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Early American Literature17th Century

Early American literature in the Harris Collection begins in 1609, with the Paris publication of Marc Lescarbot's Les Muses de la Nouvelle France. This work printed a pageant, Theatre de Neptune en la Nouvelle-France that had been performed in Nova Scotia in 1606. Most of the other 17th century imprints in the Harris Collection were printed in London, and include plays by John Crowne, translations of Ovid and versions of the Psalms by George Sandys, and, notably, the 1650 London edition of Anne Bradstreet's The Tenth Muse Lately Sprung up in America. Or Severall Poems, Compiled with Great Variety of Wit and Learning, Full of Delight.

The earliest American imprint in the Collection is the fourth edition of the Bay Psalm Book, entitled The Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs of the Old and New Testament, Faithfully Translated into English Metre., printed in Cambridge for Hezekiah Usher of Boston and usually dated to 1669.

18th Century

18th century imprints in the Harris Collection include numerous editions of the Psalms, including Cotton Mather's 1718 Psalterium Americanum, printed in Boston. The New England singing-school movement is represented by Thomas Johnston's 1755 Rules for Singing, and editions of the works of Andrew Law, William Billings, Daniel Read, and Samuel Holyoke, among others.

Notable editions of poetry in the collection include: works of Joel Barlow, particularly an extra-illustrated copy of The Vision of Columbus; Matthew Carey's hudibrastic works The Plagi-Scurriliad (1786) and The Porcupiniad (1799); Timothy Dwight's The Conquest of Canaan (1785), The Triumph of Infidelity (1788) and Greenfield Hill (1794); numerous works by Philip Freneau, including his 1775 American Liberty, with manuscript corrections to the text; several editions of Michael Wigglesworth's writings, including the 1701 edition of The Day of Doom.

Women's writings of the period are represented most strikingly by editions of Phillis Wheatley's Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral, including a frontispiece portrait of Wheatley; Ann Eliza Bleeker's Posthumous Works (1793); Margaretta Faugeres' The Ghost of John Young the Homicide (1797); several works by Sarah Wentworth Morton including Beacon Hill (1797); and the 1790 Poems of Mercy Otis Warren.

Plays include Thomas Godfrey's 1765 The Prince of Parthia, described by F. P. Hill as "the earliest known tragedy written by an American; first played at Southwark Theater, Philadelphia, April 24, 1767." There are also the 1766 London edition and the 1772 Baltimore edition of Goerge Cockings' The Conquest of Canada; or The Siege of Quebec. Hill notes: "This play and Godfrey's...were the only American plays actually produced on the professional stage before the Revolution. The Conquest has the further distinction of being the first play written in America which obtained the honor of a second edition."

In addition to these two works, the Harris Collection holds seventy-nine percent of the titles listed in Hill's bibliography. The include: a notable collection of works by Mercy Otis Warren, including The Adulateur (1773), The Group (1775), and The Motley Assembly (1779); James Nelson Barker's The Indian Princess (1808), the "first original American play performed in London...and...the first extant play to treat the Pocahontas story"; numerous editions of the works of William Dunlap, often known as "the father of American drama"; Royal Tyler's The Contrast (1790), which introduced the "Yankee" character to the stage, and was the first American play to be presented successfully on the professional stage, in New York in 1787; and Susanna Rowson's Slaves in Algiers (1794), first played at the Chestnut St. Theater in Philadelphia.

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The Broadsides Collection includes many early American imprints, notably carriers' addresses, broadside ballads, eulogies, and topical verse. The Sheet Music Collection holds over 10,000 items of music printed in America between 1800 and 1825, and approximately 500 pieces printed in the 18th century. The Starred Book Collection, the John Hay L ibrary's general rare book collection, holds a great deal of early Americana, including fiction, religious tracts, scientific works, and historical imprints. The University Archives holds materials related to the history and culture of Brown University from its founding in 1764.

The John Carter Brown Library is an internationally renowned, constantly growing collection of primary historicalsources pertaining to the Americas, both North and South, before ca. 1825. Many of its holdings relate closely to the early American holdings of the Harris Collection, particularly the collections of hymnals.

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