents a George Roy Hill film produced by George Roy Hill, Robert L. Crawford based on the novel by John Irving screenplay by Steve Tesich directed by George Roy Hill English PN1997 .W667 2001
The world according to John Coltrane / a co-production of Toby Byron/Multiprises in association with Taurus Film, Munich and VideoArts, Japan written by Robert Palmer directed by Robert Palmer, Toby Byron produced by Toby Byron, Richard Saylor English ML419.C645 W67 2002
World banking / produced by Melanie Coutinho [and] ICS, Inc English HG3881.5.W57 W67x 1991
The world history of organized crime English HV6441 .W675 2002
The World of abnormal psychology. Program 1, Looking at abnormal behavior / a production of Alvin H. Perlmutter, inc. in association with Toby Levine Communications, inc English R726.7 .W67x 1991
The World of abnormal psychology. Program 10, Organic mental disorders / a production of Alvin H. Perlmutter, inc. in association with Toby Levine Communications, inc English R726.5 .W67x 1991
The World of abnormal psychology. Program 12, Psychotherapies / a production of Alvin H. Perlmutter, inc. in association with Toby Levine Communications, inc English RC480 .W67x 1991
The World of abnormal psychology. Program 13, An ounce of prevention / a production of Alvin H. Perlmutter, inc. in association with Toby Levine Communications, inc English RA790.5 .W67x 1991
The world of abnormal psychology. Program 2, The nature of stress / a production of Alvin H. Perlmutter, inc. in association with Toby Levine Communications, inc English RC455.5.S87 W67x 1991
The World of abnormal psychology. Program 3, The anxiety disorders / a production of Alvin H. Perlmutter, inc. in association with Toby Levine Communications, inc English RC531 .W67x 1991
The World of abnormal psychology. Program 4, Psychological factors and physical illness / a production of Alvin H. Perlmutter, inc. in association with Toby Levine Communications, inc English R726.5 .W672x 1991
The World of abnormal psychology. Program 5, Personality disorders / a production of Alvin H. Perlmutter, inc. in association with Toby Levine Communications, inc English RC554 .W67x 1991
The World of abnormal psychology. Program 6, Substance abuse disorders / a production of Alvin H. Perlmutter, inc. in association with Toby Levine Communications, inc English RC564 .W67x 1991
The World of abnormal psychology. Program 7, Sexual disorders / a production of Alvin H. Perlmutter, inc. in association with Toby Levine Communications, inc English RC556 .W67x 1991
The World of abnormal psychology. Program 8, Mood disorders / a production of Alvin H. Perlmutter, inc. in association with Toby Levine Communications, inc English RC537 .W67x 1991
The World of abnormal psychology. Program 9, The schizophrenias / a production of Alvin H. Perlmutter, inc. in association with Toby Levine Communications, inc English RC514 .W672x 1991
The World of abnormal psychology. Program II, Behavior disorders of childhood / a production of Alvin H. Perlmutter, inc. in association with Toby Levine Communications, inc English RJ506.B44 W67x 1991
The world of American Indian dance / Four Directions Entertainment, presented by the Oneida Indian Nation written by Julia Brescia and SaSuWeh directed by Randy Martin English E98.D2 W67 2003
The world of Buckminster Fuller / a film by Robert Snyder co-directors, Robert Snyder, Baylis Glascock. English NA737.F8 W67x 1995
The world of Emily Dickinson / executive producer, William Perry producer, Gene Bunge director, Ron Nicodemus a production of the Nebraska ETV Network in association with the Great Amwell Company. English WO7155d
The World of Gilbert & George / produced by Philip Haas directed by Gilbert & George script by Gilbert & George English PN1997 .W668 2007
World of ideas: Howard Zinn English E175.5.Z56 W67x 2003
The world of magic : with the magical Chadakazam / Chadakazam English GV1547 .W85 2006
The world of magic / produced and directed by Ania and Bob Shami English check josiah
The world of tomorrow / produced and directed [by] Lance Bird, Tom Johnson written by John Crowley a production of Media Study. English T785.B1 W67x 1981
The world renowned magic of Paul Potassy English GV1547 .W86 2006
The World that Moses built / an Obenhaus Films, Inc. production WGBH Educational Foundation English NA9085.M68 W67x 1988
The World Trade Center / the History Channel created and produced by Bruce Nash English NA6233.N5 W6723x 2001
World War I : the broken promises / Castle Communications English D521 .W67x 1993
World War I films of the silent era / Film Preservation Associates, Inc English D522.23 .W67 2001
World War II collection. Vol. 2, Heroes fight for freedom English PN1997 .W669 2005
World War Z / a Paramount release presented with Skydance Productions in association with Hemisphere Media Capital and GK Films of a Plan B Entertainment/2Dux2 production produced by Brad Pitt, Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner, Ian Bryce screenpla
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English check availability
World's dream stage : National Centre for the Performing Arts / [presented by] Phoenix Satellite TV director, Yong Fu English NA6840.C62 W67 2009
The world's end / a Focus Features/Universal release presented in association with Relativity Media of a Working Title production in association with Big Talk Pictures produced by Nira Park, Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner written by Simon Pegg, Edgar Wri
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English check availability
World's Fair archival video. Volume one. English PN1997 .W67x 1991
World's greatest dad / produced by Sean McKittrick ... [et al.] written and directed by Bobcat Goldthwait
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English check availability
The world's most wanted man / produced by Pippa Scott written and directed by Kevin Sim English DR1755.K37 W67x 1998
The worlds of Mei Lanfang / Blue Moon Productions presents a Lotus Film production produced by Lisa Muskat, Shi Jian directed by Mei-Juin Chen written by Bronwyn Barkan, Ross Blaufarb, Mei-Juin Chen English PN2878.M4 W67 2005
Wota boizu / seisaku Fuji Terebijon ... [et al.] seisaku purodakushon Arutamira Pikuchazu purodyusa Takuma Akifumi, Sekiguchi Daisuke, Sasaki Yoshino kantoku kyakuhon Yaguchi Shinobu Japanese PN1997.2 .W68x 2004
Wota boizu / seisaku Fuji Terebijon, Arutamira Pikuchazu Toho, Dentsu seisaku purodakushion Arutamira Pikuchazu Yaguchi Shinobu kantoku sakuhin Japanese check josiah
Woubi chéri / La Sept ARTE & Dominant 7 présentent un film de Philip Brooks & Laurent Bocahut French HQ76.3.C852 W69 1998
Woyzeck / Filmverlag der Autoren ein Film von Werner Herzog eine Werner Herzog Filmproduktion German PN1997 .W69x 2000
Wozzeck : an opera in three acts and fifteen scenes / by Alban Berg after the play by Georg Büchner directed for TV by Joachim Hess German M1500.B48 W62x 2007
Wozzeck : opera in three acts and fifteen scenes / by Alban Berg after the play by Georg Büchner producer, Rolf Herrmann director and set design, Peter Mussbach a production of the Oper Frankfurt a ZDF production in association with RM Arts German M1500.B48 W62x 2003
Wozzeck / Berg the Metropolitan Opera presents production, Mark Lamos German M1500.B48 W62x 2010
Wrekage / an installation by Keep Adding curated by Craig Anderson English N6537.K364 W74 2006
The wrestler / produced by Scott Franklin, Darren Aronofsky written by Robert Siegel directed by Darren Aronofsky
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English check availability
Wrestling with manhood : boys, bullying and battering / written & directed by Sut Jhally producer, Ronit Ridberg English GV1196.4.S63 W74x 2002
Wrestling with the angels : an exploration of Caribbeanness / a documentary by Marsha Pearce producer, director, researcher and scriptwriter, Marsha Pearce] English PN1992.8.M87 W74 2008
Writ writer / a co-production of Susanne Mason and the Independent Television Service (ITVS), in association with Latino Public Broadcasting produced by Passage Productions directed [and] produced by Susanne Mason narration adapted by Dagoberto English HV8658.C7 W75 2008
Wu Xun zhuan / Kunlun ying ye you xian gong si chu pin bian dao, Sun Yu Chinese check josiah
Wu ya yu ma que = Crow and sparrow / Dao yan: Zheng Junli zhu yan Zhao Dan, Wang Bei Chinese PN1997 .W829x 2005
WWII box set. [2] English PN1997 .W83 2005
Wynton Marsalis : all that jazz / an RM Arts/LWTP co-production English ML419.M3 A32x 2000

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